StoneToss: Episode 95

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...and Bernie still lost. AHAHAHAHA

Comic Name: Don Queerxote
Description: When all you have is a hammer (and sickle), everything looks like a nail.
Mouseover: …and Bernie still lost. AHAHAHAHA
Image Name: don-quixote-political-cartoon.png
Originally Published: 4/14/2020

What The Comic Is: A man in suit of armor laments, pondering what good a hero is without a villain. Suddenly seeing a windmill, the man charges, the blades of the windmill shown to resemble a Nazi swastika.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: People only THINK Nazis exist, because they’re actively looking for a villain.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Don Quixote is an amusing story about an insane man. StoneToss is a shitty comic, drawn by an insane man. This similarity doesn’t mean anything, I just wanted to point it out. In the tale of Don Quixote, titular character Don Quixote, at one point, charges at a bunch of windmills, as he believes them to be evil giants. Of course, Quixote is just a nutcase and what he’s seeing aren’t really giant monsters, they’re just some windmills. Here is StoneToss’ stupid comparison: that “queers” (i.e., people who aren’t StoneToss’ approved brand of bigot) are Don Quixote-esque in their pursuit to find Nazis. Proud Boys preaching for white supremacy? Rioters carrying torches and chanting that Jews will not replace them? StoneToss making comics about a Jewish conspiracy to replace white people with black people? ARE YOU STUPID????? None of those are Nazis!!!!!!!!!!! The Nazi party doesn’t exist anymore, which means no one can possibly be likened to them. Don’t be so stupid!

But the comic goes further than that, as. StoneToss accuses his detractors of being bad faith actors entirely. That Antifa isn’t standing for any moral reason, but exists simply so that deranged loonies with hero complexes can “have their villain to battle”. Fun theory, I guess, except just like every other time StoneToss has attempted to accuse Antifa of over zealously labeling everyone as a Nazi, it doesn’t hold any water when subjected to reality.

If you march down the street chanting that Jews will not replace you, people will label you a Nazi. If you make comics on the internet about how Jews and black people are ruining the USA, people are going to call you a Nazi. If you promote feelings of transforming the USA into an ethnostate where women have less rights than men, people are going to label you a Nazi. And guess what? It doesn’t fucking matter if the Nazi party isn’t around anymore, and it doesn’t matter if you (a fascist dumbfuck) think the label is an exaggeration. If you act like the Nazis acted, people are going to call you a Nazi. Fucking bizarre, I know.

The description references the quote “When all you have is a hammer, everything look like a nail“, or that someone with a limited understanding of something (or limited resources or tools) will feel the urge to apply their limited scope to everything. An over eagerness to use what they’ve got, basically. In this case, StoneToss is trying to assert that when all you have is Communism, everything looks like Nazism. What the fuck does that mean? I do not know.

...these (wrist) wounds will not heeeaaaaaallll...

Comic Name: Craaawling In My Sin
Description: Using the “wrong” pronouns is a revolutionary act.
Mouseover: …these (wrist) wounds will not heeeaaaaaalll…
Image Name: christian-and-satanist-political-cartoon.png
Originally Published: 4/16/2020

What The Comic Is: A Satanist with a horrible skull deformity smugly declares his affinity for Satan and chaos, wanting affirmation of his edginess. A man with a proper haircut and clothes, with a bible tucked under his arm, responds that he prefers God and orderliness. The Satanist, eyes wide with horror, runs away crying that the the man is going to kill everyone.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Oh no, Christians are oppressed and under attack 😦

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: First of all, “Orderliness?” Who the fuck is this guy on the bench? Ned Flanders? If there was somehow ANY doubt of StoneToss’ IRL religiousness, for fuck’s sake let this slip of obscure biblical language put it to rest. But alright, let’s get to the point of this comic. It’s obviously StoneToss whining about the growing suspicion and anxiety concerning religious (Christian) individuals and their penchant for committing violent crimes. For a very long time in the USA it was the other way around: It was always “The Satanists” who were being tossed around in the news; deranged killers and psychopaths with their ‘devil worshipping’. It’s a new phenomenon for Christians to finally be under the limelight, with several mass shooters and professed neo-Nazis committing or promoting violence in the name of Christianity.

What does StoneToss do when religious fruitcakes commit violence? Does he disavow their actions, assert that he doesn’t stand with them? Does he distance himself from such extremists? No, of course not. He develops a victim complex and pisses his pants. Quick, depict a world where a nice white Christian man is publicly feared. Oh no, Christians are so oppressed can’t you see??

This is another one of those StoneToss comics that are unironically true, just not in the way StoneToss intended. Yes, due to the actions of violent Christians it’s totally plausible to perhaps believe a Christian might kill you! Oh, what’s that? StoneToss doesn’t like being the victim of stereotyping?? It makes him feel upset and unfairly attacked??? Huh, funny… One would think that given how readily and happily StoneToss attacks others for stereotypes or other imagined justifications that he would have slightly thicker skin when the same happens to his camp, but alas, one would be vastly overestimating the basic maturity that StoneToss possesses.

When some wackjob ‘Satanist’ commits a crime, the media is all over it. Hyping it up that an “alleged Satan worshipper” committed a crime, as if ‘Satan worshipping’ is a noteworthy attribute. When a religious fruitcake commits a crime, even for a reason related very much to their religious belief, you never hear news anchors and talking heads blab about “ALLEGED GOD WORSHIPPER, SUPPOSED CATHOLIC”. But yes, StoneToss, please go on about the poor victimized Christians you goddamned tool.

The comic’s title is truly a look into StoneToss’ religious fruitcakery: an unironic jab at Satanists for being sinful. Most people don’t really care about someone being a Satanist or something dopey like that, but StoneToss and his fellow far-right Christians really, really, really unironically care a lot about Satanists. Go to many right-leaning communities and you’ll see this deranged and very genuine anger for ‘Satanists’, which of course the fruitcakes will randomly claim any given Democratic politician is an adherent of.


StoneToss: Episode 92

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Comic Name: POZitive Affirmations
Description: I’m a feminist now.
Mouseover: YES.
Image Name: rape-culture-stonetoss-political-cartoon.png
Amogus: Seemingly First panel, between the legs of the woman speaking. Thanks to a reader for catching this one.
Originally Published: 6/15/2021

What The Comic Is: A group of radical feminists of all ages stand united, crying out that they live in a rape culture. A man, with deadpan calmness, simply responds “Indeed”.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Transgender people and feminists were raped.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Let’s get the references out of the way. The woman doing the talking in the first panel is wearing a Lesbian pride flag t-shirt. The little girl (probably meant to be a biological male) is wearing the colors of Gay pride on their dress. The epical funnie trans woman in the back, slightly obscured, is wearing a Minor Attracted Person (MAP) pride flag on their dress (Their breasts, also, aren’t drawn correctly, by the way. It’s like StoneToss started to give her normal looking tits but then was like OH YEAH I FORGOT TO MAKE HER TITS ORANGES BECAUSE I AM SO FUNNY, so he quickly doodled the oranges in but forgot to make them actually line up to the contours of the boobs). “POZ” is slang for “Positive”, specifically in reference to being HIV positive.

This is StoneToss’ super duper totally coded way of implying, yet again, that pedophiles are a legitimate part of the LGBTQ+ community. He slightly hides it in the background, putting it alongside the “ABORT HERE” shirt (a fucking hilarious t-shirt, by the way), StoneToss is trying to be clever with this visual metaphor. On the outside of feminism you have lesbians and gay children, but on the SPOOKY (((INSIDE))), you have abortion and transgender pedophiles!!1111. One can only dream of what unfathomable terrors which lurk behind abortion and pedophilia… could it be… no… no, it is!! It is!! The one behind the pedophile is wearing… A SHIRT SUPPORTING MULTICULTURALISM HOLY FCUK NOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo

Of course this comic also fits StoneToss’ new, and startlingly pathetic, style of depicting the people he doesn’t like as being enraged, irrational and aggressive while depicting his stupid little self-insert as calmly, almost nonchalantly, giving a terse response that ToTaLlY rEkTz TeH lIbTaRdErZ. You see this kind of stuff with far-right idiots like PumpkinFace or Hedgewik, or even Ben Garrison or your standard “literally who?” newspaper political cartoonist. It’s an end product of never, ever winning in real life. If you can’t win real arguments, just make up a power fantasy where you SHATTER the LIBTARDS with your SCATHING (but never too invested, remember: it’s cooler if you don’t care that much but still just enough to pee yourself and make a stupid baby power fantasy comic about it) Facts And Logic(tm)(r)(c).

