StoneToss: Episode 85

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It's literally a game about the haunted souls of abused children.

Comic Name: Game Over
Description: Spooky.
Mouseover: It’s literally a game about the haunted souls of abused children.
Image Name: five-nights-at-freddys-stonetoss-political-cartoon.png
Amogus: Third panel, the computer mouse.
Originally Published: 6/17/2021

What The Comic Is: A gay man enjoys his experience playing the game Five Nights at Freddy’s. His friend (also a gay man) approaches him and explains that the creator of the game is a republican, to which the first gay man reacts with panic and shock, flinching away from the game he was just previously enjoying.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: People hate Scott Cawthon because he’s a Republican.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: I had a feeling StoneToss was going comment on this. I was expecting StoneToss to take the direction of “people who support Trump and Mitch McConnel end up getting death threats from the (((violent left)))”. This would have inherently been stupid and bigoted due to the virtue it would be StoneToss (as a self-imposed rule, StoneToss can not make commentary on anything without trying to somehow make it bigoted), but it at least would have made a better point.

So, if you’re not in the know, Five Nights at Freddy’s is a once-time super popular series of horror-survival video games developed by a single guy named Scott Cawthon. Five Nights was your classic Cinderella story of an indie dev who made a radical change in his life (Cawthon had a typical job and prior to developing Five Nights at Freddy’s he tried his hand in several failed video games that were heavily Christian/Bible-centric) that paid off big time, and for a good four or five years it made constant waves with its near yearly-releases. After around 2016-2017ish the games sort of fell out of the spotlight (the debacle that was 2016’s “Five Nights at Freddy’s World” RPG spin-off, a game that was so unpolished and rushed that Cawthon removed it from Steam and offered to refunded every purchase, didn’t help).

In the early half of June 2021 it was revealed that Cawthon had donated to Republicans that included Mitch McConnel and Donald Trump. Considering Republicans and their incredibly long history of being anti-LGBTQ, especially figureheads such as Trump and McConnel, this was not well received by very many of Cawthon’s fans, nor the greater community as a whole. That a strong core of the Five Nights’ fanbase was comprised of members identifying with the LGBTQ+, and that Cawthon obviously had to be aware of this, should not be lost on anyone. Cawthon tried to defend his donations, claiming he donated to both Republicans and Democrats (though of 18 donations only a single, comparatively smaller, donation was made to a Democrat) and that he believed Democratic candidates would have ultimately done more harm than Republicans to people such as the gay community.

So the man was targeted. Unfortunately this always results in people taking things too far, and Cawthon (and his family and friends) started receiving threats. This is never an acceptable practice, and doxxing of personal information is never a good thing no matter who it is against, but the message was clear: people were not happy with Cawthon’s direct financial support of key Republicans.

But this is really the thing: Cawthon’s affiliation with Christianity and the Right were known for years. Any fan of the Five Nights franchise would’ve known Cawthon actually started his career in indie game development by making shitty, obscure Christian Bible games. So his political allegiance isn’t really news to many of his die hard fans. And yeah, there were certainly people who were denouncing Cawthon for his political and personal beliefs (especially pro-choice) years ago. So no, Scott Cawthon did not get cancelled because he was a Republican or even pro-choice. This was not secret information. He was cancelled because he donated to people like Trump and McConnel, and then tried to double down on why he did it by explaining “Actually, guys, the Democrats ARE THE REAL HOMOPHOBES!!! Trump and the Republicans will actually do more good for them!”. Very oddly enough, gay people don’t really like it when some Bible-thumping closet bigot tries to explain to them that the political party that has historically always been the most homophobic and harmful to gay and trans people is, in reality, “actually the good one for you”.

No one really cared that Scott Cawthon was a Republican. Some might not have liked it, but you didn’t see anyone doxxing him or trying to cancel him. But when your fanbase is comprised largely of LGBTQ individuals, and you financially support political candidates that actively harmed the LGBTQ community, what exactly were you expecting? I mean, Cawthon can support whatever candidate he wants. It’s a free country. He has no direct obligation to support politicians based on who buys his video games. But people are also free to not support you when you’re donating directly against their interests and even their actual safety.

So Cawthon can stick to his guns and believe what he wants, whatever. He can try to explain and rationalize why his support of Trump and McConnel is in the gay community’s best interest. But no one is opposed to him for being a Republican. This was never what it was about. It was about his financial backing of one of the most anti-gay and anti-Trans Presidencies of this lifetime, despite the fact he made that very money off the support of the LGBTQ community.

All of this to say that StoneToss is a fucking idiot who knows he has to distort reality by under representing the truth or else his side looks bad.

[coded messages intensifies]

Comic Name: Gang Signs
Description: Lend a hand.
Mouseover: [coded message intensifies]
Image Name: hand-symbols-comic.png
Originally Published: 1/7/2020

What The Comic Is: A panel depicts various “racial signs”, such as the ‘WP’ symbol (otherwise known as the A-OK signal), the “black power” fist and the meme-y “Groyper fingers”. In the second panel, the anti-Semitic “Jew rubbing hands together” sign is shown.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That “Jews” are their own “gang”, just like white supremacists (the WP sign) other white supremacists (the Groyper hands) and black civil rights. Therefore, Jews are equal and not somehow more vulnerable or suffer from historical persecution. Otherwise simplified as: Everyone is equal.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Yes, StoneToss, brilliant observation. It’s possible for any type of person to be bigoted. Isn’t that strange? Wow, guess all bigotry is equal and we can stop talking about it forever. Oh, and most importantly, being anti-Semitic is fine!!

We’ll ignore that the black power fist is not (in its traditional usage) meant to be a black superiority signal, as the “OK” symbol and Groyper are. For those with lives who don’t know what the fuck a “Groyper” is, it’s a stupid online movement by people who call themselves ‘Groypers’ (or an edited fat version of Pepe the frog). What is the Groyper movement? Neo-nazis. Literally just actual neo-nazis. They consider themselves ‘better’, or more ‘based’, than other far-Right leaning personalities such as Donald Trump or Charlie Kirk (the idiot from Turning Point USA). Basically they just hate the rest of the Right for not being as anti-Semitic, racist and homophobic as they are; and considering they lump people like Mike Pence into the list of “CUCKED AND NOT BASED” says a lot. So you have a symbol of black civil rights, two symbols of mask-off white supremacy and then a racist caricature of a Jewish dude’s hands. Just because a picture is worth 1,000 words doesn’t mean they aren’t all jackshit stupid ones.

StoneToss gets a lot of rep for making comics that are, especially by political comic standards, easy to understand and contain a lot of commentary in as few words as possible (much to the contrast to your typical political comic, which is usually something heavily reliant on labels and hamfisted metaphors). And to a certain degree I can absolutely give StoneToss that credit, he just makes a more appealing (read: dogwhistley) political comic, which is why he’s found success doing it. However, I do love that in these moments where he tries to be very minimalist, he absolutely fails to convey not only any real message, but also manages to create something that is devoid of literally any meaning all together. He’s tried (and failed) at this before, with such classics as episode 53’s Digging Deep and episode 57’s Oxymoron.

Even if we account for bigoted people who happen to be black or Jewish, this does not in any way make it okay for white supremacists to exist. It’s this dishonest appeal to tribalism, this sort of “We’re ALL racist and we all just stick out for our own kinds!!” argument, that idiots like StoneToss use to try and legitimize themselves or make it seem like everyone else is really just as bad as they are. Not only this, but there’s a pretty massive power disparity (not to mention number disparity) between black people who are racist against white people and white people who are racist against black people (same goes for Jews). This isn’t to whitewash (Get it? Whitewash? lol) bigotry or racism from anyone, but if you’re going to try and side-by-side compare it, like StoneToss is doing, then it absolutely bears recognizing the vast difference between white racism and black/Jew racism. Maybe a black guy can be racist against a white person, but that black person lacks all the systematic and integrated tools for oppression that the white person has, which creates a huge power difference between the two. White racism has kept black people, on a scale of millions of individuals, out of jobs, homes and better living situations since the inception of the USA. In Germany, it was white supremacy that lead to one of the largest genocides of human history.

But yeah, StoneToss, tell us again how the Black Power fist makes you nervous, you dumb shitwad. God knows it doesn’t, really. StoneToss knows he’s perfectly safe and secure, so any discussion about racism occurring within non-whites is purely a childish game concerning ego. Do you think people like StoneToss are honestly worried about “white genocides”? Fuck no, they just want a dramatized excuse to justify stomping down other people.

Perhaps stupidest of all is StoneToss using racist comic artist Nick Bougas’ (more recognizably known by his pen name, A Wyatt Mann) caricature of a Jewish man rubbing his hands together. Yes, StoneToss, yes!! Show us that JEW POWER sign that a racist white guy came up with and that isn’t used by any Jews in real life!! No no, it’s okay, there are multiple photos out there of people who are Jewish and with their hands clasped together!!

Even if everyone else were racist, it doesn’t make racism okay. And because everyone else isn’t as racist as StoneToss wants to believe, that makes this line of thinking even fucking stupider. Oh, excuse me, I mean, it makes this line of thinking even more fucking based(tm).

StoneToss: Episode 84

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He who shall not be named...

Comic Name: On The Nose
Description: An image capture of actor Mark Ruffalo apologizing and backpedaling for an earlier Tweet he published wherein he had declared Israel as committing a genocide.
Mouseover: He who shall not be named…
Image Name: israel-apology-stonetoss-political-cartoon.png
Amogus: Third panel, fourth microphone from the left.
Originally Published: 5/27/2021

What The Comic Is: A man sits with a table of his colleagues and muses that Israel seems to have a curious amount of influence over the USA. His coworkers regard him blankly, and in the third panel the man is now giving a nervous statement before multiple news cameras and excited reporters, explaining he apologizes for the comment he made yesterday and that he is not an anti-Semite.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Zionist shadow government makes people retract any criticism of Israel.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: It’s very important to note that this comic is not “woke” on Israel or its position in USA talking points, despite StoneToss going to great lengths to strawman as hard as possible. This is immediately discernable because StoneToss is a blatant anti-Semitic person, though it might take knowing this ahead of time to understand this comic’s true context. We can practically ignore the comic itself entirely, in all its extreme strawman glory, and speak mostly about the Tweets that caused StoneToss to complain about this in the first place.

Mark Ruffalo may be familiar most to you for his portrayal of comic book scientist Bruce Banner and big angry green man The Incredible Hulk in the Marvel cinematic franchise. In late May 2021, Ruffalo made a series of Tweets that contained some criticism of Israel and called on USA President Joe Biden to step up on the situation. To the best of my finding I didn’t see any Tweets where Ruffalo actually even used the term “Genocide”, he just mentioned the forced ‘relocation’ of Palestinians. At any rate, he later retracted his statement and cited that his comments were being used to incite anti-Semitism. There is no evidence that Ruffalo was contacted by his bosses at Disney or anyone else, or that he made the retraction under any direct pressure on his job or livelihood.

