StoneToss: Episode 40 (Special Edition 2)

Comic Name: Violation 
Description: Rev up those helicopters.
Mouseover: It’s not blood “libel” if it’s true.
Image Name: jews-violate-the-nap-comic.png
Originally Published: 11/13/2018

What The Comic Is: A man in a snake shirt mentions that being Jewish isn’t in violation of napping. Another man opens a scroll, revealing a passage of Jewish law concerning circumcision. The man in the snake shirt seems to encounter some struggle in reading the words, perhaps (or perhaps not) unrelated to the fact he’s wearing a snake shirt.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Libertarians shouldn’t defend Jews because Jews practice circumcision.
Why It’s Fucking Stupid: So the N.A.P. is the Non-aggression principle, a philosophy of thinking that views any ‘aggression’ against others (this aggression meaning different things, not limited to just physical aggression) as inherently wrong. This seems fine at face value, but we’ll talk more about NAP soon. Anyways, NAP is considered a strong foundational building block of Libertarianism, and this comic seems to suggest that StoneToss professes as adhering to its philosophy (StoneToss being a self-described Libertarian, so this makes sense). When the man in the Gadsden flag shirt (a Libertarian) defends Judaism as not being a violation of NAP, the second man produces a scroll describing Jewish circumcision. 

What StoneToss is saying is that because Jews have a religious culture that calls for the circumcision of men, that Judaism inherently violates NAP. Alright, fair enough. I think everyone can agree that the circumcision of babies is a wildly outdated practice and there’s absolutely no relevant arguments for it, even when we enter the grounds of religious tradition territory. However, StoneToss doesn’t just criticize Jewish circumcision; frankly it’d be totally fine if that’s all he did. He extends this criticism to include that simply “being Jewish” is a violation of NAP, and that his fellow Libertarians need to be ‘woked’ to the fact that Jews are inherently a danger to the Libertarian way of thinking/living.

NAP is a line of thinking that is adopted and understood in different ways by more than just Libertarians. Even within Libertarianism the precise definition of NAP is debated over in longwinded, pretentious arguments that are based in contrived “what if?” scenarios to support absolute statements on what aggression is. For instance, NAP could be used to argue either for or against abortion. Is abortion an aggression against the unborn child? Then it’s a violation of NAP. Is making abortion an illegal act an aggression against the mother? Then it’s a violation of NAP.  You now might see where the arguments among NAP-adherents come from. But for the purpose of a lot of Libertarians, NAP is basically just a word salad they barely understand outside of using it to justify their own bigotry. Like StoneToss!

Libertarianism in general, with its philosophy of “liberty of the individual = liberty for all” is a natural magnet for those who want an easy greenlight to exercise discrimination. When a baker denies baking a cake because it will be used in a gay wedding, for instance. Never mind that discriminating against a minority that is still fighting for the basic right of being able to marry their chosen significant other is soundly considerable as an aggression under NAP; it’s only an aggression when it’s against the most historically oppressed people in the USA: straight white men! Like StoneToss!

Okay , NAP time is over. What does all of that mean for the rest of the comic? It means StoneToss’ comic is shit.

Comic Name: Target Acquired
Description: RIP Tay.
Mouseover: Skynet when?
Image Name: right-wing-ai-comic1.png
Originally Published: 11/15/2018

What The Comic Is: A scientist rejoices to his peer that they’ve finally created an AI that can interpret art. They decide to test the AI on a few Facebook meme pages. After waiting for a moment, they wonder if their AI is working. The AI, obviously turning hostile, ‘locks on’ to the two scientists, who are visibly brown and/or Jewish.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Stupid Facebook memes are turning the damn AI redpilled.
Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss references Tay, or Tay AI. Tay AI was an AI programmed by Microsoft and billed as the first “fully AI social media user”. Tay AI was rather advanced, although,  like the archaic SantaBots and BonziBuddies of AI past, it still operated on a simple ‘learning by being talked to’ fundamental. Of course, this meant that if you were to, say, spam the AI with racist memes and language that the AI would then ‘learn’ to start parroting what it was being spammed with. Anyways, 16 hours after launching Tay AI, Microsoft pulled the plug on the whole deal because, ya know, it was spammed by trolls who wanted to turn the AI racist. Hilarious? Yes, very much so. Relevant to any greater subject matter? Not so much.

StoneToss is trying to assert that a majority of any given memes are going to be racist, as if that is some reflection of how the majority of society really feels. Notice the careful use of language, such as “some random Facebook meme pages”, instead of “some racist meme pages”. If this were anyone but StoneToss we could easily take the joke as being that Facebook is filled with overt racists, but since it’s StoneToss we can easily take the joke as being an unhinged glimpse into the mind of a depressed, self-loathing little man who holds out with wishful thinking that the “silent majority” is just as awful as he is. In other words, StoneToss thinks Tay AI turned racist because it got redpilled by TRUE AND HONEST memes and not because it was deliberately and overwhelmingly targeted by trolls with the sole intention of ruining Microsoft’s plan.