All this to say that StoneToss’ incredible commentary is just “If you’re gay or transgender, you were raped/groomed and also you’re a pedophile, er, oh yeah also abortion too I guess, why not, OH, and also HIV”. A web spun from only the most Machiavellian of thread. Indeed.

The description, “I’m a feminist now.” is probably a stupid joke about StoneToss supporting feminism because it means supporting a culture where feminists/trans people are raped

A lefty's Yellow Peril.

Comic Name: Ngo Country for Bold Men
Description: Today we have a special bonus comic featuring Andy Ngo, journalist covering Antifa violence.
Mouseover: A lefty’s Yellow Peril.
Image Name: andy-ngo-antifa-political-cartoon.png
Originally Published: 3/30/2020

What The Comic Is: Photographer and journalist Andy Ngo holds his camera up to a grow up antifa and Starbucks-brandishing Communists. A sign held by one of the antifa pajama men reads “Gay Asian Nazi Go Home”.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Before we talk about why an idiot like StoneToss loves Andy Ngo so much, let’s talk about who Andy Ngo is. You can be forgiven for not really knowing who Ngo is, he’s pretty obscure and his fifteen nanoseconds of relevancy came and went pretty quickly, despite strange and confused efforts o n the part of far-righters (like StoneToss) to prop Ngo up as some “weapon” against the Left. See, here’s what you might not have noticed about Andy Ngo…. He is ASIAN….

…What does that mean? It means that, uh. Well. I don’t know what it means. I know what StoneToss thinks it means: that a guy who isn’t white thinks Antifa are thugs. What are the real world implications of this? Absolutely fucking nothing. The Right loves (well, loved) to tout the ‘alliance’ they had with Ngo, who is conservative-leaning and more than willing to fully sacrifice all integrity as a journalist in order to skew facts for his own reasons/gain. In the past, StoneToss has mocked conservatives for their ‘hero worship’ of conservative black people. With this comic, StoneToss completely reveals that this was (shockingly enough) not commentary made for the purpose of pointing out hypocrisy or foolishness of the Right, but rather it was just StoneToss upset that black people were being recognized by the Right as being important to their agenda. Because the second an Asian guy is running around and doing dumb shit for Right-winger media, StoneToss creates an almost mural-esque Nat Geo cover photo in his honor.

“Yellow Peril” is a racist notion that Asia (specifically China or other emerging potential super powers) are threats to “Western Society”. In the mouse over text, StoneToss asserts that Ngo is “a Lefty’s Yellow Peril”, but no one on the Left hates Ngo for being Asian. Maybe they’re slightly confused as to why a non-white person would be so supportive of far-Right conservatism (and the heavily white supremacist movements therein), but no one hates Ngo for his race. They hate him for being a Right-wing shill who constantly doxxes private citizens, constantly misrepresents facts in order to create false narratives and is usually found spouting off dumb Islamophobic shit.

Ngo’s meteoric rise to relevancy began in 2017, when he was fired from his job as multimedia editor at the Portland State Vanguard, a student newspaper at Portland State University. Ngo was fired for intentionally misrepresenting the quotes, via his personal fucking Twitter, of a Muslim student. After his dismissal at PSU, Ngo claimed he was canned for “Political Incorrectness”. It’s important to note that “They fired me for being politically incorrect!!” is a universal translation of “I was fired for being a bigoted dumbfuck”. Ngo created a mini fire on Twitter, and was quickly noticed by fine media establishments such as Breitbart News and National Review. This lead to several high years of Ngo doing more stupid shit while pretending to be a legitimate journalist, kicking up drama and causing problems and inciting people to attack him. It’s true that members of Antifa have physically assaulted Ngo, and this isn’t exactly justifiable. However, the narrative that Ngo is a brave reporter who simply wants to capture the ‘violence of Antifa’ is completely false. Ngo is only interested in creating drama to report on so he can try grifting money from stupid Conservatives. For all his hard work, Ngo was treated mostly the same by Right-wing compatriots: used as a Token Azn Guy until people stopped caring about him, and then discarded.

StoneToss: Episode 89

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Comic Name: Judge Not
Description: So pious.
Mouseover: Repent!
Image Name: subjective-morality-stonetoss-political-cartoon.png
Amogus: Seemingly N/A, potentially StoneToss might have attempted to make the priest’s hands in the first panel resemble amogus.
Originally Published: 6/8/2021

What The Comic Is: An offensive caricature of a gay man sits on a bus, lecturing a priest that morality is a subjective concept. The priest calmly disagrees, to which the offensive caricature of a gay man shoots back that the priest is therefore a bad person.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Intolerance of intolerance is intolerant.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: We’ve been down the road plenty of times with StoneToss, because he never gets tired of desperately trying to frame tolerance as intolerance. It’s basically the only schtick he has, when you reduce anything he says concerning liberalism or Leftism. In this case he’s trying to water down the bigotry of a religious person by depicting them as a calmly voicing their own opinion (in StoneToss’ clown world, gay people hate all religion, but we’re just going to put this comic under a lens of reality and assume the priest must have, previous to the first panel, just gotten done explaining to the gay man how homosexuality is a sin). It’s fucking pathetic, and he has done this before (in comics this blog will eventually cover).

The gay man says morality is subjective. This is implied to be the gay man talking about homosexuality and how its morality is subjective to one’s religious beliefs (this in itself is a stupid strawmanning, homosexuality is not immoral and does not need to be explained as being “subjectively moral”). The priest disagrees, but it’s implied he’s obviously talking about homosexuality being immoral regardless of subjectivity. The gay man then accuses the homophobic priest of being a bad person, but is depicted as doing so in an aggressive and “aD HoMiNeM” manner. The crux of this comic relies on homophobia being an acceptable position to take (to StoneToss it is, because StoneToss is a loser and a bigot), though the reality of the situation is that homophobia is intolerance and thus makes you an objectively bad person, because you are now oppressing another’s life for no reason.

And this is where StoneToss’ fake logic resides. In some non-existent “grey area” where you’re allowed to hate other people and shouldn’t be stopped from doing so, and when you’re called a bad person or when your bigoted laws do not pass, it’s all the product of some “intolerant Left”. A place where all “””””opinions””””” (secret hint: bigotry isn’t an opinion) are equally valid, which is why you see StoneToss and his suffering-from-brain-death followers constantly whine about how “It’s JUST HIS OPINIONS!!!!”. Bigotry that promotes violence is definitely not an opinion, but people have been using “it’s just my opinion bro” to justify being wrong about shit ever since the concept of an opinion was introduced to mankind, so it makes sense that the stupidest amogus (bigots) would latch onto it so hard.

Homosexuals do not harm you or anyone else. It is not a valid or reasonable “opinion” to believe they are wrong or shouldn’t exist. Murderers and rapists harm other people, so while “I am a man who wants to have deep, body tissue-destroying hardcore 80’s coke gay anal sex with another man” is a totally perfect and valid way to live your life, “I want to murder people” is something that directly and greatly impedes upon other’s life and liberty. This is why hating gay people is homophobic, petty, wrong and immoral and why hating murders is, well, none of those things. Maybe a silly comparison, but StoneToss is more or less a man child so you really gotta spoon feed this shit.


Comic Name: Lumped Together
Description: Coomunism.
Mouseover: Cooomrades.
Image Name: karl-marx-lumpenproletariat-comic.png
Originally Published: 1/30/2020

What The Comic Is: German revolutionary and author of the 1848 pamphlet The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx, awakens in a vat of pink gas. Rubbing his head, Marx questions where he is, to which a voice responds that he has been resurrected. In the second panel it is revealed that the ones who resurrected him are a band of antifa, offensive Trans caricatures and furries, in order for Karl Marx to lead ‘the revolution’. Karl Marx, confused, asks if he is supposed to lead the revolution of “lumpenproles”.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Marx wrote poorly of the lowest class of people (called by him as lumpenproles”, ergo he would’ve hated furries and trans people.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Wow, what a hot take, a dude born in the 1800’s would’ve thought furries were shit. Everyone is surprised by this amazing commentary that is nothing, nothing, short of literally earth shaking.