So of course people like StoneToss immediately decided “Yup, Zionists control Disney and Disney is forcing their puppet to do what they want!”. It makes an attractive kneejerk, playing into the thought that all employees (especially movie stars and celebrities) are just puppets to what their employer tells them to do (which, of course, is not unique to the subject of Israel and so makes this narrative attractive to people who don’t even otherwise have a position on the Israel-Palestine situation. It’s just an easy pill to swallow: Disney actor says something controversial, Disney tells him to keep his mouth shut. It’s easy for a lot of people to nod their head to). Though Ruffalo’s retraction statement was correct: People use criticism of Israel as an excuse to validate anti-Semitism, and this is a big part of why the issue is so incredibly touchy. On one hand it’s totally okay to not support Israel’s land expansion or its current relationship with Palestine, but on the other hand you have groups of people across the world who actively want to commit holocaust 2.0. StoneToss and his ilk often use “I don’t hate Jews, just Zionists!” as a coded way of actually saying “Yeah, I fucking hate all Jews, dude.”, so they can grin and point whenever someone of note says they don’t support Zionism.

There are those that genuinely feel for Palestine and see the Israelis as aggressors, and disapproval of Israel does not automatically mean you are anti-Semitic or are actually contributing to anti-Semitism. But StoneToss’ real stance on this issue is very clear given his historical (and consistent) anti-Semitism. StoneToss and his supporters don’t feel for Palestine or worry about Israel’s position in society. For them, it’s just about hating Jews. On StoneToss’ website, the comment section of this comic is a mess of idiots posting all the classic mask-off anti-Semitic comics and misattributed Voltaire quotes about Jews (one user even said he believed the quotes to be incorrectly attributed to Voltaire, with others commenting that nope, it was true and Voltaire really did say Jews bad!!).

So now, put into all that context, we come to the conclusion: StoneToss is literally the living, breathing reason why Mark Ruffalo had to reaffirm he was not supporting anti-Semitism. StoneToss will whine relentlessly about how it’s hard to criticize Israel, but he’s the reason why. And so StoneToss victim blames. It’s the Zionist Illuminati that controls Disney that is to blame, not the flagrant and continual anti-Semitism and outright desire for violence coming from guys like StoneToss! Does StoneToss ever once stop and fucking think that perhaps if he wasn’t always being anti-Semitic and supportive of Jewish genocide that maybe it’d be a lot easier and much less socially awkward to criticize Israel? No, no he does not. Because he’s a stupid hunk of hand-me-down dildo grease.

You snooze, you lose.

Comic Name: Use It or Lose It
Description: Gun shy.
Mouseover: You snooze, you lose.
Image Name: libertarian-government-force-comic.png
Originally Published: 1/2/2021

What The Comic Is: A man wearing a Don’t Tread On Me shirt questions the man next to him, musing that if they use the government, how will they stop people from using it (the government) against them? The second man gives a disapproving stare as it revealed in the second panel that both men are lined up at an execution line, about to be shot in the back of the head.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Libertarians are dumb because they aren’t fascist (enough).

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss wants to be smarter than everyone else. That’s how people like him operate. All of his fans, his supporters, his hardcore adherents: they’re all fair weather friends and nothing more. That is all a unity through bigotry can establish. StoneToss would drop any of them in a second if he felt he could use them as a way to feel further superior to someone else, and the same is true the other way around. The second StoneToss stops seeming fascist enough for his fascist dipshit fans, they’ll abandon him in a heartbeat. You see it all the time in hate communities: massive rifts and communal tears that form when one bigot’s bigotry isn’t bigoted enough for another bigot; or perhaps one’s bigotry isn’t the right “kind” of bigotry to another, etc.

StoneToss hates libertarians, because a keystone of libertarianism is that ‘everyone has agency for liberty’, or basically that everyone has the right to choose what they do to themselves. A hardcore pure libertarian, for instance, would believe every woman has the right to abortion while at the same time a cake shop owner has the liberty to deny baking a cake for a gay couple. You can see how libertarianism fails to protect vulnerable people (like the gay community) from oppression, and ultimately it really only supports the classes of people who are already in control (and thus benefit the most from unrestricted ‘liberty’). It is also very often used as a form of soft-fascism, with self-pronounced libertarians suspiciously only supporting liberty that benefits them specifically. And so it is very easy for a homophobic shithead to say “NO WE DON’T HAVE TO BAKE CAKES FOR THE GAYS, I’M NOT HOMOPHOBIC I’M JUST LiBeRtArIaN“, or perhaps argue against a woman’s right to have an abortion by arguing on behalf of the fetus’ liberty. You can perhaps understand, then, why “I’m a libertarian!” is usually a signal for “I like to pick and choose what liberty is as a way to support my bigotry without actively identifying with other ideologies that are openly hateful!“.

In StoneToss’ case, libertarians are simply not fascist enough. A fake “fear” that fascists like StoneToss like to espouse is that, in failing to ‘seize’ the power of government, libertarians are allowing (((others))) to take that power instead. This is what this comic is about, a world where libertarians failed to control the government and thus that same government was used against them in a DEATH CAMP OMFG THIS IS THE FUTURE LIBRALS WANT CANT YOU SEE1111. The threats that libertarianism fails to stop, according to fascists like StoneToss, are always the same things: “Cultural Marxism” (ohhh, scaaarrry), Jews and Liberals (‘Liberals’ always being synonymous with ‘LGBTQ’, which itself is always synonymous with ‘pedophiles’).

I won’t say all libertarians are bigots, but the ideology is a strong tool for those who want to, say, not afford gay people or black people with any rights. You want to open a store that doesn’t serve homosexuals or brown people? That’s not white supremacy, silly! It’s just Libertarianism. Wink wink. If society values gay people, then the FREE MARKET(tm) will naturally create a niche for gay people to exist in, and thus homophobes and people who aren’t complete shitwads can coexist peacefully. Of course if a community were to develop where no one in power or with money tolerates homosexuals (maybe say, I dunno, the deep south and rural areas), then the homosexuals can all just move away (or, like, die or whatever). And then the remaining people can coexist peacefully. Beautiful.

Libertarianism actually creates the perfect little breeding ground for fascism because it enables intolerance. The intolerant can then work to seize more power and put themselves into positions (such as say, control of political offices, armed forces and the police) where they can now exercise their intolerance on a real level. Suddenly, “I don’t have to bake cakes for you gay scum!” turns into “Homophobia has been enabled for so long it’s now forced its way into power and now we can actively murder you gay scum!“. Liberals and the tolerant aren’t going to ever do this, it’s only the intolerant idiots like StoneToss that would escalate to that level. Time and time again, any violence or ‘intolerance’ that permeates from the Left is always, always simply in response to aggression, violence and hatred from the intolerant. And here we come to this comic’s true bullshit: that the ones pulling the triggers would be liberals or Jews or Marxists or fucking whatever other group of people StoneToss doesn’t like, and that the ones bleeding to death in a ditch would be the poor, oppressed fascists. It’s the other way around.

And so StoneToss’ dislike for libertarians boils down to petty, childish slapfighting. They simply aren’t sufficiently mask-off, or mask-off fast enough, for StoneToss. The VIRGIN kinda-fascist versus the CHAD blatantly-fascist. Why can’t those stupid LOLbertarians understand that if we don’t turn the government into a tool to murder gay people and Jews, that the gay people and Jews are going to murder the fascists??? That’s totally what happens in history, right? Look at the Nazis……… Ummmmm, the NATIONAL SOCIALIST PARTY??? Socialists murdered the Jews, who were obviously the intolerant oppressors trying to destroy countries from the inside out!! If only the Jews seized the government then they could’ve murdered all the Nazis instead! This all makes sense, right? No? Wait, so does that mean this comic is also fucking stupid? Oh, it does? Huh. Imagine that.

I guess when you’re a fascist dumbfuck like StoneToss, you assume everyone else is just as terrible and wants the same thing you do (i.e., the murder of everyone you don’t like).

In the second panel, the person holding the gun is drawn with a long brown sleeve. This might be coincidental, or it could be StoneToss attempting to depict the shooter as a “brown shirt”, or similar to the original paramilitary wing of the Nazi party (who were creatively dubbed ‘brown shirts’ for the brown shirts they wore). If he is indeed depicting a brown shirt, then honestly it’s anyone’s wild guess as to what idiotic horse shit commentary he’s trying to make. You’re on your own with that one, because I need to take a shit.

StoneToss: Episode 83

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They too will frequently revise the projected date of doomsday...

Comic Name: Apocalypse How?
Description: Demons reading stories to children in libraries might be better sign of the end times than balmy weather.
Mouseover: They too will frequently revise the projected date of doomsday…
Image Name: climate-crisis-end-of-the-world-stonetoss-political-cartoon.png
Amogus: Third panel, the sandal on fedora guy’s front foot.
Originally Published: 5/25/2021

What The Comic Is: A man with a wooden cross shouts on the street while wearing a sign reading “THE END IS NEAR“. A man in a fedora walks past him, humorously scoffing at the foolishness of the doomsayer. In the final panel, however, the fedora man stops, now in alarm and intrigue, at the sign of a third man who is shouting out about climate crisis in the same manner as the doomsayer.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Climate change, and the ensuing disasters that will occur because of it, are tantamount to “end of the world” conspiracy theories like the Christian Rapture or the Mayan calendar, and that people are fools to scoff at one while subscribing to the other.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Oh look, the neo-Nazi is denying climate change again. Stop the fucking presses. The comic, of course, is playing at a non-existent hypocrisy that supposedly exists between disbelieving wild conspiracy theories like “Earth will end in 2012 because an ancient calendar stopped recording days at that year” and believing science-based factual evidence that strongly suggests human-caused climate change will turn into a crisis in the near future. StoneToss, and his fellow science-denying idiots, do not have an argument because you can not argue against goddamned science, science is the mere observation of factual occurrences and therefor in order to ‘argue’ against it, you must provide observations that dismiss any already established ones, which no one on StoneToss’ side can do because they’re all clown world idiots. So in lieu of refuting factual evidence, climate change deniers have to awkwardly chuckle and throw their arms up in the air and try and explain it as “iT’s JuSt ThE wEaThEr”. This is a tidy little handwave for anyone in the pocket (knowingly or otherwise) of fossil fuel interests, but it’s also a creed expressed by hardcore Christians. Christians (like StoneToss) are unready to believe their world could possibly be based in anything other than the divine machinations of GodJebus, and thus they reject the idea that humans could ever destroy or influence something like weather (which they choose to perceive as acts of god). To the most extreme among them, the creationist castes, the world is only several thousand years old and is only meant to harbor humans until we all return to heaven and all that, after all. StoneToss, firmly rooted in idiotic alt-right “own the libs” mentality that is coupled with his bend towards Christianity, is a pathetic (but in no way surprising) advocate of science denial.

