StoneToss: Episode 70 (Special Edition 5)

Welcome to yet another special edition of StoneToss Is An Idiot. Crazy to think we’re getting so close to 100 episodes. Maybe in another year or three I’ll actually catch up to StoneToss’ current comics. But hey, if you’re interested, feel free to support my dumb project on Patreon. For small tithes of financial credit, you can help a blog make fun of StoneToss.

What is it with women and body counts?

Comic Name: Lethal Force
Description: Femme fatale
Mouseover: What is it with women and body counts?
Image Name: female-cops-stonetoss-political-cartoon.png
Originally Published: 4/15/2021
Amogus: Second panel, the car’s headlight.

What The Comic Is: A man in the midst of an armed bank robbery stands with his looted dollar bags and potted plant, sweating profusely as the law enforcement officers out the window demand he comes out with his hands up. In the second panel, the S.W.A.T officer finishes with “…Or we’re sending the female cops.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Women are always making mistakes and therefore should probably not be in “men” jobs, such as police officers.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Made obviously in response to the April 11th incident where Kimberly Ann Potter, a police officer of the Minnesota town of Brooklyn City, claimed to have only accidentally shot and killed 20 year old Daunte Wright. Potter alleges she thought the 9mm Glock handgun was her taser when she pulled it out and fired on Daunte, striking him a single time. Daunte tried to flee away in his vehicle after the shot was fired, though he quickly crashed his car and was pronounced dead. While this incident marks yet another instance of a cop killing an unarmed black man, this time the situation was different. It was a possible accident, and the killer was a woman.

How do you get a bigot like StoneToss to stop licking police boots? Put those boots on someone with a vagina. StoneToss must have been so, so, so unbelievably relieved to have learned this was an accidental shooting and not intentional. If it had been intentional, he’d have no choice but to put the good lady Potter up on the same cum and shit-encrusted pedestal he puts all other officers on. But thankfully it was only an accident, so he can now frame this as a way of attacking women. Whew! I’m entirely fucking unsure of what StoneToss means by the mouse over text, “What is it with women and body counts?“. Is he trying to infer this happens often? Is it some kind of stupid, far-reaching jab at abortion? I mean if we want to look at the numbers (StoneToss never wants to look at the numbers, unless he can somehow use faulty data to support a fake argument), then men have killed way more people than women, be them cops or no.

But ah, wait, none of those men ever accidentally killed someone! Male police officers never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever accidentally discharge their weapon. And they NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER accidentally shoot other people with their weapons!!! But that’s okay, because in this case, Potter mistook service weapon for her taser. What a stupid woman (umm, redundant statement much lmao??). We all know that male police officers have NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER shot someone with a gun when they thought it was a taser!!!!!!!!!

StoneToss, like always, gets absolutely buttwrecked by reality. He’s such a weaselly, pathetic little coward. I can’t imagine being the kind of absolute clown who walks around saying stupid shit that ten seconds of Google searching completely undermines. But then I’m not a fucking idiot, so I guess StoneToss and I simply operate on two different frequencies. That’s life, eh?

Just a completely normal and healthy lifestyle choice.

Comic Name: Knotjob
Description: People worried about Trump need to look at the man in the mirror.
Mouseover: Just a completely healthy and normal lifestyle choice.
Image Name: trans-work-suicide-comic-1.png
Originally Published: 9/12/2019

What The Comic Is: A trans man poses the question of how trans people go to work. They explain that first, they put on a dress shirt. In the last panel, they explain they grab a necktie as they place a noose around their throat.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: The worst president in the history of the USA, who was staunchly anti-trans rights, has nothing to do with the oppression that trans people experience.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: On its own this comic is nothing special for StoneToss. He’s made stupid trans suicide comics before, and he doesn’t even mention the epic and never-gets-old “41%” statistic. Instead, though, he makes this a comic concerning Donald Trump.

With the description of the comic in mind, StoneToss is trying to imply that Donald Trump, the de facto worst overall USA President of all time, is not to blame for suffering in the trans community. Ah yes, why would anyone blame the president of the United States for his open anti-trans rhetoric and policies that were targeted towards trans people? Obviously it’s the trans people who are their own worst enemies. This is StoneToss’ stupid attempt to re-frame who the enemy of trans people is. Is it the most powerful political leader in the world who supports and propagates anti-trans policy and feeling? No! It’s the trans people themselves, obviously. After all, StoneToss is a white, cis-gendered man and Trump never said anything bad about him. Trans people are just being babies lol.

I bet you a dollar StoneToss whines and pisses his pants about male suicide, too. Somehow to him it’s this unbelievable and terrible thing when a man kills himself because a court unfairly ruled against him in a child custody match (which to be fair, that is a very terrible thing), but when a trans person is attacked by the president of the United States and kills themselves, it’s because trans people are mentally ill LARPers and people are focusing too much on Donald Trump. Ah, StoneToss. You fuckin’ idiot!

The comic’s name is a really bad pun on the term “nutjob”, which combines the word “nut” (or what StoneToss does when he sees a black man with a white woman) and the word “job” (or what StoneToss would lose if his boss ever finds his shitty online comic).

Shall not be infringed

Comic Name: All Yours
Description: Come and take it.
Mouseover: Shall not be infringed
Image Name: gun-control-comic.png
Originally Published: 9/17/2019

What The Comic Is: A British soldier holds out his hands, proclaiming that he is here to take the colony’s guns. An American soldier, his comrades taking aim with their rifles, tells the British soldier he can start with the ammunition.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: He’s a based freedom fighter.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: “Sure, start with the ammunition,” StoneToss spits back defiantly. He and his brothers in arms needed their high powered automatic rifles for this very day: the day THE LEFTIES (who are weak and cucks and don’t have guns, by the way) TOOK OVER THE WORLD WITH GUNS. StoneToss sat, his weak and unconditioned body completely incapable of putting up much physical resistance against the well equipped, trained and local foe he was making his stand against. But it was okay… they had their guns. The government would never infringe on his right to bear arms. It was foretold, hundreds of years ago (the earth is only a few thousand years old, you see, so really that wasn’t that long ago. Besides, if Jesus didn’t want white men to have guns, why did he bury all the gun powder and fossils?). StoneToss smirked. “Come and take them,” he thought, as a tactical missile fired from three hundred miles away vaporized him, completely demolishing the Wal-Mart he and his freedom fighters were inhabiting. He was a fucking badass, just like the guys from the Revolving War, or whatever.

Someday he’d be the good guy with a gun that stops the bad guy with a gun. He just needed more guns. And also he had to stop being such a coward. And also he needed there to be a situation where an active shooter was at large and he was positioned, with a gun, in such a way as to stop the shooter. Any day now, for sure…

Always worth pointing out that people like StoneToss (read: conservatives of any color) always like to roleplay that they’d be with Washington, fighting against the British for liberty, while in all likelihood they’d have probably been staunch supporters of the monarchy. In StoneToss’ case I suppose he’d just be a village idiot who draws comics in mud, screams at every woman that passes by and then dies of tuberculosis.

A forbidden love.

Comic Name: True Love
Description: Love you, my readers and fellow kings.
Mouseover: A forbidden love.
Image Name: love-wins-comic.png
Originally Published: 9/19/2019

What The Comic Is: A gay man smugly proclaims that “Love wins”. He sees a stereotypical family of a husband, wife, son and daughter who fly the American flag and go to church; his expression turns an annoyed incredulous.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Gay people give a fuck about other families.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Gay people do not fucking care about hetro-normative parents in a cis-gendered relationship raising kids. Like, they just don’t. StoneToss is not a victim (or rather, StoneToss’ world view is not victimized; no woman will ever fuck StoneToss and thus he will never procreate or have a family). Almost 100% of StoneToss’ rhetoric, be it homophobic or transphobic or Islamophobic or Anti-Semitic or sexist or racist or pretty much anything else, always relies heavily on StoneToss somehow portraying himself to be a victim. When he can’t think of any ways to do that, he decides “Ah, screw it, I’ll just strawman so hard that it’s bad even for me” and makes a comic about a gay man getting upset that a nuclear family exists.