Anyways, StoneToss seems to have picked up the term “Lumpenproles” around this time, as he made a couple previous comics referencing the term. Considering “Lumpenprole” started to get picked up by far-right and other anti-Socialist groups around 2019, this isn’t surprising. We’ve talked about the term before on this blog, but to recap it quick: it’s a word coined by Marx and Friedrich Engels, who helped Marx co-author The Cummiest Manifesto. Basically it translates to English as something like “Rags/Rubbish Proletariat”, or the lowest social class. This included mostly the unemployed or those not willing to work.

So it’s true that Karl Marx might not be on board with furries and trans people. Wow, fucking shocking, I know. So mostly this comic is saying “Haha, Marx was actually not a great person!”, which might be news to some people, I guess? Marx was a racist and anti-Semite, he was just genuinely not a great guy. So yeah, it’s true, there are some people who really worship Marx as a father of Communism without knowing about his more unsavory traits. They sure are foolish, I suppose. Of course these people typically hold Marx’s views on communism and socialism in high regard despite any of those unsavory traits, so whether or not Marx would eagerly lead a revolution or not isn’t really the point.

Mostly, though, this comic is StoneToss trying to lump in everyone he doesn’t like as being “lumpenproles”. Obviously if you’re trans, a furry or don’t like fascism then obviously you’re unemployed! I mean, look at all the mask-off Nazis who lose their jobs! You can’t lose your job for being a fascist idiot if you never had one in the first place, can you?! Heheh, checkmate, Libtards. The comic’s title is a play on “lump”, as in ‘lump’enproles, which is funny because it highlights StoneToss’ idiocy really well: He has no valid arguments other than lumping together everyone he doesn’t like. It’s always beautiful when StoneToss tries to be clever but only actually sets himself up.

I wonder how many people have lost their jobs for being a furry, trans or antifa? HmmmmmmMMmmmm… Maybe the lumpenprole is the other way around these days?

StoneToss: Episode 71

show trial

Comic Name: Justice is Bind
Description: The court of public opinion.
Mouseover: show trial
Image Name: blm-media-trial-stonetoss-political-cartoon.png
Originally Published: 4/20/2021
Amogus: Left side of the panel, the door to the court building.

What The Comic Is: A news reporter holds a microphone with a nonexistent handle as he speaks into the camera. Behind the scenes, off camera, the cameraman is kneeling on the neck of lady liberty as the city burns in the distance.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Derek Chauvin, convicted murderer of George Floyd, was unfairly spun by the media as a villain. “Court of public opinion” found Chauvin guilty before the court did, and this directly influenced the legal proceeding.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: One of the most crucial pieces of evidence in the George Floyd case was the cell phone footage captured by onlookers. Given the outcome of the trial and the complete failure on the part of Derek Chauvin’s defense to clearly focus on anything, it seems safer than ever before to suggest that the footage gathered by onlooker’s cameras was more than damning enough against Chauvin. Curious, then. ((Very curious)), that public opinion was so skewed against Chauvin. Not that the man didn’t have his bootlickers, of course; StoneToss himself wet those leathers with a few idiotic laps of the tongue.

StoneToss made his feelings on the Floyd case very clear way back in May 2020 when everything first happened. Which really shows us how much StoneToss cares! He didn’t have to make a stupid comic of Floyd kneeling on his own neck, we all would’ve known how he felt. But StoneToss, ever the thoughtful bigot, made his feelings as obvious as fucking possible. But it seems even StoneToss could read the writing on the wall after watching some of the disastrous defense Chauvin’s team was putting up, as by the final day of the trial the mood from Chauvin’s white knights was at a clear low point.

This comic is obviously suggesting the jury was biased by the media (which is probably the ‘best’ case Chauvin’s lawyers can make), and thus StoneToss throws his hat into the ring of “Chauvin was convicted by public opinion”. This is a place he should be pretty familiar with, being a losing fight and all. Of course due to the fact that the jury wasn’t sequestered for the trial, it’s very likely the Chauvin case will win an appeal for a new trial and the shitshow will keep on shitting.

And of course the public had very strong feelings on the Chauvin trial. The question is why.0 Why would the public care so much when an officer, who is discovered to have dozens of previous infractions against him, kneels on the neck of a subdued black man who is pleading for mercy? Obviously it’s because people are lazy Antifa/BLM thugs who hate hard working police officers ((except when those officers are women, it’s okay to hate those)) and want to see them blamed for the drug-induced death of a black man who committed crimes(!) in the past(!). It can’t possibly be because Chauvin needlessly knelt on the neck of a subdued black man to the point of leading directly to the man’s death. I mean, George Floyd was BLACK! Why would ANYONE care when a (male, stress: male) police officer kills a black man?! It’s obviously just a big AntifaBLMLGBTQLiberal conspiracy to OPPRESS police officers and make them SECOND RATE CITIZENS in their own COUNTRY that they took from the NATIVES who weren’t WHITE and who sometimes KILLED(!) each OTHER(!!~??~?!).

The comic’s title is a reference to the saying “justice is blind”, or that justice is impartial to those who receive it. In StoneToss’ warped little brain there is no justice in the Chauvin case because the jury couldn’t possibly be impartial. And okay, I’ll agree that in a case this high powered that it’s nearly impossible for a jury of people to be completely impartial. But if we let StoneToss reach like this, then we may as well decide that nothing is impartial justice because people are going to be minutely biased in thousands of different ways. Here’s a crazy idea, though. If you don’t want to worry about a jury being biased by the constant media coverage of your murder crime, what if you just didn’t kill someone to begin with? Because that’s ultimately what this all comes down to. Not the trial, not the verdict, not even the sentencing. It’s that the USA is a country where Chauvin, as a police officer, felt empowered and comfortable enough to do what he did in the first place. The mouse over text, ‘show trial’, is a pun. A “show trial” is a trial where the verdict is already decided, and the trial is merely there for show, it doesn’t matter what evidence or arguments are presented from either side. Historically it’s mostly been blacks who are victims of these show trials, where the right to trial is granted only for show. In this case, StoneToss is calling Chauvin’s trial a show, like an act or a film for people to watch (while at the same time inferring it is also a traditional show trial). Of course the question again is: why were so many people so interested in Chauvin’s trial? To ask this question, you have to examine racism and police brutality in the USA. Which means StoneToss is never going to ask.

....fuck my shit up fam

Comic Name: JUST
Description: It’s just an ideology, bro
mouseover: ….fuck my shit up fam
Image Name: antifa-terrorist-ideology-comic.png
Originally Published: 11/26/2019

What The Comic Is: An Antifa pajama man explains that Antifa, as just an ideology, can not be a terrorist ‘organization’. A man approaches him, asking “Like fascism?”, to which the Antifa pajama man beings to sweat nervously.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Antifa has the capability of being a terrorist organization because, like fascism, it’s an ideology.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: “Antifa is just an ideology” is something that needs to often be explained to those complaining about the “dangerous terrorist organization”. Even years after the minting of the term, “antifa” has no central leadership, no chain of command and doesn’t even have a clear mission statement. It is merely an ideological opposition to fascism. One would think you wouldn’t need a specific term to suggest one is against fascism, but I guess we can no longer count on ‘opposed to fascism’ as being the default human state. And so we coined a new term to define those who are opposed to fascism, as those aligned with fascism began getting good at explaining or handwaving away why they’re not fascist.

Antifa is inherently not oppressive of anyone (despite what professional victims like StoneToss claim), it can’t really be an innately terroristic thing. True, more extremist followers of the ideology have sometimes taken matters into their own hands with violence (though this violence is, as always, few and far between when compared to the alt-right), but those are individuals. Notice how literally no one on the left is stupid enough to go around saying “FASCISM IS A VIOLENT ORGANIZATION”, because fascism is not an organization. Ergo, there is no hypocrisy like this dumbass comic tries to assert. In reality, the exchange would be a bit more like;

Antifa Pajama Man: Antifa can’t be a terrorist organization, because it’s not an organization.