So StoneToss doesn’t argue with science, because he is incapable of doing so. And he and his ilk understand this, save for the few who are dumb enough to try using ‘science’ to argue against climate change or how old the earth is (and these few always end up making fools of themselves). So we go right back to the awkward laughing and the arm throwing, as they simply opt to outright ignore facts. The climate is changing? Uhhhmm, no stupid lib, that’s just called weather lol. These fucking idiots will be crossing their arms, stomping their feet and screaming “NO, JUST WEATHER!” even as the flood water pools around their ankles. StoneToss is especially weak in this comic, with the description referring to climate change with such a goofy and ridiculous euphemism as “balmy weather“. If that write-off was any more limpdicked, it would need Viagra just to stay flaccid.

StoneToss tries to point to the constant “climate change will destroy earth by xxxx year” fearmongering that occurs, and sure, he has half a point in that observation. The media and the occasional dramatic researcher who is hamming it up for the reporters have had a bad habit of doomsday predictions. Also, general exaggerative word of mouth has helped coin a ton of “global warming is going to make the ice caps melt by 2020- no, I mean, by 2030!!“. Point is, if you look specifically for it, you can find lots of inaccurate predictions on the major repercussions of climate change. But unlike a Mayan calendar or a biblical rapture, observable facts and logic (known as “science”) clearly show human-created climate change is driving an alteration of global weather patterns. We are having more and larger tropical storms, for instance, and sea temperatures are shifting at an unprecedented pace. All of this is a very big concept for a very little StoneToss, however, and instead of man the fuck up and live in the real world, he would rather shelter himself in a fabricated reality where no bad things are happening. What a fucking loser.

The title is a reference to the film “Apocalypse Now” (itself an adaptation of author Joseph Conrad’s 1899 novella Heart of Darkness). The reference doesn’t go any deeper than just a play on the name, though, as StoneToss asks “Apocalypse how, exactly?” the answer to which is: “through science-verified climate change, you stupid motherfucker”.

Strange how many self proclaimed butchers still have sacred cows.

Comic Name: Yellow Card
Description: In reference to Piss Christ, an “edgy” artwork of similar style. (StoneToss then links a photo showing a crucifix submerged in yellow-orange liquid that is claimed to be the artist’s actual piss).
Mouseover: Strange how many self proclaimed butchers still have sacred cows.
Image Name: pee-christ-art-comic.png
Originally Published: 12/26/2019

What The Comic Is: A man in a fedora smugly presents his latest edgy art piece: a Christian cross dropped into a jug of yummy peepee. A second man, looking on blankly and hiding a Jewish menorah behind his back, tosses the menorah into the piss. This is much to the fedora man’s intense shock.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: You can’t make fun of Jews, and that doing so would be equal to making fun of Christians.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Holy shit StoneToss you are such a petty little bitchboy baby, lol. StoneToss made this stupid comic in response to an artist depicting a crucifix submerged in pee (as per the description explains). This comic is therefore one big pouty-cry-cry-boo-hoo childish foot stamping that translates into “But he made FUN OF JESUS!! IT’S NOT FAIR HE DIDN’T MAKE FUN OF JEWS (THIS TIME) TOO!! BAAWWWWWW!!!!“. Piss Christ is an art piece made by Andres Serrano. So, see, there’s some things you need to know about Mr. Serrano.

First, he is a life-long Catholic. Second, he explains that his work ‘Piss Christ’ is not blasphemy nor anti-Religion, but rather a kind of statement both on what he calls a “cheapening of Christ” via mass produced merchandise and a reflection of the ‘mess’ of crucifixion. Serrano actually made a similar piece, “Blood Christ”, where a crucifix was submerged into blood. This represented the blood that occurred during Christ’s crucifixion, where the piss represents “the piss and shit”. It sounds weird at first but makes sense if you think about it. The popular representation of Jesus on the cross is always very sanitized and clean, with the most extreme examples only showing a bit of ‘tasteful’ blood drips from his hands and feet. In reality, the dude was probably shitting and pissing himself constantly on the cross. I mean, it’s going to be a fucking messy way to die, after all. So whatever, Piss Christ is just an otherwise obscure art piece by an obscure artist. Oh and there’s on more thing you should know: STONETOSS FUCKING LINKS TO ALL OF THIS INFORMATION AS HIS SOURCE. That’s right. StoneToss’ own linked source is the Piss Christ Wikipedia article wherein all of this is fucking explained. Piss Christ is not an edgy anti-Christian shock piece, it’s a deep commentary by a religious man. Did the fucking idiot even read his own goddamned source?? Of course he didn’t. StoneToss never learns about anything, his entire sad fucking existence is just one kneejerk face value reaction after another. What a total, useless pile of shit. God damn.

Gee, I wonder why a lifelong Catholic felt comfortable submerging Jesus in pee… it’s curious he was comfortable with that, but didn’t do one for the menorah, even though he isn’t Jewish and has no commentary on commercialization of the menorah. God I can just feel StoneToss crying at the notion of a crucifix being dunked in pee but the Jews don’t get any of their imagery dressed up the same. It’s just so, so, so god damned childish and sad even by StoneToss’ standards. He’s like a school kid, tears in his eyes, crying about how unfair that the kid who got hit by a car this morning doesn’t have to come to school today.

So StoneToss takes a man, Andres Serrano, who undoubtedly embodies a sense of Godliness, faith and the tenants of Jesus’ love and compassion on a scale that is infinitely higher than StoneToss will ever amount to, and strawmans him as an edgy neckbeard who is shocked and awed at the “slaughtering of the golden calf”. The golden calf is something StoneToss is so weirdly obsessed with referencing, and he’s forced me to talk about it several times on this blog before. If you forgot all about it (why wouldn’t you have?), the ‘Golden Calf’ is part of the Moses mythos. You’re probably familiar with Moses and how he parts the sea so the Hebrews can escape an army of mummies or some shit, and then they walk through the desert like assholes for awhile until Moses receives God’s ten commandments. Well when Moses goes up the hill to get the commandments, he comes back down and finds that some of the Hebrews have started to worship a golden statue of a calf. This ‘golden calf’ is a false idol, something that adherents of Christ aren’t supposed to worship (I mean, “no false idols” is literally one of the shiny, new commandments). Ergo, losers like StoneToss like to employ “golden calf” is a stupid, useless, wet noodle insult that no one but them and their little circlejerk church club is bothered by. In this case StoneToss is directly attacking Jews (again) by calling their menorah a ‘golden calf’. In the world of deeply religious people this is a pretty serious insult.

StoneToss, because he is a raging bigot, does not appreciate (or even recognize) the difference between making fun of Christianity and making fun of Judaism. Christians are the dominate religion through most of the Western world, with strong influence leading up to even the highest levels of community and government in the USA. Jews experienced a massive genocide less than a single lifetime ago that is still reflected in a loss of overall population, and they still to this day face threats and violence from anti-Semitism fueled by the engineers of that very holocaust which serves as an ever-present reminder that against all good odds: it could always happen again, because there are those out there that want to make that so. HMMMM I WONDER WHY IT’S MORE KOSHER TO MAKE FUN OF ONE RELIGION VERSUS THE OTHER HMMMMMM GEE I FUCKING WONDER. StoneToss is just like your typical victim fetishist: He’s upset his religion is the one you punch up against and doesn’t like it that Jews are slightly more ‘protected’ because you have to punch down to reach them. Boohoo why can’t he be the persecuted on it’s no fair he’s going to fucking cry and make bitchy little comics about it :,,,,(. Go fuck yourself, StoneToss.

StoneToss: Episode 81

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They cry out as they drone strike you.

Comic Name: The Pen is Mightier?
Description: If you think speech is deadlier than bombs, congrats, you are a Zionist.
Mouseover: They cry out as they drone strike you.
Image Name: israel-gaza-conflict-stonetoss-political-cartoon.png
Amogus: First panel, the profile picture on the phone.
Originally Published: 5/18/2021

What The Comic Is: A man is shocked to see an anti-Semitic meme shared by the Red Crewmate. The second panel reveals the man to be a Jew, evidenced by his silly little Jew beanie. He remarks with concern, wondering if genocide is next. In the background, from beyond a border wall, bombs strike Palestinian buildings.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Israel shoots missiles at Palestine, therefore it’s okay to be anti-Semitic.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: The bombings shared between Israel and Palestine is wrong, most honest people will admit this. Though the USA (who deeply supports Israel) will always pussyfoot around criticism of military action (go figure, the USA quietly twiddles its thumbs when someone else is doing the bombing for a change), this doesn’t mean it’s illegal to criticize Israel for bombing Palestine (or vice versa, though it should always be considered that due to the support the USA, Israel will always maintain an unfair upperhand against Palestine).

However, no matter what, Israel doing anything is not a green light for anti-Semitism, or for the minimalization of bigotry. And here’s a flash of news: All Jews actually don’t live in Israel, did you know that? (StoneToss knows that; he can’t go a single fucking day without thinking about all the Jews that live in the USA. Don’t they know it’s supposed to be FOR WHITE (Non-Jew) PEOPLE ONLY???). StoneToss feels anti-Semitism is either okay, or at least minimal, in the face of Israel killing Palestinians. Far from some kind of fair logic, this is literally Nazi-level anti-Semitism that is used to justify the escalation to genocide. Perhaps anti-Semitic memes alone are not one step away from genocide, but the normalization of them under the justification of “but Israel, that place where Jews live, is militarily aggressive” is.

The comic’s title (and then its description) are a reference to the old adage “the pen is mightier than the sword”, commonly meaning that you can get more done with diplomacy rather than warfare (or that no matter how hard a war is fought, it will be diplomacy that leads to resolutions). StoneToss is trying to flip the meaning of the quote around to further justify his anti-Semitism. Memes about Jews being evil aren’t as bad as bombs, so why do people care so much when StoneToss hates Jews?! This isn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last, that StoneToss attempts to minimalize anti-Semitic trolling/memes/hate speech, and while it is always a tactic to try and normalize bigotry (and therefore grow it, such as into general public sentiment and then political office), it is also always stupid as fuck.

With the description, StoneToss attempts to strawman anyone who thinks anti-Semitism is wrong. “Oh, you think we shouldn’t spread bigoted memes?? Don’t you know Palestine is being bombed??? You just think words are worse than bombs, congrats, you’re a Zionist (and this is inherently a bad thing of course, because that means you support Jews!!). Dishonest rhetoric is thankfully a very weak tool that is easily crushed if it’s opposed whenever an idiot attempts to employ it.

oi, where's your immigration loicense?