StoneToss: No one fucking cares about you, bitch. You could (hypothetically, of course) get a wife and make kids with her, but gay people are not going to be angry. They don’t give a fuck. You are a loser. They only care about “traditional families” when bigots push that as being the only, or the ‘right’, family type. Of course a gay man will be upset if you say “GAY PEOPLE CAN’T RAISE A CHILD, ONLY MAN AND WIFE CAN”, but it’s not because the gay guy is upset that other families exist. If you let him marry his husband and adopt a child and you shut the fuck up and stay in your pathetic, wimpy little lane, then he is never going to notice your lameass exists. He’ll be too busy having sex with his husband and raising his family to ever be concerned with you and your shitty headcannon cope fantasy where Rei from Evangelion comes to life and cooks chicken nuggets for you in between blowjobs.

StoneToss (looking at trans people committing suicide): Bwahahahaha, being a victim is such unbased le cuck fail 8)

StoneToss (making himself a victim in a fake world where gay people care about him): Bwahahaha, being a victim is such based le pepe win 8)

All washed up.

Comic Name: For Sail
Description: Huh, you’d think sea level rise would stop billion dollar skyscraper construction in Manhattan, but whatever…
Mouseover: All washed up.
Image Name: climate-change-comic-1.png
Originally Published: 9/23/2019

What The Comic Is: A man explains that if climate change isn’t solved soon, that another man’s house will end up underwater. The second man, revealed to be selling the house, leans on the ‘for sale’ sign and explains that while that’s great and all, the beachfront property will still cost extra, much to the first man’s disappointment.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Climate change isn’t real because people still build buildings and they wouldn’t do that if climate change was real.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Yeah, StoneToss. People never build stuff in the wrong place or anything. Great argument, you fucking idiot. The worst part about this comic is that it would have been a great comic if it wasn’t for the fact StoneToss is an idiot and included his idiotic commentary via the description. Why make a good comic when you can make a shit comic, though? Oh! Is that the imaginary ding-ding of the toaster oven I hear?! StoneToss, I think your body pillow 14 year old waifu has more pizza rolls for you!!

Thanks for 70 episode of StoneToss Is An Idiot. I’ll see you red pills next time.

StoneToss: Episode 54

Comic Name: Exit Only
Description: Next they’ll be turning hotdogs into tacos.
Mouseover: Scat is normal.
Image Name: gays-just-like-you-comic1.png
Originally Published: 4/18/2019

What The Comic Is: A man is about to enjoy a bite of a hotdog that has no condiments on it. He stops, alarmed, as he spies a man about to shove a hot dog into his butt. The man shrugs as he plunges the dog up his pooper, commenting that it’s normal. 

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Anal stimulation isn’t normal.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: First of all, StoneToss uses hotdogs as an analogy for dicks. Okay, whatever. We’ve all been there. But he shows the first guy is about to eat the hotdog, so if hotdogs are penises in this scenario, is the first man performing oral sex on a dick? Is oral sex okay, but anal is somehow bad? And after all, nothing reaffirms one’s heterosexuality quite like imagining and then drawing a man penetrating his own asshole with a phallus.
But I digress. StoneToss is using hotdogs as an analogy for ‘normal’ behavior. It’s normal to eat a hotdog, but it’d be strange and abnormal if someone were shoving them in their ass. And yeah, sure, it’d be pretty weird if someone shoved a fully prepared hotdog in a bun up their ass. I can agree with that, I guess. The comic, though, is using a ‘nature’ argument, that homosexuality is unnatural because biology, humans reproduce by a male mating with a female. This “not as nature intended” argument can easily be extended to transgenders or basically anything that a bigot feels breaches anything other than basic cisgender male-female-penis-in-vagina-sex-for-reproduction-and-never-outside-marriage-despite-the-fact-that-marriage-is-also-not-natural-but-I-guess-bigots-feel-free-to-just-pick-and-choose-whatever-they-want-go-figure-amiright. Again, let’s all view StoneToss and how he lives in a hole dugout next to a waterfront, eating small animals, roots, grass, the occasional ruminant and fish. Forgoing fire and crude tools, StoneToss prefers only to live in the most natural ways. And he definitely doesn’t stick hotdogs in his ass! No sir! 

Only, nah. He lives in the modern world like the rest of us. So what the fuck does it matter if one thing is “biologically natural” or not? We could point out that homosexual relationships occur among wild animals, or that there is no discernable difference in physiology or brain activity between heterosexual and homosexual individuals, but does it fucking matter? Do we really need to justify homosexuality? Humans have been going to pretty extreme lengths to firmly cement the fact that we are about as removed from nature as you can realistically be without transporting yourself into an alternate reality where the trees are made out of flat screen TVs and water is replaced by high fructose corn syrup dyed with Blue 8. I wonder where StoneToss got the notion that homosexuality isn’t natural? Probably from his church, because you can’t logically suggest homosexuality goes against nature while disregarding that 1.) It totally doesn’t go against nature and 2.) Everything else about humans is removed from nature, anyways. Unless you subscribe to something along the lines of, oh I dunno, that the earth is 4,000 years old and primordial humans never existed. But that would be incredibly dumb! And we all know StoneToss isn’t incredibly dumb, right? 

Do you think if we show StoneToss photos of animals engaging in homosexual interactions that he’ll draw a comic about two male lions, one about to eat a mouse while the other one awkwardly shoves a mouse up his ass while explaining it’s natural? At least he’d win some points with the furry crowd.

The description, “turning hotdogs into tacos” is obviously about gender reassignment surgery, or ‘turning penises into vaginas’. It’s the typical boring, tired, fake argument of “gay > trans > pedophilia”, so StoneToss is really making a greater commentary on the degradation of society (first we accept da homoz, then the trans, then eventually we don’t realize the water is boiling and we’re accepting pedophiles). That StoneToss stopped short of mentioning pedophilia is less likely due to him being subtle and much more likely due to him lacking the creativity to come up with a food pun about pedophiles. 

Final hot take: A taco made with hotdog meat is literally as American as you can probably fucking get, so it’s shocking StoneToss seems to oppose the idea.

Comic Name: High Score
Description: Food for Thot
Mouseover: thot = patroled [sic]
Image Name: sex-education-comic.png
Originally Published: 4/30/2019

What The Comic Is: Two teachers examine a box of sexual education material. One teacher comments that they’re unsure if the material is appropriate for children. The other teacher coaxes her not to worry, and for some random reason decides to mention that anal sex is natural. He is shocked, however, when he comes across a page that shows a graph comparing a bride’s number of sexual partners to the likelihood of the marriage ending in divorce.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Women are whores, ruin their lives and marriages and extra-marital sex is the devil’s work.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss continues his tradition of becoming focused on a single topic over the course of 2-5 comics. This time he’s obsessed with anal sex of all things, but he’s using this comic to show that anal sex isn’t just for those damn dirty homos! Even in TRUE and HONEST straight relationships, anal is unnatural. Also, it’s somehow directly linked to women being sluts! That makes sense! StoneToss is anti-sex ed, which fits in line with his religion-fueled bigotry. There’s an unfortunate amount of religious types who are staunchly opposed to any form of sex ed, because their oppressive belief is that “no sex happens before marriage, sex is only for reproduction”. Any form of teaching children about sex or safety during sex is seen as counter intuitive to this oppression, since the matter should be literally no sex at all. After all, if you can’t wrongly teach a child that sex is somehow a bad thing that will ruin your life, how can you make sure they won’t try doing it before getting married to an opposite gendered partner in a church? 

Of course, sex with multiple partners is only bad when a woman does it. StoneToss has never made commentary on men having sex with lots of women. Whether because StoneToss (using himself as a reference point) believes that men can’t realistically get with more than one woman in a lifetime or because he subscribes to the (often hand-in-hand theory among religious anti-sex types) adage of “a lock that opens to any key is a bad lock/a key that opens any lock is a good key” remains to be given a shit about. How anal sex works into this is also questionable, it seems StoneToss just wanted to randomly complain about it again. Being a staunch homophobic bigot, it makes sense that StoneToss is opposed to anal sex in a homosexual setting, but it seems his childish policing of other people’s lives extends into the realm of man-woman anal sex. This isn’t unusual for backwards religious types, though it seems especially random and petty for him to shoehorn the topic into a comic that otherwise focuses on hating women for having sex outside of marriage. 