Man: Like Fascism?

Antifa Pajama Man: Yes, like fascism isn’t an organization, exactly.

Man: Uh, oh. I was trying to highlight a supposed hypocrisy by asking you a rhetorical question.

Antifa Pajama Man: That is because you’re an idiot.

Man: (awkward pause as self-reflection occurs)

Nah just kidding about that last part, no one in StoneToss’ base would ever have the balls or brains to self-reflect. In reality the man would just get angry, call everyone a simp or something and then run away.

We can not call antifa a terrorist organization in the same way we can not call fascism a terrorist organization. But only one of those two ideologies is inherently violent towards other people. “yEaH iTs AnTiFa BeCaUsE tHeY wAnT tO sToP pEoPlE fRoM hAvInG oPiNiOnS”, I hear the Nazis wailing. To that I say: Shut the fuck up, losers. Intolerance of intolerance is not bigotry. And for fuck’s sake, genocide and racial superiority are not opinions. Maybe fascism itself isn’t an organization, but there sure are a lot of fascist organizations out there. And what do you know? They’re all considered the largest domestic threat to people in the USA. Meanwhile, Antifa isn’t considered a threat at all. Funny, that.

Antifa could be a terrorist organization, though if it ever was then it’s unlikely it’d still be based in anti-fascism. Of course this is what rightoids like StoneToss have wet dreams about, and they live out their headcanon clown world fantasies vicariously through webcomics. Though so far Antifa is neither terrorist nor an organization, which can not be said for fascist groups on the right. Sad!

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StoneToss: Episode 69

They even keep sitting at the back of the school bus.

Comic Name: Civil Blights
Description: True colors.
Mouseover: They even keep sitting at the back of the school bus.
Image Name: blacks-only-fountain-civil-rights-stonetoss-political-cartoon.png
Originally Published: 4/13/2021
Amogus: Second panel, protestor between the one with the hand and the one with the sign.

What The Comic Is: Panel one shows a drinking fountain labeled “Blacks Only”, a group of marching protestors in the background. Panel two shows the same drinking fountain, only this time it is labeled with a fancy “Blacks Only” sign and the protestors are now causing a riot and displaying black power symbols.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Black people don’t want equality, they want privilege.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Go back through historical segregation photos and try to find a single one that where the signs say “BLACKS ONLY“. You probably won’t find any. Because none of the signs ever said “Blacks Only”; it was only ever “Whites Only“. More commonly it simply ever read “Whites” and “Colored”. The ‘colored’ facility, whether a drinking fountain or a public restroom, was historically kept off to the side of the main component, installed as cheaply as possible and hardly upkept. This might mean the “Whites” drinking fountain was a large, clean fountain unit and the “Colored” fountain was a mere offshoot pipe from the main water supply that lead to a basic metal bowl with a water spout. On one hand it was because those who installed and paid for the units didn’t care enough to provide an equal drinking experience to both people, they begrudgingly permitted the “colored people” to have a place to drink because it was considered the most basic human right they were obligated to abide by. On the other hand, however, it was also a humiliation tactic.

It might’ve been more dignified had black people not even had water fountains to drink from at all, but instead they got intentionally lower quality and filthier ones. These were akin to actual monuments of segregation, inescapable reminders that not only were whites and blacks separate, but blacks were considered markedly less important and were forced to use the visibly lesser facilities.

StoneToss is a fucking idiot, however. So in his clown world, where black people not being oppressed means white people are being oppressed, these dirty, low quality drinking fountains were actually totally “the blacks only” hangout spot. Yeah, that’s it. Black people have secretly been trying to supplant white people so they can have exclusive clubs, that’s why white people had to enslave them! In fact, I think the blacks actually liked being enslaved. After all, it was a “BLACKS ONLY” occupation, so it was like a secret club only they could join. White people couldn’t be slaves, that’s pretty racist, right? By the way, like I said before, there was no such thing as a “BLACKS ONLY” drinking fountain; white people didn’t use those drinking fountains because they were dirty and it was a social faux pas to be caught drinking from them. Black people that drank from the “Whites” fountains got arrested, beaten or sometimes killed. What an exclusive club, why can’t whites be equal to blacks and also be murdered for drinking from segregated fountains?????

If StoneToss’ obvious racism wasn’t so incredibly obvious and blatant enough, he calls black people literal ‘social blights’, amounts civil rights to “true colors” (meaning black people don’t argue for fairness and equity but rather exclusivity and better treatment than whites) and argues that “black kids even sit together on the back of the bus!”. This appeal to segregation is a very popular type of racism, where racists argue that races are happiest when kept amongst themselves. It’s appealing rhetoric to racists because it lets them whitewash desires of actual genocide, and the Nazis were advent users of it, too. “I don’t hate black people and I don’t want them to not have a place to be, there’s just so many problems in the world that it would be easier if they all lived in a part of the country or world of their own” is a form of genocide.

StoneToss never wonders why the black kids all sit at the back of the bus. Is it because blacks, to this day, face constant forms of racism and societal grief that causes them to keep to themselves in many places? Nah, it’s just because they want to be better than whites and form their very own Kool Kids Klub. The USA is the land of white people because white people took the land from savage natives (who were taking the land from each other anyways, you guys!!) and now the black people have to leave because if they don’t, Antifa will burn all the cities down and black people will have exclusive drinking fountains and it will be reverse racisms.

StoneToss when he makes a comic for his shitty racist cronies: lol blacks only water fountain

StoneToss when he looks at porn: white women with blacks only tattoos

 Next generation bugmen.

Comic Name: Worm Food
Description: bon appetit.
Mouseover: Next generation bugmen.
Image Name: i-just-wanna-grill-comic.png
Originally Published: 9/9/2019

What The Comic Is: A man expresses that he isn’t interested in politics, he just wants to grill. He begins to flip one of his grilling burgers, only to be shocked to find it’s full of worms and bugs. He takes a hard, unbelieving look at his box of burger patties, unwittingly finding that he has purchased “Bug Burger”.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Leftists want to eat bugs like people from countries that aren’t white people countries.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: “You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you,” is a popular old adage that this comic runs next to. The saying means that even if you are not individually interested in politics, that you will still be subject to political changes whether or not you don’t like them or wouldn’t have supported them. This comic mirrors that, with the man claiming he just wants to grill, but little did he know that his un-involvement in politics would lead to a leftist hellscape where bugs can be made into burgers!!! It’s not his fault he didn’t read the fucking box, it’s not the free capitalist market’s fault for producing bug burgers. No, it’s the lefty-wefty-tighty-wighty’s fault for making WHITE PEOPLE eat BUGS like people from AFRICA or INDIA or SOMEWHERE that isn’t WHITE.

StoneToss and idiots of his ilk have bizarre obsessions with things such as insect meat as protein alternatives. They hate recycled water, too. Or space-friendly homes. Or anything that asks someone to change in a small way or respect natural resources and limit human pollution. If you ask them, it’s because they’re all BASED REDPILLED MEGA CHADS WHO LIVE IN FORT AWESOMEz 8). If you ask someone who isn’t a total asshole, it’s actually because StoneToss is wildly immature and never just grew the fuck up. And so here we are: this is the best StoneToss can do. A stupid fucking comic about eating bugs.

Nothing will get the alt-righters to the polls faster than “tHe LeFt WiLl MaKe YoU eAt BuGs”. If it isn’t “Trump will kick out the Mexicans”, or “The Jews will replace us”, or “Trans people are pedophiles”, then surely “eat bugs” will be what seals the Based World Order. Sadly, as you usually need a means of transportation and you have to wake up early enough to do it, this means a majority of alt-righters will be unable to make it to most important elections. At least their marginally more responsible, but sadly marginally less extreme, conservacousins will vote a couple of mildly ridiculous candidates into office, though unfortunately many of these will end up arrested after storming the capital in 2021. I guess they, for the moment, still have Marjorie Taylor Greene? Though she is also a woman


The comic’s name, Worm Food, is a stupid joke that if you don’t pay attention to what (((da leftifts)))) are doing, then you will become worm food (a slang for dead!!!! omg)

StoneToss: Episode 63

I wonder if they'll reassign my FBI observer now.

