StoneToss: Episode 93

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Yellow fever

Comic Name: Sociological Distancing
Description: Foreign Bodies.
Mouseover: Yellow fever
Image Name: multiculturalism-and-disease-political-cartoon.png
Originally Published: 3/31/2020

What The Comic Is: In the first panel, stereotypical representations of different countries all link hands together in a grassy field underneath a rainbow, ending with the USA. In the second panel, it is shown that to the USA is about to link hands with stereotypes of China and Italy, who are both seek and meek looking with green spots across their faces. The green field turns to darkness and the rainbow to rain clouds, much to the USA’s shock.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: We can never interact with other countries in order to stop diseases from transferring from them.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: If you keep up with each post on this blog, you may remember how the last post (episode 92) featured a StoneToss comic concerning Asian-American reporter Andy Ngo. In the comic, Andy Ngo is drawn with pure white skin (no color, the way StoneToss depicts white people, in fact he is drawn as non-stereotypically as possible, something StoneToss must have needed to put actual effort into doing). This is because StoneToss is honoring Andy Ngo as “one of the good ones”. Good non-whitey, giving us a leg to stand on! In this comic, StoneToss is demonizing the Chinese, and thus he takes the mask off, depicting the Chinese person as stereotypically yellow. If StoneToss was trying to fool anyone into thinking he wasn’t a useless, shallow bigot, he fucked up. This is assuming StoneToss was trying, though, as it’s very likely he wasn’t.

The symbolism is pretty simple. Every country links hands, but here come the “Covid countries” (Italy was getting hit pretty hard by the virus around the time of this comic’s publishing; you can see StoneToss very cleverly uses a piece of pizza, the only thing he can think of that’s Italian, to represent the Italy character). It seems as if infectious diseases are just as fickle and ever-changing as Asian skin color to StoneToss, because one moment he’s bitching about Covid being a hoax or being “not so bad” when he wants to whine about MUH LIBTERIES but then the next moment he utilizes Covid as a tool to legitimize anti-globalism/sealed borders. Is it a fake disease doctors only use for online social media points, or is it a deadly virus we have to close the country forever more over? It’s whatever StoneToss wants it to be in any given moment, because he doesn’t actually stand for anything or believe in anything further than satiating whatever childish feeling he’s currently failing to work through like an adult.

“Yellow fever” is a (derogatory) slang term for an Asian fetish (kind of like the even more derogatory ‘jungle fever’ for Black fetish). It’s also a casual medical term for illnesses like Jaundice! In this case, StoneToss is making an overtly racist comparison to Covid19 and ‘yellow fever’, i.e., that it’s the yellow fever, as in from China. Remember all the stupid “China Virus” jokes that unfunny bigots were spewing? Yeah it’s basically just one of those, very funny.

But let’s talk about the real meat of this comic. It’s an anti-globalism comic, arguing that mixing with other people results in the spread of viruses. This is true, of all the things we share between people, contagious pathogens are unfortunately going to be one of them. That’s just how it do be. However, using this as a key reason why the USA should build a massive border wall around itself and never contact outside countries ever again is shortsighted stupidity (StoneToss’ favorite kind of stupidity!).’

StoneToss may or may not be aware of this, and therefore may or may not care, but viruses can evolve and spread within single countries, especially ones as large as biodiverse as the USA. In fact, data supports that limiting the movement of people actually helps viruses spread, because it inhibits people from moving away from densely populated areas where viruses spread the easiest. Sure, in some fantasy world that can never exist, the USA could theoretically magically close off its borders so that absolutely no one from the outside world could ever enter it. That would have probably prevented a disease that developed in another country from ever spreading into the USA- well, except for pesky travelers who could travel from the USA to China, contract the virus, and then bring it back. But we don’t live in such a utopia, so we have to face the facts that viruses spread.

