StoneToss: Episode 68

they took 'er jerbs

Comic Name: Nueve-to-Cinco
Description: Pro-borders is pro-labor
Mouseover: they took ‘er jerbs
Image Name: immigration-taking-jobs-comic.png
Originally Published: 9/3/2019

What The Comic Is: A gay man leads a second man down a hallway. As they pass by a brown man mopping the floors, the gay man remarks “See? Immigrants just want to work”. In the next panel it is shown that the man he is leading down the hall is holding a résumé.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Immigration destroys American jobs.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Immigrants working in the USA is a touchy subject. While many people will write off immigrant labor as “doing the jobs no one else wants to do”, this is usually not the truth. It’s true that if someone comes to the USA and takes a job, then that job is taken. Someone else can’t work the position, it is already filled. This isn’t wrong, and it’s sometimes how things work. I, the author of this blog and all of its posts, grew up and spent a good part of my life in northeastern Iowa. Living in a very rural part of an already very rural state, I saw my share of Mexicans (plenty of them undocumented) and how they worked. I spent a couple of summers doing field labor (de-tasseling corn was an especially miserable one). However, one year I stopped doing it. Why? Because the lady I would find regular employment from stopped her business. Why? Because she got outcompeted by the Mexican workers.

Now keep in mind, I was just a random high school kid who did this as a summer job for peanut money. The Mexican immigrants were men and women who were being abused by a predatory labor system while trying to make basic ends meet for their families, so there’s no bad blood betwixt I and the field workers who sucked up my job (and we’ll actually get back to all this soon). However, it isn’t just random low-pay field work that immigrants take. I lived very close to the town of Postville, Iowa. In 2008 the meat processing plant Agriprocessors was the ground zero of the, at the time, largest ICE raid in US history. 400 undocumented people were seized and deported/had their RuneScape accounts permbanned. Agriprocessors went belly-up immediately after this, in large part because the undocumented people accounted for basically their entire employee force. One of the meat facility’s primary leaders, a son of the founder of the facility, Sholom Rubashkin, was arrested and sentenced to 27 years in prison.

The employment of undocumented people was only part of the issue. The facility faced numerous issues ranging from the treatment of the animals to the lack of food safety protocols. At any rate, the plant was shut down for around a year until it was bought by someone else and reopened as Agri Star, which it operates as to this day. Agri Star turned the town of Postville around, like a huge 180. My own brother and several of our friends worked there for years. It went from a seedy, dirty and illicit factory operation into something that brought very good employment to hundreds of people in the local area. It’s pretty hard to take arguments of “They only do jobs no one else does!” seriously when I’ve seen firsthand what this looks like. These days Agri Star employs many Somalian immigrants who have moved to that part of the country, helping a lot of them establish life in the USA.

But I drone on. I swear this all has a point, so just bear with me for a bit. We’re going to shit all over StoneToss, don’t worry. Trust me. Instead of touting that undocumented workers “only do work no one else wants to do”, we need to frame it as “they only do work that no one else can realistically do“. You are not helping undocumented workers by likening them to slave labor who fulfil jobs in only the most laborious or miserable of fields. Remember when I said I did field work in my younger years? Yeah, guess who was doing 99% of that work? The answer is: Highschool kids and undocumented Mexicans. In my time working in the fields, I saw a single adult man working along with us, and he was a teacher from our local school who did it because he was a fitness freak who always had to be doing something. Does anyone support their family with this field work? No. Why? Because it’s low pay, has no benefits, is seasonal and is treated as something for kids and brown people who don’t English so good.

So here’s a question: Why isn’t field work something you could raise a family on? Here’s the answer: because it’s something that only kids and undocumented labor does. Because the companies behind these jobs, corrupt megacorps like Monsanto (who I was basically sub-contracted to), keep it that way. Can you imagine if weeding bean fields or ripping dicks off of corn (which is exactly what de-tasseling is, by the way) paid competitive wages, offered healthcare and unemployment benefits? Could you imagine if these multi-billion dollar companies treated the work like a “real” job, and paid their employees respectively? Needless to say, it would no longer be a “job no one wants to do”. There’s no such thing as a job “no one wants to do” (well, okay, most jobs are jobs that no one necessarily wants to do, but there’s no such thing as a job that no one would do if it paid accordingly). So in reality, saying “they do jobs no one else wants to do” is just enabling shitty companies like Monsanto to continue more or less taking advantage of people, as you can bet that the undocumented workers who took my shitty field job were, in some way, lining Monsanto’s pockets the same way I had been.

