StoneToss: Episode 94

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Comic Name: Suck the System
Description: Eat the rich, but make sure their tech investments run smoothly first.
Mouseover: Lumpenprole
Image Name: anarchist-on-twitter-rule-follower-political-cartoon.png
Originally Published: 4/7/2020

What The Comic Is: An Antifa pajama man spray paints an anarchist symbol on the side of TWITTER. Beside him, he notices another man is spray painting the first letters of a racial slur on the same TWITTER. The pajama man runs off in fear and alarm, crying that the second man is breaking the terms of service.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Antifa wants anarchy, but still wants an authority figure to dictate the use of racial slurs/hate speech.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: We can have a big, extended deep dive into anarchy and the rejection of governments that have inherently failed to protect/serve their own people, but that’s a bit unnecessary. It’s true that Antifa is somewhat aligned with feelings of anarchical revolution, but it’s sort of nuanced to, oh, you know… rooting out the authority figures who have failed all social contracts to not abuse their powers in a systematic way that is otherwise unstoppable short of actual pushback. You know how cowards like StoneToss outright fetishize “revolution”, calling upon the American revolution constantly as some kind of fever fantasy that they claim to be able to relate to? Yeah, in reality idiots like StoneToss would have been asskissing loyalists and not at all the revolution warrior he constantly wetdreams about being.

Because people like Antifa are actually fighting back against tyranny, hence some of their more anarchy-leaning desires. StoneToss and his fellow shills would have you believe Antifa are foaming at the mouth and eager to abolish all forms of society and government, but nah. Turns out you can in fact nuance everything, even anarchy. Opposition to police rule (because police rule has proven to be corrupt at all levels for decades/hundreds of years) isn’t the same as “let’s abolish all rules”. Funny enough, promoting anarchy against tyranny isn’t quite the same as the N-word, but you’d have to be a total fucking idiot to ever try making such a dumb and ridiculous compari- Oh right, StoneToss.

Also worth noting that, yeah, Twitter is a private platform that is free to choose who and what they allow to be posted. StoneToss and his shills desperately argue that Twitter/Facebook/social media in general should somehow be ‘federalized’ (kind of like, you know, something like a Socialism model) in order to protect “free speech”. What they really mean is that they don’t want private entities to censor them, which completely flies in the face of their typical standpoint of less government control and more power for private entities. This is because the core Conservative base, including its fringe associations such as the Alt-Right, are all a bunch of ‘have their cake and eat it too’ hypocritical fucking idiots.

Once again StoneToss employs the term “Lumpenprole”, this time he doesn’t even bother to use it as a pun or a joke or even part of a sentence. He just blandly states it, all by itself, in the comic’s mouseover, pulling back any doubt that he ever employed the word with any deeper thought or intelligence. To him it’s just an extra fancy and exotic version of “cuck” or “libtard” or “leftie” or any other random, childish insult/label he feels empowered by when he meaninglessly throws it at anyone he doesn’t like. The problem is that no one casually understands what it means and it’s too ‘heavy’ of a word (compared to something slick like ‘cuck’ or even ‘libtard’), and thus his limpdicked little attempt to mint “Lumpenprole” as some kind of Rightist zinger works about as well as everything else he tries to do.


Comic Name: Blue Balled
Description: Imagine this guy taking on the “big business”: (StoneToss embeds a YouTube video of Bernie Sanders being interrupted during a speech by a topless woman who is campaigning against the dairy industry).
Mouseover: FEEEEEEEEEL the Bern!
Image Name: bernie-sanders-endorses-joe-biden-political-cartoon.png
Originally Published: 4/9/2020

What The Comic Is: A group of men hold a Biden 2020 banner and cry out in unison that they will vote blue, no matter who. An offensive gay caricature wearing a Bernie t-shirt dryly fires back that he prefers a man with principles. Bernie Sanders is then shown to also be holding the Biden banner, much to the gay caricature’s deadpan chagrin.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Bernie should have let Trump win, I guess?

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: There’s not a lot to deconstruct in this comic. It’s basically just trying to make fun of Bernie Sanders/Bernie supporters. In the comic’s image name we can see StoneToss is commenting on Bernie’s support of Joe Biden, after it became clear Bernie had no chance of winning the 2020 election. In the description of the comic, StoneToss linked a stupid video of Bernie holding a rally where he was interrupted by a small group of protesters who were railing against the dairy industry. It was a very small and incredibly trivial moment that amounted to nothing of meaning, which of course means that StoneToss and his ilk desperately clung onto it as if anyone aside from them gave a shit.

Because wow, everyone knows you can’t be an effective president and leader if you get interrupted by a topless woman. And why would Bernie ever support Biden?! Does he have no principles?!?!? Clearly. If Bernie were a CHAD like Trump, he would have been a destructive and toxic entity that split his party to the point it can’t hope to win major elections like midterms or the presidency. Why did SLEEPY BERNIE eat the cuckpill and get a much better alternative to Trump into the White House??? Only WINNERS like StoneToss never compromise and therefore constantly lose, like a winner.

And for all the flak that shills gave Bernie for “kowtowing” to Biden, because Bernie knew when to reasonably concede defeat and move to aiding the next best thing other than himself, it sure is funny to (in present day) look at what Trump’s base (and Trump himself) have been doing when faced with defeat: a complete and total rejection of reality. Bernie’s acceptance of reality lead to a better chance of a Democrat winning 2020. Trump’s childish insistence of a ‘stolen election’ has lead to nothing but a further fragmented and eternally tarnished Republican party. I know that StoneToss values himself as a BASED CUMPILLED AMONGUS GAMER who rejects Donald Trump as readily as he does any Left-leaning candidate, so really this comic can’t be taken as a form of support for Trump (just a form of mockery towards Bernie), but it’s still amusing to reflect on the outcome of reality. Leftists so stupid cuck support each other for a greater good brrrrr lol cuck not like based Rightists who will deny reality and destroy themselves like VIKING BLOOD MEN from WHITE COUNTRIES.

Feel that, StoneToss? It’s the burn, you fucking clown.

StoneToss: Episode 77


Comic Name: Office Politics
Description: (In-)fight for 15.
Mouseover: Class traitors.
Image Name: liveable-wage-stonetoss-political-cartoon.png
Amogus: Second panel, the second arch of the McDonalds’s ‘M’.
Originally Published: 5/6/2021

What The Comic Is: A man holds a sign, protesting for a livable wage for all. He spots a McDonalds employee awkwardly slam their leg into the door of their truck. A “Thin Blue Line” flag flies from the bed of the truck. The man calls McDonalds, a smug look on his face, as he asks McDonalds why they’re employing racists.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: The extreme left wants livable wages for everyone except racists/bigots.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: This is a retread of an earlier comic StoneToss drew years ago (that I also recently covered on this blog). Whether he’s aware of the fact this comic is basically the same idea/joke or not is up for debate (providing anyone gives a shit enough to debate whether or not StoneToss is intentionally unoriginal or not). Anyways, the idea of the comic is that people are campaigning that McDonalds increase its wages to 15 dollars an hour. This “fight for 15” extends to every job, as part of a greater effort to increase the national minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour.

StoneToss has already talked about hating the idea of a 15 dollar an hour minimum wage, believing it will lead to wanton inflation (despite the fact that 15 dollars an hour would still barely bring many families out of the poverty line, and the fact that inflation has already surpassed wages for decades now, but StoneToss is fucking stupid and doesn’t know shit about anything he talks about), but now he makes a different commentary: leftists want a better minimum wage, but they also get bigots fired from jobs! That’s just like a liberal, isn’t it? Wanting a better quality of life for everyone but also wanting bigots held accountable for their bigotry. Which is it, liberals?! You OBVIOUSLY CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!!!!!!

StoneToss intentionally picks the most lukewarm of bigot iconography (Thin Blue Line) as a way of strawmanning liberals as being petty. He could’ve picked a Proud Boys flag or a Swastika or even his oft-used Confederate stars and bars, but that would’ve been a little bit too mask-off for StoneToss’ comfort, not to mention made an already dumb as-is comic even worse. Hard to make the ‘victim’ look like a victim when they’re flying something like the Nazi colors, after all. Better go with the most mild thing you can think of to push your weak message. Good thinking, StoneToss!

There is no flaw in moral or logic in wanting a 15 dollar minimum wage while also outing someone for intolerance or support of intolerance. This is not a real argument and is not a valid observation. I would tell StoneToss he needs to do be better, but man, we all know this is the best the boy can do. Sad!