StoneToss is more than happy to deride and mock people for things like wearing masks or quarantining/social distancing, precautions to stop the spread of Covid, but he sure does like to tout the ‘solution’ of closed borders and anti-globalism, which are essentially just far more extreme (and really stupid) versions of the aforementioned precautions. Forget all of the cheap Chinese-produced things StoneToss undoubtedly purchases every day of his life. Forget all of the inventions created by other countries. All of the progress made in medicine, technology and society. What is important is closing off the border and living a nice, isolated existence until the USA contracts its own pandemic and can’t travel out of its own country because of the 70-foot tall red white and blue deathmechas who patrol the borders for anyone trying to get in or out.

Ask StoneToss the hypothetical “what happens when the USA contracts its own deadly virus and it kills everyone in the USA and you can’t escape to another country because everyone else has enacted the same border control you wish the USA had?” and he’ll give you some bullshit canned response of “If that happens it’s just survival of the fittest! It’s how capitalism works!!, if it happens to the USA then that’s just how things go, life isn’t fair!“, when in reality if this situation ever did happen to StoneToss, he’d the the first one to claw his way out of the country while screaming and crying about how evil everyone is for not letting him escape. What I’m trying to say is, fuck StoneToss.

TOEing the line

Comic Name: Foot in Mouth
Description: StoneToss links to a “purple square” variant of the same comic, where the bottom right corner is colored purple.
Mouseover: TOEing the line
Image Name: boot-lickers-political-cartoon.png
Originally Published: 4/2/2020

What The Comic Is: A political compass depicts four different sets of people, all licking the feet of their respective “rulers”, while all simultaneously accusing the others of boot licking.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: All sides are the same because they all kowtow to someone.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss tried to make this an “all sides bad I’m so centrist I am very enlightened“, but see, this really doesn’t work. Because while the authoritarian Right is licking the boots of a Nazi, and the Libertarian Right licks the boots of a business tycoon, the Libertarian Left licks… a transgendered woman’s foot. Hell maybe it’s not even a trans person, StoneToss just nominally decided “hair leg = man lol”. It could just be a woman, but StoneToss thinks women are just as bad as trans people so does it matter either way?

Yes StoneToss, can’t we all just open our eyes?! Can’t we SEE that Nazis and tycoon capitalists are just as bad as trans people?!?!?! The Left is so bad with their ACCEPTANCE OF TRANS PEOPLE, just like the Right with their desire for fascism!! At the end of the day, we are all bootlickers because one side wants to kill brown people and let poor people die and the other side doesn’t want to do any of that. Truly, we all the same.

Fascism does not exist, or at least it can not operate as a government force, without actual bootlicking and submission to the powers in control. End game capitalism and cash monarchies can not exist without the complacency of those serving it. Trans people are just humans who want to fucking exist. Yes the far Left radicals with their kowtow worship of trans people, the way the TRANS AGENDA(tm) controls and influences everything they do, just like Nazis.

But of course, StoneToss doesn’t lick any boots. Such is the privilege of a man with the wherewithal to reject any and all groups of people (at least outwardly, because inwardly StoneToss is a raging fascist and will readily support any force that appears to be trying to install fascism in the government). StoneToss is so smart, unlike those total full mask off Nazi RPers and stupid Leftists who think Trans people, gay people, brown people and women should be allowed to exist.

StoneToss doesn’t lick any boots because he’s too busy licking shit. It takes one doozy-mamma of a shitlicker to think this comic isn’t completely fucking stupid, after all.

StoneToss: Episode 79

Sorry for another late upload. I’ve been catching up on a lot of life stuff after recovering from my poopy illness. Next episode is the big 80th edition, which I plan to have on time and sexy as ever. Thanks for reading.


