StoneToss: Episode 74

Those poor, disadvantaged law enforcement :(

Comic Name: Oppressed
Description: Dirty cop.
Mouseover: Those poor, disadvantaged law enforcement 😦
Image Name: 13-do-50-and-police-do-40-comic.png
Originally Published: 10/9/2019

What The Comic Is: A man smugly quotes that 13% of the population commits 50% of the violent crime. A gay man counters, citing that it’s because that population of people is oppressed. He then adds that 40% of cops commit domestic abuse. The final panel shows a police officer standing, head hung low, in front of two drinking fountains; one fountain is pristine and modern, labeled “Civilians Only”. The other fountain is grim-covered and leaking, labeled “Cops”.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Police are an oppressed minority, speaking up about their domestic crimes is tantamount to “Whataboutism” in order to ignore black crime statistics.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: “Cop” is not a skin color. Traditionally speaking, there’s been few things that meet or surpass the exorbitant tackiness of comparing police to black people in an attempt to show how “oppressed” the former is. Of course only idiot fucking racists (like StoneToss!) ever make this ‘observation’, so there’s always a clear subtext of trying to show black people as actually not being oppressed or no longer being oppressed, rather it’s the police who are now oppressed for ‘policing violent black people’.

Also, “Cop” is not a fucking skin color. Did I mention that already? There’s a bad faith argument to be made with this situation because it’s all about comparing oppression to accountability. Black people suffer from hundreds of years of systemic oppression, and this reflects in many of their communities. What we need in order to cure this is the mending of racial relations and equity for those who have always gotten less. This is oppression. Police are constantly abusing their positions of power over others, to the point it has become a strongly engrained stance by people of all social class and skin color to distrust and even hate the police. What we need in order to stop this is better police training, more third party oversight into police conduct and far better vetting for individuals to become police officers. This is accountability.

Police are not oppressed in our society. They are held accountable for their actions. In light of our justice system failing to do this, everyday public opinion and attitudes towards law enforcement have changed. StoneToss will argue that if we see cops as “Second Class Citizens” (which we do not, we just see the bad ones as criminals, which is what they are), then under the same logic we have to view black people the same way, because a disproportionate amount of them commit crimes. Funny enough, StoneToss unwittingly straight up answers this paradox in the comic (albeit he’s trying be sarcastic about it): It’s because black people are fucking oppressed, unlike police.

We can have an honest discussion about the environment that creates the bullies and domestic abusers who become cops. It’s fair enough to talk about that, just as we talk about the environment that leads to black crime statistics. However, this honest discussion can not be had with someone like StoneToss, as you have to leave white supremacy and bad faith arguments at the door.

We did it, reddit!

Comic Name: Goldbricking
Description: Digital “thoughts and prayers”.
Mouseover: We did it, Reddit!
Image Name: china-and-hong-kong-protesters-reddit-comic.png
Originally Published: 10/15/2019

What The Comic Is: A man bursts into the door of Chinese president Xi Jinping’s bedroom, crying out that he has terrible news. Jinping, visibly sweating and fully of worry, utters that it can not be. But the man assures him that yes: it can be, informing Jinping that the Hong Kong protesters have gotten Reddit gold, much to Jinping’s shocked expression.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: If liberals make fun of ‘thoughts and prayers’, then he can make fun of their support of Hong Kong.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: First of all, this is a (racist) ‘remix’ of StoneToss’ previous comic Speak Volumes, which has also been featured on this blog before. He colors the characters yellow (because they are azn get it lol) and depicts them with more narrow eyes than usual (because they are azn get it lol). But this is beside the main point. Throughout the year of 2019 and into 2020, Hong Kong was embroiled in wave after wave of mass protest concerning the introduction of a bill called Fugitive Offenders amendment (also known as the much, much longer Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation (Amendment) Bill 2019). In simple language the bill was to give the Hong Kong government (read: China) a greater ability to extradite “fugitives” (read: people) to countries like, say, Taiwan or maybe like, say, China. At face value this seems like a pretty benign bill, but the fear was that it would give the Chinese mainland greater control over people living in Hong Kong.