Comic Name: Ballot Blocked
Description: Today we have a special guest comic from Café, a Spanish speaking cartoonist. (the description includes a link to the artist’s long-since suspended Twitter along with their somewhat popular Facebook page)
Mouseover: oi, where’s your immigration loicense?
Image Name: british-election-cafe-monera-guest-comic.png
Originally Published: 12/16/2019

What The Comic Is: A man wearing a suit with the Communist symbol on it listens as a worker in hardhat and overalls complains that “they” need less immigration. The man offers instead to “give” more Muslims and gays, much to the anger of the worker. In the final panel it is revealed that the labour party has lost an election.

What Café Actually Thinks: Literal mask-off bigotry.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: First of all, “Gays” are not immigrants. Just throwing it out there quick. Anyways, so this ridiculously bad comic has the worker as a stand-in for the everyman, a generic metaphor for all of the voters in the UK. A great way for someone like Café, who lives in Mexico, to try and strawman the entirety of the UK people. The other guy, some kind of generic labour party politician, promises “more gays and Muslims” instead. Yeah, who would ever vote for a politician that is tolerant of gay people and Muslims, AM I RIGHT?

StoneToss at least (usually) tries to hide his bigotry, or present it as somehow being a non-PC twist to the side of enlightened logic. It’s amusing when he features guests like this who can’t come up with anything other than “BIGOTRY IS AWESOME LOL”. If there’s one good thing you can say about Café and their shitty comics, it’s that they’re not going to sway anyone. No one will look at a comic like this and think “I value myself as a closet bigot moderate, and this really inspires me to be more open about my hatred of other people” in the same way StoneToss does. A comic like this can only elicit either a “Wow, this comic is very dumb” or a “LOL I HATE GAY PEOPLE AND MUSLIMS TOO” reaction, depending on how much grey matter vs. shit your skull contains.

But we do get a great example of how StoneToss works. This comic says nothing, it contains literally zero message. It’s not a commentary on anything, it’s not trying to expose some kind of “Leftist hypocrisy” (a hypocrisy that never exists, of course, but honesty/reality isn’t the point), it’s just base bigotry. It’s the artistic equivalent of dryly stating “I hate gay people”. StoneToss might be a fucking idiot, but at least he makes comics that are worth evaluating. This is why StoneToss is so popular. Not because he makes ‘good comics’ (he doesn’t), but because he appeals to bigots due to the fact that his comics can, sometimes, be reasonably argued to only be “an unpopular opinion” or something like that. When people ask me why I bother maintaining a blog like this and analyze StoneToss comics, this is exactly why. StoneToss isn’t like this Café moron. His comics are fucking dumb, but they have a depth to them that is worth exploring and explaining fully; so the next time some fucklehead is running his mouth on Facebook about how something like a coded anti-Semitic comic is “just an opinion about Israel”, you can link him a blog he won’t read because he’s a knowingly dishonest idiot. But at least other people can learn from it, no?

StoneToss: Episode 80 (Special Edition 6)

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And without further interruption, please enjoy the shoe.

sex workers of the world unite

Comic Name: Socialjism
Description: KGB… …T
Mouseover: sex workers of the world unite
Image Name: communism-lgbt-comic.png
Originally Published: 11/19/2019

What The Comic Is: A hammer and sickle lay crossed in the style of the Russian Community Party’s iconic symbol, this panel is labeled “Then”. In the second panel, labeled “Now”, the hammer and sickle are replaced by a Hitachi magic wand ‘personal massager‘ along with a flog arranged to resemble the communist symbol.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: “Modern day” Leftists/communists are all lazy, sex-addicted perverts, which has lead them all to become gay, furry, pedophiles, etc.; at least ‘old communists’ actually worked.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss doesn’t like communists, obviously, but he also has a raging disdain for anyone who is sexual or expresses any form of sexual liberation. How far this incel-esque bend goes is currently unknown, StoneToss may have yet many feelings of general sexual oppression left to express, but we do know he hates: Sex workers, women who have sex, women who do not have sex, possibly any form of non-vanilla sex and of course any non-hetero sex. StoneToss also closely adheres to the slippery slope notion of “gay leads to trans leads to pedophiles”, so it’s not a long shot to conclude he feels sexual liberation fits into the chain somewhere (perhaps either immediately before or after ‘gay’). Essentially, if you’re anything more than man-woman post-marriage missionary position, you are the seed from which springs the degradation and fall of all western civilization. Metal!

StoneToss seems to be at a bit of a loss with this comic, though. He desperately wants to paint a reality where communists don’t have jobs, but for this comic to work it hinges on recognizing that ‘the old communists’ at least did labor (unlike “today communists”, which are all lazy cucks and camgirls!!). So go figure, StoneToss and his feelings on people he doesn’t like are pick and chosen based on who exactly he wants to whine about at any given moment. I love how StoneToss depicts the vibrator toy as having recently been used, too. The man is like a perverted Beethoven; he draws pussy juice, yet he shall never know what it looks like in real life. How poetic(?)

The comic is just a stupid SEX = BAD, yet like usual StoneToss completely fails to ever elaborate on why sex is bad. Once upon a time, back in around 2010~2011, I recall walking through a parking lot and seeing an atrociously stupid bumper sticker. It was a badly photoshopped picture of Obama edited to be wearing Heath Ledger’s Joker makeup, with stock scratchy font that said something like “WHY SO COMMUNIST?”. It was such a remarkably idiotic image, leaning entirely on “JOKER IS BAD SO WE MADE OBAMA JOKER AND COMMUNISM BAD WITHOUT SAYING” without any other context or meaning. It’s the kind of thing a fatass boomer who hasn’t fucked his wife in 20 years would eagerly and brainlessly clap his bulbous, wobbling McArms to, like a seal when presented a sardine snack. The seal doesn’t know exactly why it likes the fish, it doesn’t know exactly why it should clap to receive it, it’s just going on pure instinct brain. Food is good, clap for fish. The idiot conservative is the same type of beast: Joker bad, Obama bad, arf arf arf, communism. What I’m trying to say is that this comic fucking sucks.

The description, “KGB…T” is a play on LGBT. What is it trying to say? That communism lead to transsexualism?? So is it actually: Communism > Homosexuals > Transsexuals > Pedophiles? Is StoneToss stupid enough to genuinely believe that, or is this just a really bad joke? Might as well just flip a coin, either answer is equally useless.

Yuge employment numbers!

Comic Name: Help Wanted
Description: Silver lining…
Mouseover: Yuge employment numbers!
Image Name: trump-and-black-unemployment-comic.png
Originally Published: 11/21/2019

What The Comic Is: A red hat man and Donald Trump stand in the ruins of a dystopian cityscape, a billboard reading “Viva México!” hangs in the distance. The two watch as an American flag, ripped and tattered, burns in flames before them. Trump awkwardly interjects that the real victory may have been the black employment numbers they got along the way.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Trump destroyed America and didn’t build a border wall, so America is destroyed and Mexico takes it over, but the Trump administration touts employment rates as a reason why Trump’s presidency was a success.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: As discussed before on this blog, StoneToss hates Donald Trump. He originally gave Trump a tentative, touch-and-go type of limpdicked support until he was pretty sure Trump was 100% the xenophobic, Mexican-hating, brown-people-deporting “Nationalist” (read: Nazi) tin-pot he had been waiting for. He then went all-aboard on the Trumpy train, until it started dawning on him that maybe, just maybe, Trump wasn’t being totally honest about his Magic Genie Wish-tier unobtainable and unfeasible border wall. Just maybe it wasn’t going to happen. So StoneToss distanced himself from the great orange one, and instead began whining about how Trump wasn’t racist and stupid enough. I mean, credit where it’s due, I guess. Some of Trump’s cultists are still to this day fervently awaiting the moment Trump ‘reawakens’ and takes the country by storm, removing all the (((undesirables))). So I guess StoneToss might be an idiot Nazi, but he’s at least an idiot Nazi with standards? Is that a good thing? Or an even more pathetic thing? I dunno, whatever.

This comic is another jab at the Trump base. Trump supporters really don’t have a lot of things (rooted in any type of reality) that they can hold up as examples of Trump’s success as president. In fact, they have next to fucking none! One of the only ones they can actually tout is that unemployment steadily went down during Trump’s time as el presidente. This is true, though it’s a bit of a misrepresentation of the facts, as unemployment had been declining from dizzying highs like 8 and 10% during almost the entirety of the double trouble Obama terms. This decline simply kept happening under Trump, though most economists will agree neither president had anything major to do with the unemployment situation: it was a more natural change as consumers started spending money again. Unemployment numbers are one of the things Trump’s base is the loudest about though, especially when it comes to unemployment rates in minorities such as blacks.

StoneToss could have just made this a comic about Trump’s lame cuckDUCK presidency and how unemployment numbers weren’t really Trump’s doing. But the problem with that is that it isn’t stupid enough. Nah, Trump has to be depicted as DESTROYING America. It isn’t enough he didn’t build a wall, it’s that AMERICA IS DESTROYED BY MEXICO11111. Can’t the sheeple see? Trump’s victories were just a cover for the COLLAPSE OF WHITE CULTURE. Why should the USA give any concessions of any kind at all to a country like Mexico (it’s filled with people who have brown skin, for fuck’s sake!!!) just so people with black skin can have less unemployment?!?! HAVEN’T THEY READ THE REAL SCIENCE THAT SAYS BLACK PEOPLE ARE LESS SMART??? Poor StoneToss. Always the loser, never the winner. It’d be kind of sad, if he wasn’t a dumbass Nazi fuck. So instead, it’s just really amusing.

The name, “Help Wanted” is supposed to be a play on the ‘help wanted’ slogan you see on job offer signs. Get it?? Because we say “help wanted” when we want to hire someone for a job but it’s actually the USA that needs help because they aren’t electing any actual Nazis like StoneToss wants. omg so clever lolll

Die for Israel...

Comic Name: Bugmen
Description: Yes, the [sic] literally restrain babies in this device: (picture of a ‘circumcision belt’, a plastic or foam body-molded tray to strap the newborn down in order to administer a circumcision)
Mouseover: Die for Israel…
Image Name: eat-the-bugs-circumcision-comic.png
Originally Published: 11/26/2019

What The Comic Is: A man is told to drink an ominous bottle of ‘Soylent’, though he smoothly passes on the offer. In the next panel, he is told to live in pod houses that are labeled with numbers, though he smoothly passes again on the offer. In the third panel he is told to eat the bugs as he’s offered a green burger full of live worms, for a third time he smoothly rejects the offer. In the fourth panel, he is told to circumcise the child; a baby belted down in a harness while wailing, though this time the man seems to seriously consider the offer.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: People eat bugs because Jews.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Circumcision isn’t a great practice, we get it. It’s literally the only thing StoneToss says that makes any agreeable sense. Of course, he can almost never leave Jews, women or some other “New World Order” bullshit out of his statements. StoneToss is such a Nazi dumbfuck that it’s like a compulsory behavior for him to ruin anything people wouldn’t hate him for saying.

