StoneToss: Episode 88

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Comic Name: Stumbling Block
Description: You are being legally discriminated against with no end in sight.
Mouseover: re-education
Image Name: critical-race-theory-and-school-stonetoss-comic.png
Amogus: The right-most pillar of the Affirmative Action building, the middle shadow/grime mark thing at the top of the pillar.
Originally Published: 7/6/2021

What The Comic Is: A worker smashes a black labeled “Critical Race Theory” on the steps of a Roman-esque building labeled “Affirmative Action”.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Critical Race Theory is a ‘distraction’ to white people to make them forget that Affirmative Action exists.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: At the surface, this comic is StoneToss making commentary that CRT is being “destroyed” by the working white man, but in the background, Affirmative Action is still looming strong. In other words, CRT is the ‘distraction’ that allows Affirmative Action (which is far more powerful and established, with real implications) to continue standing.

But it gets messier the more you read into it. StoneToss is genuinely bad at making political comics. He can’t do it. He can make comics with a political message or commentary in them, but the idiot can’t make a one panel, label-centric ‘political comic’. He tries and fails every single time, because his views are too stupid and require too much explaining, thus he’s incapable of presenting them in any minimalist context such as a traditional political comic. It’s really tough to tell exactly what the fuck StoneToss means with this comic, or even who he’s trying to talk to.

Who is StoneToss talking to in the description? Is he talking about black people being discriminated against by Affirmative Action and CRT? Again, bigoted idiots like StoneToss love to argue that things like Welfare, Affirmative Action and CRT are all ‘actually racist’ because they somehow really harm black people. A very popular (among racists) argument against Affirmative Action is that it devalues the hard work of minorities by ‘up jumping’ their underqualified peers into grand positions such as surgeons or doctors. If you forget (or dishonestly leave out) that this is not at all how Affirmative Action works (you do not go from underqualified medical graduate to surgeon because of Affirmative Action), then this idiotic rationalization may look like a valid argument to some people. “Oh well, with Affirmative Action you’ll never be able to tell which black doctor worked hard to get there and which one got an easy ride and is a bad doctor, so it actually hurts the good black doctors!!”, but there’s a major piece missing in this seemingly ‘ultra woke’ hot take.

These racists never stop to wonder exactly why there’s not more minorities or women represented in medicine or STEM fields. To them, the answer is obvious: they believe there to be a distinct difference between the intelligence and capability of white people (sometimes, begrudgingly, they will acknowledge Asian and/or Jewish men as well) and women/other minorities. Self-awareness would tell them that this belief makes them the racist/bigot, but self-awareness isn’t usually this type of person’s strongest asset. So StoneToss and his fellow bigots attempt to repackage aid for the underprivileged as somehow being hurtful to the same underprivileged. It’s all bullshit and crocodile tears, though. They don’t give a fuck about Affirmative Action somehow hurting black people, they just don’t like equity or the idea that white people may miss out on an advantage that goes to a far more generally under-advantaged people. This is why you’ll hear them talk about “racism is when one race is valued over another” in relation to CRT or Affirmative Action. Again, however, the important missing piece is that minorities such as blacks and Latinos (and women) are coming off of hundreds of years of hard oppression that has left many of them badly disadvantaged.

It’s easy for the privileged to be blind to that disadvantage, and this in turn makes it easy for them to rationalize how that inherent disadvantage doesn’t really exist. This takes the form of ‘championing’ blacks who have made it as a doctor (“We can’t devalue this fine erm, ‘black man’, and his achievement by allowing other blacks to be doctors!!“), but the championing is fake and hollow, the black doctor is just being used as a tool to gatekeep more blacks from becoming doctors. The worst, and stupidest thing, about their rhetoric is that they actively acknowledge that there is an issue with black people or women entering into medical or technology fields, they just opt to put all the blame on the oppressed. Obviously it’s just because those demographics are lazy and naturally less inclined to knowledge, it can’t possibly be because the white man oppressed them for hundreds of years. They can satisfy their racism while at the same time completely washing their hands of the same racism of their forefathers. It’s easy to see why this rhetoric is so attractive to them, especially because it’s just so fucking stupid.