Alright so let’s go back to Agriprocessors. After the ICE raid and its total capitulation as a company, it was purchased and reopened. As I’ve already said, its rebirth as Agri Star under new ownership was a bomb blast that revitalized the town of Postville and surrounding area. It was so easy to be employed, and for a time it was even slightly racist in that regard (the popular saying was “if you’re white and piss clean, Agri Star will always hire you). So the 400 undocumented workers who were employed at the original company were certainly, and very visibly, impacting lives of other people around them. And unfortunately, during their time at Agriprocessors, those undocumented workers were being taken advantage of in the same way they’re taken advantage of anywhere else. So it’s really a lose-lose for everyone, except the companies that are rolling huge profit.

The problem with undocumented, or even documented immigrants (this shitty comic doesn’t even imply the brown man is an illegal immigrant, just that de brown pplz terk er jerbs), is not that “they take our jobs”, it’s that employers take wanton advantage of them and remove the necessary element of competitiveness from the job market. If the company can get away with hiring undocumented labor for pennies on the dollar and offer zero benefits or job stability and treat them pretty much like slaves, then how can anyone expect there to be a chance for that job to both 1.) Not be totally shit and 2.) Documented citizens to ever want to work it. If you force employers to make their job fair and compensate correctly, then you no longer have abused immigrants working 13 hour days for 30 dollars. You no longer have a meat processing plant employing 400 undocumented people in deplorable, filthy conditions. You create healthy, self-sustaining and growth-inclined communities where people can naturally compete for jobs.

There can’t always be enough jobs everywhere for everyone. That’s just how things work. Life isn’t that easy to quantify, but the notion of droves of Mexicans crossing the border and stealing all the jobs from honest, hardworking, red blooded, white skinned, non-Muslim, heterosexual, white skinned, cis-gendered, Conservative, white-skinned Americans is ridiculous. It’s nothing more than a vague and hard to prove excuse for general racism. StoneToss is masquerading xenophobia and hatred for brown people as a “legitimate” argument that if we let people immigrate to the USA, they will take jobs from us. In reality, the real issue that actually hurts people (immigrants and existing citizens alike) is the companies that take advantage of this situation, due to the nature of how immigration works in most of the country. This doesn’t turn brown people into a boogeyman, though, so of course StoneToss ignores it.

Oh right and that guy I mentioned before? Sholom Rubashkin? The primary leader of Agriprocessors at the time of the ICE raid, who was sentenced to 27 years in prison? That guy? Yeah, well, in 2017 Donald Trump commuted his sentence and he was released. At this point in time StoneToss was already expressing unhappiness and even disdain for Trump; but that Donald Trump, who was supposed to be a beacon of nationalism and closed borders, commuted the sentence of a man who went to prison for employing hundreds of undocumented workers, is, well. Pretty fucking hilarious. It’s heartwarming, almost, to think that it seems as if hardcore xenophobic conservatives have no legitimate footing in high office, that anyone singing their tune is just a twofaced shill using them for votes so they can get into office and trade financial favors to guys like Sholom. Of course. in reality, we still have to remain vigilant and give no tolerance to bigotry and fascism in government, but we can always muse and appreciate the absolute, abject loss that StoneToss is made out of.

Whew. Almost done now, I promise. Anyways, I want to touch on the comic’s mouse over text. “They terk ‘er jerbs” is a popular phrase originating from South Park. It is meant to make fun of and mock uneducated, twang-slinging bigots who are concerned with immigrants “stealing” jobs. StoneToss uses this quote, unedited in any way, as a way of trying to “reclaim” it. He knows full well that South Park is making fun of people like him, but this is his limpdicked little way of trying to take it and reframe it as a mic drop moment: to StoneToss, South Park was right. They terk er jerbs. They should’ve taken you back to the fifth grade, you fucking dumbass.