As for where StoneToss even got the information he uses in his cartoon graph about sex and divorce (he doesn’t link a source anywhere), he draws it from very early research that found a base correlation (never a causation, but religious junkies liked to completely disregard that) between a woman’s sexual partners and her likelihood of divorcing. I could go on and on about the downright invalid nature of this research, but this article does a much better job than I’d do at it. The tl;dr version is: the reason for divorce rates being so high concerning women with higher numbers of sexual partners was, in the past, largely linked to the USA’s overall oppressive stance towards marriage and sexuality. As this changed, so too did divorce rates among women with many sexual partners. Likewise, the reason a large amount of “virgin brides” don’t divorce is because they’re in deeply traditional and religious communities where divorcing in an unhappy, dead marriage would be so sacrilegious that they grin and bear the marriage rather than divorce. 

But no, it couldn’t be oppressive and backwards society. It’s just because women are whores! And if a woman has too much sex before marriage, chemicals in her brain (er, or are ‘chemicals’ too ungodly?) change and reshape, causing her to lose all sensible, Christian thought and fundamentals and ultimately divorce her good, providing white husband so she can get gangbanged by (((socialist))) (((antifa))) (((black))) men (which StoneToss eagerly pleasures himself to while hypocritically condemning the women who produce that very pornography).

It’s just so odd that StoneToss is this opposed to anal sex, considering he’s such an assfuck himself. Very strange, indeed.

StoneToss: Episode 50 (Special Edition 3)

Foreword: The blog has now passed 200k views and this post marks the 50th StoneToss installment. I couldn’t, or rather I probably wouldn’t, do it without all you kind, sexy readers. Thank you all, and please enjoy this extra long&juicy 50th StoneToss Is An Idiot.

Comic Name: Happily Never After
Description: Happy Valentine’s day!
Mouseover: Isn’t there someone you forgot to ask?
Image Name: consent-and-marriage-comic1.png
Originally Published: 2/14/2019

What The Comic Is: A man and woman lay in bed, the man is clearly ‘rough’ looking, with unshaven facial hair, a sort of tattoo/scar on his arm (StoneToss can’t be bothered to make his art look like anything, I guess), and worst of all… chest hair. The man and woman both consent to sex. A third man, however, protests his consent. The woman, rightfully angry, demands to know who he is. He is shown to be a well groomed man in traditional, conservative business attire holding a briefcase and a “Congrats it’s a boy” blue balloon. He answers that he is the man who would’ve married her. The woman, tears in her eyes, lunges to embrace the man but he dissipates into thin air.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Women who have sex are whores and they ruin their chances at finding a good man, because good men only want virgin women.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Boy howdy I have been waiting for so long to get to this comic. It’s one of my favorite StoneToss pieces because it’s just so, so, so fucking weak and pathetic. StoneToss isn’t even trying to have a funny or bouncy punchline with this one, it’s literally just him being straight-faced depressed that he can’t get laid and that women fuck other men. It’s got such limpdick energy that just looking at it for too long can probably give you soy cancer or whatever ridiculous bullshit StoneToss believes other men suffer from, while he sits alone in his home, drawing shitty comics set in a fictional safe space world where women are punished for their sexual behavior. This is literally StoneToss’ pathetic little clown world, where he gets to depict women as actually caring about some sexist asshole’s stance on wedding the deflowered.

The comic serves, then, as a cautionary tale to women, telling them to be mindful of who is consenting to their extramarital sexcapades, because once they have sex with a man (who of course will be a ‘bad man’ with body hair and tattoos and gold chains, because that’s what bad men without jobs look like, right?) then the ‘good men’ (baby boomettes who use blue for boys and work in an office, because that’s what a good man looks like, right?) will never want them. I would say it’s pretty depressing if a man values literally nothing other than a woman’s virginity, but the relationships I’ve had have always been very enlightened, healthy and beneficial for both parties involved. StoneToss’ relationships, if they exist at all, have probably been layered in some type of abuse coming from StoneToss (likely community-sanctioned by the shitty church StoneToss is brainwashed in). So I guess given StoneToss and his complete and abject failure at providing for a woman, it’s not a big surprise he sinks to deranged little realities where all women ruin their chances at the NICE GUYtm. The comic is then even funnier when you realize: The man not giving his consent to the sex is literally StoneToss’ own self-insert, and this comic is his vehicle for living out his petty, non-existent revenge
StoneToss literally made a comic about women cucking him with other men. Hahaha lolz.

Comic Name: Fatherly Doody
Description: Like the comics? Support my work here! (links to an abandoned newproject2 page for StoneToss. newproject2 is a now defunct Patreon alternative that was set up in largely the same style as Patreon, but was welcoming of alt-right dumbasses like StoneToss or Metokur. The site always relied heavily on content creators splitting money with them, but was officially canned in mid-2020 when Master Card decided that supporting a website used by openly bigoted, fascist people was a bad idea).
Mouseover: What’s the difference? 
Image Name: homosexual-family-comic.png
Originally Published: 2/19/2019

What The Comic Is: A man and wife hold their sleeping baby while rudely staring at a gay couple. The man, very rudely, openly wonders what the gay couple’s family is like. The gay man, rightfully offended at the man and woman’s total lack of social tact, calls them bigots and tells them that their families are the same. His partner stands by his side, holding their own baby wrapped in linen. The gay men clasp each other’s hand as it is revealed that the baby is actually a piece of shit.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: You can’t reproduce in a same-sex relationship, therefore same-sex relationships are lesser to ‘normal’ relationships.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Around the time this comic was published, a meme was going around the internet where people were using comics or photographs to explain how different cultures/groups of people were the same as others, though there was always some sort of humorous catch to the explanation that betrayed the “same as you” message. For instance, one of these memes might be something like “How do Mexicans take showers? The same as everyone else. First we turn on the water, then we get the sombreros“. Normally they were very self-aware and poked fun at the person making the comic. Because of this, these comics were very inclusive and wholesome, urging everyone to participate and share fun self-embraced stereotypes about their culture or nationality (British people shower with tea, Japanese people shower with anime, etc.) 

StoneToss saw this meme and thought, “How can I take something wholesome, where all people of the world come together and laugh with one another, and make it awful?” The answer was this comic. The gay couple’s baby being a lump of shit is an unfunny joke about gay anal sex, and the mouse over text is obviously a reference to the “what’s the difference/same as you” meme. It’s also yet another comic where StoneToss whines about the death of the nuclear family, because god forbid other people exist and be different to StoneToss and his church group.
Someone should tell StoneToss that gay couples can adopt, which provides thousands of orphaned children a loving and providing home, with statistically far less violence and domestic abuse when compared to man-woman relationships. Someone should also tell StoneToss that in order for a man and woman to create a child together, the man has to be better than a reprehensible bigot with no real-life friends or experience with women.

Comic Name: Her-bivore
Description: Bone appetit. 
Mouseover: Sausage party.
Image Name: forever-alone-female-comic.png
Originally Published: 2/28/2019

What The Comic Is: A woman laments at her loneliness, silently crying at a table. She then complains about her hunger as her stomach grumbles, her shirt is revealed to read ‘GO VEGAN’. It is then shown that she sits in a room surrounded by meat.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Women are lonely because their standards are too high.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss must have been going through a very, very strong incel phase right around this time. I mean, the idiot is always going through incel phases, but I mean to say that it must’ve been particularly strong when he made these comics. This is the third comic in short succession where he complains, somehow, about either women or ‘traditional’ relationships. 

In this comic, the woman is a vegan surrounded by meat. This is a direct joke about vegans but it’s also a metaphor for women who can’t find a “GOOD GUYtm” because they won’t lower their ‘standards’, or if they’d be open to trying “new things”, then they wouldn’t be so unfulfilled. It’s really, really standard incel bullshit. The women may also be a lesbian, twisting the metaphor slightly to “she’s lesbian and lonely, if only she’d choose men she’d have so many options”, which is really equally incel-ish and stupid, so it barely matters either way. 