The protests began on March 15, 2019 with a sit-in at government headquarters and ballooned from there. Even after the bill was suspended in June, the protests continued, this time to make sure the bill was fully dumped out and in response to police brutality. People from all over the world weighed in their support for the Hong Kong people. Businesses from all over the world awkwardly avoided offending China. It was truly a global phenomenon of human proportion.

What is StoneToss’ take on this situation? This oppressed people rising up to fight for liberty and freedom? Ah, well, it’s that libs are dumb of course lolol. He’s trying to deride “slacktivism” on the part of people supporting the Hong Kong protests, this is in childish butthurt response to liberals constantly mocking conservatives for their “thoughts and prayers” whenever gun violence occurs. However, the thing about that is, is that you are supporting Hong Kong with Reddit gold and Facebook likes and Twitter tweeters and Instagram grammers and Pinterest… uh, pricks? Just because people can’t exactly fly out to Hong Kong and take to the streets does not mean support all over is invalid or lazy, it’s an expression of global solidarity that the government not just in China, but in every country where people live, have to listen to.

Saying “I’m sending hopes and prayers” after yet another school shooting in lieu of any form of gun reform is the purest, most unadulterated form of fake-response virtue signaling that you can possibly fucking do. So, like usual, this is not a case of StoneToss turning the tables on the libs and shooting them down with their own ammunition, it’s just StoneToss being wrong and making a fool of himself. Again.

The comic’s name, “goldbricking” is a reference to the term “goldbrick”, a name for something that outwardly appears useful or valuable but in reality is useless. The term is derived from a brick of lead that is coated with gold; outwardly it looks like a brick of pure gold but in reality it’s just lead with gold plating. Conservatives goldbrick all the time, while liberals crusade for liberty. StoneToss hates this, because he’s basically being cucked by libs who are living the dream he constantly wishes he was in: actually fighting for actual liberty. How does he process his seethe? With shitty comics, of course! HAhahahahaha, StoneToss, you fucking loser. It’s hard to ever fight for liberty when you’re a fascist who is opposed to any form of it.

StoneToss: Episode 72

What goes around...

Comic Name: Outlaw
Description: Law and disorder.
Mouseover: What goes around…
Image Name: blue-lives-matter-jail-stonetoss-political-cartoon.png
Amogus: The badge on the cop’s hat (turned upside down)
Originally Published: 4/22/2021

What The Comic Is: A police officer stands in a jail cell, his hands in cuffs. In the cell a MAGA hat wearing man, also in cuffs and sporting a Thin Blue Line shirt, smugly greets the new prisoner.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: The police “betrayed” the capitol rioters on January 6, but they are now being imprisoned themselves by “radical leftist government society”, somehow vindicating the capitol rioters or proving that right-wingers are being imprisoned not for their actions but for their politics.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: First of all, people aren’t handcuffed when they’re in prison, but whatever. I guess StoneToss wanted to make 100% sure we knew they were in jail and not meeting in a purple bedroom in order to have gay-ass buttsex. And the cop is drawn with no face, almost as if he can be a stand-in for any police officer in the future who is arrested and convicted for committing a crime. So deep! And he’s wearing a little blue police onsie because he’s a fucking baby who never learned his actions have consequences. So accurate!

Anyways. StoneToss makes it quite clear who the guy sitting down is supposed to be, with the red hat and all. It’s obviously meant to be one of the rioters from the January 6 capitol riot, many of which (and growing by the day!) are being arrested, convicted and sent to prison terms. While every flavor of “I support the capitol riot” is the same shit-taste flavor, they are at least topped with different sprinkles (the sprinkles are bigoted, the whipped cream on top is from a spray can. But the spray can is racist). Some on the right decry the riot as a false flag, that it was Antifa and BLM “infiltrators” who actually ringleading or solely committing any violence or crimes. Others suggest the riots were entirely peaceful, that reports of police officers being injured and killed were only fake news and that Ashli Babbitt (the woman shot and killed by a police officer during the rioter’s break-in of the capitol building) was a peaceful protestor who was wrongly shot. But most of them agree that on that day, the police “betrayed” America, or that the police were exposed as being puppets to the fake Biden (((illuminati))) government.