In this case, he bitches about soy (can’t not bitch about soy, after all) and space-conscious housing (fuck LITERALLY THE WHOLE WORLD, living in an earth-friendly house is all a plot by JEWS). StoneToss dislikes both of those things, but what the comic primarily concerns is another bitchy commentary on ‘insect protein’. He outright names the comic “bugmen” (which, for those of you playing at home, is a derogatory term for people who are considered “brainless consumers”, unlike CHADS like StoneToss, who NEVER BUY ANYTHING EVER AND OWN NOTHING). ‘Bugmen’ therefore is a bit of a double entendre in this comic, it’s referring to eating insect protein (bugs) being a trait of the bugmen. lol get it??

StoneToss also named the image ‘eat the bugs circumcision’, just in case it’s not clear which of the issues in the comic he feels the most strongly about. StoneToss and his fellow far-right Nazi-types really, really, really hate the idea of using insects as a source of protein. Not because it’s genuinely an odd concept to them, but because it’s “not what civilized westerners do”. Of course these tools will jerk off to the power of the free market, until the free market is suddenly leaning towards something they do not like. Then it’s the JEWS! The free market would never hurt good, Christ-faithful white people like StoneToss. StoneToss of course believing in a fairy tale myth that the coveted “free market” is meant to elevate white people and oppress non-white people. Can’t seem to handle the fact it could possibly ever be used against him somehow, the stupid fuck.

StoneToss rarely comments on circumcision without commenting on Jews, and whatodyaknow, the mouse over text mentions Israel! StoneToss hints that circumcision (historically practiced by Jewish people, although its prominence in the USA was all thanks to a Christian-fundamentalist nutjob cereal man) and Israel (which owes its very creation to the United States of America) are therefore linked to the aforementioned bug burgers, soy cola and pod houses. It’s the (((JEWS))). omg. So like always, this comic takes an issue that does not need to be turned into a “white people fight against extinction versus the evil Jewish shadow empire” and turns it into exactly that. Thanks, StoneToss, you human toenail clipping.

More like closet, amirite?

Comic Name: Back Room
Description: Bedside manners.
Mouseover: More like closet, amirite?
Image Name: consenting-adults-comic.png
Originally Published: 12/5/2019

What The Comic Is: Caricatures of a trans woman and, assumedly, a trans man talk to an assembled crowd of people (children? StoneToss’ art doesn’t always convey things the best but this comic is especially shitty). The trans woman questions the crowd as to why people would care what consenting adults do in the bedroom. The scene is revealed to be a public library (maybe?? Those are bookshelves in the background, right??). One of the people (kid??) in the group wonders why the speakers would use the term ‘bedroom’ when they’re in a (maybe) library. In the background, a person with a full beard walks out of the women’s restroom.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Gay and trans pride/awareness is not the result of decades of oppression and intolerance, nor is the presence of trans and gay people ‘natural’, it’s all about spreading “gay trans” ideas to children in order to corrupt society and ‘make more people turn gay’.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Careful, StoneToss!! You’re starting to slip!!! You drew the trans woman with real breasts instead of oranges, and you didn’t even draw her with an Adam’s apple!!!!! Hell, the trans man is actually more than halfway respectably drawn (I assume they’re meant to trans, as StoneToss depicts them with the ‘gay hair swirl’ he reserves only for male characters and the caricature in general is quite different from StoneToss’ usual depiction of lesbian women). For shame, StoneToss. If you’re going to be a bigoted Nazi dumbfuck, at least put some effort into it!

Anyways, this comic leans on an idiotic alt-Right/general conservative feeling that gay and trans people (among any other non-cis white groups) are “shoving it in everyone’s faces”, it channels some serious “I DONT HATE GAY PEOPLE I JUST HATE THAT THEY SHOVE THEIR GAYNESS IN MY FACE BY DARING TO EXIST AT ALL DESPITE CONSTANT PERSECUTION” Facebook meme energy. Your typical shallow bigot might leave it at that: rejecting gay pride and trans awareness by writing it off as “being shoved down America’s throat” (god forbid a systematically oppressed people who couldn’t even get properly married to each other for hundreds of years would fight for visibility and tolerance, right?).

Your Dumber Than The Average Asshole type of bigot, like StoneToss, takes this a step further. They ask “Why do the gaymos and trans ppls INVADE our LIBRARIES to TEACH? WHEN HAS EDUCATION EVER HAPPENED IN A LIBRARY??” and the answer they come to is that gay people have to “reproduce” by spreading their ‘degeneracy’. This is tied to the bigoted thinking point that gay people can’t reproduce on their own, and if they were ‘shut up’ and not allowed to ‘shove it down our throats’, then they’d all die out (“put all the gay people on an island and there’ll be no more gay people in 100 years”). This intentionally ignores the fact that gay people aren’t “produced”, they’re just born. From straight people. But this FUCKING INFURIATES losers like StoneToss. They literally can not handle or understand that gay people occur naturally, so they have to (with knowing ignorance) construct a fake version of reality where we could easily ‘dispose’ of da gayz if we only took the necessary steps to get there. But the truth of the matter is, these homophobic bigots aren’t that stupid.

StoneToss, your intolerant parent(s), homophobic church leaders. They fucking know that if you somehow ‘got rid’ of all the current gay people, there’d be more gay people later. Because it isn’t about actually ridding the planet forever of homosexuality, it’s about using rhetoric and unreality to make it out as if gay people are somehow even less than human. Like they’re “corrupted” or something, as if it’s some kind of disease or mental illness. A way to hand wash giving birth to a gay child (“It’s not my fault he’s gay, (((democrats))) got to him first!!). Ask them, any of them, who the hell the “original gay” even came from, if homosexuality is indeed something that has to be ‘spread’, and it’s always the same vague non-answer. Some will say it was Satan, others will say it was Jewish-created propaganda. Some of the especially idiotic will literally merge those two examples together! But they’ll never be able to elaborate further, because it’s all a bigoted system of faith for them. They don’t need to really justify how they feel, they just believe they know. Because they’re stupid cunts.

“Backroom” is a play on “Bedroom”, probably meaning anal sex, which is what gay people do. Genius, I know.

*shrinks back*

Comic Name: Foreign Influence
Description: Bolsheviks.
Mouseover: *shrinks back*
Image Name: russian-meddling-comic-1.png
Originally Published: 12/9/2019

What The Comic Is: A man at a podium declares that Russia must stop meddling in their elections. He slams his hand down as the panel shows that behind the man is the AIPAC name and symbol.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: The existence of the AIPAC is hypocritical because the USA cares when Russia tries to hack/directly interfere with elections.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: The AIPAC, or American Israel Public Affairs Committee, is a lobby group that advocates for Israel in American policy making. Basically it’s an Israel-activist group that tries to use actions and words (and money, despite officially claiming to not donate to politicians it does so through its political action committees and other means) to sway people within the US government into further aiding Israel.

I want you to tell me if you can spot a difference in these two examples. Here’s example number 1: It’s a group of citizens forming a committee to advocate the government for something they want. Now here’s example number 2: It’s an unfriendly foreign country using hacking and targeted disinformation campaigns to directly tamper with and influence another country’s political elections. Do you see the difference? Yeah, that’s because you’re not A FUCKING IDIOT. StoneToss, however, is A FUCKING IDIOT.

I guess if the AIPAC is somehow akin to Russian election meddling, then that means… all advocacy groups are?? Funny enough though, I doubt StoneToss is going to make the same comic about groups like, say, the National Rifle Association or even something cartoonishly bigoted like the National Association for the Advancement of White People. Ah, yes, it’s only “Russian espionage-tier infiltration and political meddling” when the Jews do it. When the gun guys and the white supremacists do it, it’s just natural Americans reaffirming the USA as belonging to white people (which is the way things should be, White Jesus be blessed). Does StoneToss know that advocacy groups exist in the USA for basically every country on earth that the USA is on good terms with? Or maybe the better question is: if he does, would it matter? He’d still make the same stupid anti-Semitic comic, because he’s an idiot and doesn’t have anything else to say.

Considering the AIPAC is an AMERICAN ORGANIZATION COMPRISED OF AMERICAN CITIZENS THAT EXISTS AND OPERATES IN THE COUNTRY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, then it makes pretty much perfect fuckin’ sense that someone in the AIPAC, or someone speaking to the AIPAC (like politicians on both sides of the aisle such as Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Paul Ryan and Joe Biden all have) would say “Russia must stop interfering in our elections!”. The AIPAC and all of its members are USA citizens, StoneToss, you stupid motherfucker. Maybe this is an attempt at boogeymanning the AIPAC, making it seem (to the unaware) that AIPAC is some kind of Israel-based organization that operates in the United States. Or maybe StoneToss is just really, really stupid. Realistically speaking, it’s both.

And that’s all the time we have today, folks. Thanks for joining me for this 80th god damned installment of this shit. I hope you liked what you saw, and I hope to see you again here real soon on STONETOSS IS AN IDIOT: THE TV SHOW: THE BLOG.

StoneToss: Episode 66

After a brief unintended Easter break, StoneToss Is An Idiot resumes as normal.

It's been tried before.

Comic Name: COME to Jesus
Description: How quickly we forget.
Mouseover: It’s been tried before.
Image Name: homosexuality-in-the-church-comic.png
Originally Published: 8/21/2019

What The Comic Is: A man holds a crying child, crying out that there are homosexuals in the church. He points to an incorrectly drawn set of stairs that lead up to a cartoony castle-like church that is clearly missing one of its double doors. From within the doorway, a hand menacingly grabs out; this panel is labeled “Then”. In the next panel, labeled “Now”, the same scene plays out, but this time the man is happily offering the child to the church and the hand is now beckoning expectantly. The castle now flies a gay pride flag.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Homosexuality is pedophilia and “woke culture” has allowed pedophiles into the church under the protection of a pro-gay society.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: No idea what StoneToss means by “How quickly we forget” or “It’s been tried before”. He seems to be alluding to some previous instance of homosexuals in the church but whatever it is, it alludes me with its obscurity. It’s not unlikely that whatever he’s referencing is known only to him, as no one on the comments section of the comic seems to know what the fuck he’s talking about, either.

The comments section of this particular comic is especially funny. It is one of the few comment sections that has open arguments where the people saying “This comic sucks” or “Homophobes have no argument” aren’t being downvoted to oblivion, but are rather getting a good mix of upvotes and downvotes. Perhaps this comic was brigaded sometime around its publish date, or perhaps it’s so stupid that StoneToss’ more casual followers didn’t agree with it. At any rate, some of the bigots in the comments openly commented on StoneToss’ bend towards religion, so it seems as if by this comic some people have finally started noticing what a boner StoneToss has for church and Christianity; he’s less of a based truthpiller and more of a bigoted VeggieTales.