Comic Name: The Sanguineous Slope
Description: Antifa seeks to control your behavior through violent terror, they are terrorists.
Oh, and now they’re killing people.
Mouseover: I wonder if they’ll reassign my FBI observer now.
Image Name: antifa-shooting-comic.png
Originally Published: 8/7/2019

What The Comic Is: A member of Antifa defends their actions by explaining that they only punch Nazis, though in the background one of his fellow Antifa pajama men is punching a man in a MAGA hat and Gadsden snake shirt. The Antifa man tries to rectify his statement, claiming that they aren’t terrorists. In the background, however, their fellow pajama man proclaims “Kill Fascists!”. The Antifa man, now sweating and visible nervous, attempts to claim they haven’t actually killed anyone, though his comrade is now firing a gun wildly in the background.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: A single shooting perpetuated by a guy who was loosely far-left and Antifa supporting = Antifa is killing people to control their actions.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: If you click the link to the (awfully designed and heavily right-biased shitsite) you can get a first hand media report on the 2019 Dayton shooting. I call it a “media report”, but in reality it’s more of an up-jumped Facebook post or something, it barely contains any information. It doesn’t even include the date that the incident took place, for fuck’s sake. I don’t know what I expected from a article that is titled “CONFIRMED: DEMOCRAT DAYTON SHOOTER WAS PART OF ANTIFA”, with a top banner that isn’t even properly attached to the top of the webpage and rather just covers the fucking headline, but whatever. Nothing says “News you can trust” quite like the web design of a middle school student and the headline of a boomer with a middle schooler’s education.

So, the 2019 shooting in Dayton Ohio was yet another in a long, long, long list of mass shootings that has been wrought in the USA. The shooter was a mal-adjusted 24 year old with a somewhat troubled past. He also happened to casually support Antifa, Bernie Sanders and Black Lives Matter. He once attended an armed protest to counter the Ku Klux Klan (clearly only something that the most deranged of freedom haters would ever do). So why did he commit the shooting, killing nine people that included his sister? No one really knows. He was a very weird and troubled person, but it’s glaringly apparent that he committed the shooting for reasons that had absolutely nothing to fucking do with Antifa. He killed his sister and random people at a random venue. Funny enough, sometimes people do terrible things for apolitical reasons. But I get it, StoneToss. When your side is full of angry losers (like you!) who can’t get a grip on their spiraling lives so they radicalize through far-right propaganda to the point they’re committing one mass shooting after another, it really does turn into a sort of “If All You Have Is a Hammer” thing. Oh, a mass shooting happened and the perpetrator happened to be Left-leaning? Oh thank god! We can claim Antifa is murdering people now! That’s how it works, right?

The Dayton shooter’s affiliation to Antifa and protesting the KKK were happenstance and had nothing to do with the shooting. He did not commit the shooting as a member of Antifa. He did not leave a detailed manifesto behind that documented the reasons he was committing his crime (you know, that thing that the dozen or so far-righter shooters always do?). So, unfortunately, this shitty comic (as is so often the case with StoneToss) is completely removed from reality. Reality being a place where StoneToss is unable to exist and function, so hence his clown world safe space built out of bricks of shit/cum and dishonesty/cum. StoneToss loves cum. Almost as much as he loves being a dishonest fuckwit with nothing helpful to ever say.

The comic’s title a play on the term “Slippery Slope”, though it’s suggesting the slope is slippery because of blood (Sanguine being synonymous with blood). The only thing slippery is StoneToss’s grasp on a decent argument, though.

What a Shell out $

Comic Name: Fined Art
Description: To be honest, it’d be a fair trade.
Mouseover: What a Shell out $
Image Name: art-student-college-debt-comic.png
Originally Published: 8/12/2019

What The Comic Is: A student approaches the “Tuition Due” desk of the prestigiously named university of “Art School”. The student looks at his bill (which appears to be a charge of no monetary value, rather it is just a giant red dollar sign, thus rendering it useless as a bill of tender). He asks the woman at the desk if he can pay for the tuition in exposure.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: If you hate people who ask to pay for art in exposure, it’s hypocritical to not want to pay a student loan.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: At first you might think this is some kind of woke comic about predatory higher education in America, but nah. We know the real reason StoneToss hates college is because 1.) He probably never got the job he wanted from going to it and 2.) He thinks it’s where people get brainwashed into becoming (((Marxist puppets))). We also know StoneToss hates anyone who isn’t a far-right bigot, and who else is further from that than the people who attend college for an art degree? So StoneToss simultaneously mocks art degrees (with the description suggesting exposure would be a fair trade for an art degree) while also deriding a, as usual, nonexistent hypocrisy that doesn’t actually exist.

People don’t like being asked if they can be paid in exposure. It’s just common knowledge. People also get snookered into tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt right out of high school in order to attend college on the vague expectation it’s what they need to do in order to get a job. The USA has a massive, crippling and long-term destructive issue with college. StoneToss is taking up a kind of defense for college, trying to frame the pursuit of college loan forgiveness as “the same thing as people asking to pay for art with exposure”.

This is incredibly stupid and petty and the only thing that stops this comic from being akin to some r/boomerhumor garbage is that StoneToss has exposed himself enough to get at least halfway competent with art. So there you go, StoneToss. You are an unfunny boomer in literally every way except art style. Most people, myself included, find that to be pretty fucking sad and pathetic, but hey, don’t let us diminish your accomplishment! You’re so brave. No matter how many shitty comics you make, you just keep making them. It’s inspirational. Really. A lesser man would’ve have given up years ago, but not you, you anti-reality puddle of shit.

StoneToss: Episode 61

Liberals do need gun control. Liberals.

Comic Name: Trigger Happy
Description: Spray and pray.
Mouseover: Liberals do need gun control. Liberals.
Image Name: shoot-nazis-comic.png
Originally Published: 7/11/2019

What The Comic Is: A man holds aloft a sawed-off double-barreled shotgun while proclaiming that he has created a new gun that shoots only Nazis. A second man questions the gun, asking how the spread of its shots will be controlled. The first man, with a deranged smile, loads his gun.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Opposing Nazis is a slippery slope and eventually Antifa will start going after everyone/anyone in blind bids to claim that anyone they don’t like is a Nazi.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: The comic is being both literal and metaphorical with its gun. On one hand, on a physical level, StoneToss is suggesting that wanton violence towards people seen as being Nazis (i.e., “punch a Nazi”, “Hit Richard Spencer” etc.) will escalate by the deranged, terrorist-esque Antifa until eventually they’re just spraying bullets at anyone they consider to be an enemy. Obviously this has never happened and there’s literally nothing to support a serious belief that it will ever happen, but that’s StoneToss for you. 0% Smart, 100% Dishonest.

On a metaphorical level it’s making commentary that Antifa can’ and/or doesn’t want to control the “spread” of who and what is seen as fascism. As if opposing white supremacy and police brutality is a slippery slope. Like before, however, this is a baseless accusation that hadn’t happened in all of Antifa’s existence as a concept up to the comic’s writing and still has not happened yet. So the best the comic has to offer is “Antifa is going to go totally out of control! Any minute now!! Just watch… it’ll happen!! Any minute…!! SAWED OFF SHOTGUN1111“. Also, as usual, is the blatant and disgusting lack of self awareness for the constant shootings and violence perpetuated exclusively by the alt-right and those identifying with fascism. But yeah, StoneToss, you fucking cuck, it’s the liberals who need gun control because they’re totally going to go oFf ThE dEeP eNd. Any minute now. Fuck you.

Is punching terrorists self defense? hmm...

