MrPumpkinFace: Episode 1

Comic Name: Among Us
Description: Who you gonna vote for?
Originally Published: 9/22/2020

Who The Hell Is Mr Pumpkin Face?: Mr Pumpkin Face is an idiot. More specifically, he is a StoneToss-esque webcomic artist that you’ve probably at least seen once or twice before. Generally his comics are so basic and stupid that they fail to be candidates for any deeper type of explanation, making them considerably worse than even StoneToss. I mean, at least StoneToss makes stuff you might have to think about for a moment. Pumpkin Face mostly just draws stupid shit like black guys with watermelon heads getting AIDs and Donald Trump beating a demonic Biden in the 2020 election or whatever. 
I had wanted to maybe feature Pumpkin Face here, but had trouble finding a comic of his that was worth explaining. Someone suggested this one specifically, and I figured it’s an interesting history lesson if nothing else. 

Like StoneToss, Pumpkin Face claims he’s just being offensive. However, his ‘pumpkin face’ character is described as being sent from ‘the underworld’ to learn the ways of mankind, and the comic is vaguely meant to be the character’s ‘observations’, making Pumpkin Face the author’s mouthpiece on real life observations of society. Also like StoneToss, while Pumpkin Face claims he’s just being offensive to push the boundaries on what he describes is ‘subjective offensiveness’, he constantly makes the same fucking comics about black people and Jews being dumb/bad/evil, Biden being a pedophile, liberals being stupid, Trump being a winner, etc. His activity on social media also thoroughly betrays any benefits of the doubt he meekly tries to cultivate for his comic. Mr Pumpkin Face is an idiot. And you know what that means, right? It means it’s time for…

What The Comic Is: A group of crew members from the online viral-hit game Among Us circle around the scene of a murder. The white crew member lays on the ground, dead, as a crew member in a silly little Jew beanie stands above the murder, greeting the rest of the crew. 

What Pumpkin Face Actually Thinks: (((Jews))) intentionally attacked America, and by proxy therefore attacked ‘the white race’.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: The murdered crew member is obviously drawn as white to make this not just a comic about Israel attacking an American ship, but Israel attacking “white people”. The comic’s name, a reference to the Among Us game, is also meant to be a reference to (((the Jews))) being ‘among us’, obviously ‘the imposters’ fitting in with ‘white people’. The ‘U.S.S. LIB’ is the ship the USS Liberty, which was attacked and badly damaged by Israeli fighter jets and submarines during the Six-Day War on June 8, 1967. The Liberty was in international waters at the time of the attack, with Israel claiming the ship was attacked by mistake after being incorrectly identified as Egyptian (Egypt was a key opponent to Israel in the Six Day War).

Israel’s excuse was officially accepted by Lyndon B. Johnson’s government, though surviving crewmembers of the Liberty have, ever since the attack, held out that the Israeli forces attacking them were well aware of who their target was. As you can imagine, this has lead to a lot of conspiracy theories. Israel and the USA, to this day, hold to their version of events; that Israel made a mistake and misidentified the vessel as an Egyptian warship. There are several working theories on why the Liberty was attacked, ranging from a genuine mistake on the part of a commander to the suggestion that the Israeli government was worried the US vessel would intercept information that Israel was about to attempt to escalate the war (against the wishes of its allies, such as the US). Conspiracy then as follows; Israel isn’t comfortable with the US ship intercepting frequencies, potentially overhearing devious Israeli plans, so they launch an attack on it and then later claim it was a mistake. The American government, not wanting to make the war an even bigger mess than it already was (and embarrass their Israeli allies) lets the affront slide. 

What really happened with the Liberty? Was it pure incompetence on the part of the Israeli military, or a cover up for something greater? Like most things of this nature, unless some sort of secret documentation exists to prove anything, we will probably never know. But you know what we do know? That it doesn’t fucking matter, because this comic isn’t even about Israel, it’s conflating the Liberty incident as being perpetuated by the Jewish ‘race’ in general against ‘white people’, making this comic as stupid as if you were to pin all possible war atrocities committed by American troops as being attacks by ‘white people’ onto others.

And finally, the description of the comic asks the reader who they’re going to vote for. Given that Pumpkin Face is normally very overly pro-Trump, we can assume he’s framing this as “are you voting for the right candidate (Trump), or the one that will help Jews destroy America (Biden)?”, despite the fact that Trump’s presidency has been overwhelmingly pro-Israel. It leaves one to wonder if Pumpkin Face is aware of this, and actually thinks Trump would be the wrong president to pick, or if Pumpkin Face is just a fucking idiot who doesn’t even know what he’s saying.