Today’s post was a really long one so I’m going to spare you anymore tl;dr. I didn’t plan to turn this into some kind of full length essay, but this is a topic I have experienced in a very up close way, so I normally have a lot to say about it. As always, thanks for reading. I love u.

StoneToss: Episode 64


Comic Name: Break In
Description: Keep out.
Mouseover: Adios!
Image Name: ice-detention-center-comic1.png
Originally Published: 8/15/2019

What The Comic Is: A man points towards an ICE detention center, proclaiming its abuse of immigrants. Another man pulls a metal fence and barbed wire out, shouting that they can stop ICE by building a wall around it. The first man, having finished building the wall, wipes the sweat from his forehead and rejoices that there will be no more tortured immigrations. His thought his stopped short, however, as he realizes the wall they’ve build is labeled as the U.S. Border.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: It’s okay to torture immigrants because they came into the USA, and the way to prevent torturing immigrants is to have a border wall, as opposed to not torturing immigrants.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss loves to blame victims. He also loves to self-righteously prescribe hypocrisy to moments where there is none. But being the busy fascist comic maker that he is, how can he save time and combine them both?

StoneToss grinned a StoneTossingly StoneTossing grin. He knew just what he’d do: He’d save time and make a comic that had both of the two! For victims to blame, he chose the US-Mexican border. Blind twisting of reality he happily paid, but to logic gave no quarter. Why did StoneToss hate living in reality so? It could be that his head wasn’t screwed on quite right. It could be that he was a stupid, dishonest asshole. I guess we’ll never know.

StoneToss blames victims by claiming that the only reason they end up tortured in ICE facilities is because they came to the USA. This is a huge passing of the buck. Somehow it’s not ICE’s responsibility to not emulate WW2-era concentration camps, obviously. He also proposes the solution is clearly defining a US-Mexican border, as if this will somehow stop people from getting into the country (again, falling back on the naïve belief that a border wall will actually stop immigration). It’s a childish and dishonest shifting of blame, like always.

“Wall off ICE” seems to be in reference to the ‘Occupy ICE’ protests that raged through 2018 and into 2019, wherein protestors would travel to ICE headquarters or facilities and then create human barricades to impede ICE’s movements. Get it? It’s curious that ICE protestors stop ICE by doing the thing Trump wants to do, isn’t it? Curious, very curious. So curious. Curious that a small barricade can work to stop a single road or building but the same doesn’t work scaled up to a border situation. Curious. It’s it quite hypocritical that people use walls when they hate another wall? Hypocritical libtards will live in a house made of walls, but not a country made of walls? Curious. You are very smart, StoneToss. Curious. Also, curious that StoneToss doesn’t in any way advocate nor mention legal immigration of Mexicans into the USA, he curiously opposes Mexicans coming into the USA in any way or capacity. So curious, innit?

Bill Nye the science lie

Comic Name: Science Friction
Description: Let’s look at the data. (links to a Psychology Today thought piece by some dumbfuck political scientist who writes a far-reaching and completely uncited thought piece on why Conservatives are more attractive than Liberals. It’s completely fake science, which is why StoneToss unironically likes it)
Mouseover: Bill Nye the science lie
Image Name: science-denier-comic.png
Originally Published: 8/20/2019

What The Comic Is: A man holds up a book on climatology, calling another man a science denier. The second man, holding a book about sex biology, turns his head and wonders what the first man is talking about. The first man glares and sweats suspiciously.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: It’s curious that people deny biology but believe in global warming.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: The second man is holding a book on biology, referencing “two genders” and “men have penises, women have vaginas”, etc. Basically it’s just trying to claim that science denies transgenderism in the same way it validates global warming. But StoneToss wants to have his cake and eat it, too. He wants a world where global warming is a (((Liberal))) conspiracy, but he also wants one where science denies transgenderism or multiple genders. Unfortunately enough, StoneToss loses like usual: modern science actually agrees that not only are sex and gender different, but that even “male” and “female” are inaccurate (or at least not fully whole) descriptors of human sexual biology. Yes, I know, my sources aren’t blatantly biased religious websites or alt-right news platforms. Forgive me, please. We can’t all have the BASED and CUCKPILLED sources that Stone “I Wish I Had A Wife So A Black Guy Could Fuck Her” Toss is so handily able to produce.