Check out this DANK queer in a Trump hat!

Comic Name: Friends Without Benefits
Description: Chasers of a different variety.
Mouseover: Check out this DANK queer in a Trump hat!
Image Name: gays-2nd-amendment-comic.png
Originally Published: 1/23/2020

What The Comic Is: A man in a Libertarian t-shirt holds up a sign reading that he wants gay married couples to protect their weed with guns. A pair of gay men, holding hands and wearing weed-leaf shirts, approach the Libertarian. One of the gay men leans over to a cop, pointing out the Libertarian as “the right-wing extremist”.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Gay people don’t want liberty, they want special treatment and they will hate anyone who wants liberty and freedom.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Alright, quick pop quiz. What do you call someone who wants gay marriage, legalized marijuana and second amendment rights? You could describe them as being generally pretty left wing, they just happen to be a liberal who values gun ownership. Most liberals are pretty strong on gun control, but it’s not unheard of for there to be second amendment supporters on the left. StoneToss tries desperately to frame this as some kind of issue about gun control, as if the Left is all “No True Scotsman” and you have to follow their strict world view to the letter or else you’re seen as a raging Right-wing extremist. He then links gun control directly to Libertarians to lump them into the message.

Libertarians are supposed to be all about ‘personal liberty’, that people should be able to do as they please and that the free market and society will weed all the problems out. We’ve talked extensively on this blog before about how that this is more or less just used primarily as a cover for bigots to express their bigotry and how homosexuals need special protections in order to exist in most of the USA. The issue with a pure Libertarian view point is that it allows for discrimination based on the discriminator’s “personal liberty”, which therefore impedes on the liberty of another (by not allowing them to normally exist like everyone else). Liberty for the oppressor is lack of liberty for the oppressed.

So it really doesn’t matter what you call yourself. Labels don’t matter. You can be totally for gay marriage, weed and guns and no one is going to call you a Right-wing extremist. StoneToss is once again just unhappy that he can’t call for the extermination/expulsion of homosexuals without being called a homophobic bigot.

This comic has some layers, though. In panel 2, the gay couple look at the Libertarian as a friend. They’re smiling at him. In a typical StoneToss comic, they’d be drawn with disgusted or offended looks on their face. StoneToss would never pass up an opportunity to strawman gay people to the most ridiculous extent, that is, unless he had a reason for it. The reason in this case is that StoneToss is trying to suggest gay people will dishonestly support anyone who is “pro-Liberty for all” in order to gain support for something like gay marriage, but afterwards will turn on them and label them Right-wing extremists.

So quick, another pop quiz. If your political rhetoric includes the “right and liberty” to oppress another person, what are you? I’ll even give you a hint: Oppressing intolerance is not comparable to the intolerance.

Are you finished with your pop quiz? Did you answer “StoneToss is an idiot”? Great job, you got it right.

StoneToss: Episode 49

Comic Name: Renew Normal 
Description: Still waiting on that hope and change…
Mouseover: The king is dead. Long live the king.
Image Name: biden-president-normal-political-cartoon.png
Originally Published: 1/21/2021

What The Comic Is: President Joe Biden swears in on a bible. A woman in the crowd comments that the country is finally returning to normalcy. Drone strikes are shown destroying buildings and killing people in the next panel.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Trump never drone striked anyone.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: First of all, it’s worth noting that as of this comic’s publishing, Biden was President for literally less than 24 fucking hours. This is the common rhetoric concerning incoming presidents; harshly judging them immediately for things happening in their presidency, especially when those things were caused by the outgoing administration. As people on the Right tend to be especially dishonest and subversive, it is commonly seen most extremely by Rightists. It was very, very obviously going to happen with Biden and already Trumpists have been condemning Biden for daily Covid deaths (partly out of a sense of “I’m totally being ironic!” irony and partly because they are legitimately trying to shift blame to Biden).

