Is StoneToss a Nazi?


Yes. It’s actually true that StoneToss is the founding father of the Fourth Reich and is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. Maybe. 

When dealing with StoneToss it’s important to remember that he has a really BIG GOOD BRAIN that is VERY HIGH POWERFUL IQ. When confronted with the question of his allegiance to a Germanic political party that hasn’t existed for over 70 years, StoneToss is quick to pull the “I’m not a Nazi; the National Socialist Party doesn’t exist anymore!” card, which is a favored technicality among neo-nazi types. It’s kind of like saying Hitler isn’t a Nazi because he’s dead, though. I mean yeah it’s technically the truth.

StoneToss’s comic is based in edgy/offensive humor, and the man himself has, in the past and present, defended himself by admitting he just enjoys edgy humor and that he’s trying to be a humorist in the style of South Park or Dave Chappelle. At face value this looks like a permissible logic. After all, even the author of this very blog initially passed off StoneToss as edgy humor without legitimate purpose behind it. But I wonder what StoneToss looks like outside of his webcomic…

Pictured above: StoneToss posts the lyrics to Twenty One Pilots song Stressed Out, implying he longs to go back to the days when the man pictured below the lyrics was still alive (The man in the photograph is one Hermann Göring, ranking Nazi party official who served as the head of the German Air Force and is especially known as the founder of the Gestapo secret police. Sentenced to death in the Nuremberg Trials after the fall of the Third Reich, Hermann Göring took his own life by way of a potassium cyanide tablet hidden inside his mouth. Göring sold cleaning product Oxi Clean prior to entering the German military.)


No, StoneToss isn’t a Nazi. Yes, StoneToss is racist, sexist and homo/transphobic and anti-journalism who unironically denies the Holocaust and is openly supportive of many different people who openly and unironically express neo-nazi views. If he were living in 1920’s Germany he would’ve been sent to a concentration camp to perform forced labor because the Nazis don’t give a shit about webcomics because they didn’t know what webcomics even were and neither would StoneToss in 1920.

At any rate, no matter what StoneToss goes on record to say either in his webcomic or on his Twitter he will always be able to put up a veil of “lmao just kidding :)”, but if he truly is just playing some long-form le epic prank on teh failzors libtardz, then his dedication to character acting is downright criminal and exhausting, since it must be pretty hard to act like such a fucking idiot on a daily basis to pwn da libs. 


Okay, let’s say StoneToss really IS just the most epic trollzor dat 4Chan has eva scene!!!!1. Maybe he is, I dunno. It’s been historically proven, after all, that “Adolf Hitler” was just a comedic persona constructed by Austrian jokester Gottfried Pichler, only it got really super out of hand at the end there lmao. 

The point is: It doesn’t matter if StoneToss is just joking or not, because unabashed antisemites, racists, sexists, Islamophobes etc, take his work as “Funny Because It’s True”. This isn’t to say, of course, that this means you shouldn’t create edgy humor just because actual idiots with believe it’s unironic (or at least treat it that way), but when you have 69k followers (nice) who don’t think you’re just joking, you might think you’d, ah I dunno, try to distance yourself from those communities instead of going down on them.