Comic Name: For Whom the Bell Curve Tolls
Description: Hmm, nobody seeks to remedy asian [sic] under-representation in the NBA.
Mouseover: Strange how every race has a different average height, color, and hair type, but EXACTLY the same level of intelligence…
Image Name: bell-curve-comic1.png
Originally Published: 11/20/2018

What The Comic Is: A man asks his friend what he’s reading. The friend explains he’s examining a bell curve distribution separated on race. The man, shocked, begins to ask why his friend would read something so racist, but stops short once he notices the paper is examining height.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That because physical difference exist between races, therefore mental ones do as well.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: We’ve been here before. Like, StoneToss is no stranger to making multiple comics about the same thing, but we’ve literally been to this exact fucking comic before. The first time StoneToss did it, it was with dogs. It’s just another stupid comic about how people from different most-recent geological backgrounds share broad physical differences, so StoneToss believes this correlates to them obviously also having differences in intelligence. This is despite no science backing up a notion of intelligence differences between races of people. So StoneToss doesn’t base this stance in any actual logic, it’s just what he desperately wants to believe. It’s mere coincidence that StoneToss considers the race he identifies with, white, as being the most intelligent; while considering the race he dislikes, black, as being less intelligent. Clearly he has no bias in believing his genetic superiority. After all, his website’s About page says he isn’t racist!!!

Comic Name: Pimpin’ Ain’t 1040EZ
Description: #ThotAudit
Mouseover: Now that’s a pimp hand you don’t wanna catch.
Image Name: thot-audit-comic.png
Originally Published: 11/27/2018

What The Comic Is: A woman with Shrek tits throws her fit to the air, proclaiming that sex work is real work. A man in a bathrobe and hat appears behind her, his golden chain reading ‘IRS’, as he threatens that the woman had better have his money.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That sex work is to be mocked and that “Thot Audit” was a real thing.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss consumes porn. We all know he does. We all know he looks at real people porn, and probably looks at real women. This doesn’t stop him from mocking, deriding and generally disrespecting the very same people and their work that he benefits from. This is your standard, vanilla misogyny. In this comic, he tries to mock women for daring to believe their work is in any way legitimate by suggesting that all women are prostitutes with a pimp (the ‘pimp’ in this case being the IRS). Women empower themselves by working for themselves through OnlyFans or Patreon, and StoneToss really doesn’t like this. At least, he feels, if there’s a man behind the scenes then women don’t have too much agency. Ignore the fact that if the IRS is indeed the ‘pimp’ of sex workers, then that by effect means everyone who pays taxes is a prostitute paying their pimp. Excellent logic from StoneToss, as always.

But let’s talk about the “Thot Audit”. Thot Audit was a social movement/meme that… didn’t exist. Because it was a joke. The whole time it was just a joke. Thot Audit began as a Tweet claiming that sex workers on OnlyFans/the internet were being exposed to the IRS for not reporting income, and were being ruined in audits. First of all, none of these women were identifiable via their fucking Twitter handles or porn names. In reality, calling up the IRS and trying to explain to them that “poopeaterkitten4u” wasn’t reporting the 300,000 dollars she makes by eating her own shit on webcam doesn’t result in IRS agents triangulating her location and shooting tactical ballistic missiles at her house. Second, pretty much every sex worker is reporting their earnings because most of their earnings were coming in over platforms like OnlyFans or PayPal that the IRS easily monitors, so they were paying their taxes anyways.

Anyone with two braincells to rub together knew Thot Audit was a joke. This, of course, meant a considerable amount of people were too dim to realize Thot Audit didn’t fucking exist. StoneToss is proudly among that group, flying a flag of ignorant stupidity as he gleefully exults in the financial ruining of women that doesn’t fucking exist. Thot Audit popped up quickly, treaded water for awhile as social media news sources wrote boring fluff pieces and stoked its fire, and then eventually went quietly into the void of forgotten memes once nothing came of it because it never gained any traction because it was never real.

How to trigger a StoneToss: remind him that beautiful younger and older women are using their bodies and personalities to earn an income that is greater than anything StoneToss could ever make doing the same thing. And they’re paying taxes. And they won’t date him. And they fuck other men. And they’re mostly liberal. And they don’t have pimps.

Comic Name: Holding the Bag
Description: Strange Accounting
Mouseover: Let’s not forget to factor in a century or so of Welfare too.
Image Name: reparations-comic1.png
Originally Published: 11/29/2018

What The Comic Is: A black man holds open a bag towards a white man, asking for reparations for slavery. The white man asks if he gets any deductions for abolishing slavery. The black man shoots back that he can’t take credit for what his ancestors did.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That reparation repayment means that black people go up to white people with burlap sacks and demand money.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Reparations are a tough and sensitive subject, but it’s not as convoluted as most people believe. Really, the generally accepted idea is that reparations come from a rough estimate of the amount of free labor slaves gave their owners during American slavery (the costs the slave owners incurred to purchase/enslave their slaves are not factored into this). Essentially, the figure for what should be paid in reparations comes from the amount of hours slaves worked for their slave owners, so think of it as a sort of back payment for labor that the workers were never paid for. It’s also proposed that additional ‘suffrage’ payment be factored into the total, so basically bonus money added on to pay for the suffering the slaves endured. 