Trump supporters have also went to lengths to erase much of Trump’s aggressive foreign policy and war mongering. This is partly because they want to live in a constructed clown world fantasy where Trump is an isolationist who doesn’t care about the middle east, and partly because they want to live in a constructed clown world fantasy where Trump is an isolation- Oh, wait. Never mind, that’s the whole reason, actually. You see Trump supporters share lots of images listing the wars started by previous Presidents, with Trump having started zero, but that was kind of not for a lack of trying. Trump supporters mumble and look at their untied shoelaces when you mention Trump’s disastrous handling of North Korea (or they insist it was 5D Chess the whole time), or Trump’s attempt to coerce a foreign power into colluding against a political opponent (or they insist it was 5D Chess the whole time) or when Trump signed off on more drone strikes than Obama did (or StoneToss makes an idiotic fucking comic that is completely devoid of factual truth, and then they insist it was 5D Chess the whole time). Remember when Obama tried to convince the Georgia Secretary of State to “find” enough ballots to cause an election win in his party’s favor? Haha, me neither. I guess that’s just more of Trump’s 5D Treason, er, I mean, Chess

The comic’s name is a play on “New Normal”, which the state a government/economy/general society ends up in after some form of crisis. Normally, Biden taking over Trump’s disaster of a Presidency would be the end of a crisis, but StoneToss is warping the old saying to imply that we’re not going to a new normal, but renewing the old one (the one where Obama did less drone strikes than Trump, I guess). As always, StoneToss’s dumb joke works against him because in reality, yes, we are renewing normal. We’re going back to the way things used to be, when the President of the United States wasn’t a fucking laughing stock who constantly embarrassed himself and the nation while committing different forms of treason every other month or so. The name my also be a play on “No New Normal”, a vague social movement opposing Covid safety policies and the changing of Presidential administrations. No New Normal is fairly obscure and rather fringe, but it’s also stupid and anti-intelligence, so it would be little surprise if StoneToss were a proponent of it.

At the comic’s heart, though, is your typical limpdicked “blame the new President for shit on his first day, make sure to include all the stuff the outgoing Administration left for him”. While leftists are known to do this same thing, it is overwhelmingly a tactic employed by the Right. Almost as if their primary means of operation, perhaps even their only means of operation, is to knowingly be dishonest.

Comic Name: Acquired Taste
Description: *snifffff*
Mouseover: *sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiif*
Image Name: boobs-butt-and-feet-comic.png
Originally Published: 2/5/2019

What The Comic Is: A man wearing a ‘boobs’ shirt is approached by a man wearing an ‘ass’ shirt. Ass man extends a hand to boobs man, who takes it as the two men come to peace with each other. They suddenly turn, angry, as they both look upon a man in a ‘feet’ shirt, who is hideously malformed. 

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Feet is such a gross preference that it required a comic mocking it.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: It’s too bad StoneToss is a shithead, because for most other artists a comic like this would’ve just been a playful jab at people with foot fetishes. One might even initially believe that’s all this comic is, though you really need to remember that the context of the strip is “StoneToss drew this”, which means it’s rarely as benign as you may originally think.

This is also one of the first StoneToss comics that took off as an actual meme, with people making edits of it to replace ‘boobs’, ‘ass’ and ‘feet’ with different pop culture franchises/whatever else. StoneToss in general seemed poised to take off into very main stream view around the early part of 2019, though it didn’t take very long for most people to learn that he was a bigoted shitwad. Thus, his comics stopped being meme’d and he hasn’t ever gotten into mainstream focus ever again. How sad.

It’s very telling that of all the extreme fetishes or body parts StoneToss could’ve made fun of with the deformed man, he chose one as tame as feet. As if StoneToss couldn’t possibly be anymore of a lame, sex-negative bible-licking beta male, he goes off and whines about foot fetishists. I have to reiterate and drive home that if this comic were drawn by anyone other than StoneToss (or an equally stupid bigot) that this comic would easily pass as playful ribbing, but StoneToss fucking hates women and he really hates sex. That his hatred of the female race and sex would manifest in an intense disdain for anything beyond very vanilla tastes is not at all surprising.