I wouldn’t be shocked if StoneToss was dumped or rejected by a woman around this time, which spurred him to make a slew of idiotic comics bitching about women and relationships. Yes, if only women would lower their standards from “healthy, put-together man” to “whiney manchild who’s whole world view is controlled by bigoted church sermons and he lacks complete and total respect of any kind for women”. Why are the stupid femoids so dumb and lonely if only they weren’t egotists who refuse to eat the food that’s all around them, then StoneToss would finally get a girlfriend :,( 
Also, though, which is it? Do women partake in the wild sausage buffet that surrounds them, or do they save themselves for the one special hotdog they’ve always been looking for? This comic is actually so fucking dumb, even by StoneToss standards, that the comments on it are actually a healthy mix of people refuting the comic’s meaning, arguing about how stupid it is, etc. It noticeably lacks several of the ‘usual suspects’ who constantly comment bigotry in agreeance with whatever the comic is saying, and the people mocking the comic have a good mix of both up and downvotes on their comments. This is highly unusual, as normally anyone in StoneToss’ comment section who calls his comic out for being shit is hit with a dozen or so downvotes and few to no upvotes.

StoneToss offered his inceldom to his hounds and they actually rejected it. Fucking lol.

Comic Name: Sticks and Stones
Description: Fun Fact: It’s illegal to call a transsexual the “wrong” pronoun in NYC. (text links to a Breibart article that completely misrepresents and hyper-exaggerates what the actual law really is).
Support my work here! (a link to the same defunct newproject2 website)
Mouseover: IT’S MA’AM!
Image Name: crime-think-comic.png
Originally Published: 3/5/2019

What The Comic Is: A trans woman explains that ‘thought crimes’ don’t exist. A man retorts with “Whatever, dude.”, which ‘triggers’ the trans woman. The final panel shows the man being arrested while the trans woman sobs to a police officer.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Once again, “Thought crimes” comes from the Orwell novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, where ‘Thoughtcrimes’, or expressions of controversial opinion or dissent against the government of fictional Oceania, are punishable crimes. StoneToss has always been fascinated with the concept of Thoughtcrime, and he uses it constantly in his comics as a way of trying to show that fiction has become reality. Of course, his shitty argument never, ever gets further than “I can’t be a bigot anymore!! WTF THOUGHTCRIME1111”, but please ignore reality in favor of StoneToss’ childish delusions. 

For the record, it’s not necessarily ‘illegal’ to misgender trans people in New York City, at least not in the way this stupid comic portrays it. In the comic, the man casually calls the trans woman “dude”. ‘Dude’ is already considered a pretty safe, multi-gendered term as it is (most women and trans women will tell you they don’t mind being called ‘dude’ and do not see it as being gendered, rather more of a synonym for ‘friend, pal, etc.’). The trans woman is so triggered and alarmed by this that they sob uncontrollably as their aggressor is lead away in handcuffs. This is painting trans people as inherently fragile and weak, that even the most casual and harmless of misgenderings sets them off into a hysterical, self-righteous pity party that the government and laws/police have to protect them against.

It’s also, obviously, trying to liken the NYCHRL (or New York City Human Rights Law) to Thoughtcrime, just because New York City passed a law that says official documents for employment/renting/whatever have to be mindful of preferred pronouns. In StoneToss’ clown world, trans people are shocked and offended by the word ‘dude’. In reality, StoneToss is shocked and offended by lukewarm legislation that does the bare minimum of recognizing that a minority of people exist.

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but trans people existing will apparently cause you to make whiney comics.

Comic Name: Seeing Green
Description: Speaking of burning money, why not support my work? (another link to the defunct myproject2 website) 
Mouseover: Burn baby burn!
Image Name: green-energy-comic.png
Originally Published: 3/7/2019

What The Comic Is: A business man unveils his new public green energy project, a machine labeled the “Eco 9000”. A man questions what’s so green about the invention. The businessman, dumping a sack of dollar bills into the contraption, responds that it is the fuel that is green.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Renewable energy is bad because it costs money.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: More boring, unoriginal arguments from StoneToss. This dipshit doesn’t have a single original bone in his fucking body, I swear. He is literally incapable of making an original point, it’s all just recycled propaganda nonsense that he picks up from his church or his online social circles.

You can tell when StoneToss knows at least a thing or two about his comic subject, because he’ll go into a deeper detail about it either through pure exposition via spoken words or through some kind of imagery or double meanings. When he knows only a cursory amount about something, his comic about it will be much, much more skin-deep and basic, signaling to everyone his lack of knowledge on the subject. In this case, he is signaling that he doesn’t know jackshit about green energy.

“The upfront cost/upkeep cost is high” is the traditional bad argument that opponents of green energy make. This is beyond stupid, because it’s exactly like trying to argue “we can’t make more coal plants or oil rigs because the upfront cost is just too high”. It’s a disingenuous and fake argument used to confuse voters into opposing windmills or solar panels by trying to suggest building them in the first place, or upkeeping them, will cost too much money, or they won’t make enough money back. Never mind that most of these facts are using information that is going on two decades old, and that by today’s standards green energy is beating out fossil fuels by wild margins, to the point that new wind and solar installments are literally less expensive than even the mere operating costs of coal powered plants.

 Right-leaning tools constantly parrot “GREEN ENERGY IS TOO EXPENSIVE” so it’s no wonder where StoneToss picked up this perpetually overused talking point, and it’s no wonder he doesn’t explore the issue any further; because hedoesn’t fucking know anything else about it other than it allegedly is expensive. StoneToss is a good little sheep. Baa.

Thanks for 200k views. Keep expecting cool things from this dumb blog.

StoneToss: Episode 42

Comic Name: I Doodoo
Description: Fun fact: 28% of gay men have had over 1,000 sexual partners.(links to a bigoted Christian website; further evidence of StoneToss being a closet Bible freak)
Mouseover: “mono”gamy
Image Name: gay-marriage-comic.png
Originally Published: 12/13/2018

What The Comic Is: A man and a woman pronounce their wedding “I Do” in unison. In the next panel, two men pronounce their wedding “I Do” in unison, along with several other men in the gay wedding audience. 

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Gay men are all sluts who fuck everyone, straight people are monogamous (unless it’s a woman, then they’re all whores unless they marry a man and don’t have pre-existing sexual partners). 

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss can’t seem to make up his mind as to whether or not gay people are miserable, lonely cretins to society who can never fit in or if they’re packing down orgies every weekend. But don’t be too harsh on him, we all know he doesn’t actually think about anything he believes in.
StoneToss isn’t saying that the men at the wedding are all going to have a gay wedding orgy, this is him trying to suggest that pre-existing sexual partners somehow ‘stay’ with you forever and somehow ruin or devalue your eventual marriage. He’s talked about this with women before (and we’ll cover future comics concerning that here eventually), but the fact he’s making this comic about gay men specifically and that he links a “study” conducted by Exodus Global Alliance, a Christian-based gay conversion/therapy organization, lend a massive amount of credence that StoneToss is a religious nutcase. He does well to never seem overly religious, perhaps knowing the internet (even his very pre-dominantly Christian fan base) would look less favorably on him if he were too forward about how his religion influences his beliefs. 

It seems that around this time of the year, back in 2018, that StoneToss, in his personal life, might have went down a gay conversion therapy rabbit hole. It’s very likely he picked up his bizarre belief in ‘good Christian relationships’ being put under attack (as seen in this issue) from places like Exodus Global Alliance and whatever shitpit church he attends IRL. He was already homophobic, but late 2018 seemed to mark a paradigm shift towards StoneToss exploring homosexuality deeper (would it be gay if he felched the bull’s cum??, StoneToss ponders). Specifically what StoneToss believes ’causes’ someone to turn into a homosexual and, apparently, a belief in conversion therapy.