Who is supposed to pay this money? White people, of course. All white people. Nah, only kidding. That would actually be stupid. Instead, it’s suggested that the states, governments and enduring families that owe their wealth in part to slavery, who benefited from/condoned/protected/owned slaves, pay reparations. So no, no cartoony black dude walking around with a money bag to collect payments. No, slave states aren’t exempt from reparations “because white people ended slavery”. Families that owe their inherited fortunes to slave labor aren’t exempt from reparations “because white people ended slavery”. It’s really quite simple and not at all some strange ‘reverse racism’ against white people.

StoneToss tries to assert that welfare is ‘good enough’ for reparations. Welfare, a system that benefited all disadvantaged people and often was more difficult for black people to get compared to white people, is not reparations. Welfare is a system in place to help the poor and underprivileged in society. You know, like the black communities that wallowed for centuries in America due to institutionalized discrimination? Funny how financial aid given to help a minority people who’ve been systematically suppressed since their arrival in the USA isn’t equivalent to or able to be granted in place of actual slavery reparations. Funny indeed.

That wraps up issue 40’s special edition. Thanks for reading, and remember: StoneToss is an idiot.

StoneToss: Episode 32

You may have already noticed that I missed Thursday’s upload. My excuse for this was I used the time I normally had for writing a blog post and used it to try and visually revamp my blog a bit. However, Blogger (the site the blog runs on) did a big overhaul of their software and wouldn’t you know it, it’s total shit! For now I’m weighing my options betwixt working with Blogger’s awful new interface or swapping websites. At any rate, to make up for missing Thursday, this submission covers three comics. oh boy.

Comic Name: Collision Course
Description: Too bad liberals have trouble with basic economics.
Mouseover: >more immigration 
>higher wages
Choose one.
Image Name: immigration-vs-wages-comic.png
Originally Published: 6/7/2018

What The Comic Is: A group of people march down a street in protest for a fifteen dollar minimum wage. Another group of people walk down a street, in protest of open borders and free immigration. The two groups are shown to be walking towards each other.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: There can’t be a higher minimum wage if we let people move into the country.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: At best this is StoneToss expressing some Dunning-Kruger effect wherein he claims liberals don’t understand basic economics while being scathingly incorrect about them himself; at worst it’s StoneToss insinuating that if we give people in the USA better wages, then everyone from Mexico will ‘invade’ the country to earn those wages in low-skill labor jobs. This is StoneToss, though, so it’s very likely both.

We can soundly assume StoneToss hates the idea of a 15 dollar minimum wage, as many of his ilk tend to be wont to do. Couple with the fact he doesn’t want immigrants or, white Jesus forbid, refugees to earn that level of pay, and it’s not hard to deduce that by “Immigrants or higher wages, pick one. You libtards just don’t understand basic economics, do you?!“, what StoneToss actually means is “I don’t want people working at McDonalds to make anymore more money and I especially don’t want brown people to live in the USA“. It isn’t really a ‘pick one’ scenario to him. He would prefer neither, and he paints liberal agendas (higher minimum wage, refugees welcome) as being inherently conflictive with one another. Why exactly can we not have a higher minimum wage and more immigration? “Umm, uhh umm…” StoneToss stammers, attempting to back up the shitty comic he made. “B-because, ya libtard, uhh… more people means… uh, less… money?”. StoneToss soils himself.

It’s just basic economics, after all. Don’t you understand??

Comic Name: Extra Creamer
Description: Now with more soy.
Mouseover: I only drink my coffee straight.
Image Name: gay-pride-coffee-comic.png
Originally Published: 6/12/2018

What The Comic Is: A man hands his boss a mockup redesign for a coffee cup. The redesign is a gay-positive image of a black man sodomizing a white man. The boss questions if the design is trans inclusive enough.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Businesses are cucks.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: At first this was a comic I planned to skip, but frankly I wanted to point a couple of things about it out. First of all, is that this easily could’ve been a perfectly acceptable and thoughtful take on how businesses use corporate pandering to appeal to consumers and are only pro-gay when it’s not only “safe” to be pro-gay as a business, but when you’re possibly going to come under fire for not taking a positive stance on the issue. Because it’s true. Businesses, as a whole entity, don’t give a shit about gay or trans lives. They only do what they feel they need to do in order to generate sales. Specifically, this comic is probably whining about Starbucks, which has seen its fair share of entitled bigots bitching about coffee cup art. 