The comic’s name is “acquired taste”, which is of course used in reference to food dishes that might have very strong or unique flavors that take several attempts of partaking upon before one builds up a ‘taste’ for the meal. StoneToss is likely trying to imply something along the lines of “liking boobs and ass is natural, but you have to (((acquire taste))) for sinful, church-unapproved things like feet”. StoneToss literally can’t let other people fucking exist without wondering how he can construe them as being the product of some facet of societal collapse.

Comic Name: Segregation 
Description: White Flight.
Mouseover: Pool’s closed, cracka.
Image Name: one-race-the-human-race-comic.png
Originally Published: 2/17/2019

What The Comic Is: A gay man declares there is one race, the human race. He is booted out of an NAACP room.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Reverse Racism exists.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: The NAACP, or The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, is an organization started in 1909 by white liberals in the aftermath of a massive race riot that occurred in the city of Illinois capital of Springfield. The riot was about your typical libtard snowflake crybaby things, like constant racial violence against blacks, lynching, etc. 

The NAACP was started as an organization to help in the elimination of racial segregation and inequality at all levels of society. They have never excluded white people from this mission statement or even their organization. White people can even join the NAACP as a member, and have served in leadership positions for it in the past. The NAACP is not against the notion of “one race”, it’s literally their entire MO

Nothing, to the best of this author’s knowledge, spurred the creation of this comic. No scandal of the NAACP denouncing white people or removing them from any event took place. This is a complete and total fabrication of reality wherein StoneToss is upset that an organization exists for a group of people who faced extrajudicial murders based on their skin color. He’s done this many times before, of course, with errant whining about Affirmative Action, though this comic is especially victim card-y and dishonest. He insinuates the NAACP is somehow racist because it’s a support system for black people, which only goes to prove the old adage of “To the privileged, equality feels like oppression”. When the privileged is also stupid, however, this counts doubly so.

+1 point for the Pools Closed reference, -eleventybilliontrillionmillioninfinitybillion points for being a shit as fuck comic.

StoneToss: Episode 19

Do unto others - Hank Hill

Comic Name: Refugeesus 
Description: Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!
Mouseover: Do unto others – Hank Hill
Image Name: jesus-refugee-comic.png
Originally Published: 12/27/2019

What The Comic Is: A transgender woman (we know it’s a StoneToss transgender woman because she has COLORED HAIR111) argues against anti-immigration by citing that Jesus Christ was a refugee himself. In the second panel a stoner hippy holds an amputee sheep and cites a biblical verse concerning Adam and Eve. The transgender woman then states that gender is only a spectrum.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That it’s hypocritical to cite Jesus because the Bible says there are only two genders, which means you’d have to cherry pick what you want.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: We have yet another StoneToss comic that actually unironically works as anti-StoneToss. StoneToss truly is a genius of stupidity. What’s more, is that StoneToss is kind of right (alt-right that is lmao) in saying that if you’re going to cite progressive or good things from the Bible, that there are always backwards-thinking and ignorant things from the very same Bible.

The story of Adam and Eve (the biblical legend of the first man and woman, from which all other humans are therefore derived from) is often used by religious bigots to attack transgender communities, as well as used to argue against ‘Third Gender’ ideas (the belief in three or more genders beyond man and woman). The story of Adam and Eve is held as a baseline that there are only two genders and that everyone is created as only one or the other, it also extends to attacks against homosexuality. 
This all makes StoneToss’s comic extra stupid because it not only straw mans people arguing for pro-immigration, but StoneToss (for whatever reason) felt he had to combine two separate issues and make the subject of his comic a trans woman in order to argue that da bibble says God created only man and woman. As if the two issues have any connection, or as if this somehow means being pro-immigration based on Jesus’ refugee status means it’s compulsory to recognize only two genders. Really, we could sit here all day and wonder just what the absolute fuck StoneToss was trying to say with this comic. As always, I argue that StoneToss and his brazen stupidity are the subjects to some of mankind’s deepest and most complex riddles.

And of course, the most beautiful thing about this comic is that StoneToss is right. We know that gender really is a spectrum. He attempts to use this raw fact as the entire punchline of the comic, as obviously you’re meant to read the last panel in a defeated, self-harmful voice, like the trans woman is being faced with her own self-defeating ‘womp-womp’ logic. However, you can easily interpret the last panel as a kind of righteous indignation, that the trans woman is sharply retorting that we know gender is a spectrum and therefore the gospel tale of Adam and Eve, and any interpretation of it, is irrelevant.