StoneToss clearly holds marriage in a very high and sacred regard, which isn’t out of character for a bigoted conservative-type like StoneToss. It’s amusing to think that the ‘redpilled based free thinker’ that StoneToss and his fans eagerly believe him to be is, in reality, just a braindead sheep believing whatever his bigoted church leadership instills in him. StoneToss is therefore the literal polar opposite of someone who thinks for themselves; but was that ever really a question, given the absolute intellectual flaccidity of his shitty fucking comics?

The comic’s name is a stupid reference to gay anal sex and poop, a joke StoneToss will mindlessly retread many times in the future, as if this were the start of him realizing that butts have poop in them; which, given his sheltered life and submission to religion, might not be far from the truth.

Also, can we just take a second to appreciate the fucking ridiculous statistic that “28% of gay men have had over 1,000 sexual partners”? No wonder StoneToss hates gay people so much, he thinks they fuck all of the time while he fucks none of the time!

Comic Name: Any Way You Slice It
Description: In other news, American Circumcision, a documentary from a fellow traveler of ours has just released on Netflix! Check it out.
Mouseover: …just a flesh wound
Image Name: circumcision-is-amputation-comic.png
Originally Published: 12/18/2018

What The Comic Is: A man chats with another man, musing that women prefer men who are circumcised. A girl walks by, chatting on the phone, mentioning that she thinks shorter guys are kind of cute. The man, after pausing for a moment, begins to saw his own leg off.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Circumcision is like cutting your leg off to appease )))the femoidz))(

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: You know, there’s a lot I hate about StoneToss. We have a funny relationship like that. I hate him; he’s too busy not getting any pussy and hating everyone else to notice I exist. It’s a little dynamic we have, haha. The thing I hate about him the most, though, if I had to choose, would be his talent to turn a funny comic into a shit one. What I mean by that is that this comic is a genuinely funny base for a joke; a guy who goes too far to tailor himself to what a girl finds attractive. However, StoneToss is a bigoted dumbfuck and therefore that bigoted dumbfuckery coats this comic like a sort of chocolate coating (but it’s not chocolate, it’s SHIT!!11).

We can probably all agree that circumcising babies is bad, so like usual we’ll ignore that part of the comic. The problem with the comic is that it’s comparing circumcision with cutting your legs off, and not in a self-aware way. StoneToss isn’t saying “look, circumcising is as dumb as cutting a limb off!”, he’s saying that guys are such simps that they’ll do whatever women want, even if that means circumcising themselves or using it as an excuse to justify circumcision. In that way, it’s a comic about how women ruin society by making men do self-harmful things, ergo, women are bad. Yes, this is the fruit of StoneToss’ considerable talent: to take a comic about circumcising and turn it into a ‘woman bad’ comic. 

It didn’t have to be a bad comic. But StoneToss is nothing if not an over-achiever, I suppose. Well, an over-achiever at being an idiot, that is.

StoneToss: Episode 40 (Special Edition 2)

Comic Name: Violation 
Description: Rev up those helicopters.
Mouseover: It’s not blood “libel” if it’s true.
Image Name: jews-violate-the-nap-comic.png
Originally Published: 11/13/2018

What The Comic Is: A man in a snake shirt mentions that being Jewish isn’t in violation of napping. Another man opens a scroll, revealing a passage of Jewish law concerning circumcision. The man in the snake shirt seems to encounter some struggle in reading the words, perhaps (or perhaps not) unrelated to the fact he’s wearing a snake shirt.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Libertarians shouldn’t defend Jews because Jews practice circumcision.
Why It’s Fucking Stupid: So the N.A.P. is the Non-aggression principle, a philosophy of thinking that views any ‘aggression’ against others (this aggression meaning different things, not limited to just physical aggression) as inherently wrong. This seems fine at face value, but we’ll talk more about NAP soon. Anyways, NAP is considered a strong foundational building block of Libertarianism, and this comic seems to suggest that StoneToss professes as adhering to its philosophy (StoneToss being a self-described Libertarian, so this makes sense). When the man in the Gadsden flag shirt (a Libertarian) defends Judaism as not being a violation of NAP, the second man produces a scroll describing Jewish circumcision. 

What StoneToss is saying is that because Jews have a religious culture that calls for the circumcision of men, that Judaism inherently violates NAP. Alright, fair enough. I think everyone can agree that the circumcision of babies is a wildly outdated practice and there’s absolutely no relevant arguments for it, even when we enter the grounds of religious tradition territory. However, StoneToss doesn’t just criticize Jewish circumcision; frankly it’d be totally fine if that’s all he did. He extends this criticism to include that simply “being Jewish” is a violation of NAP, and that his fellow Libertarians need to be ‘woked’ to the fact that Jews are inherently a danger to the Libertarian way of thinking/living.

NAP is a line of thinking that is adopted and understood in different ways by more than just Libertarians. Even within Libertarianism the precise definition of NAP is debated over in longwinded, pretentious arguments that are based in contrived “what if?” scenarios to support absolute statements on what aggression is. For instance, NAP could be used to argue either for or against abortion. Is abortion an aggression against the unborn child? Then it’s a violation of NAP. Is making abortion an illegal act an aggression against the mother? Then it’s a violation of NAP.  You now might see where the arguments among NAP-adherents come from. But for the purpose of a lot of Libertarians, NAP is basically just a word salad they barely understand outside of using it to justify their own bigotry. Like StoneToss!

Libertarianism in general, with its philosophy of “liberty of the individual = liberty for all” is a natural magnet for those who want an easy greenlight to exercise discrimination. When a baker denies baking a cake because it will be used in a gay wedding, for instance. Never mind that discriminating against a minority that is still fighting for the basic right of being able to marry their chosen significant other is soundly considerable as an aggression under NAP; it’s only an aggression when it’s against the most historically oppressed people in the USA: straight white men! Like StoneToss!

Okay , NAP time is over. What does all of that mean for the rest of the comic? It means StoneToss’ comic is shit.

Comic Name: Target Acquired
Description: RIP Tay.
Mouseover: Skynet when?
Image Name: right-wing-ai-comic1.png
Originally Published: 11/15/2018

What The Comic Is: A scientist rejoices to his peer that they’ve finally created an AI that can interpret art. They decide to test the AI on a few Facebook meme pages. After waiting for a moment, they wonder if their AI is working. The AI, obviously turning hostile, ‘locks on’ to the two scientists, who are visibly brown and/or Jewish.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Stupid Facebook memes are turning the damn AI redpilled.
Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss references Tay, or Tay AI. Tay AI was an AI programmed by Microsoft and billed as the first “fully AI social media user”. Tay AI was rather advanced, although,  like the archaic SantaBots and BonziBuddies of AI past, it still operated on a simple ‘learning by being talked to’ fundamental. Of course, this meant that if you were to, say, spam the AI with racist memes and language that the AI would then ‘learn’ to start parroting what it was being spammed with. Anyways, 16 hours after launching Tay AI, Microsoft pulled the plug on the whole deal because, ya know, it was spammed by trolls who wanted to turn the AI racist. Hilarious? Yes, very much so. Relevant to any greater subject matter? Not so much.

StoneToss is trying to assert that a majority of any given memes are going to be racist, as if that is some reflection of how the majority of society really feels. Notice the careful use of language, such as “some random Facebook meme pages”, instead of “some racist meme pages”. If this were anyone but StoneToss we could easily take the joke as being that Facebook is filled with overt racists, but since it’s StoneToss we can easily take the joke as being an unhinged glimpse into the mind of a depressed, self-loathing little man who holds out with wishful thinking that the “silent majority” is just as awful as he is. In other words, StoneToss thinks Tay AI turned racist because it got redpilled by TRUE AND HONEST memes and not because it was deliberately and overwhelmingly targeted by trolls with the sole intention of ruining Microsoft’s plan.