Anyways, this comic fails on multiple levels (as StoneToss always does. He’s not a virgin single level failer, he’s a CHAD multiple level failer). First is that, obviously, homosexuality is not synonymous with pedophilia. This is the common and incredibly tired fake argument constantly pushed by homophobe bigots like StoneToss (that the ‘slippery slope’ of homosexuality leads to pedophilia). The second is that StoneToss attempts to shift blame from churches for their infamous penchant of the abuse of children. If StoneToss can falsely apply “homosexuality” to the abuses perpetrated by priests, he can turn it into a boogeyman that serves as a vehicle both to legitimize his homophobia and take responsibility off of religious leaders, as those who commit pedophilia can now be labeled as “the homosexual threat”. This is an attempt to twist reality: priests don’t molest boys, homosexuals molest boys. This makes a convenient clown world for StoneToss, a world where his precious church is absolved from blame and where homosexuals are villainized.

See, it’s not priests and the power they have both over their church and community, in which a complex and deeply dogmatic social structure places them in a position of great reverence, that is to blame for the molestation and abuse children face. It’s HOMOS. I mean, like, duh. Did you think a true believer of ChristJesus could possibly do something bad like molest a child? No sorry, it’s the (((homosexuals))) that the (((lefties))) defend with their (((logic))) and (((facts))) because they live in (((fucking reality))) and do more productive things than express constant intolerance of everyone else. I mean, like, (((duh))).

If there was ANY doubt from anyone that StoneToss isn’t a hardcore devotee of Christianity who uses its teachings (or at least carefully and maliciously cherry picks and twists those that agree with him) as a moral compass for his bigotry, then this comic soundly dispels that doubt. StoneToss could’ve easily, and very reasonably, simply made a commentary about pedophilia in churches. However, he defends the churches by slapping the situation with a giant, bigoted red herring in order to frame homosexuals for the atrocities committed by the same people StoneToss relies on in order to validate his childish worldviews.

Set phasers to shill.

Comic Name: Regal Aliens
Description: We come in “peace”.
Mouseover: Set phasers to shill.
Image Name: alien-leader-comic.png
Originally Published: 8/26/2019

What The Comic Is: Two aliens land on earth, bidding the classic phrase “Take us to your leader”. The president of the United States (carefully left faceless by not showing his head, though his hands are depicted as white) explains that he is the President of the United States, though he is interrupted by the aliens as they brush past him, telling him “that’s a good one”. The aliens open the door of the Presidential limo, greeting the occupant inside with a “Shalom!”.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Jews operate the country from behind the scenes and let illegal aliens into the country.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: At face value this comic is pretty easy to digest. The aliens come to earth, want to see our leader, the leader turns out to be not the President, but a nameless/faceless Jewish Illuminati overlord who is kept secret from the public (“Shalom” is a common Jewish greeting or parting word that translates as “Peace”). However, if you’ve kept up with this blog then you should be well aware that StoneToss’ idiocy is rarely so skin deep. The purple aliens are obviously metaphors for immigrants, StoneToss is once again whining about Donald Trump not building a fucking border wall.

StoneToss expressed very strong, very LE BASED energy towards Trump early into his political run and time as President. When it became more and more obvious that Trump wasn’t able or willing to fully realize the promise of a border wall, StoneToss very quickly soured towards him (as you can plainly see from some of the past comics featured on this blog). Though the President in this comic is very cleverly left faceless as to make the comic a truly timeless bigoted commentary, it’s clear that this is StoneToss finally admitting that Donald Trump was no different from every other President before (and possibly after); failpilled (((cuck))) puppets of Da FuCkInG iRl IlLuMiNaTi OmFg. StoneToss didn’t get his border wall and copes with it by depicting every US President as being Jew World Order puppets. Is there any end to this man and his absolute alpha male chad basedness? No wonder girls don’t fuck him. It’s because they know his pure CHAD BASED 3 inch dick would absolutely obliterate them. With great basedness comes great celibacy.

The comic’s name, “Regal Aliens” is a really stupid play on the term “Illegal Alien”, or in this case “Legal Alien”, as it is the (((Jewbs))) who make them not only legal, but regal. Yes, the impoverished immigrants who usually come to the USA with nothing and sometimes acquire very basic social benefits that allow them to not die is SURE THE SAME THING AS REGALITY, very good pun very smart such a good bigot. Oh but wait, you’re not allowed to want all of them to be executed and kept in their “own” country without people calling you a xenophobic dumbfuck… my god they REALLY ARE REGAlity111111!!!1

StoneToss puts the word ‘peace’ in quotations in the comic’s description. As mentioned before, ‘Shalom’ is the Hebrew word for ‘peace’. Get it??? Because aliens say they come in peace but Shalom is a word in another language that also means peace???? Don’t you get it?????? With great and unending celibacy comes random, pointless and shallow observations that words exist in different languages.

StoneToss: Episode 62

Cool, when are you leaving?

Comic Name: It’s Great Turtles All the Way Down
Description: Home sweet home.
Mouseover: Cool, when are you leaving?
Image Name: go-back-to-where-you-came-from-comic1.png
Originally Published: 6/23/2019

What The Comic Is: A redneck man in a confederate flag shirt and MAGA hat tells an unseen person to go back where they came from. A Native American appears from behind the redneck and quips “Cool, when are you leaving?” However, it is shown that there is a second Native American (seemingly of different tribe or region) behind the first, poking him and quipping the same thing, “Cool, when are you leaving?”. A third Native American (again, seemingly of different tribe/region) pokes the second from behind and quips the same thing. From the edge of the panel, a fourth identical word bubble can be seen, indicating an endless chain of Native Americans complaining about each other stealing land.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: It’s okay for European settlers to genocide the entirety of the Native American population, and to carry this oppression into present day, because “they Natives conquered each other before we got there”.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: It’s not wrong to point out that Native American tribes fought with each other. Yeah, they weren’t all peace loving nature lovers who sang with the all the colors of the wind. They were people, too. They murdered, raped, enslaved and conquered one another. Or at least some of them did. What an intelligent and insightful argument! The Native American people were deeper than cartoon hippies, wow StoneToss. You get a big A+ on your Freshman year history report, you rancid little buttfuck.

So it’s true that some Native Americans conquered and warred with other Native Americans. Some tribes were even notorious for being kind of dicks. And really, maybe things that happened hundreds of years ago would be water under the bridge; like the bringing of diseases such as Small Pox or the flu to the Native Americans (diseases that ended up killing almost 90% of some Native populations), or the infamous Trail of Tears. I mean, it wasn’t like Europeans knew what infectious disease was or that they could’ve spread it to other people. And the Trail of Tears happened, like, 400 years ago! (Well, actually it officially ended more like only 150 years ago, nary a handful of generations have passed since).

“Everyone conquered everyone at some point in time” is a really weak and flaccid way of handwaving away the focused and intentional ethnic genocides that the American settlers carried out on the Native people (you also see the same kind of handwaving being done concerning slavery in America. Okay sure, many different people were slaves to others at some point in history, but the point is that Americans utilizing African slaves is both relatively recent and also something that has carried over to social issues and oppression that fully exists today). Americans purposely drove the Native Americans to near extinction, going so far as to attempt to fully genocide them through the use of sterilization- something that occurred as early as only 50 years ago, in the 1970’s. So yeah, safe to say that Europeans did a bit more than your standard conquering of the Native Americans. They full-on genocided them. As recent as the 1970’s. To this day, deep racism and oppression still exists between white Americans and Native peoples. Petty warfare from over 100 years ago is not exactly equal to trying to kill literally every Native American or sterilize them in an attempt to shrink their population.

In reality, it’s totally accurate and fair to point out that most early American settlers (from the 1700’s into the 1800’s) literally just came to America on fucking boats. Just came on over. So when some redneck fuckwit is whining about “people going back where they came from”, there’s a very real lack of self-awareness and hypocrisy. StoneToss doesn’t like this, so he tries to shift the conversation onto the Native Americans, spinning some story of “they were conquering each other, too!!”, as if what they did to each other matches at all in severity or longevity to what the whites did.

The name of the comic is a reference to the saying “It’s turtles all the way down!”, a humorous adage for an infinite regression. StoneToss is trying to compare this to an “infinite regression” of Native Americans stealing land from other Native Americans. Unfortunately, bullshit runs up hill (unlike StoneToss who probably couldn’t run up a hill to save his life) and it doesn’t get much more bullshit than focused genocide.

So like usual, StoneToss refuses to make an honest observation. He knows he can’t, because it means facing the reality that his shitty, weakling fascist world view is complete bullshit. Oh the drama!

People still think nazis make soap and lampshades out of people.

Image Name: Tabloid
Description: “The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.”
― Thomas Jefferson
Mouseover: People still think the nazis make soap and lampshades out of people.
Image Name: conspiracy-theories-comic.png
Originally Published: 8/1/2019

What The Comic Is: A man sits on a park bench reading a news paper. He is alarmed to see another man stroll by, bedecked in a “Believe UFOs” t-shirt and tinfoil hat. Scoffing in dismissal, the man goes back to reading his paper. The headline is shown to read “Russian Collusion!” with a picture of Donald Trump.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: We live in a BOTTOMTEXT SOCIETY where people think it’s crazy to believe in UFOs and brain scanning, but actively believe similar conspiracy theories if they’re printed in the (((jews paper))).

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Hey you know what has no evidence of existing? Alien UFOs from another planet. You know what has a lot of evidence for existing? Trump contacting Russia, possibly for aid in the 2016 Presidential election. You know what is wild and very difficult to prove? That UFOs from alien planets exist. You know what is very real and practical to prove? Russian meddling in the USA’s election. So you know what’s not really comparable? Outlandish UFO theories and factual trails of evidence. Haha, isn’t it so curious that people will scoff at UFO conspiracies but believe what every honest news source reports on????? Curious. Very curious, that. Very BOTTOMTEXT curious.

Curious, it is, that StoneToss is so fucking obsessed with human lampshades and human soap in the Holocaust. We get it, you neo-nazi fuckwad, those are things with either very little evidence or outright evidence proving they didn’t exist (in the case of the “human soap”, as discussed on this blog in the past). But they’re hardly “conspiracy theories”, more like simple legends that do not bare such zealous and repeated defending. Of course, this is because StoneToss is too much of a coward to be more outright about what he really means. In reality, bitching about the lampshade and soap myths are his way of subtly coding that he’s denying the Holocaust entirely, to some great or total length. So with the mouse over text in mind, we know that this comic is only tangentially about the Russian collusion business: StoneToss is quietly making this about Holocaust denial.

You know what has no evidence for existing? UFOs. You know what is therefore then accurately described as a fringe belief? UFOs. You know what has overwhelming belief for having existed and been carried out? The Holocaust. So you know what is therefore then accurately described as a fringe, bigoted conspiracy theory if it’s subscribed to? Holocaust denial. This comic is basically just StoneToss throwing a little tantrum because people don’t believe his shitty Anti-Semitic dogshit yet they believe Donald Trump might, shockingly, be a criminal. Fuck off, StoneToss.