Comic Name: Scarlet Letter
Description: I…
Mouseover: GGER
Image Name: alphabet-letters-comic.png

What The Comic Is: The letters B and C sit on an ascending staircase, C below and B above. It is shown that A is at the top of the stairs, standing proudly. B and C suddenly being quaking in alarm. A looks down, confused, as a giant N looms ominously in the background.

What StoneToss Thinks: Who fucking knows??

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: No one understands this comic. No one. No one knows what StoneToss is trying to say, it’s just a stupid comic about the word ‘Nigger’ existing. Hilarious, and also epically based and confusingpilled. The comic’s comments are people actually calling it out for not meaning anything, with upvotes in agreeance. This is mixed in with people fruitlessly musing what the hell it’s trying to say.

The best analysis I can give it is that the ‘scarlet letter’ is known to be the letter ‘A’ (coming from the intensely dull slogfest novel The Scarlet Letter written by dead guy Nathanial Hawthorne in 1850). In the novel (and reportedly in real history), the Puritans of America punished those who committed adultery by requiring them to wear a scarlet A on their clothes. The A, at least in the novel, standing for ‘Adultery’. This ‘scarlet letter’ therefore become symbolic, with important weight added to it because of its color; it became the “A Word”, if you will. How does that relate to the “N Word”? WHO THE FUCK KNOWS?? My personal best take on it is that StoneToss is whining about how the “N Word” has been given power and weight by society, as some stupid way of yet once-fucking-again trying to suggest that ‘leftists’ are the real racists. In this case, perhaps likening them to the bigoted Puritans of old, who gave such power to the word ‘adultery’, just as society gives the “N Word” such power. Ah yes, it’s the liberals who empower the “N Word”. Not the hundreds of years, extending to this very day, of it being used to insult and tear down an already highly oppressed people!

Bigoted shill INTELLIGENT HERO in the year 1850: Blacks ruin America, they are a lesser form of human!
Other person: You can’t call black people the N word anymore.

Truly, whatever this comic was trying to say, it is peak StoneToss mindless prattle. Proving that even if he cant think of anything dumb to say, he’ll just say something that makes absolutely no fucking sense and that has no context. He’s like a broken AI that just has to say something, regardless of whether or not it has any relevancy or even basic intelligence.

StoneToss is an I…


StoneToss: Episode 76

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Comic Name: She/Her-itage Not Hate
Description: What’s more hateful than a racist? Try an anti-racist.
Mouseover: Seethe.
Image Name: liberal-rage-stonetoss-political-cartoon.png
Amogus: Possibly the musical note in the whistles, or otherwise seemingly N/A.
Originally Published: 5/4/2021

What The Comic Is: The first panel shows a hick with a red hat and Confederate flag t-shirt clenching his teeth in seething anger at the sight of a black man, the latter of whom is strolling peacefully along his way. The first panel is a thought bubble, however, and it connects to the second panel to show that it is coming from a gay man who is clenching his teeth in seething anger at the sight of a red hat wearing, Confederate flag t-shirt wearing hick. The hick, exactly like the black man in the first panel, is merely strolling along peacefully on his way.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: “Anti-racists” are just as hateful, or more hateful, than racists.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: “Anti-racists”, or i.e., normal intelligent and non-bigoted people, are just as bad as the racists because they don’t like racism!! Absolutely fucking brilliant. A stupid as all fuck hot take that never, ever, ever gets old no matter how many times weaklings like StoneToss meekly tread it out for the billionth time!!! Whether bigots are dumb enough to believe they suffer from “prejudice” for their bigotry or because they’re being intentionally dishonest for the purpose of propaganda, there is an old saying that completely defeat them: Intolerance of intolerance is not intolerance. This goes back to some old, post-WW2 thinking such as philosopher and commentator Karl Popper’s “Paradox of Tolerance”. This ‘paradox’ is described in Popper’s 1945 book titled The Open Society and its Enemies, where Popper goes on a big tl;dr spin that boils down to: If society is tolerant to a fault, then it will be seized by the intolerant. Therefore, in order to maintain tolerance we have to be intolerance of intolerance.

This makes perfect and absolute sense. If a society is so worried about being tolerant that someone is tolerated, not just ‘legally allowed under free speech’, but tolerated, when they go around and publicly demand the execution of all gay people, as if wanting to murder people (especially murder them for sexual orientation) is an acceptable and tolerable belief, then we have a paradox of tolerance. Because now the intolerant are poised to be put into positions where they can impose on those that they are intolerant towards. This is not a case of mental gymnastics, this is just a sensible conclusion: we must not tolerate intolerance. Of course, what lengths we take to be intolerant of intolerance is another matter. You have, for instance, something like passing tighter legislation on what constitutes as protected free speech vs. illegal hate speech and then you have “let’s kill people who are homophobic”. The exact extremity and how far we should go, as a society, to be intolerant of intolerance is another subject all together. At any rate, it’s an obvious observation that in order to maintain tolerance for all, intolerance can not be tolerated.

You can maybe understand how shills on the Right can spin this into a scary propaganda tool. All they have to do is talk about how crazy it is that “Leftists claim to be tolerant, yet they will not tolerate fascism? Curious” to get their Very Smart base to start scratching their heads and saying “Yeah… that is kind of funny, isn’t it!“. This puts Rightists in the position for a good spot of their favorite pastime: Playing The Victim. “Gay pride?!” they cry. “Well what about WHITE PRIDE?!?! Where’s the pride for being STRAIGHT?!”. Obviously this deep intolerance of their desire to discuss the genocide of non-white people actually makes them the real victims. And if the oppressed bigots are the real victims, then that can only mean one thing… ANTI-RACISTS ARE THE REAL RACISTS1111 Guys… the fascism… is coming from… INSIDE THE ANTIFA

This comic plays into the same tired clown world horseshit that StoneToss and other Rightists play into. A world where liberals and gay people are super angry and seethe with rage at everything (because they’re the REAL bigots!), meanwhile people on the Right are just too BASED and they DON’T CARE and they GO ON THEIR WAY and they totally don’t make HUNDREDS of comics about how much they HATE GAYS, JEWS, WOMEN, PEOPLE OF COLOR AND ANYTHING RESEMBLING A BRIGHTER FUTURE. How often do you see Rightists going on bizarre, endless tirades about the death of the USA and how it’s (insert any one or multiple of non-white, non-male demographics here) fault? How often do you see Rightists storming their own capitol, beating to death the same police officers they constantly claim to worship? Ah yes you see, but that’s only because the Right is actually the oppressed one. Black people and gay people have weaponized “Political Correctness”! The worm has turned!! The oppressed have become the oppressors!!! CAN’T YOU SEE?? YOU CAN’T BE A NAZI IN THE USA, THE LEFT HAS GONE TOO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways. The comic’s title is a reference to gender pronouns (‘she/her’), making a joke relating them to the pro-Confederate saying “Heritage, not hate”. The motto is an attempt to divorce the Confederacy from any relation to slavery or racial bigotry, turning it into a symbol of vague ‘heritage pride’ and “rebellion”. StoneToss, because he is not clever, makes some ham-fisted comparison to gender pronouns. I guess he’s trying to say that the use of gender pronouns is comparable to ‘heritage, not hate’? Or he thinks the enforcement of pronouns is authoritarianism? Or he’s a fucking idiot who didn’t even know what he meant? We may never know.

Rightists love, above all else, to project clown world fantasies where they don’t care at all and Leftists are always being “triggered” and enraged at le based Conservative existence. You need only to look into Right-leaning groups like anti-maskers, white nationalists, etc. to see the putrid amount of “LOOK HOW MUCH WE DON’T CARE LOL” that permeates said groups. Yes, you don’t care so much that you literally never shut the fuck up about not caring.


Comic Name: Calling the Kettle Black
Description: Terrifying.
Mouseover: Demons.
Image Name: offensive-halloween-costumes-comic.png
Originally Published: 10/24/2019

What The Comic Is: A trick-or-treater in incredibly offensive black face (complete with huge red lips and cheeks) is surprised to hear someone calling their costume offensive. In the second panel, it is revealed that an offensive caricature of a trans woman (complete with melons-for-boobs, cockbulge, gaudy makeup and copious body hair) is the one calling the trick-or-treater out.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Trans = Blackface.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss has tried this whole “trans people are like black face” thing before. He must really, really think he’s brilliant when he comes up with something like this. Giddy with excitement, firmly believing he’s found a flaw in logic that will completely nuke Leftists off the face of the (white man’s) earth (‘earth’ in this case meaning the USA, which is the only country that matters). In reality, of course, StoneToss is just a child playing pretend with his super hero toys. He hasn’t found any glaring flaw in logic, he’s just made a fake connection that supports his imaginary world view and helps him cope. And really, that’s all StoneToss and his ilk are after. They’re too weak to change the world. They know it’s not going to happen. StoneToss is aware no magic unicorn politician is going to sweep into office and everything with shift and blacks, Jews, Mexicans and women will all be deported back to their own countries.