But of course, this comic marks a start to StoneToss entering into climate change denial, a matter he will go on to revisit several times. I mean, why not? Why not just deny climate change too? Sunk cost fallacy at work, I guess. If you’re constantly saying shit that is unbelievably stupid, you may as well not half-ass it. Good for you, StoneToss, you fucking loser.

StoneToss: Episode 62

Cool, when are you leaving?

Comic Name: It’s Great Turtles All the Way Down
Description: Home sweet home.
Mouseover: Cool, when are you leaving?
Image Name: go-back-to-where-you-came-from-comic1.png
Originally Published: 6/23/2019

What The Comic Is: A redneck man in a confederate flag shirt and MAGA hat tells an unseen person to go back where they came from. A Native American appears from behind the redneck and quips “Cool, when are you leaving?” However, it is shown that there is a second Native American (seemingly of different tribe or region) behind the first, poking him and quipping the same thing, “Cool, when are you leaving?”. A third Native American (again, seemingly of different tribe/region) pokes the second from behind and quips the same thing. From the edge of the panel, a fourth identical word bubble can be seen, indicating an endless chain of Native Americans complaining about each other stealing land.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: It’s okay for European settlers to genocide the entirety of the Native American population, and to carry this oppression into present day, because “they Natives conquered each other before we got there”.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: It’s not wrong to point out that Native American tribes fought with each other. Yeah, they weren’t all peace loving nature lovers who sang with the all the colors of the wind. They were people, too. They murdered, raped, enslaved and conquered one another. Or at least some of them did. What an intelligent and insightful argument! The Native American people were deeper than cartoon hippies, wow StoneToss. You get a big A+ on your Freshman year history report, you rancid little buttfuck.

So it’s true that some Native Americans conquered and warred with other Native Americans. Some tribes were even notorious for being kind of dicks. And really, maybe things that happened hundreds of years ago would be water under the bridge; like the bringing of diseases such as Small Pox or the flu to the Native Americans (diseases that ended up killing almost 90% of some Native populations), or the infamous Trail of Tears. I mean, it wasn’t like Europeans knew what infectious disease was or that they could’ve spread it to other people. And the Trail of Tears happened, like, 400 years ago! (Well, actually it officially ended more like only 150 years ago, nary a handful of generations have passed since).

“Everyone conquered everyone at some point in time” is a really weak and flaccid way of handwaving away the focused and intentional ethnic genocides that the American settlers carried out on the Native people (you also see the same kind of handwaving being done concerning slavery in America. Okay sure, many different people were slaves to others at some point in history, but the point is that Americans utilizing African slaves is both relatively recent and also something that has carried over to social issues and oppression that fully exists today). Americans purposely drove the Native Americans to near extinction, going so far as to attempt to fully genocide them through the use of sterilization- something that occurred as early as only 50 years ago, in the 1970’s. So yeah, safe to say that Europeans did a bit more than your standard conquering of the Native Americans. They full-on genocided them. As recent as the 1970’s. To this day, deep racism and oppression still exists between white Americans and Native peoples. Petty warfare from over 100 years ago is not exactly equal to trying to kill literally every Native American or sterilize them in an attempt to shrink their population.

In reality, it’s totally accurate and fair to point out that most early American settlers (from the 1700’s into the 1800’s) literally just came to America on fucking boats. Just came on over. So when some redneck fuckwit is whining about “people going back where they came from”, there’s a very real lack of self-awareness and hypocrisy. StoneToss doesn’t like this, so he tries to shift the conversation onto the Native Americans, spinning some story of “they were conquering each other, too!!”, as if what they did to each other matches at all in severity or longevity to what the whites did.

The name of the comic is a reference to the saying “It’s turtles all the way down!”, a humorous adage for an infinite regression. StoneToss is trying to compare this to an “infinite regression” of Native Americans stealing land from other Native Americans. Unfortunately, bullshit runs up hill (unlike StoneToss who probably couldn’t run up a hill to save his life) and it doesn’t get much more bullshit than focused genocide.