So just what does this comic mean, then? That the Bible isn’t a good modern barometer for society? After all, if he’s using the Bible’s story on Adam and Eve to argue against transgender/Third Sex, doesn’t that mean he has to accept immigration because Jesus was a refugee?

Adding to everything, the comic’s mouse over text is a reference to a quote from the character Hank Hill from King of the Hill. The line, in the context of when it was spoken in the TV show, is Hank ignorantly misquoting the Bible. Why StoneToss included that as part of his comic’s message is, I guess, anyone’s fucking guess. Is it a message about people mis-using Biblical text to support their own views? Is that giving StoneToss too much credit? Or is StoneToss just stupid and thought the quote sounded cool and unironically agreed with it? Call me a fireman, because it’s probably the ladder.

Truly one may be lead to believe StoneToss barely thinks before he makes a comic. Yet at the same time, how could StoneToss so casually and effortlessly produce such idiotic and confused comics? The enigma of our time, StoneToss.


Comic Name: Applican’t
Description: N/A
Mouseover: Applican’t
Image Name: affirmative-action-comic.png
Originally Published: 12/28/2019

What The Comic Is: A man (we know he’s gay because StoneToss have him colored hair) inquires why an application wants to know the applicant’s race. The man at the booth informs that it so they may screen out ‘undesirable races’. Angered, the gay man demands to know what sort of racist job application he’s holding. In the fourth and final panel, the booth is revealed to be a college university admissions table and not for a job.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That affirmative action is racist against white people and that colleges/higher education indoctrinate people into believing anti-white rhetoric.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: First thing is first, I want to point out that StoneToss was so pleased by his super clever “applican’t” pun that he felt compelled to use it as both the comic’s name and as the mouseover text, just to make sure no one missed his super hilarious and original joke.

Anywhos, StoneToss hasn’t been a stranger to complaining about affirmative action in the past. At this point in the comic’s run he’s made several strips complaining about it, though this marks the first time he starts to complain about colleges and how they “brain wash” the population into believing radical leftist/socialist/communist theories.

First, StoneToss tries to paint affirmative action as “screening out undesirable races”, as if the purpose of the program is to prevent white people from attending colleges, rather than to help disenfranchised people from getting an opportunity they didn’t have before. This takes a much stronger approach to anti-affirmative action than StoneToss expressed in the past, as he’s now framing it as something that, if you ‘flipped it around’, would be seen as incredibly racist (the guy at the booth using openly racist language in describing the application, with the implication that he means Caucasian/white people).

Second, StoneToss tries to assert that a college application asking about race is new or unheard of, something that only happened on job applications. In reality, colleges have always wanted to know the demographics of their student bodies so they can make more informed decisions in the future on how to recruit more people for their education programs, as well as just for general information purposes. Like we’re in some crazy new world where affirmative action is slowly seeping its way into more and more places, soon to be everywhere.

Third, StoneToss uses a gay man in the comic to show that affirmative action isn’t just coming for ‘straight white males’, but for everyone who is white. This is an odd expression of a kind of ‘brotherhood’ from StoneToss, given how he’s typically homophobic, but you know what they say about adversity and strange bedfellows…

I could go on and on about how affirmative action is not racist or anti-white people, but I’ve already done that on this blog and frankly, why write paragraphs when one sentence says it all? StoneToss is a fucking idiot.