So does StoneToss or his supporters actually try to do anything? Of course they don’t They just cope. Cope is all they have. And they know it. You ever play an online game and some dude gets really upset at you for some reason (normally over something really minor or petty), and you ask him why he’s so upset and he pulls the infamous “IM NOT MAD UR MAD LOL” card? Yeah, StoneToss is the personification of “IM NOT MAD, IM LOLING”. Like the first comic, it’s this same exact projection and clown world horseshit at play. StoneToss is desperately angry at the world and he’s desperately attempting to make it look like everyone else is the angry one. He’s just teh basedorz epic amogus me me lord who DUNKZ on TRANS. He says dumb shit and people call him out for it because he’s RENT FREE, BAAAABBBYYYYY. RENT FREE 2024. TRUMP WAS A FALSE PROPHET BUT WE ARE RENT FREEEEEEEEEEEE e e e E E E e e ee e e e e eeeeeEerEE.

Isn’t it curious that Liberals claim to oppose bigotry, but when a bigot acts bigoted, they actually oppose him for it? Curious.

I still love how somber and serious StoneToss gets when his super religious side gnaws at him too much. He can’t keep up the fa√ßade of aloof non-srs comic man and he lets a couple of serious feelings slip through the cracks with the description and mouse over text. This isn’t a time for joking, you guys! This is super serious! Trans people exist!! Seethe, you fucking moron.

StoneToss: Episode 74

Those poor, disadvantaged law enforcement :(

Comic Name: Oppressed
Description: Dirty cop.
Mouseover: Those poor, disadvantaged law enforcement ūüė¶
Image Name: 13-do-50-and-police-do-40-comic.png
Originally Published: 10/9/2019

What The Comic Is: A man smugly quotes that 13% of the population commits 50% of the violent crime. A gay man counters, citing that it’s because that population of people is oppressed. He then adds that 40% of cops commit domestic abuse. The final panel shows a police officer standing, head hung low, in front of two drinking fountains; one fountain is pristine and modern, labeled “Civilians Only”. The other fountain is grim-covered and leaking, labeled “Cops”.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Police are an oppressed minority, speaking up about their domestic crimes is tantamount to “Whataboutism” in order to ignore black crime statistics.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: “Cop” is not a skin color. Traditionally speaking, there’s been few things that meet or surpass the exorbitant tackiness of comparing police to black people in an attempt to show how “oppressed” the former is. Of course only idiot fucking racists (like StoneToss!) ever make this ‘observation’, so there’s always a clear subtext of trying to show black people as actually not being oppressed or no longer being oppressed, rather it’s the police who are now oppressed for ‘policing violent black people’.

Also, “Cop” is not a fucking skin color. Did I mention that already? There’s a bad faith argument to be made with this situation because it’s all about comparing oppression to accountability. Black people suffer from hundreds of years of systemic oppression, and this reflects in many of their communities. What we need in order to cure this is the mending of racial relations and equity for those who have always gotten less. This is oppression. Police are constantly abusing their positions of power over others, to the point it has become a strongly engrained stance by people of all social class and skin color to distrust and even hate the police. What we need in order to stop this is better police training, more third party oversight into police conduct and far better vetting for individuals to become police officers. This is accountability.

Police are not oppressed in our society. They are held accountable for their actions. In light of our justice system failing to do this, everyday public opinion and attitudes towards law enforcement have changed. StoneToss will argue that if we see cops as “Second Class Citizens” (which we do not, we just see the bad ones as criminals, which is what they are), then under the same logic we have to view black people the same way, because a disproportionate amount of them commit crimes. Funny enough, StoneToss unwittingly straight up answers this paradox in the comic (albeit he’s trying be sarcastic about it): It’s because black people are fucking oppressed, unlike police.

We can have an honest discussion about the environment that creates the bullies and domestic abusers who become cops. It’s fair enough to talk about that, just as we talk about the environment that leads to black crime statistics. However, this honest discussion can not be had with someone like StoneToss, as you have to leave white supremacy and bad faith arguments at the door.

We did it, reddit!

Comic Name: Goldbricking
Description: Digital ‚Äúthoughts and prayers‚ÄĚ.
Mouseover: We did it, Reddit!
Image Name: china-and-hong-kong-protesters-reddit-comic.png
Originally Published: 10/15/2019

What The Comic Is: A man bursts into the door of Chinese president Xi Jinping’s bedroom, crying out that he has terrible news. Jinping, visibly sweating and fully of worry, utters that it can not be. But the man assures him that yes: it can be, informing Jinping that the Hong Kong protesters have gotten Reddit gold, much to Jinping‚Äôs shocked expression.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: If liberals make fun of ‘thoughts and prayers’, then he can make fun of their support of Hong Kong.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: First of all, this is a (racist) ‘remix’ of StoneToss’ previous comic Speak Volumes, which has also been featured on this blog before. He colors the characters yellow (because they are azn get it lol) and depicts them with more narrow eyes than usual (because they are azn get it lol). But this is beside the main point. Throughout the year of 2019 and into 2020, Hong Kong was embroiled in wave after wave of mass protest concerning the introduction of a bill called Fugitive Offenders amendment (also known as the much, much longer Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation (Amendment) Bill 2019). In simple language the bill was to give the Hong Kong government (read: China) a greater ability to extradite “fugitives” (read: people) to countries like, say, Taiwan or maybe like, say, China. At face value this seems like a pretty benign bill, but the fear was that it would give the Chinese mainland greater control over people living in Hong Kong.

The protests began on March 15, 2019 with a sit-in at government headquarters and ballooned from there. Even after the bill was suspended in June, the protests continued, this time to make sure the bill was fully dumped out and in response to police brutality. People from all over the world weighed in their support for the Hong Kong people. Businesses from all over the world awkwardly avoided offending China. It was truly a global phenomenon of human proportion.

What is StoneToss’ take on this situation? This oppressed people rising up to fight for liberty and freedom? Ah, well, it’s that libs are dumb of course lolol. He’s trying to deride “slacktivism” on the part of people supporting the Hong Kong protests, this is in childish butthurt response to liberals constantly mocking conservatives for their “thoughts and prayers” whenever gun violence occurs. However, the thing about that is, is that you are supporting Hong Kong with Reddit gold and Facebook likes and Twitter tweeters and Instagram grammers and Pinterest… uh, pricks? Just because people can’t exactly fly out to Hong Kong and take to the streets does not mean support all over is invalid or lazy, it’s an expression of global solidarity that the government not just in China, but in every country where people live, have to listen to.

Saying “I’m sending hopes and prayers” after yet another school shooting in lieu of any form of gun reform is the purest, most unadulterated form of fake-response virtue signaling that you can possibly fucking do. So, like usual, this is not a case of StoneToss turning the tables on the libs and shooting them down with their own ammunition, it’s just StoneToss being wrong and making a fool of himself. Again.

The comic’s name, “goldbricking” is a reference to the term “goldbrick”, a name for something that outwardly appears useful or valuable but in reality is useless. The term is derived from a brick of lead that is coated with gold; outwardly it looks like a brick of pure gold but in reality it’s just lead with gold plating. Conservatives goldbrick all the time, while liberals crusade for liberty. StoneToss hates this, because he’s basically being cucked by libs who are living the dream he constantly wishes he was in: actually fighting for actual liberty. How does he process his seethe? With shitty comics, of course! HAhahahahaha, StoneToss, you fucking loser. It’s hard to ever fight for liberty when you’re a fascist who is opposed to any form of it.

StoneToss: Episode 71

show trial

Comic Name: Justice is Bind
Description: The court of public opinion.
Mouseover: show trial
Image Name: blm-media-trial-stonetoss-political-cartoon.png
Originally Published: 4/20/2021
Amogus: Left side of the panel, the door to the court building.