Comic Name: For Whom the Bell Curve Tolls
Description: Hmm, nobody seeks to remedy asian [sic] under-representation in the NBA.
Mouseover: Strange how every race has a different average height, color, and hair type, but EXACTLY the same level of intelligence…
Image Name: bell-curve-comic1.png
Originally Published: 11/20/2018

What The Comic Is: A man asks his friend what he’s reading. The friend explains he’s examining a bell curve distribution separated on race. The man, shocked, begins to ask why his friend would read something so racist, but stops short once he notices the paper is examining height.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That because physical difference exist between races, therefore mental ones do as well.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: We’ve been here before. Like, StoneToss is no stranger to making multiple comics about the same thing, but we’ve literally been to this exact fucking comic before. The first time StoneToss did it, it was with dogs. It’s just another stupid comic about how people from different most-recent geological backgrounds share broad physical differences, so StoneToss believes this correlates to them obviously also having differences in intelligence. This is despite no science backing up a notion of intelligence differences between races of people. So StoneToss doesn’t base this stance in any actual logic, it’s just what he desperately wants to believe. It’s mere coincidence that StoneToss considers the race he identifies with, white, as being the most intelligent; while considering the race he dislikes, black, as being less intelligent. Clearly he has no bias in believing his genetic superiority. After all, his website’s About page says he isn’t racist!!!

Comic Name: Pimpin’ Ain’t 1040EZ
Description: #ThotAudit
Mouseover: Now that’s a pimp hand you don’t wanna catch.
Image Name: thot-audit-comic.png
Originally Published: 11/27/2018

What The Comic Is: A woman with Shrek tits throws her fit to the air, proclaiming that sex work is real work. A man in a bathrobe and hat appears behind her, his golden chain reading ‘IRS’, as he threatens that the woman had better have his money.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That sex work is to be mocked and that “Thot Audit” was a real thing.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss consumes porn. We all know he does. We all know he looks at real people porn, and probably looks at real women. This doesn’t stop him from mocking, deriding and generally disrespecting the very same people and their work that he benefits from. This is your standard, vanilla misogyny. In this comic, he tries to mock women for daring to believe their work is in any way legitimate by suggesting that all women are prostitutes with a pimp (the ‘pimp’ in this case being the IRS). Women empower themselves by working for themselves through OnlyFans or Patreon, and StoneToss really doesn’t like this. At least, he feels, if there’s a man behind the scenes then women don’t have too much agency. Ignore the fact that if the IRS is indeed the ‘pimp’ of sex workers, then that by effect means everyone who pays taxes is a prostitute paying their pimp. Excellent logic from StoneToss, as always.

But let’s talk about the “Thot Audit”. Thot Audit was a social movement/meme that… didn’t exist. Because it was a joke. The whole time it was just a joke. Thot Audit began as a Tweet claiming that sex workers on OnlyFans/the internet were being exposed to the IRS for not reporting income, and were being ruined in audits. First of all, none of these women were identifiable via their fucking Twitter handles or porn names. In reality, calling up the IRS and trying to explain to them that “poopeaterkitten4u” wasn’t reporting the 300,000 dollars she makes by eating her own shit on webcam doesn’t result in IRS agents triangulating her location and shooting tactical ballistic missiles at her house. Second, pretty much every sex worker is reporting their earnings because most of their earnings were coming in over platforms like OnlyFans or PayPal that the IRS easily monitors, so they were paying their taxes anyways.

Anyone with two braincells to rub together knew Thot Audit was a joke. This, of course, meant a considerable amount of people were too dim to realize Thot Audit didn’t fucking exist. StoneToss is proudly among that group, flying a flag of ignorant stupidity as he gleefully exults in the financial ruining of women that doesn’t fucking exist. Thot Audit popped up quickly, treaded water for awhile as social media news sources wrote boring fluff pieces and stoked its fire, and then eventually went quietly into the void of forgotten memes once nothing came of it because it never gained any traction because it was never real.

How to trigger a StoneToss: remind him that beautiful younger and older women are using their bodies and personalities to earn an income that is greater than anything StoneToss could ever make doing the same thing. And they’re paying taxes. And they won’t date him. And they fuck other men. And they’re mostly liberal. And they don’t have pimps.

Comic Name: Holding the Bag
Description: Strange Accounting
Mouseover: Let’s not forget to factor in a century or so of Welfare too.
Image Name: reparations-comic1.png
Originally Published: 11/29/2018

What The Comic Is: A black man holds open a bag towards a white man, asking for reparations for slavery. The white man asks if he gets any deductions for abolishing slavery. The black man shoots back that he can’t take credit for what his ancestors did.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That reparation repayment means that black people go up to white people with burlap sacks and demand money.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Reparations are a tough and sensitive subject, but it’s not as convoluted as most people believe. Really, the generally accepted idea is that reparations come from a rough estimate of the amount of free labor slaves gave their owners during American slavery (the costs the slave owners incurred to purchase/enslave their slaves are not factored into this). Essentially, the figure for what should be paid in reparations comes from the amount of hours slaves worked for their slave owners, so think of it as a sort of back payment for labor that the workers were never paid for. It’s also proposed that additional ‘suffrage’ payment be factored into the total, so basically bonus money added on to pay for the suffering the slaves endured. 

Who is supposed to pay this money? White people, of course. All white people. Nah, only kidding. That would actually be stupid. Instead, it’s suggested that the states, governments and enduring families that owe their wealth in part to slavery, who benefited from/condoned/protected/owned slaves, pay reparations. So no, no cartoony black dude walking around with a money bag to collect payments. No, slave states aren’t exempt from reparations “because white people ended slavery”. Families that owe their inherited fortunes to slave labor aren’t exempt from reparations “because white people ended slavery”. It’s really quite simple and not at all some strange ‘reverse racism’ against white people.

StoneToss tries to assert that welfare is ‘good enough’ for reparations. Welfare, a system that benefited all disadvantaged people and often was more difficult for black people to get compared to white people, is not reparations. Welfare is a system in place to help the poor and underprivileged in society. You know, like the black communities that wallowed for centuries in America due to institutionalized discrimination? Funny how financial aid given to help a minority people who’ve been systematically suppressed since their arrival in the USA isn’t equivalent to or able to be granted in place of actual slavery reparations. Funny indeed.

That wraps up issue 40’s special edition. Thanks for reading, and remember: StoneToss is an idiot.

StoneToss: Episode 24

Comic Name: White Knights
Description: Only one race is ever “proud” to be a cuck.
Mouseover: Next time a refugee rape epidemic breaks out, see how well reminding them to be grateful works out.
Image Name: white-people-disappearing-comic.png
Originally Published: 2/8/2018

What The Comic Is: Two men hold aloft a banner reading “REFUGEES WELCOME <3”. One man inquires to the other that if ‘white folk’ disappear, then who will thank them for what they’re doing. The second man attempts to formulate a retort, but fails to.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss truly is incapable of mocking others without needing to strawman them. I mean, come on. He must be able to think of sooomething he could genuinely point out and lampoon about liberals. Surely, there’s got to be something he’s smart enough to make fun of. No? There isn’t? Oh well.

Alright, so StoneToss is just saying that white people are only welcoming refugees to serve their own ego. That other humans are empathetic and will aid their fellow people is something that eludes and confounds StoneToss. He also complains about refugees raping people, which to be fair is a thing that has happened during mass refugee movements. It’s only to be expected that, when you have a large group of people, some of them are going to commit crimes. What he’s mostly whining about is the European refugee crisis in which refugees from countries such as Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan were fleeing displacement due to war and political oppression.
Between the years of 2016 and 2017, before this comic was published, the Syrian refugee crisis (a subset of the overall European refugee crisis) was at a peak in the media and in politics. Sexual assault and rape crimes committed by refugees and migrants of Syrian descent were rife in news topics, and protests against refugees committing sexual assault were rampant in countries such as Sweden and Germany. This provided almost unlimited vindication and ammunition for anti-refugee camps to exploit, twisting the situation into what they’d have you believe was a full on “rape epidemic”. Much cherry picking was done by everyone to try and prove that refugees were either good or bad people, instead of a massive influx of human beings who all behave independently.