On the second point, notice how it’s a black guy fucking a white guy. It didn’t need to be that way, but something in StoneToss said “my vision of gay is interracial with the black guy having a bigger dick and being the top”. Just so we all know how not gay StoneToss is, he drew a white guy getting fucked by a black guy. Just so we ALL KNOW how totally NOT GAY he is. Sure he hates women and he draws black men in dominant sexual positions over white men and women. It’s just because that’s how totally not sexually erotic StoneToss finds black men.

Comic Name: Per-ception
Description: Don’t you know that noticing things is racist now?
Mouseover: The liberal dystopia is already here, folks. Facts are racist.
Image Name: racism-comic.png
Originally Published: 6/14/2018

What The Comic Is: A member of the Ku Klux Klan brandishes a pitchfork while calling for racial purging. This is labeled as racism. In the next panel, a news anchor discusses a statistic broken down by a per capita basis. This is labeled, sarcastically, as “racism”.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Systemic racism does not exist and people think facts are racist.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: In a transparent attempt to distance himself from “real” racism, StoneToss gives us the most over-the-top example of racism there is: a Klansman calling for a purge. Look, StoneToss is an idiot. I’m not saying he is intelligent, per se, as some of his comics can get pretty god damned fucking stupid. However, it’s a fair observation to say that StoneToss is part of a caste of bigots who are more savvy and capable of being aloof when compared to the “bumpkin hick” racist that we usually imagine when we think of a member of the current KKK. This ploy of pointing the finger at the racists who are even dumber than themselves and saying “Look, look, IM not racist! I can’t be, because THIS is what a real racist looks like!” is all too common for guys like StoneToss. This attempt at constructing a narrative where racism extends only as far as a white nightgown is as weak as it is stupid.

But enough on the subcontext of this comic. Let’s talk about the domcontext. The news anchor is discussing ‘per capita’ statistics, which is a general umbrella for statistics relating to crimes committed by minorities, etc. The thing about that, however, is that no one thinks facts are racist, because that notion is incredibly stupid. The argument is not “facts are racist”, the argument is “these numbers are inaccurate and represent systematic bias in the way they are gathered, or they reflect the outcome of systematic oppression and therefore aren’t representative of really anything else.”

But StoneToss doesn’t wear KKK robes so that means he can’t be racist, which means he can’t be stupid. That’s how it works, right?

StoneToss: Episode 23

Comic Name: Skeptic Justice Warrior
Description: More like horsesh*t theory, amirite?
Mouseover: …and then the two SJWs leave to vote for socialized healthcare.
Originally Published: 1/16/2018

What The Comic Is: A man with a torch stands before a man with a gay pride flag. An overweight man with a fedora comments that both men are the same. The man with the gay pride flag demands the man with the torch bake his homosexual cake, the man with the torch answers with a firm negative. The fedora man stands in solidarity with the gay pride man, accusing the torch wielder of being a monster.
What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That only the right gets villainized and that the left is always painted a victim.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: So the reason the fat guy has a horseshoe on his shirt is that StoneToss is referencing the “horseshoe theory”, in which two opposing forces, when they get far enough apart, tend to eventually ‘horseshoe’ towards one another, getting closer and closer (like the shape of a horse shoe; the two ends actually grow closer together the further they go). What this means is that when two sides extremely oppose one another, they eventually begin employing behaviors that are similar to each other. In this instance, it’s a man commenting that both the left and right are ‘the same’ because they both have extremists who are willing to commit violence or use force to get their way. Of course this isn’t really true about the left in most cases, but let’s ignore that massive and impossible to ignore lapse in reality for the sake of ripping further into this stupid comic.

The gay pride guy asks the torch guy to bake his “gay” cake (is the cake gay? Is it a cake for gay people? Does the cake turn purple gay?? IS IT ALL OF THE ABOVE???). Torch guy say no (because many on the side of conservatism are anti-human rights). Fat horseshoe guy chides torch guy. What StoneToss is saying with this is that the left are treated as victims because they want to ‘force the gay’ on other people. Obviously the cake is a reference to the cake two gay men ordered from a bakery in 2012. The owner of the bakery refused to bake the cake, citing his religion prevented him from contributing to a gay marriage. This case was off and on for several years until in late 2017 the case landed at the Supreme Court. While the Supreme Court would actually go on to side with the baker in a historic 7-2 vote, this wouldn’t be until months after this comic was published.
Anyways, gay cake history lesson aside, StoneToss is mocking centrists, who normally would condemn or find faults with both sides, for their siding with liberals on the matter of same-sex discrimination. This is one of those comics where StoneToss is desperately trying to point the finger at leftists and scream “HAHA LOOK HOW STUPID THEY ALL LOOK” even though the comic actually represents a progressive and morally good reality, even down to its mouseover text. Of course there’s also StoneToss and his attempt to frame liberals as some kind of victim complex. Yeah, why would anyone in their right mind think you shouldn’t be able to discriminate against gay marriage, amiright?