What The Comic Is: A news reporter holds a microphone with a nonexistent handle as he speaks into the camera. Behind the scenes, off camera, the cameraman is kneeling on the neck of lady liberty as the city burns in the distance.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Derek Chauvin, convicted murderer of George Floyd, was unfairly spun by the media as a villain. “Court of public opinion” found Chauvin guilty before the court did, and this directly influenced the legal proceeding.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: One of the most crucial pieces of evidence in the George Floyd case was the cell phone footage captured by onlookers. Given the outcome of the trial and the complete failure on the part of Derek Chauvin’s defense to clearly focus on anything, it seems safer than ever before to suggest that the footage gathered by onlooker’s cameras was more than damning enough against Chauvin. Curious, then. ((Very curious)), that public opinion was so skewed against Chauvin. Not that the man didn’t have his bootlickers, of course; StoneToss himself wet those leathers with a few idiotic laps of the tongue.

StoneToss made his feelings on the Floyd case very clear way back in May 2020 when everything first happened. Which really shows us how much StoneToss cares! He didn’t have to make a stupid comic of Floyd kneeling on his own neck, we all would’ve known how he felt. But StoneToss, ever the thoughtful bigot, made his feelings as obvious as fucking possible. But it seems even StoneToss could read the writing on the wall after watching some of the disastrous defense Chauvin’s team was putting up, as by the final day of the trial the mood from Chauvin’s white knights was at a clear low point.

This comic is obviously suggesting the jury was biased by the media (which is probably the ‘best’ case Chauvin’s lawyers can make), and thus StoneToss throws his hat into the ring of “Chauvin was convicted by public opinion”. This is a place he should be pretty familiar with, being a losing fight and all. Of course due to the fact that the jury wasn’t sequestered for the trial, it’s very likely the Chauvin case will win an appeal for a new trial and the shitshow will keep on shitting.

And of course the public had very strong feelings on the Chauvin trial. The question is why.0 Why would the public care so much when an officer, who is discovered to have dozens of previous infractions against him, kneels on the neck of a subdued black man who is pleading for mercy? Obviously it’s because people are lazy Antifa/BLM thugs who hate hard working police officers ((except when those officers are women, it’s okay to hate those)) and want to see them blamed for the drug-induced death of a black man who committed crimes(!) in the past(!). It can’t possibly be because Chauvin needlessly knelt on the neck of a subdued black man to the point of leading directly to the man’s death. I mean, George Floyd was BLACK! Why would ANYONE care when a (male, stress: male) police officer kills a black man?! It’s obviously just a big AntifaBLMLGBTQLiberal conspiracy to OPPRESS police officers and make them SECOND RATE CITIZENS in their own COUNTRY that they took from the NATIVES who weren’t WHITE and who sometimes KILLED(!) each OTHER(!!~??~?!).

The comic’s title is a reference to the saying “justice is blind”, or that justice is impartial to those who receive it. In StoneToss’ warped little brain there is no justice in the Chauvin case because the jury couldn’t possibly be impartial. And okay, I’ll agree that in a case this high powered that it’s nearly impossible for a jury of people to be completely impartial. But if we let StoneToss reach like this, then we may as well decide that nothing is impartial justice because people are going to be minutely biased in thousands of different ways. Here’s a crazy idea, though. If you don’t want to worry about a jury being biased by the constant media coverage of your murder crime, what if you just didn’t kill someone to begin with? Because that’s ultimately what this all comes down to. Not the trial, not the verdict, not even the sentencing. It’s that the USA is a country where Chauvin, as a police officer, felt empowered and comfortable enough to do what he did in the first place. The mouse over text, ‘show trial’, is a pun. A “show trial” is a trial where the verdict is already decided, and the trial is merely there for show, it doesn’t matter what evidence or arguments are presented from either side. Historically it’s mostly been blacks who are victims of these show trials, where the right to trial is granted only for show. In this case, StoneToss is calling Chauvin’s trial a show, like an act or a film for people to watch (while at the same time inferring it is also a traditional show trial). Of course the question again is: why were so many people so interested in Chauvin’s trial? To ask this question, you have to examine racism and police brutality in the USA. Which means StoneToss is never going to ask.

....fuck my shit up fam

Comic Name: JUST
Description: It’s just an ideology, bro
mouseover: ….fuck my shit up fam
Image Name: antifa-terrorist-ideology-comic.png
Originally Published: 11/26/2019

What The Comic Is: An Antifa pajama man explains that Antifa, as just an ideology, can not be a terrorist ‘organization’. A man approaches him, asking “Like fascism?”, to which the Antifa pajama man beings to sweat nervously.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Antifa has the capability of being a terrorist organization because, like fascism, it’s an ideology.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: “Antifa is just an ideology” is something that needs to often be explained to those complaining about the “dangerous terrorist organization”. Even years after the minting of the term, “antifa” has no central leadership, no chain of command and doesn’t even have a clear mission statement. It is merely an ideological opposition to fascism. One would think you wouldn’t need a specific term to suggest one is against fascism, but I guess we can no longer count on ‘opposed to fascism’ as being the default human state. And so we coined a new term to define those who are opposed to fascism, as those aligned with fascism began getting good at explaining or handwaving away why they’re not fascist.

Antifa is inherently not oppressive of anyone (despite what professional victims like StoneToss claim), it can’t really be an innately terroristic thing. True, more extremist followers of the ideology have sometimes taken matters into their own hands with violence (though this violence is, as always, few and far between when compared to the alt-right), but those are individuals. Notice how literally no one on the left is stupid enough to go around saying “FASCISM IS A VIOLENT ORGANIZATION”, because fascism is not an organization. Ergo, there is no hypocrisy like this dumbass comic tries to assert. In reality, the exchange would be a bit more like;

Antifa Pajama Man: Antifa can’t be a terrorist organization, because it’s not an organization.

Man: Like Fascism?

Antifa Pajama Man: Yes, like fascism isn’t an organization, exactly.

Man: Uh, oh. I was trying to highlight a supposed hypocrisy by asking you a rhetorical question.

Antifa Pajama Man: That is because you’re an idiot.

Man: (awkward pause as self-reflection occurs)

Nah just kidding about that last part, no one in StoneToss’ base would ever have the balls or brains to self-reflect. In reality the man would just get angry, call everyone a simp or something and then run away.

We can not call antifa a terrorist organization in the same way we can not call fascism a terrorist organization. But only one of those two ideologies is inherently violent towards other people. “yEaH iTs AnTiFa BeCaUsE tHeY wAnT tO sToP pEoPlE fRoM hAvInG oPiNiOnS”, I hear the Nazis wailing. To that I say: Shut the fuck up, losers. Intolerance of intolerance is not bigotry. And for fuck’s sake, genocide and racial superiority are not opinions. Maybe fascism itself isn’t an organization, but there sure are a lot of fascist organizations out there. And what do you know? They’re all considered the largest domestic threat to people in the USA. Meanwhile, Antifa isn’t considered a threat at all. Funny, that.

Antifa could be a terrorist organization, though if it ever was then it’s unlikely it’d still be based in anti-fascism. Of course this is what rightoids like StoneToss have wet dreams about, and they live out their headcanon clown world fantasies vicariously through webcomics. Though so far Antifa is neither terrorist nor an organization, which can not be said for fascist groups on the right. Sad!

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StoneToss: Episode 69

They even keep sitting at the back of the school bus.

Comic Name: Civil Blights
Description: True colors.
Mouseover: They even keep sitting at the back of the school bus.
Image Name: blacks-only-fountain-civil-rights-stonetoss-political-cartoon.png
Originally Published: 4/13/2021
Amogus: Second panel, protestor between the one with the hand and the one with the sign.

What The Comic Is: Panel one shows a drinking fountain labeled “Blacks Only”, a group of marching protestors in the background. Panel two shows the same drinking fountain, only this time it is labeled with a fancy “Blacks Only” sign and the protestors are now causing a riot and displaying black power symbols.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Black people don’t want equality, they want privilege.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Go back through historical segregation photos and try to find a single one that where the signs say “BLACKS ONLY“. You probably won’t find any. Because none of the signs ever said “Blacks Only”; it was only ever “Whites Only“. More commonly it simply ever read “Whites” and “Colored”. The ‘colored’ facility, whether a drinking fountain or a public restroom, was historically kept off to the side of the main component, installed as cheaply as possible and hardly upkept. This might mean the “Whites” drinking fountain was a large, clean fountain unit and the “Colored” fountain was a mere offshoot pipe from the main water supply that lead to a basic metal bowl with a water spout. On one hand it was because those who installed and paid for the units didn’t care enough to provide an equal drinking experience to both people, they begrudgingly permitted the “colored people” to have a place to drink because it was considered the most basic human right they were obligated to abide by. On the other hand, however, it was also a humiliation tactic.