Ah yes, but over 200 years ago a random slave owner/potential pedophile said news papers are bad. Almost like back in that day there was no regulation of who could print or say what and news was completely untrustworthy with no established and reputable media sources. JuSt LiKe ToDaY amirite? Fuck you, StoneToss.

StoneToss: Episode 60 (Special Edition 4)


Offended? Don't worry, 41% of you won't later.

Comic Name: EndGayme
Description: Hmm, what did I mean by this?
Mouseover: Offended? Don’t worry, 41% of you won’t later.
Image Name: transgender-suicides-comic1.png
Originally Published: 6/20/2019

What The Comic Is: A weird Easter egg alien man dons a Fortnite cosmetic, proclaiming that it shall show bigots the power of its community. The egg man snaps his cosmetic before dissolving into vapors.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That you dissolve into a sort of gaseous cloud when you get Thanos snapped, instead of turning into a bunch of triangles. Also, wasn’t the snapper immune to the effect of the snap?

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss learns things. It’s true. He’s an idiot, but by god does the boy learn things. When he wants to. Which isn’t incredibly often, true enough to say. But you can tell a lot about StoneToss based off of how deeply he explores an issue in his comics, most obviously you can tell exactly how much he knows about something. When StoneToss is making a comic about something he knows a lot about (or at least knows a bunch of bigoted mis-truths about) he will more often than not hide meaning in layers of obscure references or double speak.

StoneToss doesn’t know anything about trans suicide. That’s why all of his comics concerning the topic are skin deep “lol trans people kill themselves, unlike any other demographic of people, especially white cis-gendered single males like myself xD lolz”. He is incapable of providing a deeper commentary, and therefore making a more convoluted comic, about it. Also, the last panel only shows a single one of the four trans people (creatively depicted as literal trans flag humanoids) disappearing into vapor (the one in the background to the left looks like it also may be vaporizing too, but it’s hard to tell because StoneToss was so lazy with his copypasting). This is only very minor, but “41%” lives in StoneToss’ head entirely rent free, so it’s amusing to watch him have a chance to somehow depict that, and then actually only show a sample of 25% of the pictured trans people die. Unless the joke is that, if Thanos were trans, she would have used the snap to kill herself. Which in that case, only a single person died. Also, doesn’t the snap kill 50% of all living people? Can the snapper choose the number? Can they specifically target people? If you’re going to kill yourself, why do you need a Thanos snap? If the “power” of the trans community is that they have access to the Infinity Glove with all the Marvel Stones, I would argue that makes the trans community pretty fucking powerful. Oh, but here I am, pointlessly overthinking a comic that StoneToss put no thought into.

In reality if the trans community had the power of the gauntlet (which seems to broadly be “you have the power over everything, or whatever”) they’d probably use it to make the world a safer place for trans individuals, thus dramatically lowering any suicide rates the demographic suffers from. This doesn’t fit StoneToss and his clown world narrative where trans people are mentally ill, though.

Would you fuck Thanos if she got boob implants? I’m not saying I would, but I am also not confirming I wouldn’t.

Two can play that game.

Comic Name: A Thin Line
Description: It’s ok to be huwhite.
Mouseover: Two can play that game.
Image Name: lefty-vs-right-wing-memes-comic.png
Originally Published: 6/25/2019

What The Comic Is: A gay man holds up a picture he drew of a greedy, evil banker, making sure to point out the banker is white with a label and arrow. The man he shows this picture to takes out a red marker and draws a big nose on the banker, much to the gay man’s shock and alarm.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Leftists are racist against white people.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss has complained about this before, this nonexistent hypocrisy where people only hate the rich until you point out that “most of the rich are Jewish!”. No one fucking cares if a part of the wealthy are Jewish, lol. No one thinks it’s Anti-Semitic to want dump on the wealthy if one or more of those wealthy turn out to be Jewish. No one shudders and sweats when you say “Oh, you hate the wealthy elite? Don’t you know JEWISH people are part of the wealthy elite?“, no one believes it’s suddenly uncomfortable. Even for StoneToss and his fake little cope hugbox reality this has always been particularly reaching and sad.

So then, on to the second part of this nonexistent hypocrisy. StoneToss believes leftists are racist against white people, but if you point out that Jewish people are “just as bad” as white people (or simply lump them in with white people) that all of a sudden the same leftists get uncomfortable. I would argue most people are actually pretty receptive to listening to any examples of a sort of “Jewish Privilege” (minor and petty as such a discussion would relatively be, at least), when those examples are fair and realistic. If StoneToss and idiots like him are really, truly concerned with expanding conversation on how different people fit into society, then you’d imagine they wouldn’t constantly muddy the waters with Anti-Semitic hatred and misinformation. Almost like they’re not concerned with social justice at all, and in reality are just bigoted. Huh.

And finally, on to the third part of the nonexistent hypocrisy. No one hates the rich because the rich are white, for fuck’s sake. No leftist memes about eating the rich include “THE RICH ARE WHITE AND EVIL LOL”. It’s just StoneToss getting upset that you can not deny that most of the wealthy in the USA are white because other people were systematically oppressed and kept down, so all he can do is deflect and cry “b-but Jews too…“. The image name of the comic highlights the real commentary StoneToss is trying to make: that “Rightist memes” are BASED and “Leftist memes” are being cowardly and only picking at low hanging fruit, afraid to be BASED like the BASED Right. The “Thin Line” referenced in the title is concerning the Jews themselves. In the comic, the ‘thin line’ is the nose drawn onto the banker. In real life, it’s the thin line between being cucked and not cucked

Basically, it’s just trying to equate childish Anti-Semitism as being less “restricted” by PC censorship. Which is par for the course for StoneToss. He is an idiot, after all.

The only issue that matters this election is social media censorship.

Comic Name: SAD!
Description: A remix of one of my earlier comics in reference to Reddit’s quarantining of r/The_Donald.
Mouseover: The only issue that matters this election is social media censorship.
Image Name: right-vs-left-censorship-comic.png
Originally Published: 6/27/2019

What The Comic Is: In the first panel, Donald Trump is flashing the “OK” hand signal. This panel is labeled as “Right”. In the second panel shows a blow hand mushing Trump’s lips shut. This panel is labeled as “Left”.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: The_Donald was banned because leftists censor people.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: r/The_Donald was a subreddit on that gained a massive spike in popularity around early to mid-2015 as Trump’s presidential campaign was hitting fever swings. It started out fairly slow, but the subreddit quickly exploded into a very active and heavily pro-Trump community that made it expressly against the rules to criticize or say anything bad about Donald Trump or else you would be immediately permbanned.

In addition to the harsh censorship that the sub became infamous for, it also didn’t take very long for the sub to become openly bigoted. While the moderators did a token job of cleaning up threads that were homophobic or transphobic, they did nothing to stop comments in threads. As a personal frequent lurker of the sub, I would witness a thread that was, say, concerning the “classic” family unit (nuclear family: man, wife, son, daughter). The thread itself wasn’t explicitly homophobic (I mean, it was only implying it), but the comments would be stuff like “homosexuals are degenerates”. People would be downvoted for defending homophobia.

Eventually, the sub was banned. Was it because leftist cuck soyboys couldn’t handle the BASED REDPILL BASEDNESS WINNING of the Pussyhound Chads that frequented The_Donald? Fuck no, it’s because the stupid motherfuckers/obvious Russian influencers were repeatedly calling for violence. So the sub was quarantined, as inciting violence is a breach of Reddit’s global ToS. Eventually it would go on to be gutted (the mods all removed as their accounts were all in violation of Reddit ToS) and then finally banned.

The original comic that this one was based on had the blue arm of Twitter silencing the Rightist, and it’s reproduced here as if it was Twitter that banned the subreddit? It was Reddit who banned The_Donald, not Twitter. And they banned The_Donald for, as is so often the case in situations where dumbfuck alt-righters get banned, violating rules of the platform.

That Trump is doing the “OK” hand signal in the first panel essentially turns this comic into one that says “RIGHT: CASUAL DISPLAYS OF VIELED RACISM” and “LEFT: BANNING PEOPLE FOR INCITING VIOLENCE AGAINST WEBSITE RULES”, and StoneToss somehow sees this as victimizing to him. What a dumbass!

There's a reason why there's never been a European Stonetoss.

Comic Name: The F word
Description: Happy 4th of July!
Mouseover: There’s a reason why there’s never been a European StoneToss.
Image Name: american-freedom-comic1.png
Originally Published: 7/4/2019

What The Comic Is: A British man postures, wondering what “freedom” that people in the USA have compared to the UK and their universal healthcare. A redneck with bad teeth, complete with a MAGA hat and confederate flag shirt, coyly shoots back that they have “The N-word”. The British man, unamused, answers back “The blood N-word? You mean Ni-“, though he is cut off before completing the word. The final panel shows the British man in court, having been arrested and put on trial for uttering the obscenity.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: British people go to jail for saying the N-word because it’s an oppressive regime of PC culture and freedom from life-ruining medical debt is not worth living under such tyranny.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: First of all, it can be legally punishable in court to call someone a “nigger” in the USA. Second of all, it is not against the law to use the word in the Britain or seemingly anywhere else in the UK. At any rate, you don’t get arrested and put into jail like a thief or murderer for it. In both countries, using the word can constitute as a hate crime or help implicate a crime as being racially motivated. So this comic is total clown world bullshit, even by StoneToss standards (and that is really saying something). I mean, StoneToss literally never, ever right about any of the garbage he comes up with, but there’s at least some inkling of reality that it tethers onto it an attempt to pass itself off as truth. This is pure, unadulterated fictional reality shit.

I also love how StoneToss downplays universal healthcare, but the best he can do is to try haphazardly compare it to a vague “freedom of speech”, so he’s not even invalidating universal healthcare, he’s just trying to make a confusing and vague claim that it’s not worth having if it means you can’t use racist words, but the two things aren’t mutually exclusive in the first place let alone the fact that it’s not illegal to use the word in the UK.

StoneToss muses that there’s never been a European StoneToss, implying that censorship and PC culture prevent someone from making terrible webcomics if they’re in Europe. Yeah, StoneToss. The reason there’s no one else as stupid as you is just because they’re being censored. Keep telling yourself that, you weakling bitch.

"fellow whites"

Comic Name: Frown Note
Description: Good boy.
Mouseover: “fellow whites”
Image Name: dog-whistle-comic.png
Originally Published: 4/9/2019

What The Comic Is: A playful dog jumps up on its human. The man, laughing, bids the dog ‘down’ and gives a blast of his dog whistle. To the man’s surprise, a gay man in a Human Rights Campaign t-shirt falls to the ground, reeling under the whistle’s effect.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Everything is a dog whistle to liberals and people who are part of the “insane left”, because Jews.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: This is probably a reference specifically to the “OK” hand gesture being co-opted as a dog whistle for white supremacy. A ‘dog whistle’ is a term for a phrase or action that is only distinguishable to certain people, much like a real dog whistle (which, when blown into, produces a note in such a pitch that it can not be heard by humans, but is usually very annoying to dogs, who are capable of hearing the note).