Comic Name: Refugees Welcum
Description: gf redistribution when?
Mouseover: Remember Moldylocks? Well, she swallows skeet on webcam for a living.
Originally Published: 1/25/2018

What The Comic Is: A man in a robe attempts to sell the benefits of socialism. He describes a system in which food and wealth is shared, and in the third panel also admits that women are shared by socialism as well, as his girlfriend gives a nude man an optical inspection of his genitalia, likely in a medical examination as part of her tenure as a health care professional, highlighting a socialized healthcare system.
What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Socialism will lead to open borders and then black men will fuck all the white women.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: At face value this is just a stupid comic about hating women and calling liberals cucks; which is about the extent of thought one might expect StoneToss to exhibit. However, there’s a bit more to unpack with this one. First, StoneToss feels the need to make this about immigration (for some reason) with the comic’s title. It’s not just black guys in your own country, it’s the refugees from other ones! They’re going to come and cuck people wtf no omg. What StoneToss might be saying further than this is up for speculation. Is he whining about “white replacement”, the notion that white people are slowly ‘dying out’ both in numbers and in influence over the USA? Or is he openly admitting that if refugee men enter the country that white men would “lose” to them and become cuckolds? Well, we know StoneToss has a cuckold fetish, so let’s go ahead and chalk it up to the former and the latter. Once again we watch the human tragedy of StoneToss: loser who is racist but wants his nonexistent female love companion to cuckold him with a black guy.

“Moldylocks” is the disparaging nickname given to an antifa activist who was punched in the face during a violent scuffle between antifa and free speech protestors. She has since gone on to perform in different internet porn videos. What relevancy this should have at all with the comic I have no notion, but it’s most likely that StoneToss is trying to suggest that antifa women are whores, and we all know how bad it is when a woman fucks more than one man, aMiRiTe?

StoneToss: Episode 22

Author’s Note: Hello lads and ladettes. At the time of writing, this is my first post in a few weeks; I had some IRL business that distracted me from this blog/I was hung up having a mental battle with an astral projection of a meta-physical representation of StoneToss’ limpdick white supremacy that took the form of a giant spider only instead of spinning webs it just bitched about how Africans sold other Africans as slaves. Read more about this on my new News Page!

Comic Name: Color Blind
Description: Fun fact: If white people don’t exist, neither does affirmative action.
Mouseover: They (sic) jury is still out on Italians though 😛
Image Name: color-spectrum-comic.png
Originally Published: 1/9/2018
What The Comic Is: A car is stopped at a red light. The driver comments that ‘white people’ don’t technically exist, and that race (as a social construct) is more of a “spectrum”. His companion, wearing a vibrant rainbow sweater, uses his garment to refute the driver’s argument. Citing that one can observe where one color stops and begins, the companion argues that color clearly exists. The driver shrugs the argument off. The light turns green, though the driver seems to still only see red. 

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That race, as defined by colors of skin, exists. 

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: With the comic’s description in mind, StoneToss is trying to play mental gymnastics and ‘twist’ the meaning of ‘race is a social construct’ around. He asserts that if race is just a social construct and that “white people don’t exist” (no one fucking says this), then black people don’t exist either (no one fucking says this) and therefore Affirmative Action has no need to exist. Just because race is a social construct it doesn’t mean ‘white people do not exist’ insofar as to say their skin is a lighter pigment than those with darker skin, StoneToss. You absolute fucking dish rag

So what does “race is a spectrum” mean, anyways? Well, it means that people really don’t fall into neat categories of “White, Black, Asian”. Bi-racial people, for example, don’t really tend to fit well in such simple categorizations. What about the people living in western Asia, or eastern Europe? Are they white, or are they Asian? Are Native American people “brown”? 

But here’s where we get to the real crux of the comic. It’s not just a simple “haha libtardz owned” comic, as one might take at face value. Instead it has a much deeper and more sinister undertone that is in line with StoneToss and his idiotic neo-Nazi views. The man in the rainbow shirt isn’t really wearing a rainbow shirt, but rather his shirt is a gradient of colors. What the fuck does that have to do with anything? Well, there’s been several prominent organizations in human history who have attempted to render where one race firmly ends and another begins. Some of these organizations were doing this at a government level. One of these organizations doing this at a government level was the Nazi party. In Nazi Germany. 

What the Nazis did was attempt to determine exactly what made someone pure German, or (conversely) what made someone ‘adequately Jewish’ enough to consider a Jew. They did this with family trees (parents, grandparents) to determine how many direct Jewish relatives, and how recent they were, would be required in order to constitute someone as being definable as Jewish. Countries like the USA used similar (and even earlier) models for the determination of status as African American or Native American. So it’s like the guy’s gradient sweater; even if race might be a little “spectrumy”, there’s still clear points where you can solidly determine someone as being one thing or the other (according to StoneToss and his dipshit racist logic, at least). It isn’t color of the skin that StoneToss is concerned about, but rather direct relation to others classified as one race or another. 