So like usual, StoneToss refuses to make an honest observation. He knows he can’t, because it means facing the reality that his shitty, weakling fascist world view is complete bullshit. Oh the drama!

People still think nazis make soap and lampshades out of people.

Image Name: Tabloid
Description: “The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.”
― Thomas Jefferson
Mouseover: People still think the nazis make soap and lampshades out of people.
Image Name: conspiracy-theories-comic.png
Originally Published: 8/1/2019

What The Comic Is: A man sits on a park bench reading a news paper. He is alarmed to see another man stroll by, bedecked in a “Believe UFOs” t-shirt and tinfoil hat. Scoffing in dismissal, the man goes back to reading his paper. The headline is shown to read “Russian Collusion!” with a picture of Donald Trump.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: We live in a BOTTOMTEXT SOCIETY where people think it’s crazy to believe in UFOs and brain scanning, but actively believe similar conspiracy theories if they’re printed in the (((jews paper))).

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Hey you know what has no evidence of existing? Alien UFOs from another planet. You know what has a lot of evidence for existing? Trump contacting Russia, possibly for aid in the 2016 Presidential election. You know what is wild and very difficult to prove? That UFOs from alien planets exist. You know what is very real and practical to prove? Russian meddling in the USA’s election. So you know what’s not really comparable? Outlandish UFO theories and factual trails of evidence. Haha, isn’t it so curious that people will scoff at UFO conspiracies but believe what every honest news source reports on????? Curious. Very curious, that. Very BOTTOMTEXT curious.

Curious, it is, that StoneToss is so fucking obsessed with human lampshades and human soap in the Holocaust. We get it, you neo-nazi fuckwad, those are things with either very little evidence or outright evidence proving they didn’t exist (in the case of the “human soap”, as discussed on this blog in the past). But they’re hardly “conspiracy theories”, more like simple legends that do not bare such zealous and repeated defending. Of course, this is because StoneToss is too much of a coward to be more outright about what he really means. In reality, bitching about the lampshade and soap myths are his way of subtly coding that he’s denying the Holocaust entirely, to some great or total length. So with the mouse over text in mind, we know that this comic is only tangentially about the Russian collusion business: StoneToss is quietly making this about Holocaust denial.

You know what has no evidence for existing? UFOs. You know what is therefore then accurately described as a fringe belief? UFOs. You know what has overwhelming belief for having existed and been carried out? The Holocaust. So you know what is therefore then accurately described as a fringe, bigoted conspiracy theory if it’s subscribed to? Holocaust denial. This comic is basically just StoneToss throwing a little tantrum because people don’t believe his shitty Anti-Semitic dogshit yet they believe Donald Trump might, shockingly, be a criminal. Fuck off, StoneToss.

Ah yes, but over 200 years ago a random slave owner/potential pedophile said news papers are bad. Almost like back in that day there was no regulation of who could print or say what and news was completely untrustworthy with no established and reputable media sources. JuSt LiKe ToDaY amirite? Fuck you, StoneToss.

StoneToss: Episode 59

wot's all dis den?

Comic Name: United Kangdom
Description: I’m sure this was an idea originally given to me by a reader. Credit where it is due.
Mouseover: wot’s all dis den?
Image Name: migrant-invasion-comic.png
Originally Published: 6/13/2019

What The Comic Is: A soldier struggles to warn his liege of invading forces, even as he’s punctured by several arrows. The king, shocked, turns to his guard and orders the soldier to be arrested for hate speech.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That “we used to deal with invasions” the ‘right way’.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Brown people are moving to the United Kingdom. LET ME REPEAT: BROWN PEOPLE ARE MOVING. TO THE UNITED KINGDOM. I know, I know. It’s terrible, isn’t it? Y’know, maybe I’m just being a nitpicker when I point out that StoneToss sure likes making commentary on how the USA’s founding fathers wouldn’t/shouldn’t care about problems happening in other countries and then turning around and complaining about problems in other countries when it suits him, but hey, I digress.