It might’ve been more dignified had black people not even had water fountains to drink from at all, but instead they got intentionally lower quality and filthier ones. These were akin to actual monuments of segregation, inescapable reminders that not only were whites and blacks separate, but blacks were considered markedly less important and were forced to use the visibly lesser facilities.

StoneToss is a fucking idiot, however. So in his clown world, where black people not being oppressed means white people are being oppressed, these dirty, low quality drinking fountains were actually totally “the blacks only” hangout spot. Yeah, that’s it. Black people have secretly been trying to supplant white people so they can have exclusive clubs, that’s why white people had to enslave them! In fact, I think the blacks actually liked being enslaved. After all, it was a “BLACKS ONLY” occupation, so it was like a secret club only they could join. White people couldn’t be slaves, that’s pretty racist, right? By the way, like I said before, there was no such thing as a “BLACKS ONLY” drinking fountain; white people didn’t use those drinking fountains because they were dirty and it was a social faux pas to be caught drinking from them. Black people that drank from the “Whites” fountains got arrested, beaten or sometimes killed. What an exclusive club, why can’t whites be equal to blacks and also be murdered for drinking from segregated fountains?????

If StoneToss’ obvious racism wasn’t so incredibly obvious and blatant enough, he calls black people literal ‘social blights’, amounts civil rights to “true colors” (meaning black people don’t argue for fairness and equity but rather exclusivity and better treatment than whites) and argues that “black kids even sit together on the back of the bus!”. This appeal to segregation is a very popular type of racism, where racists argue that races are happiest when kept amongst themselves. It’s appealing rhetoric to racists because it lets them whitewash desires of actual genocide, and the Nazis were advent users of it, too. “I don’t hate black people and I don’t want them to not have a place to be, there’s just so many problems in the world that it would be easier if they all lived in a part of the country or world of their own” is a form of genocide.

StoneToss never wonders why the black kids all sit at the back of the bus. Is it because blacks, to this day, face constant forms of racism and societal grief that causes them to keep to themselves in many places? Nah, it’s just because they want to be better than whites and form their very own Kool Kids Klub. The USA is the land of white people because white people took the land from savage natives (who were taking the land from each other anyways, you guys!!) and now the black people have to leave because if they don’t, Antifa will burn all the cities down and black people will have exclusive drinking fountains and it will be reverse racisms.

StoneToss when he makes a comic for his shitty racist cronies: lol blacks only water fountain

StoneToss when he looks at porn: white women with blacks only tattoos

 Next generation bugmen.

Comic Name: Worm Food
Description: bon appetit.
Mouseover: Next generation bugmen.
Image Name: i-just-wanna-grill-comic.png
Originally Published: 9/9/2019

What The Comic Is: A man expresses that he isn’t interested in politics, he just wants to grill. He begins to flip one of his grilling burgers, only to be shocked to find it’s full of worms and bugs. He takes a hard, unbelieving look at his box of burger patties, unwittingly finding that he has purchased “Bug Burger”.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Leftists want to eat bugs like people from countries that aren’t white people countries.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: “You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you,” is a popular old adage that this comic runs next to. The saying means that even if you are not individually interested in politics, that you will still be subject to political changes whether or not you don’t like them or wouldn’t have supported them. This comic mirrors that, with the man claiming he just wants to grill, but little did he know that his un-involvement in politics would lead to a leftist hellscape where bugs can be made into burgers!!! It’s not his fault he didn’t read the fucking box, it’s not the free capitalist market’s fault for producing bug burgers. No, it’s the lefty-wefty-tighty-wighty’s fault for making WHITE PEOPLE eat BUGS like people from AFRICA or INDIA or SOMEWHERE that isn’t WHITE.

StoneToss and idiots of his ilk have bizarre obsessions with things such as insect meat as protein alternatives. They hate recycled water, too. Or space-friendly homes. Or anything that asks someone to change in a small way or respect natural resources and limit human pollution. If you ask them, it’s because they’re all BASED REDPILLED MEGA CHADS WHO LIVE IN FORT AWESOMEz 8). If you ask someone who isn’t a total asshole, it’s actually because StoneToss is wildly immature and never just grew the fuck up. And so here we are: this is the best StoneToss can do. A stupid fucking comic about eating bugs.

Nothing will get the alt-righters to the polls faster than “tHe LeFt WiLl MaKe YoU eAt BuGs”. If it isn’t “Trump will kick out the Mexicans”, or “The Jews will replace us”, or “Trans people are pedophiles”, then surely “eat bugs” will be what seals the Based World Order. Sadly, as you usually need a means of transportation and you have to wake up early enough to do it, this means a majority of alt-righters will be unable to make it to most important elections. At least their marginally more responsible, but sadly marginally less extreme, conservacousins will vote a couple of mildly ridiculous candidates into office, though unfortunately many of these will end up arrested after storming the capital in 2021. I guess they, for the moment, still have Marjorie Taylor Greene? Though she is also a woman


The comic’s name, Worm Food, is a stupid joke that if you don’t pay attention to what (((da leftifts)))) are doing, then you will become worm food (a slang for dead!!!! omg)

StoneToss: Episode 60 (Special Edition 4)


Offended? Don't worry, 41% of you won't later.

Comic Name: EndGayme
Description: Hmm, what did I mean by this?
Mouseover: Offended? Don’t worry, 41% of you won’t later.
Image Name: transgender-suicides-comic1.png
Originally Published: 6/20/2019

What The Comic Is: A weird Easter egg alien man dons a Fortnite cosmetic, proclaiming that it shall show bigots the power of its community. The egg man snaps his cosmetic before dissolving into vapors.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That you dissolve into a sort of gaseous cloud when you get Thanos snapped, instead of turning into a bunch of triangles. Also, wasn’t the snapper immune to the effect of the snap?

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss learns things. It’s true. He’s an idiot, but by god does the boy learn things. When he wants to. Which isn’t incredibly often, true enough to say. But you can tell a lot about StoneToss based off of how deeply he explores an issue in his comics, most obviously you can tell exactly how much he knows about something. When StoneToss is making a comic about something he knows a lot about (or at least knows a bunch of bigoted mis-truths about) he will more often than not hide meaning in layers of obscure references or double speak.

StoneToss doesn’t know anything about trans suicide. That’s why all of his comics concerning the topic are skin deep “lol trans people kill themselves, unlike any other demographic of people, especially white cis-gendered single males like myself xD lolz”. He is incapable of providing a deeper commentary, and therefore making a more convoluted comic, about it. Also, the last panel only shows a single one of the four trans people (creatively depicted as literal trans flag humanoids) disappearing into vapor (the one in the background to the left looks like it also may be vaporizing too, but it’s hard to tell because StoneToss was so lazy with his copypasting). This is only very minor, but “41%” lives in StoneToss’ head entirely rent free, so it’s amusing to watch him have a chance to somehow depict that, and then actually only show a sample of 25% of the pictured trans people die. Unless the joke is that, if Thanos were trans, she would have used the snap to kill herself. Which in that case, only a single person died. Also, doesn’t the snap kill 50% of all living people? Can the snapper choose the number? Can they specifically target people? If you’re going to kill yourself, why do you need a Thanos snap? If the “power” of the trans community is that they have access to the Infinity Glove with all the Marvel Stones, I would argue that makes the trans community pretty fucking powerful. Oh, but here I am, pointlessly overthinking a comic that StoneToss put no thought into.

In reality if the trans community had the power of the gauntlet (which seems to broadly be “you have the power over everything, or whatever”) they’d probably use it to make the world a safer place for trans individuals, thus dramatically lowering any suicide rates the demographic suffers from. This doesn’t fit StoneToss and his clown world narrative where trans people are mentally ill, though.

Would you fuck Thanos if she got boob implants? I’m not saying I would, but I am also not confirming I wouldn’t.

Two can play that game.

Comic Name: A Thin Line
Description: It’s ok to be huwhite.
Mouseover: Two can play that game.
Image Name: lefty-vs-right-wing-memes-comic.png
Originally Published: 6/25/2019

What The Comic Is: A gay man holds up a picture he drew of a greedy, evil banker, making sure to point out the banker is white with a label and arrow. The man he shows this picture to takes out a red marker and draws a big nose on the banker, much to the gay man’s shock and alarm.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Leftists are racist against white people.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss has complained about this before, this nonexistent hypocrisy where people only hate the rich until you point out that “most of the rich are Jewish!”. No one fucking cares if a part of the wealthy are Jewish, lol. No one thinks it’s Anti-Semitic to want dump on the wealthy if one or more of those wealthy turn out to be Jewish. No one shudders and sweats when you say “Oh, you hate the wealthy elite? Don’t you know JEWISH people are part of the wealthy elite?“, no one believes it’s suddenly uncomfortable. Even for StoneToss and his fake little cope hugbox reality this has always been particularly reaching and sad.