Comic Name: Radical Anomic Terror
Description: Antifa are terrorists. They seek to control your behavior through terror. Antifa. Are. Terrorists.
Mouseover: Is punching terrorists self-defense? hmmm…
Originally Published: 7/16/2019

What The Comic Is: An ISIS fighter prepares to execute a man via beheading, as the man cries for rescue. The ISIS fighter points to his Nazi-like Antifa armband, assuring that he is no terrorist. The man sighs in relief, even as the Antifa pajama fighter rests a blade against his throat.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Antifa are just like ISIS.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss is sooooooooooooo fucking obsessed with Antifa murdering people despite the fact they’re attached to like a single fucking shooting. When some right-winger nutbag shoots up a convention center full of people it’s an Epstein and Jew World Order conspiracy theory. When Antifa does nothing at all, it’s because they’re totally about to become literally ISIS with Nazi armbands. I would once again label StoneToss as being dishonest, but I don’t know if this can even be called dishonesty. It’s complete fucking lunacy, and it’s something I noticed StoneToss really began to express around mid-2018 or so. His comics always fucking sucked, but it seems like as he got pushed more and more to be edgy and make le based spicy rare peepee commentary that he basically channeled his inner Donald Trump and began wildly outright lying about anything he thought would please his deranged fanbase (his “inner Donald Trump” of course being the 4-inch hand painted figurine of Trump that’s shoved so far into his prostate that he pisses vinyl).

The only other thing especially amusing about this comic is StoneToss’ limpdicked, babyish little “stand” he takes in the description, lol. Really channeling that “THIS IS NOT OKAY” liberal snowflake energy he so claims to be polar opposite of. Like every other dumbass Karen that plagues planet earth, StoneToss is too stupid to even realize his own pathetic hypocrisy.

StoneToss: Episode 47

Comic Name: Capitol Gains
Description: How it’s done.
Mouse Over: Never send a trans woman to do a man’s job.
Image Name: washington-dc-capitol-trump-protest-political-cartoon.png
Originally Published: 1/7/2021

What The Comic Is: An Antifa pajama man stands in front of Starcucks Coffee, the sign of which is incorrectly centered but StoneToss was too lazy to frame the background better in order to make his stupid joke. The Antifa man proclaims his desire to bring down the establishment, having tossed a small block of uncooked meat into the window of his local Starcucks. Before he can finish his proclamation, two terrorists barrel through him, holding stolen materials taken from the US Government. 

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Terrorism is BASED.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: January 6th 2021 will forever be marked as one of the most historically significant moments in the USA. Trump-supporters, unhappy with reality, protested in Washington D.C. over Trump’s loss in the 2020 Presidential election. Spurred on by weeks of Trump falsely claiming the election was stolen, a chunk of these protestors decided to become The Greatest Patriots Of All Time And Space ruin their lives and get sent to jail.

On its own, this comic isn’t much past face value. It’s just a stupid comic that Antifa are cucks while the D.C. terrorists “got the job done” and “did it the right way” (whatever the fuck StoneToss thinks that means). However, with this comic, StoneToss is doing two things. First of all, he’s making his stance on the issue clear: MAGA was behind the riot. This is important, as the riot has begun to separate and confuse groups of right wingers, who can’t agree on just who started it or who was behind it. Popular lie-fueled conspiracy theories are that Antifa or Black Lives Matter activists actually organized or crisis-acted the entire thing, or that it wasn’t a ‘”riot” at all, and all that happened was some people broke into and walked around some buildings (this shit-take is especially heinous, given how much video footage evidence of rioting was captured, but whatever, I never said these theories were intelligent or made in anything other than complete bad faith).

Second, StoneToss not only actively supports the riot, but he believes something of significance was achieved by it. I mean, I guess that’s true, if you consider dozens of felony charges and prison sentences to be something fitting the criteria of “significant”. In the comic the two men are carrying a computer labeled “Speaker Pelosi”, obviously meant to be a reference to the computers and computer hard drives that domestic terrorists stole from Government property. The line of thinking behind the theft of the computers is that tons of Socialist Communistic Chinese Child Porn And Plans To Commit 9/11 A Second Time Only Using Unborn Fetuses And Christian Churches Instead Of Towers will be discovered by intelligent, paint-huffing rednecks who know as much about hacking into computers as they do about not beating their girlfriends. 

In reality, all of the stolen hard drives are basically worthless because no classified or important information is actually stored on them. Rather, that information is kept on secured servers. The hope for the to-be incarcerated, then, is that Pelosi pulls a Hillary and keeps random information on her computer. These people are going to be put into prison, lose their jobs and have permanent felonies for the rest of their entire lives just to find out Pelosi installed Microsoft Solitaire on her shitty Government-issued laptop. 

But it’s not what the comic says so much as it is what StoneToss himself says. StoneToss Tweeted constantly as the riots were ongoing, celebrating and cheering the vandalism on. StoneToss is spinning the riots in a way that is different from the popular talking points of “Antifa did it” or “It wasn’t that bad, the media lied”. StoneToss is using the riots as some stupid example of “White/Right Superiority”, depicting Antifa or BLM rioters as disorganized hoodlums who break shop windows, while the D.C. terrorists were ‘getting the job done’, with their Gravy Seals LARP costumes and their random destruction and theft. Because nothing says “getting the job done right” quite like a mob of frenzied cultists beating a member of “The Thin Blue Line” to death with American flags while singing songs about American liberty. 

Comic Name: Echo
Description: Flip floppers.
Mouseover: Do as I say, not as I do.
Image Name: law-and-order-trump-political-cartoon.png
Originally Published: 1/12/2021

What The Comic Is: Trump tweets from a phone as he stands before a scene of an Antifa-esque riot. An Antifa pajama man stands before the D.C. terrorist riot. In unison, the pair proclaim “Law and order!”.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Antifa is hypocritical because they rioted in the past.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: This comic is pretentious. True literary pretentiousness is when you use intentionally complex or verbose words or iconography to relay a message that, when reduced to its basic parts, doesn’t really fucking mean anything. So, what was the purpose of having Trump stand on the side of the Antifa riot and the Antifa guy on the side of the D.C. riot? I have no fucking clue, and it’s likely that neither does StoneToss.

StoneToss, to his credit, generally draws shit pretty straight forward. Even if there’s hidden or double meanings or deeper context, he doesn’t usually make his shit so difficult to understand. He clearly wanted to be very dramatic with this strip, complete with the Antifa guy very dramatically breaking through his panel to point to Trump, even covering up part of Stonetoss’ website signature. While we can’t always divine exactly what StoneToss specifically means when he makes a comic, we can always rest assured it was of little intellectual value or purpose. 

The first strip we covered was posted on the 7th, the very day after the riots. This one was drawn a few days later, on the 12th, and it seems by then that StoneToss decided to backpeddle slightly from his original stance of ‘BASED DC RIOT THIS IS HOW ITS DONE BOYS’. He depicts the D.C. protestors as totally orderly, flying their flags of FREEDOM and BASEDNESS. StoneToss draws the rioters as being behind the proximity fencing, as we can clearly see they’re behind the fences but in front of the Capitol building. Whether StoneToss meant to do this, or he just made a mistake because his sense of strip layout is shit, remains to be debated. 

He’s trying to mock Antifa as being ‘flip floppers’ (an old callback to the 2004 Presidential election, when John Kerry ran against George Bush; Kerry was frequently called a ‘flip flopper’ by his opposition for his alleged changing of stances on different issues). In the case of Antifa, StoneToss claims there’s a great hypocrisy between Antifa and BLM riots versus the “peaceful tour” that took place in D.C.

There might be some small grains of truth to this hot take. Riots after the murder of people like George Floyd unfortunately saw random acts of larceny and vandalism, as will occur in any proper riot. People, no matter the moral strength of their ideology, are susceptible to being reduced to wild and base instincts when whipped into a mob frenzy. This doesn’t make random acts of vandalism okay when committed by BLM or Antifa protestors, and those ideological movements as a whole need to better themselves at individual levels and hold to higher standards when conducting protests. Of course there will always be a level of opportunistic looters, but at least they’re generally separate from the riot itself (as with something like the George Floyd riots) and aren’t the whole reason the riot is happening for in the first place (such as the D.C. terrorism).

More than that, though, is the reason these riots happen. When police continuously murder citizens and get away with it, especially prevalent in their murder of people of color, the public tends to start to get sick of it after awhile. When peaceful means of protest continue to be ignored both by the Government and the corrupt police organizations, what the fuck do you expect to happen? Peasants without bread can do two things: starve or riot, and when given the choice, it’s always going to be the latter. Citizens without liberty tend to be no different. And see, that’s kind of the difference. The terrorists who attacked their own nation’s capitol did so because they wrongly believed the lie that their cult leader lost the election, because they think Democrats are all pedophile-ring running Satanists, they think all Republicans not complacent in Trump’s bid to violate the American constitution and law need to be extra-judicially executed by mob justice.