That a person, as a refugee, enters into a country and then sexually assaults someone is an issue. This should not really be up for debate. However, what StoneToss is concerned about isn’t even that some refugees commit crimes. You really think StoneToss cares if a woman gets raped? Pssh, please. It isn’t about the safety of anyone, it’s about imaginary white genocide that will totally happen because people who are brown flee into your country to escape dying. It’s about painting those who support refugees as self-serving. It’s about complaining that the ‘white race’ is the only race that continues to “be cucked”, because we all know the Asian and African continents never have migrant crises of their own, not ever. It’s only white people countries that get invaded (opps, I mean, migrated!) by black people. Why don’t the other races have to be cucked mommy it’s not fair waa waa waa.

It’s difficult to live in a world where your views and beliefs are challenged or put under scrutiny. By contrast, it’s very easy to live in a world where you imagine all of the people who don’t agree with you as bad faith actors that don’t actually like brown people but are only utilizing them for an ego boost. StoneToss lives in the latter because that’s how you know he isn’t a cuck1111!!

Comic Name: Gaymer Gate
Description: We did it, Reddit!
Mouseover: This is fine.
Image Name: gamergate-comic-1.png
Originally Published: 2/13/2018

What The Comic Is: A man is overjoyed to finally have his video game free of feminist influence. Placing his VR goggles over his head, he plays his game as the fourth panel reveals a post-apocalyptic cityscape overtaken by homosexual and feminist iconography.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That GamerGate preoccupied society while feminism took control of everything else as unwitting gamers focused their attention at the wrong thing.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: GamerGate was a messy debacle. First, just as a piece of trivia, the reason we call it “GamerGate” is a play on the Watergate scandal that involved US President Richard Nixon’s attempt to cover-up his administrations involvement in the break in of the DNC headquarters in Washington D.C.
Suffixing any scandal or conspiracy with “Gate” has become the trendy thing to do, but generally what constitutes a “Gate” situation is when the scandal is revealed and then slowly leaked upon further by someone closely related to, or even within, the scandal itself; as part of what made the Watergate scandal so juicy was that it was being leaked to the press in the form of vocally-distorted audio tapes by FBI deputy director William Mark Felt, Sr. In the case of GamerGate, murky insider (unproven) information was leaked concerning the ethical nature of video game journalism. This lead to a huge, broad unofficial movement that had no singular leadership, goal or any seeming unified purpose at all.

Some GamerGaters were angry that video game journalism is a joke that isn’t taken seriously by its own industry and that journalists within “video game news” can be easily bought off by money, favors, sex, etc, in exchange for positive and sometimes dishonest coverage. Others were mad at what they felt was intentional distortion of facts concerning the content of modern video games. Many others were flagrantly and openly anti-women. Point being that the “GamerGate” was a confusing social movement that lacked unity and a central purpose. Even those opposing the integrity of journalists in video game media had no clear structure or even an end goal; they seemed to largely just generally complain about the state of video game journalism. 

So what does this have to do with StoneToss and his stupid comic? Well, it’s simple. He obviously felt GamerGate and its vague anti-feminism flavor was a good thing, if only misplaced. While gamers battled the nasty women and their influence in video games, the rest of the world was overrun with homosexuality, women and da tranz. GamerGate had some validity as a movement; it’s not untrue to say that video game journalism is and always has been a far cry from the integrity of journalism as a whole. This is in part because covering video games involves a lot of subjective opinion rather than objective fact, but it stands that video game journalism could benefit to follow a much more stringent and self-imposed/self-upheld standard of professionalism and integrity.

But StoneToss doesn’t care about that! No, to him it’s just about how women and gay people are ruining western culture. He somehow finds a way to invalidate a social movement that was morbid enough to actually mirror his own stupid, infantile hatred and he somehow found a way to complain about how it was beneath him, or how he was smarter than it. You may even be lead to believe that all StoneToss cares about is convincing himself that he’s smarter than other people; which is quite funny when one considers the fact that StoneToss is, indeed, a fucking idiot.

StoneToss: Episode 23

Comic Name: Skeptic Justice Warrior
Description: More like horsesh*t theory, amirite?
Mouseover: …and then the two SJWs leave to vote for socialized healthcare.
Originally Published: 1/16/2018

What The Comic Is: A man with a torch stands before a man with a gay pride flag. An overweight man with a fedora comments that both men are the same. The man with the gay pride flag demands the man with the torch bake his homosexual cake, the man with the torch answers with a firm negative. The fedora man stands in solidarity with the gay pride man, accusing the torch wielder of being a monster.
What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That only the right gets villainized and that the left is always painted a victim.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: So the reason the fat guy has a horseshoe on his shirt is that StoneToss is referencing the “horseshoe theory”, in which two opposing forces, when they get far enough apart, tend to eventually ‘horseshoe’ towards one another, getting closer and closer (like the shape of a horse shoe; the two ends actually grow closer together the further they go). What this means is that when two sides extremely oppose one another, they eventually begin employing behaviors that are similar to each other. In this instance, it’s a man commenting that both the left and right are ‘the same’ because they both have extremists who are willing to commit violence or use force to get their way. Of course this isn’t really true about the left in most cases, but let’s ignore that massive and impossible to ignore lapse in reality for the sake of ripping further into this stupid comic.

The gay pride guy asks the torch guy to bake his “gay” cake (is the cake gay? Is it a cake for gay people? Does the cake turn purple gay?? IS IT ALL OF THE ABOVE???). Torch guy say no (because many on the side of conservatism are anti-human rights). Fat horseshoe guy chides torch guy. What StoneToss is saying with this is that the left are treated as victims because they want to ‘force the gay’ on other people. Obviously the cake is a reference to the cake two gay men ordered from a bakery in 2012. The owner of the bakery refused to bake the cake, citing his religion prevented him from contributing to a gay marriage. This case was off and on for several years until in late 2017 the case landed at the Supreme Court. While the Supreme Court would actually go on to side with the baker in a historic 7-2 vote, this wouldn’t be until months after this comic was published.
Anyways, gay cake history lesson aside, StoneToss is mocking centrists, who normally would condemn or find faults with both sides, for their siding with liberals on the matter of same-sex discrimination. This is one of those comics where StoneToss is desperately trying to point the finger at leftists and scream “HAHA LOOK HOW STUPID THEY ALL LOOK” even though the comic actually represents a progressive and morally good reality, even down to its mouseover text. Of course there’s also StoneToss and his attempt to frame liberals as some kind of victim complex. Yeah, why would anyone in their right mind think you shouldn’t be able to discriminate against gay marriage, amiright?

Comic Name: Refugees Welcum
Description: gf redistribution when?
Mouseover: Remember Moldylocks? Well, she swallows skeet on webcam for a living.
Originally Published: 1/25/2018

What The Comic Is: A man in a robe attempts to sell the benefits of socialism. He describes a system in which food and wealth is shared, and in the third panel also admits that women are shared by socialism as well, as his girlfriend gives a nude man an optical inspection of his genitalia, likely in a medical examination as part of her tenure as a health care professional, highlighting a socialized healthcare system.
What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Socialism will lead to open borders and then black men will fuck all the white women.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: At face value this is just a stupid comic about hating women and calling liberals cucks; which is about the extent of thought one might expect StoneToss to exhibit. However, there’s a bit more to unpack with this one. First, StoneToss feels the need to make this about immigration (for some reason) with the comic’s title. It’s not just black guys in your own country, it’s the refugees from other ones! They’re going to come and cuck people wtf no omg. What StoneToss might be saying further than this is up for speculation. Is he whining about “white replacement”, the notion that white people are slowly ‘dying out’ both in numbers and in influence over the USA? Or is he openly admitting that if refugee men enter the country that white men would “lose” to them and become cuckolds? Well, we know StoneToss has a cuckold fetish, so let’s go ahead and chalk it up to the former and the latter. Once again we watch the human tragedy of StoneToss: loser who is racist but wants his nonexistent female love companion to cuckold him with a black guy.

“Moldylocks” is the disparaging nickname given to an antifa activist who was punched in the face during a violent scuffle between antifa and free speech protestors. She has since gone on to perform in different internet porn videos. What relevancy this should have at all with the comic I have no notion, but it’s most likely that StoneToss is trying to suggest that antifa women are whores, and we all know how bad it is when a woman fucks more than one man, aMiRiTe?