The other half of the comic, as mentioned before, is striking out at Affirmative Action. StoneToss tries to posit that race must exist if Affirmative Action does, and if you do not recognize the existence of race then you therefore forfeit the legitimacy of Affirmative Action. Except, whether race is a real or abstract concept is beside the point; the reality is that those of darker skin colors (recognized casually as brown or black) face very real, very non-abstract oppression that has been systemic and deeply ingrained in the country of the USA. Ergo, policies such as Affirmative Action attempt to help out communities and people affected by historic racism and oppression. StoneToss is smart enough to understand this, to be sure, but he isn’t smart enough to make a good comic about it. 

Comic Name: Book Worms 
Description: Anyone remember when heterosexual sex education was controversial?
Mouseover: hominem unius libri timeo
Image Name: childrens-books-comic.png
Originally Published: 1/11/2018

What The Comic Is: A concerned parent holds up a book titled “Sally Has Two Daddies”, rhetorically demanding to know why the script is included in the class studies. The teacher, taken aback, exclaims that the parent is correct in their concern. She produces a second book, this one titled “Bug Chasing With Bobby“, explaining that the first book was last year’s curriculum.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That schools are indoctrinating children to homosexuality and also teaching them that STDs aren’t so bad.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Oh, StoneToss. You absolute stupid wad of shit. You make me cum. So anyways, just to clear up what “bug chasing” is: Bug Chasing, or Gift Giving, was originally the slang for men who had unprotected gay anal sex with the intention of giving (or sometimes receiving) HIV/AIDS. It has spread out as a term and now generally implies anyone who tries to pass around an STI (either with or without partner’s consent), not solely gay men and HIV/AIDs. It is less often used as the term for a very niche fetish in which the fetishee derives sexual pleasure from giving and/or receiving different STIs.
Anyways, the main meat of the comic is that StoneToss is insinuating that schools are teaching children to be gay by exposing them to the horrible, terrible reality of… KIDS THAT HAVE GAY PARENTS OMFG11111. He then goes on to complain about an imaginary issue that doesn’t exist that suggests that schools are normalizing sex and STIs in order to avoid being offensive to homosexuals, or even worse: UNMARRIED WOMEN WHO HAVE SEX OMGFGFGFGFGFG111!11!!. The books are meant to represent the ‘slippery slope’ of education; first we teach the kids that some people have two dads, then we teach them to get AIDs. Dun dun dun.

The description is especially funny because it’s StoneToss and his stupid ‘back in my day…’ coping whine, where he recalls the days where heterosexual sex ed (or ‘base’ sex ed, i.e., penis in vagina stuff) was what was controversial. Yeah, StoneToss, it’s too bad sex ed has developed and come a long way (in some parts of the USA, at least) from what it used to be. That’s so weird and strange. It’s funny, did you know that once in the past people didn’t have cars and they had to walk or ride horses everywhere? Now we advanced as a society and have cars? Quite odd. 

There’s nothing more to say. Schools do not teach children that AIDs is not a dangerous disease. No one who is gay (and considered to be a stable individual) is going around and talking about how STIs are no big deal. As for the comic’s mouseover, it’s a Latin phrase that roughly translates to “I fear the man of a single book“. Attributed to 13th century Saint Thomas Aquinas, the original meaning of the quote (in context to how Aquinas used it) was to refer to fear of a man who had mastery over a single topic of knowledge; it’s kind of like the Bruce Lee quote, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times“. Anyways, Aquinas wrote the quote like 800 fucking years ago so in modern language it’s branched off and been used in different contexts.
One modern interpretation is a reversal of the quote’s original meaning. Instead of fearing the man of “one book” for their mastery of a subject, it mocks the man for their limited experience and knowledge (as if the man has only studied a single book, or perhaps believes their single book to contain all summed knowledge). This seems to be the context StoneToss is using the phrase in, as in to mock schools or liberal teachers for their supposed narrow world views. Edward Everett, Secretary of State to the USA in the 1850’s, remarked about the Latinese quote, saying, “[Fear] not only to the man of one book, but also to the man of one idea, in whom the sense of proportion is lacking, and who sees only that for which he looks“. Gee. Sounds an awful lot like a certain tosser of stones, doesn’t it?

Being smug while wrong and StoneToss; name a better duo. I’ll wait.

StoneToss: Episode 20

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Comic Name: Bind Justice
Description: Free Kyle Rittenhouse
Mouseover: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
Image Name: kyle-rittenhouse-blm-riot-political-cartoon.png
Originally Published: 8/27/2020

What The Comic Is: A black man brandishing a handgun and a man observing covid mask laws, despite clearly having troubles with alcohol dependency (to the point he brings his drink with him wherever he goes), are released from jail after their charges were dropped. A 17 year old who murdered two people in Wisconsin, however, is denied release. 