Comic Name: Mind Virus
Description: It’s contagious.
Mouseover: Cognitohazard
Image Name: conspiracy-facemask-stonetoss-political-cartoon.png
Amogus: The logo on the sauce jar.
Originally Published: 5/13/2021

What The Comic Is: A man in a UFO shirt and tinfoil hat goes about his business at a grocery mart. He is given a skeptical glare by a man wearing a face mask along with an upper-body encompassing “filtration device” and thick rubber gloves, who is currently disinfecting his groceries.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Libs are hypocrites because they buy into ‘conspiracy theories’ all the time.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: This is not the first time StoneToss has made such an epically original observation by comparing ‘liberal hoaxes’ to UFO conspiracy theories (StoneToss is cripplingly unoriginal with nothing new to ever say and only has one fucking joke, goooooo fiiiiguuureeee). The obvious strawman is that StoneToss depicts the ‘covid conspiracy theorist’ as wearing a ridiculous respirator suit with gloves and disinfectant wipes. I would ask StoneToss to count the number of times he’s actually witnessed someone wearing a respirator unit in real life; or at least I would, if I were confident in StoneToss’ capability to actually count.

So he has to strawman something that doesn’t exist. Big deal, nothing new. But let’s discuss the other guy in the picture. StoneToss leans on the “UFO tinfoil hat” caricature whenever he wants to comment on a “hoax” that Leftists subscribe to (note, of course, that the supposed ‘Leftist hoaxes’ are never hoaxes). This isn’t because StoneToss is purely unoriginal, well okay that’s actually part of it too, but the other reason is that StoneToss is aware of the fact that his side (the Right) runs on nothing but conspiracy theories. He has to sit and watch as the only people he can realistically ally himself with (far-right idiots) are constantly bombarded for their faith in conspiracy and fringe beliefs. StoneToss’ own world view, that of a ruling Jewish New World Order elite, is based firmly in the realm of conspiracy theory. Is it any wonder why he lashes out at mask wearing like this? Attempting to depict a reality where the classic tinfoil hat is replaced with hazmat-style ventilation units and everyone lives in crazy virus world, don’t those stupid libs know that people die of car crashes all the time?!?!!?

The description, “cognitohazard” is a term used, by all things, the SCP Foundation. SCP is a loose community of people who share mostly community-active stories (meaning anyone, anywhere, is allowed to contribute into or freely utilize ideas and concepts created within the SCP story world) pertaining to the existence of spooky paranormal entities and artifacts. Specifically, in SCP lore, ‘cognitohazards’ are paranormal objects that are dangerous to one’s senses (usually sight). Why is StoneToss using the term here in this comic? Who the actual fuck knows?? Maybe he’s saying masks are hazardous to your ability to breath, or maybe he’s referring to the fact that wearing a mask ‘marks’ you so the (((ruling elite))) know who the sheep are or… well, fuck, I have no clue. StoneToss, thy idiot eludes me.

With this comic we see once again StoneToss’ sad little desire to see reality flipped around. Where it’s actually the Leftists who are constantly buying into radical conspiracies , where it’s StoneToss and the Right who are always seeing truth and aren’t consistently mocked and made fools of for their stupid conspiracy-mongering. StoneToss had to sit by and watch his side eat itself over QAnon, a phenomenon that exposed thousands of voices on the Right as being woefully idiotic and collectively embarrassing to their side as a whole. QAnon only further cemented the Right as firmly the side of wild conspiracy, and even now StoneToss must endure the constant talk of the “Secret Trump Government” and Trump’s “totally real orchestration to take back the presidency” and he must clearly be aware that his proximity to the far-Right is going to put him into direct association with these wild delusions for a long, long time coming. He can’t directly disavow his own side’s conspiracy theory behavior; it would alienate tens of thousands of his supporters. So what does the alt-Right loser do when he keeps losing in past, present and future? Make up lies. Lie about Leftists, lie about who was behind QAnon (it wasn’t the Right, it was the Jews!!). Disown everyone who isn’t as Nazi as you want them to be. Fuck the truth, it’s not comforting. Open your mouth and suck up all the creamy, nutty goodness of lies badly told and even more badly defended.

Dragon furs are the worst.