StoneToss: Episode 15

But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. 
- Matthew 5:39

Comic Name: Martyr
Description: N/A
Mouseover: But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. – Matthew 5:39
Image Name: christian-conservative-comic.png
Originally Published: 10/20/17

What The Comic Is: A man busts through the door of his local congressman’s office/purgatory void, crying in alarm at how the slippery slope of gay wedding cakes has resulted in wanton child transgenderism. The congressman asserts that Christian conservatives must do as they always do; ask what Jesus would do. The congressman is then crucified by a crowd of people as a gay pride and antifa flag fly proudly over lumpy grey hills in the background. 

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That Christian conservatives are victims and that the time for them to ‘play nice’ or be passive, as per the instructions of Jesus Christ, are over; elsewise the radical tide of hate groups like gay people and anti-fascists will be their undoing. 

Why It’s fucking Stupid: Okay lads and ladettes, let’s all be real with each other. We all know 
StoneToss is an idiot, right? This isn’t a secret to anyone? No? Good. Because this one is really stupid. I find myself describing at least half of StoneToss’s publications as “exceptionally stupid”, which begs yet another fundamental question concerning StoneToss; is stupidity of this level still ‘exceptional’ of StoneToss when he does it almost half the time?

Whatever. A question for another time, perhaps. For now, let’s focus on Exhibit A: StoneToss’s victim mentality. The first panel of the comic has a worried citizen barging in on his congressman so StoneToss can try pretending (outright lying) that a slippery slope exists between gay civil rights and people projecting transexualism onto their children (it doesn’t). The second and third panels has the congressman stating “the same thing we always do, ask ourselves what would Jesus do”? This paints conservative Christians in a super innocent light, as if they’re not the demographic of people constantly protesting in hatred against homosexuality (among many other things), directly supporting or committing ‘gay conversion’ therapies, abusing men, women and children alike within their church communities, physically assaulting women who attempt to visit abortion clinics, etc.

This isn’t to say that all Christians are bad. That is not what I believe, nor what is really true. It’s perfectly possible to be religious and inclusive of everyone, especially if one goes by contemporary and comparatively modern New Testament versions of “Jesus Loves” Christianity. However, acting like conservative Christians are somehow always turning the other cheek and peacefully allowing gays to exist is not only so far removed from the truth that it would make Adolf Hitler blush and giggle, but it’s just downright idiotic. What kind of idiot would honestly try to pass off the conservative Christian base as being a bunch of peaceful pacifists?! Oh right, StoneToss would. I forgot who we were talking about for a second, silly me!

Anyways, the fourth panel ends with the congressman crucified. Just like what Jesus would do, get it? Be crucified for being peaceful and turning the other cheek?? Hahahah don’t you get it?!?!?!. Anyways, “What would Jesus Do?” is a popular adage/bumper sticker that many Christian-types cite as a way of promoting Christ-approved inclusivity and peace (at least in theory; obviously some Christians don’t exactly practice what they mindlessly regurgitate). StoneToss is trying to paint a world (that doesn’t exist) wherein pacifistic conservative Christians can no longer afford to turn the other cheek, as antifa and gay rights ‘terrorize’ those who do so (the comic’s mouse over text is the Bible verse from which the modern saying is derived from; also, lol, seriously, StoneToss? Gay rights is now a violent movement? Fuck off.) 

This is stupid for two reasons. First of all, gay rights is not an extremist or violent group, like, at all. Antifa I can get; that’s at least your boilerplate stupid coming from StoneToss. But, second of all, acting like gay activists are out there physically forcing others to ‘accept the gay’ while also simultaneously acting as if the very base that actually has violently suppressed them in past and present is the one that is being victimized is so u n b e l i e v a b l y stupid. 

Conservative Christians don’t turn the other cheek to gay people. That’s like the linchpin of the fucking issue. If they WERE turning the other cheek, there wouldn’t have been an issue with a Christian baker making a gay wedding cake. StoneToss tries to literally erase factual happenings by suggesting (in the first panel) that Christians peacefully allowed gay wedding cakes to exist instead of, ya know, fighting vehemently against it for years on end. 

Bonus points for depicting conservative Christians as turning the other cheek while also depicting antifa and gay rights activists as crucifying them anyways. What’s the message here? That antifa and gay people just hate religion even though it’s tolerant of them? Of course, in reality, there are many Christians who are opposed to/intolerant of homosexuality, but this is StoneToss’s make-believe world we’re talking about.

Gay people wouldn’t have any beef with Christians if Christians actually acted the way StoneToss depicts them. But StoneToss can’t make a comic strip where Christians turn the other cheek and gay people react the way they really would (happily and peacefully); because then how would he be able to justify his homophobia?! All we “woke” folks care about is the entitled gayz. Why doesn’t anyone ever think of StoneToss and his bigotry :,(

How else would they get laid, tho?

Comic Name: With Friends Like These 
Description: N/A
Mouseover: How else would they get laid, tho?
Image Name: male-feminist-comic.png
Originally Published: 10/24/2017

What The Comic Is: We’re treated to a brief rundown of different predator animals in their natural habitats. StoneToss, ever the naturalist and biologist that he is, treats us to an illustration of a spider that only has six legs. In the fourth panel, a man sweats nervously as he attends a feminist gathering.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That no men are feminists and they’re only doing it to pick up women.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: So basically StoneToss is just suggesting that men can’t be feminist and that they’re only ‘camouflaging’ themselves, as a predator in nature would, to prey upon women in the movement. This is an easy way of invalidating any male feminist, since you can just accuse them of bad faith acting in the interest of hunting p00n. StoneToss also depicts his male feminist with either a tiny cocktail hot dog on his scalp or some kind of weird bald-head-manbun thing akin to a sort of stereotypical Japanese samurai hairstyle.

Basically he’s just attempting to discredit the feminist movement in general by ‘revealing’ male feminists to be only in it for the sex, which would also (on a deeper level) be undermining feminism. Whether StoneToss has the ability of thought required to dig as far down as making a message that feminism therefore can never truly work when one of the sexes is incapable of doing anything other than acting in bad faith is another debate for another day.

StoneToss: Episode 12

Fun Fact: If you're a member of the right (((religion))), you can even get old men to drink blood from the knife wound.

Comic Name: Flesh and Blood
Description: N/A
Mouseover: Fun Fact: if you’re a member of the right (((religion))), you can even get old men to drink blood from the knife wound.
Image Name: transgender-kids-comic1.png
Originally Published: 9/4/2017

What The Comic Is: A woman speaks ill of the practice of giving children hormone treatment. The man she’s speaking with inquires about the condition of her children’s penises, to which the woman responds with a dismissive affirmative.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: jews bad 

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Alright so this is a comic that is almost, aalllmoooost, daring to be intelligent and thoughtful without any bullshit. Unfortunately, StoneToss can’t say anything about a political or societal subject without reminding everyone about how much he hates Jews. Go figure.

While it’s an interesting observation that putting children on hormone treatments bares some strong parallel to circumcision, the mouse over is, obviously, a complaint about the Jewish tradition of Metzitzah B’Peh, an ancient circumcision tradition. In this ceremonial circumcision, the mohel (fancy word for penis-snipper) uses his mouth to orally ‘clean’ the circumcised penis of blood. While this practice is certainly very debatable in modern times, StoneToss wants to make sure everyone is 100% clear on his antisemitism with the inclusion of the “((( )))” triple brackets (which, at the time of the comic’s publishing was a new dog whistle for the ‘exposing’ of Jews, where one would triple bracket the names of Jews online. It was also a browser extension that would automatically place the brackets around Jewish names on webpages).

Whatever feelings you might have on children and hormone treatment, it’s certainly an interesting posit that people will speak out against hormone treatment while circumcising babies without another thought. StoneToss has always been firmly anti-circumcision (even in his work pre-StoneToss), but leave it to StoneToss to somehow flavor such a benign stance with the dingleberry spice of antisemitism.

Edit (2/15/2021): The image name of the comic alludes to StoneToss believing circumcision is akin to forcing transgenderism on boys. Maybe it seems like just a dumb joke at face value, but knowing StoneToss he probably unironically believes that circumcision leads to boys becoming transgender.