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That Kyle Rittenhouse shot in ‘self defense’ and that he shouldn’t be facing murder charges.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Not only is StoneToss trying to whitewash Rittenhouse’s murders, but he’s also trying to play some kind of stupid whataboutism (that doesn’t even exist) by pointing the finger at BLM and Antifa ‘thugs’ who’ve committed crime but were released on dropped charges. This doesn’t and hasn’t happened, so he’s pretty much just forcing a fake narrative that our justice system is letting black guys out because they’re part of BLM, when in reality blacks make up a highly disproportionate amount of incarcerated inmates in the USA. Who are these mystical gun-toting wife-beater wearing stereotypes that are being released? This question is purely a rhetorical; they exist only in StoneToss’s dumbass mind. 
The comic’s mouseover text is a quote that is often applied in retrospective looks at Nazi Germany, and how the rest of the world (especially Britain, France, United States and their leaderships) did little to prevent Adolf Hitler from gaining the land and materials he needed in order to launch World War 2 and the holocaust. StoneToss is very creatively retooling the line to imply that Kyle Rittenhouse is the victim, and that evil is triumphing because he was arrested for murdering people with a gun he was too young to own.

They reproduce somehow.

Comic Name: No Choice
Description: My Condolences 
Mouseover: They reproduce somehow.
Image Name: becoming-lgbt-political-cartoon.png
Originally Published: 8/25/2020

What The Comic Is: A man asks a homosexual why he chose to be gay. A flashback reveals that, as a young boy, a person once walked up behind him. Flashing back to the present, the homosexual replies that he didn’t choose to be gay.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Homosexuality is an unnatural product of childhood sexual trauma.
Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss has made comics like this in the past, though this blog has yet to cover them, so he’s not exactly surprising anyone with this brand of homophobia. Basically it’s the subscription to the belief that people are homosexual because they were molested/sexually assaulted by adults (StoneToss always implies it’s father-to-son assault). StoneToss really, really wants homosexuality to be an active choice an individual chooses to become, but he’s found an absolutely brilliant workaround by asserting that it ISN’T a choice; because gay people are raped as kids! Absolutely smashing, amazing logic. Truly. 

Of course, if one factors in all of the gay people who weren’t traumatized as children and faced no sexual abuse, then StoneToss’s incredibly stupid comic kind of falls entirely apart. So then what’s left for him to say? That some people might have homosexual tendencies due to sexual trauma as children? Even if this is true, what’s it supposed to mean? Even giving StoneToss a benefit of the doubt doesn’t help because that’s just how fucking stupid the shit he says is.

Basically it’s standard homosexuality erasure; homosexuality can’t be legitimate if it’s framed as the outcome of childhood sexual abuse. Not only that, but you can now accuse any/all gay people of being molested as kids, and then simply claim they’ve repressed the memories. It’s really smart, if you’re a fucking idiot. 

The mouseover is a jab at how you can’t reproduce with a same-sex partner, and that this is how gays “reproduce”.

StoneToss: Episode 10

what a coincidence minorities are underrepresented in so many profitable companies

Comic Name: In The Black
Description: N/A
Image Name: diversity-hire-comic.png
Originally Published: 9/5/2019

Mouseover: what a coincidence minorities are underrepresented in so many profitable companies
What The Comic Is: A room full of men sit in chairs while flopping their GIANT CUBED PENISES upwards to lay across their bare chests. One of the men draws attention to a profit report and remarks that the company’s earnings are low. As an idea, one of the other men suggests hiring more people of color.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That Affirmative Action = Bad.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: So here we are, the first (but far from the last) time StoneToss makes a comic about Affirmative Action. The policy, or at least a concept of the policy, that would much later be known as Affirmative Action has roots in the USA that go back to the mid-1800’s. In order to give the newly freed slaves of the American south an ability to form independent livelihoods, land and goods from the state of Georgia were proposed to be divided up and granted to them. Though President Andrew “I Make Trump Look Like A Pussy” Jackson later quashed the proposal, it’s been very long understood that you can’t really take disenfranchised people who have nothing and expect them to be okay.

Affirmative Action as it is in the modern USA are different laws and policies that, in a nutshell, require some institutions (such as schools or employers) to accept certain percentages of groups that have faced historic oppression (generally minorities, women and console gamers). Is Affirmative Action a good thing that works? What are its extents? What are the arguments for and against it? Look, those are all really big questions that tricky to answer and require a lot of insight and knowledge on this deep, complex issue. But why discuss anything like that? It’s not like StoneToss’s hottake or understanding is anything other than skin deep!

The mouseover text is StoneToss’s unveiled jab at minorities and how, based on statistical evidence, that it’s a “coincidence” that minorities are underrepresented in profiting companies. Obviously we all know what StoneToss is trying to actually hint at (minorities are lower IQ than caucasians, as proved by “sCiEnCe”), but it’s amusing because he’s making a statement about Affirmative Action (a broad series of fundamentals put into place to give opportunities to demographics that never experienced fair opportunity on macro levels) while musing that minorities are underrepresented in companies. So he unwittingly acknowledges the problem, but was too busy making a lazy comic where the joke is its own punchline to realize how others might notice his own dumbassery. Haha, that’s our StoneToss!

The title of the comic is a reference to companies being ‘in the black’, a business term referring to making profit (which itself is a reference to the color of ink used to record profit/loss back in ye olde times; black was used to record profit and red ink used to record loss, which is also where ‘in the red’ comes from). It is with the title that StoneToss conveniently lets us all know exactly which minority group he’s whining about.