The people who rioted when George Floyd was murdered were oppressed, unheard and had had enough; the social contract had failed them, and they were left feeling like there was nowhere else for them to go. The terrorists who stormed the Capitol building were a bunch of conspiracy theorists who wanted to actively murder/harm politicians for refusing to take Trump’s side of lawlessness and violate the very Constitution of the country they were elected to serve. Bit of a fucking disconnect, as you can see.

The comic also seems to be reviling Trump as a LoW eNeRgY cUcK because of his broadcasts and Tweets immediately after the riots, where he pleaded for peace and order to the very rioters he had spent weeks riling up with fake accusations of a stolen election. Especially funny was the video message Trump released while the riots were still ongoing, where he very carefully avoided saying anything about the election being stolen, doing a complete 180 on the high energy ranting and lunatic rambling that had directly contributed to a domestic terrorist attack. StoneToss, then, may be whining about Trump telling the D.C. terrorists to obey police, feeling like Trump never did the same thing when Antifa were rioting. And yeah, StoneToss, that’s right. Trump never did that when Antifa rioted. Because when the D.C. terrorists were rampaging around the Capitol, Trump told them he loved them and that their concerns were valid but that they had to remain under control. When Antifa or BLM rioted, Trump threatened them with being shot.

Comic Name: Jinkies
Description: Scooby Dooby Q
Mouseover: Ruh-roh!
Image Name: scooby-doo-political-cartoon.png
Originally Published: 1/14/2021

What The Comic Is: The Scooby gang (notably sans Daphne, the conventionally attractive girl of the group; whom, to StoneToss, likely represents the type of woman who he feels is unobtainable to him, and therefore he hates) has a man wearing a Q mask at their mercy. Pulling off his mask, the gang is shocked and alarmed to discover the man is horribly disfigured, with no eyes, nose, ears or mouth. Perhaps they feel suddenly that, despite the masked man’s transgressions, binding someone so disabled to a chair was a poor move on their part.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: The Jews were behind QAnon the whole time.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: QAnon is a debunked conspiracy theory started by an anonymous 4Chan user claiming they were a White House employee working under Trump. With their “Q level clearance” (a Department of Energy clearance level that allows the individual access to certain classified and restricted information, much of it not interesting), the user claimed that Trump was working with secret government agencies to expose and defeat a pedophile and Satanic worship ring that existed through the highest levels of the USA leadership. As “QAnon” continued on, adopted by more and more various different individuals of varying levels of fictional writing talent, the conspiracies became more farfetched and unhinged. Alleged by QAnon was that the Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election was a setup by Trump and the Republicans to secretly recruit Robert Mueller to begin an investigation on Trump that, secretly, was meant to investigate Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other similar figures. 

Basically, QAnon is a huge load of shit perpetuated by deranged Trump supporters and/or people who just want to see what kind of dumb shit they can get others to believe. StoneToss has been somewhat quiet on QAnon, never really outwardly expressing any subscription of belief to the theories. It isn’t hard to assume that StoneToss likely either directly, or indirectly, believed that at least most of what QAnon was claiming was probably true (perhaps he stopped believing Trump was sophisticated enough to be the maestro of a top-level deep state investigation built around false positives and long-term double ruses).

StoneToss doesn’t like anyone. He has no friends, only fair weather stooges that he would abandon or turn on at any given moment. StoneToss doesn’t just want to style himself as smart, he wants to be smarter and more based than literally everyone or anyone else. This means he’ll stop at nothing to one-up even his own base, constantly trying to portray himself as ahead of the curve or somehow always a step ahead of anyone else’s theories or rhetoric. For instance, why did it take until now for StoneToss to finally make a comic somehow disavowing the legitimacy of QAnon? Because StoneToss is a fake idiot. He probably believed QAnon with the rest of them, until it turned convenient for him to pretend to have always been more enlightened than that. Otherwise, he would’ve published this same comic years ago. 

Because funny enough, given Q’s consistent failure to predict anything accurate or provide evidence of their claims, a hatred and disdain towards QAnon is now becoming prevalent among those who once fervently subscribed to the conspiracies. It seems as if a rift is being formed, where one faction of right wing nutjobs looks down upon the other faction of right wing nutjobs for their continued belief in QAnon. QAnon is now becoming the ‘cuckpill’ of the right, where only those seen as less intelligent and gullible believe the “Jewish Illuminati propaganda”, because the thought of QAnon just being bullshit from some random guy on the internet is something the bigots can’t handle. This is because it would mean they’d have to accept the fact they believed random lies on the internet instead of a grand Jewish conspiracy to fool the masses.

And for the second comic in a row, StoneToss backpeddles on the “basedness” of the domestic terrorist attack. First they were men getting the job done, then they were peaceful protestors and now QAnon (one of the driving forces behind the terrorist attack) is a puppet of (((The Letter J))). So does StoneToss now claim to admit that the terrorists acted according to the direction of Jews? Wouldn’t that mean that Jews are responsible for ‘getting the job done’ in the Capitol? Are the Jews trying to hurt themselves, or are Jews not connected to the Democrats and Mike Pence? StoneToss has no answers to any of these questions, he just hates Jews and this comic presented a childish and shallow way for him to paint them as villains.

Oh StoneToss, how lonely and miserable you are. Someone should really tell you that fucking yourself doesn’t mean you’ve lost your virginity, though.

StoneToss: Episode 45

 Comic Name: Branded
Description: Hey, at least their wifi is free.
Mouseover: ant-iPhone
Image Name: class-traitor-uncle-tom-comic.png
Originally Published: 1/8/2019

What The Comic Is: A black man strolls down the street wearing a MAGA hat. A member of Antifa, looking at his iPhone and drinking Starbucks, strolls up the street. The two meet with a surprised glance. The Antifa guy points a finger at the black guy, calling him an “Uncle Tom”.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Antifa dislike black people who support Trump.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss is trying to illustrate a world where a black man is unable to support Trump without being insulted for it, or having his legitimacy as a person questioned. An ‘Uncle Tom’ is an insult leveled towards black men who are considered to be servile or overly submissive towards white people. Uncle Tom is derived from the novel of the same name, wherein a saintly and moralistic black slave named Tom forms an uncle-like relationship with a young girl whose father owns slaves. Her father also buys Tom. Tom is depicted as very subservient in his role as a slave, despite the novel’s overarching abolitionist message. 

Obviously calling a black man who supports Trump an ‘Uncle Tom’ would be to delegitimize his agency as a practitioner of politics, suggesting he only supports Trump because he’s subservient in his unbalanced relationship with white people. We can call this fair enough, and perhaps all agree that labeling people for their political affiliation is inherently a negative thing (if not always inaccurate, at least). Let’s instead focus on StoneToss’s inability to never, ever not be petty about dumb shit. You want to make a comic about a black guy being called an Uncle Tom because he wears a MAGA hat? Okay, sure, whatever. Could’ve left it at that and it would’ve been a harmless comic. I mean, it still would’ve been fucking dumb, but harmless enough. This isn’t good enough, though, and StoneToss has to whine about Starbucks and iPhones again for some reason. 

The black guy is sporting a MAGA hat, but the Antifa guy has an iPhone and Starbucks. The name of the comic, “Branded”, therefore has a double meaning. That the two men display their own ‘brands’, the black guy is wears “MAGA brand”, while the Antifa guy ‘wears’ Starbucks and iPhone brands. The black man, however, is branded as an Uncle Tom for his choice in political affiliation.

What, exactly, does this mean? Who the fuck knows for sure. StoneToss seems to be likening an iPhone and Starbucks as a leftist’s version of the MAGA hat, but what point he makes with this observation appears to be either known only to StoneToss himself, or is entirely nonexistent. StoneToss once again calls people bugs for buying iPhones, just in case his constant childishness and failure to make intelligent arguments wasn’t clear enough for everyone. 