So then, on to the second part of this nonexistent hypocrisy. StoneToss believes leftists are racist against white people, but if you point out that Jewish people are “just as bad” as white people (or simply lump them in with white people) that all of a sudden the same leftists get uncomfortable. I would argue most people are actually pretty receptive to listening to any examples of a sort of “Jewish Privilege” (minor and petty as such a discussion would relatively be, at least), when those examples are fair and realistic. If StoneToss and idiots like him are really, truly concerned with expanding conversation on how different people fit into society, then you’d imagine they wouldn’t constantly muddy the waters with Anti-Semitic hatred and misinformation. Almost like they’re not concerned with social justice at all, and in reality are just bigoted. Huh.

And finally, on to the third part of the nonexistent hypocrisy. No one hates the rich because the rich are white, for fuck’s sake. No leftist memes about eating the rich include “THE RICH ARE WHITE AND EVIL LOL”. It’s just StoneToss getting upset that you can not deny that most of the wealthy in the USA are white because other people were systematically oppressed and kept down, so all he can do is deflect and cry “b-but Jews too…“. The image name of the comic highlights the real commentary StoneToss is trying to make: that “Rightist memes” are BASED and “Leftist memes” are being cowardly and only picking at low hanging fruit, afraid to be BASED like the BASED Right. The “Thin Line” referenced in the title is concerning the Jews themselves. In the comic, the ‘thin line’ is the nose drawn onto the banker. In real life, it’s the thin line between being cucked and not cucked

Basically, it’s just trying to equate childish Anti-Semitism as being less “restricted” by PC censorship. Which is par for the course for StoneToss. He is an idiot, after all.

The only issue that matters this election is social media censorship.

Comic Name: SAD!
Description: A remix of one of my earlier comics in reference to Reddit’s quarantining of r/The_Donald.
Mouseover: The only issue that matters this election is social media censorship.
Image Name: right-vs-left-censorship-comic.png
Originally Published: 6/27/2019

What The Comic Is: In the first panel, Donald Trump is flashing the “OK” hand signal. This panel is labeled as “Right”. In the second panel shows a blow hand mushing Trump’s lips shut. This panel is labeled as “Left”.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: The_Donald was banned because leftists censor people.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: r/The_Donald was a subreddit on that gained a massive spike in popularity around early to mid-2015 as Trump’s presidential campaign was hitting fever swings. It started out fairly slow, but the subreddit quickly exploded into a very active and heavily pro-Trump community that made it expressly against the rules to criticize or say anything bad about Donald Trump or else you would be immediately permbanned.

In addition to the harsh censorship that the sub became infamous for, it also didn’t take very long for the sub to become openly bigoted. While the moderators did a token job of cleaning up threads that were homophobic or transphobic, they did nothing to stop comments in threads. As a personal frequent lurker of the sub, I would witness a thread that was, say, concerning the “classic” family unit (nuclear family: man, wife, son, daughter). The thread itself wasn’t explicitly homophobic (I mean, it was only implying it), but the comments would be stuff like “homosexuals are degenerates”. People would be downvoted for defending homophobia.

Eventually, the sub was banned. Was it because leftist cuck soyboys couldn’t handle the BASED REDPILL BASEDNESS WINNING of the Pussyhound Chads that frequented The_Donald? Fuck no, it’s because the stupid motherfuckers/obvious Russian influencers were repeatedly calling for violence. So the sub was quarantined, as inciting violence is a breach of Reddit’s global ToS. Eventually it would go on to be gutted (the mods all removed as their accounts were all in violation of Reddit ToS) and then finally banned.

The original comic that this one was based on had the blue arm of Twitter silencing the Rightist, and it’s reproduced here as if it was Twitter that banned the subreddit? It was Reddit who banned The_Donald, not Twitter. And they banned The_Donald for, as is so often the case in situations where dumbfuck alt-righters get banned, violating rules of the platform.

That Trump is doing the “OK” hand signal in the first panel essentially turns this comic into one that says “RIGHT: CASUAL DISPLAYS OF VIELED RACISM” and “LEFT: BANNING PEOPLE FOR INCITING VIOLENCE AGAINST WEBSITE RULES”, and StoneToss somehow sees this as victimizing to him. What a dumbass!

There's a reason why there's never been a European Stonetoss.

Comic Name: The F word
Description: Happy 4th of July!
Mouseover: There’s a reason why there’s never been a European StoneToss.
Image Name: american-freedom-comic1.png
Originally Published: 7/4/2019

What The Comic Is: A British man postures, wondering what “freedom” that people in the USA have compared to the UK and their universal healthcare. A redneck with bad teeth, complete with a MAGA hat and confederate flag shirt, coyly shoots back that they have “The N-word”. The British man, unamused, answers back “The blood N-word? You mean Ni-“, though he is cut off before completing the word. The final panel shows the British man in court, having been arrested and put on trial for uttering the obscenity.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: British people go to jail for saying the N-word because it’s an oppressive regime of PC culture and freedom from life-ruining medical debt is not worth living under such tyranny.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: First of all, it can be legally punishable in court to call someone a “nigger” in the USA. Second of all, it is not against the law to use the word in the Britain or seemingly anywhere else in the UK. At any rate, you don’t get arrested and put into jail like a thief or murderer for it. In both countries, using the word can constitute as a hate crime or help implicate a crime as being racially motivated. So this comic is total clown world bullshit, even by StoneToss standards (and that is really saying something). I mean, StoneToss literally never, ever right about any of the garbage he comes up with, but there’s at least some inkling of reality that it tethers onto it an attempt to pass itself off as truth. This is pure, unadulterated fictional reality shit.

I also love how StoneToss downplays universal healthcare, but the best he can do is to try haphazardly compare it to a vague “freedom of speech”, so he’s not even invalidating universal healthcare, he’s just trying to make a confusing and vague claim that it’s not worth having if it means you can’t use racist words, but the two things aren’t mutually exclusive in the first place let alone the fact that it’s not illegal to use the word in the UK.

StoneToss muses that there’s never been a European StoneToss, implying that censorship and PC culture prevent someone from making terrible webcomics if they’re in Europe. Yeah, StoneToss. The reason there’s no one else as stupid as you is just because they’re being censored. Keep telling yourself that, you weakling bitch.

"fellow whites"

Comic Name: Frown Note
Description: Good boy.
Mouseover: “fellow whites”
Image Name: dog-whistle-comic.png
Originally Published: 4/9/2019

What The Comic Is: A playful dog jumps up on its human. The man, laughing, bids the dog ‘down’ and gives a blast of his dog whistle. To the man’s surprise, a gay man in a Human Rights Campaign t-shirt falls to the ground, reeling under the whistle’s effect.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Everything is a dog whistle to liberals and people who are part of the “insane left”, because Jews.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: This is probably a reference specifically to the “OK” hand gesture being co-opted as a dog whistle for white supremacy. A ‘dog whistle’ is a term for a phrase or action that is only distinguishable to certain people, much like a real dog whistle (which, when blown into, produces a note in such a pitch that it can not be heard by humans, but is usually very annoying to dogs, who are capable of hearing the note).

StoneToss depicts the gay man in a shirt bearing the Human Rights Campaign (or HRC) logo. The HRC is an organization supporting gay, lesbian, queer and transgender individuals in their fights for equal rights. So, essentially it’s helping a bunch of people that StoneToss wishes did not exist. Why he picked the HRC out of anyone else to call out in his comic is unknown. The HRC has had a few lukewarm controversies, but nothing major and nothing really around the time period this comic was drawn. Likely it’s just StoneToss bitching about gay rights groups in general calling out dog whistles, trying to mock them as “thinking everything/anything is a dog whistle”.

And who taught them that everything the right does is a dog whistle??? Is it the hundreds of years of Conservatives oppressing homosexuals, the constant abuses and attacks suffered by the gay community from groups of people who are almost always signaling their hatred through code and euphemism when they aren’t outright professing it? No lol it’s the Jews obviously(?).

The comic name is a reference to the mythological “brown note”, or a sound frequency said to cause a human to lose control of their bowels should they ever hear it played. In this case, we can assume StoneToss is trying to make yet another “gay poop” joke, because he’s fucking stupid. The description is the petname that StoneToss wishes his wife’s bull would give him, if he had a wife who had a bull.