StoneToss: Episode 9

Bootlicker? More like boot Ni-

Comic Name: Black Lives Tattered
Description: Stop hitting yourself
Mouseover: Bootlicker? More like boot Ni-
Image Name: george-floyd-riot-black-lives-matter-political-cartoon.png
Originally Published: 6/2/2020

EDIT: This entry has been edited to include the fact that Floyd’s purposed crime is, at time of writing, yet unconfirmed. 

What The Comic Is: A superhero with the power of stretchability decides all is lost and resolves to commit suicide. Either that or George Floyd is kneeling on his own neck.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That George Floyd deserved to be murdered by unsanctioned police brutality because he allegedly committed a forgery crime and then allegedly resisted arrest.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Alright lads, so I’m breaking form slightly with my upload style. My original plan was to chronicle each StoneToss comic chronological to when he released them but this comic is topical to such a drastic and extreme time in our bottomtext society that I wanted to talk about it now. 
This comic is so fundamentally stupid and victim blaming and pointless and takes StoneToss to such a new height of  pure negative IQ-ity that I couldn’t help but comment on it now. Basically StoneToss is subscribing (as he obviously would) to the thought pattern that George Floyd “did it to himself” by (maybe) being criminal and that the police are therefore absolved of all responsibility for how they handled Floyd’s arrest. This is a very common, and very ineffective, method of trying to flip the situation around on the victim. Floyd wasn’t being brutalized by police! He was being brutalized by his own (unproven) life choices! After all, if you (allegedly) break a law and then (maybe or maybe not, the police don’t seem to care either way) resist arrest, then the officer of the law has no choice but to pin you to the ground by the throat with his knee and then double down on his actions when pleaded to by a group of bystanders. It’s just how the world is supposed to work, after all.

The victim blaming is taken further with the comic’s description, “Stop hitting yourself”, again putting the blame of police brutality on the victim instead of the police. StoneToss seems to posit that excessive or protocol-violating force is okay as long as someone isn’t (maybe) complying with police order.
The mouseover text is implying that people are bootlicking for black people by defending George Floyd, as ‘bootlicker’ is a common insult against individuals who make excuses or justifications for police violence.

Also, worth pointing out that this stupid idea didn’t work without StoneToss redrawing George Floyd several feet away from the cop car despite being right under its rear bumper in the first panel, lol.
Funny enough the title of the comic works as a good pro-BLM phrase. Good work, StoneToss!
Overall this is just one of StoneToss’s stupidest comics (yet!).

StoneToss: Episode 4

First they come for the extremists, then they come for you.

Comic Name: Domino Effect
Description: N/A
Mouseover: First they come for the extremists, then they come for you.
Image Name: confederate-statue-comic.png
Originally Published: 8/17/2019

What The Comic Is: A statue of a confederate soldier is pulled down with a length of yellow police tape. The Lincoln Monument, having been cursed with sentience and spatial awareness as a statue that is unable to move or perform action, comments that he never liked the confederates and is therefore fine with the removal of the statue. However, the same yellow police tape then begins to topple him; his pleas for clemency falling on deaf ears.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: StoneToss thinks that because people are removing one form of historical reverence that, eventually, all historical statues will be destroyed and removed, regardless of their context.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: In fallacy there’s what is known as “slippery slope”, which basically summarizes the concept that someone who makes a baseless assertion such as  “Because X happened, that means Y will happen next” is generally full of shit. StoneToss is slipping down a slope with this comic as he seems to believe that eventually, we’re going to want to remove all statues. We can presume, perhaps, that StoneToss thinks this is because when you look hard enough, you’ll find that generally every historical figure has some sort of unsavory element or darker side and therefore reaction culture will lead to people self-righteously destroying every piece of chiseled marble they can find.

But it goes a little deeper than just that. Remember, StoneToss is fucking stupid. StoneToss is also subtlety suggesting that because everyone has some kind of hypothetical dirt on them that could be used as ammo to fuel an anti-statue fad against them, that the confederates weren’t precisely as bad/unworthy of memorial as people feel. After all, these non-existent people are tearing down the Lincoln monument of all things!! Do you really think they’re sound-minded enough to be right about the confederate statues??

The mouseover text is likely a reference to the poem First they came… by German pastor Martin Niemöller. The full poem is a commentary on what Niemöller declared a failure by the German people to stop the advancing atrocities and overreach of the Nazi party; 

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—     Because I was not a socialist.
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—     Because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—     Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Look, it can be hard to tell what StoneToss is exactly trying to say sometimes because what he says is so fucking dumb that you can barely tell what, if any, intelligible point he’s attempting to construe, but it’s as if he’s trying to liken confederates to the oppressed groups in Nazi Germany, and that we should be speaking out in defense of them before “They” eventually come for us as well?

Hey, StoneToss! You’re fucking stupid!