StoneToss depicts the gay man in a shirt bearing the Human Rights Campaign (or HRC) logo. The HRC is an organization supporting gay, lesbian, queer and transgender individuals in their fights for equal rights. So, essentially it’s helping a bunch of people that StoneToss wishes did not exist. Why he picked the HRC out of anyone else to call out in his comic is unknown. The HRC has had a few lukewarm controversies, but nothing major and nothing really around the time period this comic was drawn. Likely it’s just StoneToss bitching about gay rights groups in general calling out dog whistles, trying to mock them as “thinking everything/anything is a dog whistle”.

And who taught them that everything the right does is a dog whistle??? Is it the hundreds of years of Conservatives oppressing homosexuals, the constant abuses and attacks suffered by the gay community from groups of people who are almost always signaling their hatred through code and euphemism when they aren’t outright professing it? No lol it’s the Jews obviously(?).

The comic name is a reference to the mythological “brown note”, or a sound frequency said to cause a human to lose control of their bowels should they ever hear it played. In this case, we can assume StoneToss is trying to make yet another “gay poop” joke, because he’s fucking stupid. The description is the petname that StoneToss wishes his wife’s bull would give him, if he had a wife who had a bull.

StoneToss: Episode 57

Comic Name: The 98%
Description: I am the 98%…
Mouseover: Check your J E W I S H privilege, thank you.
Image Name: wealth-disparity-comic.png
Originally Published: 5/21/2019

What The Comic Is: A man holds aloft a sign that reads “1% own 50% of the wealth”. He sees another man holding a sign that reads “2% are 40% of billionaires”, which causes him to sweat nervously.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Jews are bad because some of them are rich.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: “2% are 40% of billionaires” is an obscure motto used by alt-righter and other anti-Semitic groups. It refers to the fact that, supposedly, 40% of billionaires in the USA are Jewish (Jews make up around 2% of the USA’s population). This is obviously meant to draw attention to the disproportionate amount of billionaire Jews when compared to their overall population in the country. It’s hard to find any sources on “40% of billionaires are Jewish”, and most basic research shows that the number is closer to less than 20%, but really it doesn’t fucking matter. 

Whatever percent of billionaires are Jewish is a wholly irrelevant thing by itself, and anti-Semites do nothing more than point towards it and say “See? Lots of them are rich WhAt’S uP wItH tHaT?? Pretty suspicious, innit??“. Of course, ask StoneToss or any other dumbfuck what that’s supposed to mean or how they think Jewish people amassed this wealth and it’s a blank stare followed by weak mumbling about “Jewish World Order” and “Holocaust guilt” and “Space lasers”, because they don’t really have anything else. This complete lack of anything other than surface level observations that are twisted to fuel bigoted conspiracy theories is roughly the extent of most anti-Semitic rhetoric. Ask StoneToss how the holocaust could’ve possibly been faked and you get the same fumbling, confused response. Ask StoneToss why Jews were persecuted at all and it’s the same thing

It, uh, it’s the, uh, the Jewish, uh, infiltration of governments and uh… stuff,” StoneToss awkwardly attempts to explain, having winged it so far on never being asked to extrapolate upon his bigoted conspiracy theories
“Okay, so then how did the Jews infiltrate the world governments?”


The mouse over text is a reference to “White Privilege”, something StoneToss has whined about in the past, as white supremacists don’t like being confronted with the fact that white people have not been systematically oppressed the way other groups of people have been in the USA, and many people on the Right would prefer to claim that a ‘white privilege’ does not exist at all. StoneToss is claiming that a so-called “Jewish privilege” exists, lamenting that white people are often told to check their privilege, but Jewish people and their ‘privilege’ are never mentioned. This is obviously because everyone is racist against white people, including Jews who also control the world. Most people may be inclined to realize that Jews facing widespread conspiracy theories concerning their duplicity, lack of moral character and villainous intentions even a generation after collectively facing one of the worst genocides in human history is sort of proof enough that they’re not exactly the most privileged class of people, but StoneToss (thankfully) isn’t most people.

Comic Name: Oxymoron
Description: Anti-semantics.
Mouseover: kosher-bacon
Image Name: judeo-christian-comic.png
Originally Published: 5/30/2019

What The Comic Is: The first panel shows a nail, it is labeled “Judeo”. The second panel is a hand nailed to to a beam of wood, clearly meant to be the hand of Jesus Christ nailed upon the crucifix. This panel is labeled “Christian”. 

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Jews are bad and killed Jesus and therefore are completely removed from, and are villains to, anything Christian. 

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: “Judeo-Christian” is a sort of generic term denoting anything that both Jews and Christians share in common (whether in the mythos of their religions or in similar behaviors; or when both religions are targeted for whatever reason, such as religious persecution). Judaism and Christianity, for anyone who possesses even cursory knowledge of the religions, share much in common within their history and beliefs.

I’ve mentioned many times on this blog in the past that the religious dogma and whatever church it’s learned from is a very big part of StoneToss’ world view, which means he either can’t (or doesn’t) choose to think for himself and willingly believes what he’s told at church. Some people have questioned this stance of mine, suggesting that StoneToss may not be as overtly religious as he lets on, or perhaps religion is just a cover for his bigotry. I think this comic, more than anything else he’s said or done, proves pretty thoroughly that StoneToss is a religious nutbag.

The nail is obviously meant to represent Judaism as a whole; the violent and oppressive nail. The hand is Christianity, bleeding and ravaged by the Jews. This belief that Jews are collectively to be blamed for the death of Jesus Christ is known as the “Jewish deicide” (that’s dei-cide, not “decide”; deicide is the murder of a deity, as matricide would be the murder of a mother, etc). The common slur attached to this collective deicide is “Christ Killer”, an oft-employed term by Christian Anti-Semites. As a Christian and raging Anti-Semite, StoneToss rejects any notion that Judaism and Christianity can be paired together in anything, citing the fact that the Jew’s “legacy” is the murder of Jesus and Christianity’s “legacy” is the murder of, uh, not killing Jesus. I guess.

The name of the comic implies that “Judeo-Christian” is an oxymoron, because (according to StoneToss) Judaism is as far removed from Christianity as anything can be, since one (again, according to StoneToss) is all about killing Jesus and the other is about worshipping him. In the mouse over, he makes another oxymoronic comparison as he likens “Jews and Christians” to “kosher and bacon” (bacon is not a generally accepted kosher food, and therefore it’s as if Christianity and Judaism mix as well as Judaism and bacon).

This comic is nothing but pure, condensed Christian Anti-Semitism. No current events or politics inspired it and it’s message is rooted entirely in Religious history. If there was any doubt that StoneToss is a religious bigot ninny, let that be dispelled.

StoneToss: Episode 56

Comic Name: Wedge Issues
Description: A numbers game.
Mouseover: Tudiasm
Image Name: shrinking-white-demographic-comic.png
Originally Published: 5/14/2019

What The Comic Is: A wedge labeled “13%” slips into a wedge labeled “85%”. In the next panel, the 13% wedge is now 36%, much to the shock of the second wedge, which is now labeled 62%. In the final panel, a wedge labeled “2%” spies from around a corner.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Jews are making black people live in the USA.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: The first panel is the population of blacks (13%) compared to the population of whites (85%), then it’s the percent of crime committed by blacks (36%) compared to crime committed by whites (62%), the idea that blacks make up a smaller number of the population but commit a disproportionate amount of crime. This is something StoneToss has talked about in the past, and it’s known as the “Despite making up 13% of the population…” talking point that is beloved by racist idiots. The reasons for this disparity are pretty clear: blacks are disproportionally disenfranchised and kept impoverished and without resources or benefits to improve their situation. They are also disproportionally targeted by law enforcement and convicted more often of the same offenses compared to white people. This obviously is reflected in their crime statistics when compared to white people. Bigots like StoneToss ignore reality and substitute unfounded clown worldian coping mechanisms such as coming up with the lie that black people are naturally more violent and less intelligent than white people, which explains their obsession with crime and population statistics.

The 2% is the number of Jews who live in the USA, who are obviously somehow behind the “Brownification” of the USA, despite the fact that white European settlers are the ones who originally brought African slaves to the continent en masse. I would hazard a guess to say that StoneToss would explain this by trying to suggest the Jews were the ones that ‘fooled’ the Europeans into using Africans for slaves, but that would imply StoneToss is smart enough to even consider the fact that white people are the ones who brought black people to America; which he decidedly is not smart enough to do.

Comic Name: Robots In Disguise 
Description: Today we have a guest comic contributed by the very talented, @jiggycxmrade! (links to a deleted Twitter account)
Mouseover: Gives new meaning to “Decepticons”. 
Image Text: guestcomic.png
Originally Published: 5/16/2019

What The Comic Is: Optimus Prime, leader of the transforming robot beings known as the Autobot Transformers, proclaims his iconic catchphrase of “Autobots, transform!“. He then enters into a woman’s bathroom.

What StoneToss (and jiggycxmrade) Actually Think: People can just say they’re trans in order to enter women’s restrooms.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: At face value this is just a goofy comic joking about the autobots and how they “transform”. If this were most anyone else, it could easily be seen as a harmless joke, but this is StoneToss, so as always there’s usually some space between the lines that one needs to read. I do not know who jiggycxmrade is or was, because their Twitter is deleted and Googling their online handle doesn’t bring up much information (you will find multiple links to an art piece someone made of their original character cutting a person assumed to be jiggycxmrade with a knife, so whomever this mysterious jiggycxmrade person was, they didn’t seem to be liked by many people. Wonder why…

Anyways, we can assume if jiggycumrade was making guest comics for StoneToss that they are on some level of bigotry comparable to StoneToss. Given that the nature of the comic is that Optimus Prime only says “autobots transform” and then enters a woman’s restroom, we can discern it is a joke about “men will pretend to be women so they can go into the women’s restroom”, which is a very popular boogeyman scenario amongst transphobes. Also that being trans is a matter of simply stating gender identity, as if it was something so simple it could be changed on the spot with a simple decree. That isn’t necessarily untrue, really, but there’s not many trans people who take their identity as lightly as “I say it, therefore I am it, at will”, and this is an incredible erasure of the identity crises often suffered by trans individuals, along with problems of body dysmorphia. But then this is intentional on StoneToss and his guest’s part.

The mouse over text is a reference to the Decepticons, the villionous enemies of the heroic autobots. It is likening trans people as being “decepticons”, deceiving others so they can invade a restroom.