StoneToss: Episode 11

affirmative action is a social construct

Comic Name: Social Obstruct
Description: N/A
Mouseover: affirmative action is a social construct
Image Name: social-construct-comic-1
Originally Published: 9/7/2017

What The Comic Is: A woman concludes reading aloud a passage from a book that only has three pages. Coming to the conclusion that race is a social construct, she assures the viewer that next week they will discuss why racial diversity is needed.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That race isn’t a social construct. He actively believes there are significant genetic/biological differences between humans of different geological backgrounds.
Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Ah, StoneToss. Your previous comic was a mere errant whining about affirmative action, yet with this you’ve matured to a much higher intellectual stance. Now you dare to point out the hilarious LiBtArD fallacy that is affirmative action. With the hand of reason you scoop from the shitpile of logic and smear a gooey streak of turd across the false truth that ‘race’ is not a biological fact in humans.
Except no. What StoneToss is trying to say with this comic is that “If race is a social construct (which it is not!) then why does affirmative action exist? After all, if race doesn’t exist then how do we give someone a position based on race lol checkmate“, except affirmative action isn’t necessarily about ‘racial diversity’; It’s about giving historically disadvantaged people a representation they normally would have a much greater challenge of obtaining compared to those who are historically better off. 

“Race” exists insofar as generalized physical attributes exist among different humans. Black pplz and white pplz have different genetic predispositions towards many different things, but it isn’t because they’re drastically different organisms. Rather, it’s because when you take chunks of any population (divided however you want, by distance or otherwise) and then examine their characteristics, you will find a number of differences. This is as true for a man living in the middle of Africa compared to a man living in the middle of Canada as it is for a man on one side of Canada compared to a man on the other. 

So when someone says “race is a social construct”, what they mean is that we’re all humans and that “race” is just a loose form of lumping together different people based on geological backgrounds. They do not mean that black people have not faced severe and institutionalized discrimination based on their skin color and background.
Being clever is hard. Being stupid is easy. Trying to look clever while being so fucking stupid is a form of art. You’re an artist, StoneToss!

StoneToss: Episode 10

what a coincidence minorities are underrepresented in so many profitable companies

Comic Name: In The Black
Description: N/A
Image Name: diversity-hire-comic.png
Originally Published: 9/5/2019

Mouseover: what a coincidence minorities are underrepresented in so many profitable companies
What The Comic Is: A room full of men sit in chairs while flopping their GIANT CUBED PENISES upwards to lay across their bare chests. One of the men draws attention to a profit report and remarks that the company’s earnings are low. As an idea, one of the other men suggests hiring more people of color.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That Affirmative Action = Bad.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: So here we are, the first (but far from the last) time StoneToss makes a comic about Affirmative Action. The policy, or at least a concept of the policy, that would much later be known as Affirmative Action has roots in the USA that go back to the mid-1800’s. In order to give the newly freed slaves of the American south an ability to form independent livelihoods, land and goods from the state of Georgia were proposed to be divided up and granted to them. Though President Andrew “I Make Trump Look Like A Pussy” Jackson later quashed the proposal, it’s been very long understood that you can’t really take disenfranchised people who have nothing and expect them to be okay.

Affirmative Action as it is in the modern USA are different laws and policies that, in a nutshell, require some institutions (such as schools or employers) to accept certain percentages of groups that have faced historic oppression (generally minorities, women and console gamers). Is Affirmative Action a good thing that works? What are its extents? What are the arguments for and against it? Look, those are all really big questions that tricky to answer and require a lot of insight and knowledge on this deep, complex issue. But why discuss anything like that? It’s not like StoneToss’s hottake or understanding is anything other than skin deep!

The mouseover text is StoneToss’s unveiled jab at minorities and how, based on statistical evidence, that it’s a “coincidence” that minorities are underrepresented in profiting companies. Obviously we all know what StoneToss is trying to actually hint at (minorities are lower IQ than caucasians, as proved by “sCiEnCe”), but it’s amusing because he’s making a statement about Affirmative Action (a broad series of fundamentals put into place to give opportunities to demographics that never experienced fair opportunity on macro levels) while musing that minorities are underrepresented in companies. So he unwittingly acknowledges the problem, but was too busy making a lazy comic where the joke is its own punchline to realize how others might notice his own dumbassery. Haha, that’s our StoneToss!

The title of the comic is a reference to companies being ‘in the black’, a business term referring to making profit (which itself is a reference to the color of ink used to record profit/loss back in ye olde times; black was used to record profit and red ink used to record loss, which is also where ‘in the red’ comes from). It is with the title that StoneToss conveniently lets us all know exactly which minority group he’s whining about.