Comic Name: First They Came for the Fascists
Description: First they came for the fascists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a fascist…
Mouseover: In war, if you let your front line collapse, then YOU get to be the front line. 
Image Name: bash-the-fash-antifa-comic.png
Originally Published: 1/10/2019

What The Comic Is: An Antifa pajama man wielding a baseball bat proclaims the motto of ‘bash the fash’. A man, overseeing the proclamation, muses that it’s a good thing he is not a fascist. He is then struck in the head by a baseball bat.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Recognizing fascism is a slippery slope and eventually people who aren’t fascist will be labeled as being so and will be attacked/killed/harmed in some way.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Look, I’ll be the first to agree that there’s such a thing as overzealously tossing around accusations of fascism. It’s seemingly a human nature to jump to conclusions. However, this comic (in a similar manner to the one above) goes extra miles to be especially stupid. First of all, the comic’s title is a reference to the poem ‘First they came…‘, written by German pastor Martin Niemöller. Following the end of World War 2, Martin wrote the poem as a confessional concerning the German intellectual and religious leadership and their failure to oppose the rise of Nazism (Martin himself included in the poem). StoneToss has latched onto this poem before, as he likes to literally 180 its context and apply it to bigots like himself. A popular abridgement of the poem is as follows;

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—     Because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—     Because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—     Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

It’s basically as poem about the mistake of viewing man as individual and, if nothing else, makes a selfish argument for defending your fellow people. Those victimized by the Nazis did nothing as others were victimized before them, for they themselves were not yet victims. It’s a cautionary tale in standing aside as others, who may not yet be you, are harmed. Of course it’s thoroughly and completely anti-Nazi, but that doesn’t stop StoneToss from being a stupid asshole and twisting it to defend neo-Nazis!

The comic’s description does two things. It uses Martin’s poem as a device to frame Antifa as being the real Nazis, and StoneToss uses it to claim that he is not fascist. Ergo, he’s painting the targets of Antifa (who are fascist) as not being fascist (himself included), while also trying to lump everyone else in with him and his fellow fascists. It’s basically him saying “Hey everyone, look how crazy Antifa is! They think we’re all fascists, can you believe that?!”. The mouse over text reaffirms this. StoneToss is calling the targets of Antifa (i.e., fascist political figures and individuals) as being the “front line” against the tyranny of Antifa, that everyone else needs to stand by in order to avoid becoming victims of Antifa themselves. 

The thing that StoneToss fails to understand is that he and Martin Niemöller are not kindred birds of a feather and that Martin’s poem is in no way relatable or applicable to StoneToss and his beliefs. In fact, it is fully the other way around. Martin’s poem was not written for people like StoneToss, it was written against them. StoneToss’s co-opting of the poem does not legitimize his status as a victim, it only makes him look like a dickhead.

StoneToss: Episode 26

Comic Name: Mud Slinging
Description: “I’m rubber and you’re glue” only worked in elementary school.
Mouseover: Imagine how many concessions have been given away just to avoid being called the R-word.
Image Name: democrats-are-the-real-racists-comic.png
Originally Published: 3/6/2018

 What The Comic Is: An elephant accuses democrats of being the real racists. Sometime in the future, the same(?) elephant now accuses neo-Leninists of being the real transphobes.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: The republican party is becoming ‘weaker’ and more left-leaning in an attempt to avoid being called racists, giving away different concessions the party used to stand for.
Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss thinks StoneToss is really smart. How smart does StoneToss think StoneToss is? So much smart that everyone else is dumb. StoneToss is no stranger to rampantly burning down every single fucking bridge that might actually attach to the inane, childish island that is his personal world view. He’s mocked republicans in the past, preferring to style himself as some kind of ultra unique alt-righter who is better than your typical alt-righters because he “hides” his fascism behind Shmorky characters. “It’s so brilliant,” StoneToss crowed to himself as he drank another cup full of his own piss, “I truly am above everyone else!” he finished the salty swill off with one final triumphant gulp.

We can see in the second panel that the republican elephant is now a stereotypical depiction of an ultra left-winger, which is StoneToss saying that if republicans can’t say that black people and mexicans are ruining America, then they’re basically on the road to becoming the far extreme of the left. StoneToss has mocked horse shoe theory before, as well, so it seems as if StoneToss thinks that both republicans and democrats are just trying to out-moral one another by both shifting further and further to the left, so that in XXX years time, the old “ultra left” is the new right and the new ultra left is… I dunno? A gelatinous mass of flesh and psyche of all people merged together into a single hive-being? StoneToss might be crazy enough to imagine that’s where the left wing leads to, which would be terrible for him because it would mean there’d be no more black guys, and if there aren’t anymore black guys who would he fantasize about being cuckolded by??? My god, no wonder StoneToss hates the left!! He needs racism and alt-right rhetoric so he can perpetuate his own humiliation fetish by being cuckold by the very people he hates. It makes so much sense now. Even if it’s fucking stupid.

Where does StoneToss think the left wing ends, anyways? Because eventually, if the right wing is destined to become the party of the “die cis scum” tattoo, wouldn’t that mean it’d simply merge with the ideals and principles of the left, and we would have no more right wing? Does StoneToss really believe the left wing can just continue further and further left ad nauseam without any stopping point?  This could have just been a comic about how he thinks republicans are becoming more left wing in their attempts to ‘bow down to PC culture’, but he went and suggested that the republican in the second panel still had someone to argue with so what the fuck does he think the left wing can possibly turn into if its current most extreme outlier becomes the new right wing?

Oh yeah, he didn’t think at all before he made this stupid fucking comic because he literally never thinks before he makes a comic. Silly me.

Basically, StoneToss is just upset republicans can’t be as openly racist as easy as they were able to be in generations past. And you know what we call people who can’t be racist? We call them CUCKS. Unlike guys like StoneToss who actually have real cuckold fetishes. We just call those guys FUCKING LOSERS because no woman will ever lower her standards and self-value enough to date StoneToss, let alone entertain his fetish. So that’s why StoneToss hates cucks so much; he desperately wishes he could be one, but he can’t! It makes so much sense now. Even if it’s fucking stupid.

Comic Name: Scapegoat
Description: If we’re going to redistribute wealth, what better place to start than a Tower of Ivory?
Mouseover: Peddling Marxism is big business.
Image Name: student-loans-comic-1.png
Originally Published: 3/8/2018

What The Comic Is: A student in a college class asks his professor how the school can teach about classless societies if the students are paying for the teacher’s salaries. The (((teacher))) deflects, claiming the student is really paying the greedy bankers who granted his student loan.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Colleges brainwash students into becoming Marxists.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Of course StoneToss is anti-intellectual. I mean, why wouldn’t he be? He hates cuckolds because he himself is incapable of ever becoming one, so it makes sense that he hates intellectuals for the exact same reason. He’s also anti-college, because he believes students are brainwashed into becoming Marxist liberals. 

Funny thing is that I totally agree with StoneToss that the USA has an issue with the price of higher education. College costs are insane and have gotten completely out of control to the point where it’s a massive financial burden that society expects you to assume when you’re too young to even understand what 150,00 dollars of debt really means. There are a ton of problems with college, but being Jewish-controlled propaganda machines is not one of them.
StoneToss strawmans the professor (because the professor is depicted as Jewish and we all know the Jews love them some Illuminati mind control societal domination) by having the professor blame the banks for granting student loans to begin with, which is a thing I am 100% certain no one in real life has ever tried to do before.  

A penchant of most forms of communism, as I’m sure you may already know, is that there is no class system in society, based either on ethnic hierarchy or wealth. StoneToss attempts to point out the hypocrisy of his nonexistent straw man caricature that colleges teach students to be Marxists even though the students make less money than the professors do and are the ones who provide the income for their salaries. Even if a hypothetical professor wanted to live in a purely communistic world wherein everything is totally classless, he is living in a society that is not that thing. Ergo, this is tantamount to approaching someone who wants to change the society they live in and saying “You want to change society, yet you live in it? Bit hypocritical, don’t you think?”. Of course, StoneToss doesn’t think the (((professor))) who indoctrinates his students to Marxism wants to actually live in a Marxist world, they only use Marxism to exploit unwitting college students. This actually makes perfect sense if you think about it.*

*It only makes perfect sense if you’re intentionally skewing reality in such a way as to fit your fake bullshit that doesn’t really exist.