Comic Name: Halls of Debate
Description: Big Think
Mouseover: Dragon furs are the worst.
Image Name: furry-youtube-comic.png
Originally Published: 11/7/2019

What The Comic Is: In the times of ancient Greece, a man clasps famous philosopher Plato by the shoulder, excitedly musing on the effect that Plato’s university will have on discourse in the ages of time to come. In the second panel, a man sits at a computer watching a YouTube video discussing the morality of ephebophilia.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Discourse (education) is bad because people can argue for things like ephebophilia.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: First of all, StoneToss, it isn’t “Dragon fur“, it’s “Scaly“. Get it right, ya darn goof. Ya darn lil’ goof. Ya silly little goofy. Ya unironic fucking idiot. You absolute dumbfuck. You shitstain. You little cumwad, you. Fucking idiot.

Anyways. At first this comic might seem like just a joke about how people in the past dreamed of discourse in the future being built off of their teachings and methods, only that in reality we have people arguing for dumb shit like the moral nature of ephebophilia. StoneToss is notoriously anti-education, however, as many of his far-Right ilk so often are. Go figure the anti-education lunatic is feeling the butthurt all the way back to Plato.

Who’s the blue dragon in the second panel, anyways? That would be YouTuber and dragon fur sorry, I MEAN SCALY, Kothorix. Who is Kothorix? He’s a small-time YouTuber who occasionally put out videos that would sometimes break maybe 30-50k views but more normally stagnated at just a couple thousand. He topped out at just 49k subs on YouTube (a very, very common threshold for channels that YouTube pulls from their algorithm, but this is all another story for another blog). So basically all this to say that, no offense to the sexy blue dragon man, that Kothorix is a nobody. He doesn’t have a massive social media following or a huge millions-of-subs YouTube channel. His opinions and thoughts on things are all pretty standard and appeal to basic logic and a lot of Leftist principles, he likes RuneScape and Overwatch and he’s a furry and blah blah blah. It’s a safe bet to say you’ve never heard of the dude or his videos.

So why is StoneToss making a comic about a random nobodyfur? Well, for two reasons. Kothorix’s channel would receive the most attention whenever he published on of his “rant” videos, these could range from rants about video games to rants on social justice and other more weighted topics concerning society and what realistic dragon penises would look like. Some of these videos could be slightly divisive, especially for his normally very Left-leaning audience. His easily most controversial video was his infamous (or at least somewhat infamous, given he’s not a very big YouTuber) “In Defense of Pedophilia”. In this rather brazenly titled video, Kothorix gives a pretty basic “we shouldn’t ostracize people with pedophilic urges and rather should help them receive the assistance they need” hot take, followed by a couple of minutes of wondering why a 20 year old fucking a 16 year old is so weird. He pulled the video in the wake of controversy it kicked up, but if you want to see it, it’s been reuploaded by another person. While he does meander off a bit, his main point is that pedophilia (or the very act of someone finding themselves attracted to the body of a minor) is more like an uncontrollable mental illness that one should be able to safely seek aid for, which yes is a totally extreme Western society-toppling opinion, I know.

So what is ephebophilia, anyways? You hear the term sometimes used by those defending pedophilic or adult-child relationships. Pedophilia is the sexual interest and urge towards children (pre-pubescent, before puberty and often specifically for young, very undeveloped bodies), whereas the more tongue twisty ephebophilia is a sexual urge for someone who has just recently finished their puberty development (so think a 15 year old who has finished an early puberty and who is fully sexually developed, but not yet a grown adult). This obviously gets nuanced, as a grimy creep-type of guy may not give a shit how old a ‘hot girl’ is, he’ll fuck her whether she’s 15 or not, so this type of person wouldn’t be necessarily an ephebophile because he simply doesn’t care what the age is, his attraction has nothing to do with the status of his attraction’s age or development. The same way someone who wants to bone a 15 year old isn’t a pedophile, though we in society would often label an 18 year old who is in a relationship with a 15 year old as a “pedophile”. This is because ultimately, society doesn’t generally care about the nuance. A creepy guy who doesn’t care about age and just wants to bone is going to be seen as pedophiliac regardless of technical definitions or the nuance therein.