StoneToss: Episode 55

Comic Name: Go Sign
Description: Intersectional diversity
Mouseover: They see me rollin….
 Image Name: in-a-black-neighborhood-comic-1.png
Originally Published: 5/2/2019

What The Comic Is: A man notices his car’s fuel gauge has hit the Empty signal. He decides that he should stop for gas, though his thought is cut short as he notices he is currently at the intersection of MLK Drive and Malcolm X Street. The final panel shows the man’s foot ramming pedal to the metal.¬†

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Streets named after important black figures are bad neighborhoods, and by greater extension that naming a street after a black person ‘ruins’ the street by attracting black people to live on it.
Why It’s Fucking Stupid: This is a relatively shallow comic for StoneToss, it’s just base racism that implies diversity ruins the country, specifically the “white people” country of the USA. Racemixing bad, diveristy bad, etc. Obviously the man needs gas but he doesn’t want to risk stopping at streets named after black people because the implication is that the streets are bad neighborhoods. This is implying that either the streets were renamed (i.e., “black people take over American culture”) and then turned into a bad neighborhood (i.e., “black people moved there”) or it’s that the streets were renamed because black people were already living there (i.e., “the (((government))) placates ghettos by naming streets after black people”). As usual, it doesn’t really matter which theory StoneToss subscribes to, because either way it’s fucking stupid.¬†

The image name of the comic may be a reference to the racist motto “Around blacks, never/don’t relax”. The mouse over text is a reference to the 2005 rap song “Ridin’” by Chamillionare, a song about police using racial profiling to hound blacks. The song, however, has lyrics that profess to the artist selling drugs and searching for people to sell to. The song’s opening hook, “They see me rollin’, they hatin’/Patrollin’ and tryna catch me ridin’ dirty” is singing about racial profiling by police, though StoneToss co-opts this and morphs it into a justification for racial profiling: that the neighborhoods are bad and therefore that is why the police profile them. It is also a joke that the guy is rolling out of the intersection, driving through it without stopping.¬†

The description is a play on the term “Intersectionality”, a concept that suggests aspects of people’s skin color, gender, sexuality, physical traits, etc. can influence advantages and disadvantages within social circles and communities. That StoneToss is aware of the concept of intersectionality and yet still believes black people are genetically and fundamentally different/inferior on a base level compared to white people is not surprising, because StoneToss is fucking stupid.

Comic Name: Love Hate Relationship
Description: I’m rubber and you’re glue…
Mouseover: I LOVE¬† the gays…
Image Name: love-hate-relationship-comic.png
Originally Published: 5/7/2019

What The Comic Is: A gay man scrolls Twitter on his phone, coming across an alt-righter meme account that posts homophobic comments about disliking gay people. The man responds that profession of homophobia means the person behind the meme account is actually gay themselves, and calls them a Nazi. The gay man, feeling smug with this insult, then cuddles closer to his body pillow that is revealed to have Adolf Hitler printed on it.
What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Leftists are Nazis. 

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Forget that studies show that severe homophobic stances are strongly linked with repressed homosexual urges, thus giving a good degree of credence to “homophobes are closeted homosexuals”. That’s not really what this comic is about, anyways. StoneToss doesn’t really care about that, he’s more concerned with trying to expose a (as always, nonexistent) hypocrisy he feels exists with Leftists in their “projection” of the term ‘Nazi’. It’s a¬†really¬†old and tired talking point from bigots on the Right that the Nazi party were actually liberal socialists and Left-leaning. This is incredibly untrue, and even though the Nazi party’s full name (National Socialist German Workers‚Äô Party, or¬†Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei) includes the word “socialist”, the Nazis were hard far-right extremists and were expressly against almost any form of liberalism, as their entire government was built on the basis of population control. This quickly and effectively renders any bad faith argument that “The Nazi’s were socialist/liberal” to shreds, and it’s safe to say they were certainly nowhere near the left side of political spectrum.¬†

Bigots like StoneToss live in a clown world where the Nazis really¬†were¬†socialists, because it’s easy fodder for them to construct a baby’s first safe space hugbox reality with. Leftists rightfully dub fascism seen in the Right as being akin to Nazism, and the intelligent individuals on the Right believe they have the perfect retort: “That’s just projectionism, in reality, it’s the LEFT who are the REAL Nazis!“. This seemingly provides an effective method to hand wash themselves of bigotry and fascism while also turning the narrative around on their morally righteous opponents. Unfortunately, simple tenants of reality get in the way of this. Too bad for StoneToss that¬†while strong evidence shows homophobia is linked with repressed homosexuality, there are zero such studies linking an aversion and opposition to Nazis as being linked to repressed Nazi-esque tendencies. Sad!

On another level the comic is trying to be a “Both Sides” argument; maybe some people are homophobic, but the Left is bigoted as well! You can’t even disavow and hate or wish to harm gay people, black people, Jewish people, disabled people, women, political opponents or immigrants or else Leftists call you a Nazi!!¬†Both¬†sides, people.
StoneToss actually has two sides, himself. Yeah, it’s true. One side is an idiot and the other side is also an idiot.¬†¬†

StoneToss: Episode 52

Comic Name: Same Crap, Different Gay
Description: The new satanic panic.I’ve also updated the rewards on my supporter page, check it out! (another link to the defunct newproject2 website)
Image Name: dangerous_memes_comic.png
Originally Published: 3/19/2019

What The Comic Is: A balding boomer holds aloft a copy of classic first person shooter game DOOM, crying out that video games caused “the shooting”, this scene is labeled as “THEN”. In the second panel, a gay caricature holds out his phone with a Pepe meme on it, crying out that memes caused “the shooting”, this scene is labeled as “NOW”.
What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Online communities don’t promote violence.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: In the 90’s and early 00’s, video games being connected to violent shootings was the media norm. Doom, specifically, was implicated as being closely associated with the 1999 school shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado. The perpetrators of the shooting were both avid Doom fans, and unsupported legend claims they even created custom Doom maps designed after their school, in order to ‘practice’ the mass shooting.¬†

“Video games cause violence” has largely faded away from mainstream attention, left to fringe outrage groups that have no platform left to decry from. This is because numerous scientific studies and observations showed that, in the scheme of everything that influences a violent person, video games were a considerably small factor in violent behavior. Video games became much more normalized as entertainment outlets throughout the 90’s and early 00’s, shifting from something that was seen as a niche fan culture in the vein of comic books or DnD (both were also demonized in very similar fashion to video games) and into something much more mainstream.¬†

Memes are jokes on the internet. They can encompass a wide variety of subjects and culture, and are often the ‘front line’ of a given subculture’s group rhetoric and opinion. You can learn a lot about how a certain community feels/thinks by looking at the memes they make. This is, then, why a meme is not a video game and why StoneToss is a dumb asshole.¬†

Doom was a video game that was violent. Memes directly encouraging real violence are not akin to a video game that was violent. One is merely violent, the other encourages violence. Suffice to say that things would be a lot different if a video game called “JEWS TRY TO TAKE OVER AMERICA: KILL THEM ALL EDITION” was ever released and actively encouraged its players to commit real violence, it would be quickly condemned by everyone with a functioning brain for promoting violence. Only, oh wait, games like that totally¬†do¬†exist. And just like memes encouraging violence, they are unwelcome on most platforms and are pushed into fringe communities where they become increasingly obscure as time passes, their influence only touching those that were already specifically looking for them.¬†

It’s never really been about the comics themselves or the Dungeons and/or Dragons themselves or the video games themselves or the memes themselves; even the most pearl clutching of 90’s-era Boomer Karens didn’t¬†really¬†care about the¬†medium¬†that the supposed ‘violence promotion’ occurred in, it’s just about self-righteous witch hunting and drama stirring. Video games do not cause violence just like memes do not cause violence. But you know what does cause violence?¬†Promoting violence and encouraging people to do it.

So yes, StoneToss, maybe it’s sort of the same when someone blindly claims a violent video game or a meme about a gun caused violence to happen. However, the difference is that Doom did not encourage its players to commit real violence on real people; racist pepe memes in a hatebox community full of people that unironically want to make each other commit violence, however,¬†is something that causes violence.

Do StoneToss comics make you stupid? I dunno. They certainly won’t make you any smarter.