StoneToss has depicted the protests as peaceful, but also made comics about the rioters (in military cosplay riot gear) stealing Pelosi’s computer, so it seems that when it comes to picking a side, he’s too much of an indecisive coward/idiot (or, in his own words, too “intelligent” and “insightful” and “sees every possible logical branch in any situation”, so how can he ever possibly join one side or the other??). He’s made a comic disavowing QAnon as being a conspiracy started by the (((Jews))), so really where he stands on what the capitol riots were or why is up for anyone to debate. Really, he doesn’t seem to have any clear idea on what they were (were they based? Peaceful? A (((false flag)))?) and seems to go with whatever he thinks at the moment, which is very much classic StoneToss. But this all takes us back to Derek Chauvin ending up in prison.

StoneToss seems to be of the opinion that police officers, who did their job and protected people from violent rioters, were betrayers of liberty on January 6th. They betrayed the very same Thin Blue Line cultists that worship and bootlick them (isn’t it curious how the rioters supported police, but still were stopped from committing crimes? Curious). StoneToss bitches relentlessly about supposed shadow government “new world order” illuminati conspiracies, but funnily enough it seems that, in this situation, what he’s upset about is that there isn’t a shadowy cabal of string-pullers who are getting all of the Thin Blue Line cultists off the hook for their peaceful murdering of a police officer and that, unfortunately enough, the actions of the rioters have consequences. There is nothing funny, ironic or cathartic about an officer going to prison alongside capitol rioters. StoneToss is just a manbaby who doesn’t like that you can’t commit crimes even if you’re a bootlicker.

Yeah, I'll "monitor" my re-election vote for you real good, buddy,

Comic Name: Acta Non Verba
Description: Et tu, Trumpus?
Mouseover: Yeah, I’ll “monitor” my re-election vote for you real good, buddy.
Image Name: trump-monitoring-the-situation-comic.png
Originally Published: 9/30/2019

What The Comic Is: Antifa and Facebook banhammer-wielding gladiators menacingly corner a Trump gladiator in a colosseum arena. The Trump gladiator shouts for aid from Emperor Trump, though Trump merely shouts back that he is “monitoring the situation” as he reclines on his bench, drinking wine and being served grapes.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Trump doesn’t give a shit about his cultists.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Nope, StoneToss is right! Trump didn’t/doesn’t care about his supporters. He’s never cared. They’re just stooges and potential scam victims for his shady donation drives. Though what exactly StoneToss was expecting Trump to do about things like Twitter and Facebook is questionable. Did he expect Trump to use some kind of executive action to control Facebook? Isn’t that exactly the kind of thing StoneToss hates about governments?? Like Outlaw, this comic goes to show that StoneToss’ worldview has zero fundamental values or principles, he just wants people he doesn’t like to be controlled by the government, and he wants the people he does like to get off with their crimes. This is because StoneToss is a fucking manbaby.

“Acta Non Verba”, the comic’s title, loosely translates from Latin as “Deeds, not words”, which is a pretty common saying among those who value themselves as being very badass. In this case, StoneToss is calling out Trump for never doing anything. Fruit that hangs so low it’s touching the goddamned grass. The description is a parody of the phrase “Et tu, Brute?” (or, “and you, Brutus?”) the famous (and fictional) final words of Roman leader and dictator Julius Caesar (in the Shakespeare play Julius Caesar, where the line is most often pulled from ((though it did appear in even earlier plays, such as Henry VI, Part III also by Shakespeare and Caesar Interfectus by another dead guy named Richard Edes)), the line is not even the character of Caesar’s last words, that would be his next line: “Then fall Caesar!“). But okay, I digress: point being is that StoneToss is shit. It’s just his way of dramatically acting betrayed by Donald Trump for being #JustLikeTheOtherPoliticians and not sending the US military to raid Facebook HQ or something. Once again, StoneToss wishes he could have everything perfectly tailored to his tastes (Trump uses his powers as President to control Facebook’s policies) while still maintaining his tough guy bigbrain do not tread on me principles (that the gubment will not infringe on free liberty).

He even suggests he’s not going to vote for Trump in 2020, despite going on to make numerous comics about Trump winning in 2020. So he fervently wants Trump to win, but he personally doesn’t want to vote for Trump in order to maintain his façade as an ultra-libertarian liberty minuteman badass freedom American warrior; or in other words: StoneToss is a fucking idiot.