SO WHAT THE FUCK DOES ALL THIS HAVE TO DO WITH STONETOSS? Well, that’s easy: StoneToss is an idiot. Kothorix is a virtual nobody. He doesn’t speak for anyone, he’s a small YouTuber with a middle-of-the-road channel that failed to gain any greater notoriety or attention, he isn’t the cutting edge of liberal opinion. He’s a literal “Literally who?“. To the best of my findings, Kothorix never even made a video titled “ephebophilia, immoral?” or any video talking specifically about ephebophilia, he only made the ‘in defense of Pedophiles’, and he made the video way back in 2017: a good two years before StoneToss made this comic about him. So why in the world was he relevant enough to StoneToss to be featured in one of the latter’s comics? Because this is the best that StoneToss has got. Feast your eyes, one and all, on the twisted hell-scape future that the Left has orchestrated: A random nobody YouTuber dragon furSCALY making a video about pedophilia being something to fix rather than ostracize. What has education done???

StoneToss: the left are all pedo cucks!!! they want to fuck kids!!!! look here’s a video from two years ago from a random small youtube channel where the furry host is left-leaning on several key topics!!!! this proves it, the west was destroyed by school!!!!!!!!

Most Rightists don’t have this kind of energy. They just claim Democrats are all secret globalist pedophiles that own a secret Illuminati child sex ring, then they shit their pants and call it a day. StoneToss, as we discussed in the first comic, is sadly aware of how entrenched in wild, baseless conspiracy theory his side of the camp is. This is like his desperate attempt to snoop into “the wild Left” and pull out damning evidence of what pedophilia-endorsing Leftist rhetoric looks like. It must get exhausting, chasing so desperately after the bizarre and ever-more-wild claims of his fellow Righties, trying to make them look in some way legitimate (whether this is pinning QAnon as “it was a Jewish-lead wild goose chase” or “look, a random nobody on YouTube thinks we shouldn’t kill pedophiles”). It’s like the Right, as a whole entity, is some kind of crumbling dam that can’t hold back the tidal wave of horseshit and StoneToss is frantically plugging the holes up with his fingers. Even as the goopy brown waters run over his face and coat his entire weakling body, he swallows down his pride and grins, because nothing could possibly be better than owning the libs.

StoneToss: Episode 44

Comic Name: The Two Percent
Description: Such long euphemisms…
Mouseover: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”
Image Name: anti-semitic-leftist-comic1.png
Originally Published: 1/3/2019

What The Comic Is: A gay man wearing a globalism t-shirt pronounces his hated for the top 1% of the American wealthy, describing them as controlling the media to push agendas onto the working class people. A man stops the rant, worriedly asking the gay man to stop being anti-Semitic.  

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That socialists/the left/etc are stupid for getting mad at conservatives when, in reality, it’s (((THE JEWZ))) who control the world with their Illuminati media monopoly. Further, however, is that leftists are in fact unwittingly indoctrinated towards homosexuality and globalism because of (((THE JEWZ))) and also, that leftists are the real anti-Semites.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Once again StoneToss exercises an uncanny ability to say several stupid things in only a few words. By this time in his comic StoneToss was earning a pretty hardcore (and well deserved) reputation for being anti-Semitic dumbfuck, and so it seems he started firing off his brain on all two and a half cylinders to construct a logic that would prove once and for all that it was actually everyone else that was ignorant and bigoted. Obviously the comic hinges on trying to construe leftists as being brainwashed by (((the guys in funny hats))), and then tries to be very BASED and RED PEE’D by flipping the script on common leftist rhetoric, insinuating that leftists actually hate Jews, or at least they would hate Jews, if Jews didn’t control the media and brainwash them into hating the wrong people. 