Comic Name: Crossing the Line
Description: Chain(saw) migration.
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Mouseover: Separate along the dotted line.
Image Name: national-borders-comic1.png 
Originally Published: 3/21/2019

What The Comic Is: A man explains that borders are just imaginary lines. He tells the viewer to observe as he crosses from the USA into Mexico. Standing across the border, he explains that nothing has happened, though the very next panel shows him in a LiveLeak video about to be beheaded by a drug cartel. 
What StoneToss Actually Thinks: You get beheaded by a drug cartel if you go to Mexico, and that’s why we need a border wall.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: “Border walls are stupid, don’t work and aren’t even a financial possibility,” reality whispers in StoneToss’ ear. StoneToss scowls. It wasn’t fair. Why did brown people get to exist? Why did Trump’s deranged, unhinged and unfulfillable promises fail to come to fruition? It seemed so innocent back then, in the good ol’ days of 2015. Trump was going to build a wall. Mexico was going to pay for it. Countries have borders. was the most amazing porn site StoneToss had ever found. The last one was still true, StoneToss reassured himself, as he finished masturbating to yet another interracial porn video. Cleaning himself up with his own shirt, he leaned back on the stack of wooden palettes that he used as a makeshift chair (remember, StoneToss owns nothing because buying products is stupid and for communists) and thought to himself. “Border walls aren’t going to happen because (((Trump))) is a cuck,” StoneToss realized. “But how else can I complain about borders?“.

The idea struck him. He grinned a StoneTossian grin most grinningly. If he couldn’t whine and bitch about the border wall forever, he’d just remind the people why borders need to exist in the first place! Mexico has problems with cartel violence, right? Well, okay, so does the USA, but mostly only in (((((((CommunismFornia))))00)), if you ignore all the cartel presence that Texas has, at least.¬†

We can’t have people going into Mexico, they might get hurt by bad people. We should build a wall and have a strict border, to protect people for their own good. Liberty is only infringed upon if people who aren’t racist infringe upon it, after all. If StoneToss does it because he hates Mexicans, then it’s core Libertarianism. If we have a strict border, then that means the cartels and gangs in the US will cease to operate. They certainly won’t become even worse because closing the border was only a band aid on the systemic issues of why drug cartels and gangs exist to begin with (if you ask StoneToss, it’s because they’re brown people. If you ask anyone who isn’t a fucking idiot, it’s because of deeply ingrained socio-economic issues that aren’t fixed by borders).

The description of the comic is a reference to Chain Migration, a form of human movement defined by people of one community following a group of other people as they travel past, leading to a ‘chain’ of migrants that pick up more and more members as they continue on to wherever they’re migrating. This had been a hot topic for nearly half a decade at the time StoneToss made the comic, as conservatives were alarmed en masse about the large number of migrant ‘caravans’ migrating into the US from parts of South America. What in the world chain migration has to do with people from the USA going into Mexico and being murdered by cartels is literally anyone’s fucking guess.

I wonder what StoneToss has to say about all the LiveLeak footage of people committing mass shootings at places of worship, under political and personal beliefs that mirror his own. Oh yeah, probably nothing, because he’s an idiot and a fucking coward.

StoneToss: Episode 45

 Comic Name: Branded
Description: Hey, at least their wifi is free.
Mouseover: ant-iPhone
Image Name: class-traitor-uncle-tom-comic.png
Originally Published: 1/8/2019

What The Comic Is: A black man strolls down the street wearing a MAGA hat. A member of Antifa, looking at his iPhone and drinking Starbucks, strolls up the street. The two meet with a surprised glance. The Antifa guy points a finger at the black guy, calling him an “Uncle Tom”.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Antifa dislike black people who support Trump.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss is trying to illustrate a world where a black man is unable to support Trump without being insulted for it, or having his legitimacy as a person questioned. An ‘Uncle Tom’ is an insult leveled towards black men who are considered to be servile or overly submissive towards white people. Uncle Tom is derived from the novel of the same name, wherein a saintly and moralistic black slave named Tom forms an uncle-like relationship with a young girl whose father owns slaves. Her father also buys Tom. Tom is depicted as very subservient in his role as a slave, despite the novel’s overarching abolitionist message. 

Obviously calling a black man who supports Trump an ‘Uncle Tom’ would be to delegitimize his agency as a practitioner of politics, suggesting he only supports Trump because he’s subservient in his unbalanced relationship with white people. We can call this fair enough, and perhaps all agree that labeling people for their political affiliation is inherently a negative thing (if not always inaccurate, at least). Let’s instead focus on StoneToss’s inability to never, ever not be petty about dumb shit. You want to make a comic about a black guy being called an Uncle Tom because he wears a MAGA hat? Okay, sure, whatever. Could’ve left it at that and it would’ve been a harmless comic. I mean, it still would’ve been fucking dumb, but harmless enough. This isn’t good enough, though, and StoneToss has to whine about Starbucks and iPhones again for some reason. 

The black guy is sporting a MAGA hat, but the Antifa guy has an iPhone and Starbucks. The name of the comic, “Branded”, therefore has a double meaning. That the two men display their own ‘brands’, the black guy is wears “MAGA brand”, while the Antifa guy ‘wears’ Starbucks and iPhone brands. The black man, however, is branded as an Uncle Tom for his choice in political affiliation.

What, exactly, does this mean? Who the fuck knows for sure. StoneToss seems to be likening an iPhone and Starbucks as a leftist’s version of the MAGA hat, but what point he makes with this observation appears to be either known only to StoneToss himself, or is entirely nonexistent. StoneToss once again calls people bugs for buying iPhones, just in case his constant childishness and failure to make intelligent arguments wasn’t clear enough for everyone. 

Comic Name: First They Came for the Fascists
Description:¬†First they came for the fascists, and I did not speak out‚ÄĒbecause I was not a fascist‚Ķ
Mouseover: In war, if you let your front line collapse, then YOU get to be the front line. 
Image Name: bash-the-fash-antifa-comic.png
Originally Published: 1/10/2019

What The Comic Is: An Antifa pajama man wielding a baseball bat proclaims the motto of ‘bash the fash’. A man, overseeing the proclamation, muses that it’s a good thing he is not a fascist. He is then struck in the head by a baseball bat.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Recognizing fascism is a slippery slope and eventually people who aren’t fascist will be labeled as being so and will be attacked/killed/harmed in some way.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Look, I’ll be the first to agree that there’s such a thing as overzealously tossing around accusations of fascism. It’s seemingly a human nature to jump to conclusions. However, this comic (in a similar manner to the one above) goes extra miles to be especially stupid. First of all, the comic’s title is a reference to the poem ‘First they came…‘, written by German pastor Martin¬†Niem√∂ller. Following the end of World War 2, Martin wrote the poem as a confessional concerning the German intellectual and religious leadership and their failure to oppose the rise of Nazism (Martin himself included in the poem). StoneToss has latched onto this poem before, as he likes to literally 180 its context and apply it to bigots like himself. A popular abridgement of the poem is as follows;

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out‚ÄĒ¬† ¬† ¬†Because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out‚ÄĒ¬† ¬† ¬†Because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out‚ÄĒ¬† ¬† ¬†Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me‚ÄĒand there was no one left to speak for me.

It’s basically as poem about the mistake of viewing man as individual and, if nothing else, makes a selfish argument for defending your fellow people. Those victimized by the Nazis did nothing as others were victimized before them, for they themselves were not yet victims. It’s a cautionary tale in standing aside as others, who may not¬†yet¬†be you, are harmed. Of course it’s thoroughly and completely anti-Nazi, but that doesn’t stop StoneToss from being a stupid asshole and twisting it to defend neo-Nazis!

The comic’s description does two things. It uses Martin’s poem as a device to frame Antifa as being the real Nazis, and StoneToss uses it to claim that he is not fascist. Ergo, he’s painting the targets of Antifa (who are fascist) as not being fascist (himself included), while also trying to lump everyone else in with him and his fellow fascists. It’s basically him saying “Hey everyone, look how crazy Antifa is! They think we’re all fascists, can you believe that?!”. The mouse over text reaffirms this. StoneToss is calling the targets of Antifa (i.e., fascist political figures and individuals) as being the “front line” against the tyranny of Antifa, that everyone else needs to stand by in order to avoid becoming victims of Antifa themselves. 

The thing that StoneToss fails to understand is that he and Martin Niem√∂ller are not kindred birds of a feather and that Martin’s poem is in no way relatable or applicable to StoneToss and his beliefs. In fact, it is fully the other way around. Martin’s poem was not written for people like StoneToss, it was written against them. StoneToss’s co-opting of the poem does not legitimize his status as a victim, it only makes him look like a dickhead.