As always we can tell the man is a homosexual because of his hair, and his t-shirt is a poorly drawn Globalist symbol (along with a white and black person shaking hands, because apparently blacks and whites being friends is also the result of Jewish Illuminati because yeah whatever why not, that makes fucking sense). StoneToss has already suggested that homosexuality is caused by people being molested as children, so then which is it, exactly? Is it molestation or Jews that cause homosexuality? Does StoneToss seriously think that it’s both? Can it be either/or, or does it need to be both? Like, does a man turn homosexual if he’s molested as a kid but doesn’t watch the Jew News? I can’t help myself but to wonder, it’s like StoneToss is constructing an entire lore canon of stupid ideas. Kind of like a Silmarillion of sorts, only written by a fucking idiot.

The comic’s description is probably a joke about Jews having long noses as well as how a bunch of negative euphemisms describe Jews (according to StoneToss). What “The Two Percent” refers to the percentage of the population in the USA that is/identifies as ethnically Jewish, meaning that StoneToss is trying to make a point that Leftists hate the 1% for being such a tiny but influential part of the overall culture, when Jews are only 2% of the population but CoNtRoL aLl Of AmErIcA. The difference being that the 1% hoards wealth and doesn’t pay its fair share of taxes and the 2% eat Chinese food on Christmas. You can see, then, why comparing the two is fucking idiotic.

The mouse over text is a quote often misattributed to various historical figures (most usually Voltaire, a French writer and philosopher who is known for his very progressive thinking). In reality the quote was penned by Kevin Strom, a holocaust denier and raging anti-Semite/convicted pedophile. The original quote, “To determine the true rulers of any society, all you must do is ask yourself this question: Who is it that I am not permitted to criticize?” comes from Strom’s 1993 shitty anti-Jew essay ‘All America Must Know The Terror That Is Upon Us’. The quote obviously tries to suggest that Jews can not be criticized because they control society (either directly or through wHiTe GuIlT). Obviously you’re allowed to criticize Jews, however, so the quote is not only nonsensical but also fucking wrong. It’s just a melodramatic and pretentious form of whining about not being able to be openly racist and bigoted. Kind of like what StoneToss does with his comic!

Leave it to StoneToss to rally behind the incorrectly written quote of a convicted pedophile, though. I guess.

Comic Name: Telemedicine
Description: Bedside manners.
Mouseover: Hope your insurance will cover that.
Image Name: selfie-nurse-comic.png
Originally Published: 12/31/2020

What The Comic Is: A man lies in a hospital bed, looking weak. He asks his nurse how bad his condition is. The nurse responds that she’s already drafting her Tweet as she snaps a selfie with her phone.

 What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Doctors and nurses, the frontline fighters against Covid19, are using the disaster for their own online clout.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Fuck you, StoneToss. 

So it took awhile, but StoneToss is finally slowly shifting into themes of anti-vaxxer and anti-medicine (he made an anti-vaxxer comic before this one, which this blog will cover eventually). The man in the hospital bed is obviously meant to be dying from Covid19, and StoneToss is implying the nurse is using his condition, and the entire pandemic, to score points on social media. This is such a strange and petty thing for StoneToss to take aim at, but we’ve thoroughly established that StoneToss is a deranged and unintelligent person who blindly follows whatever he’s told. It was really only a matter of time before he started becoming anti-vaxx (or at least finally espousing anti-vaxx sentiment that he always harbored), especially given his stance on Covid19 as a whole.

This comic may also have been partly inspired by the story of EMT worker Lauren Kwei, who feared for her job in December 2020 when the New York Post (to the rest of the media’s, as well as everyone else’s, disapproval) ran a story on her OnlyFans operation. If there’s one thing StoneToss hates more than a woman, it’s a woman who makes more money than him. StoneToss, as of this post’s writing, hasn’t made too many comics about Covid19, but it seems safe to assume he believes the virus is a hoax on some level. Perhaps not outright a hoax, but that it’s exaggerated to a point where nurses are using it to chase e-clout. 

I mean, I don’t even understand what prompted him to make this shitty comic. Is he really so moved by nurses and doctors posting about the conditions they and their patients are enduring that he has to try mocking them for it? What an absolute fucking idiot, lol.