Migrant issues across Europe have been a hot topic for years, with many governments of leading European nations welcoming the influx of new arrivals, while hardline citizen groups have voiced opposition. StoneToss, and seemingly some unknown reader who gave him the idea, depict this by setting Europe back to a stereotypical medieval period, with kings and knights. Back in this “middle ages” period it would’ve been completely unexpected for a king to react to news of an invasion as “hate speech”, they would’ve defended their borders in a fantastical Game of Thrones-esque siege battle (obviously). Thus, StoneToss juxtapositions the “old” Britain against the “new” United Kingdom (stylized in the title as ‘Kangdom’, as a really funny nod towards the racism-twisted ‘we was kangs‘ meme); the old Britain fought against invaders and that’s how it maintained its borders and, much more importantly, its whiteness. Today’s Britain thinks invaders are hate speech victims! See how far the mighty have cucked?

It’s trying to highlight an absurdity that does not exist. The United Kingdom is not being “invaded” by a foreign army that pincushions soldiers with arrow fire. Safe to say that if an enemy nation was, you know, actually invading Britain by force, that the UK government would, I dunno, actually fight back? Of course, the UK does have an important modern history of fighting back against invaders, like the Nazis in World War 2. Ah, of course!! No wonder StoneToss hates the modern UK! But then, this is the dishonest argument of racists. StoneToss knows full well that the UK isn’t being ‘invaded’ in the sense that an aggressive foreign army is breaking down the doors to the royal palace. Rather, he and his supporters will claim that “invasions” have simply dramatically changed tactics: that now, instead of armies and warfare, it’s “migration” and “refugees”.

This comic broadly falls in with any other dumbass “white idolization” fantasies that idiots like StoneToss have. Just like with the strict vetting processes of the Nazi Regime, one only needs to point out to StoneToss that if he were really living in Nazi Germany or perhaps medieval Britain, that he would not be a part of the “white chad” caste and would in reality be regulated to menial labor at a bottom rung of society, or perhaps simply murdered by the regime he so admires. So this pining for “the old days” and “how things used to be”, for StoneToss, is especially fucking pathetic considering the only reason he enjoys his current quality of life is specifically because the “way it used to be” is no longer the way it is.

Domo Arigato...

Comic Name: Deus Ex Màquina
Description: Labor markets.
Mouseover: Domo Arigato…
Image Name: automation-stealing-jobs-comic.png
Originally Published: 6/18/2019

What The Comic Is: A man approaches a robot who is using a shovel sideways, because StoneToss didn’t know how to depict the robot at an angle where it would be using the shovel in the right way. Maybe he’s using it to slice at a big rock or a giant piece of septic turd, I dunno. Anyways, the guy shouts at the robot that automation is stealing all the jobs. The robot, wondering what the commotion is all about, turns to the man with an inquisitive “¿Qué?“, its chest displaying a sign reading “HECHO EN MEXICO“, or “Made in Mexico”. The man, sobered from his anger, apologizes to the robot, referring to it as “Señor“.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: There’s a hypocrisy if you complain about automation taking jobs, but are okay with immigrants doing it.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss is trying to liken immigrant work to automation. They both “take jobs”, so is it not hypocritical to condone one and oppose the other? No, no it is not. And StoneToss is fucking stupid. First of all, as a small aside, the future is pretty clear: automation is coming. We’re on the precipice of an unstoppable and fundamentally society/world changing revolution. Within the next lifetime, automation will replace thousands of menial labor and transportation jobs. But hey, whatever. The point is that “Mexicans also take our jobs!”, and are somehow just as bad.

The exploitation of desperate immigrant labor is a big problem in the USA, sure. It’s gotten markedly better in the past 20~30 years or so, but there’s a huge difference between Mexicans taking jobs and automation taking jobs. Mostly being that a specific part of a specific state might have higher than average undocumented workers taking up jobs from documented citizens; whereas when automation happens, entire jobs are made obsolete. So the two aren’t really comparable (which of course didn’t stop StoneToss from trying to compare them, because why would it? He’s a fucking idiot, did we really think simple logic would impede him?).

The comic’s title is a play on the term “Deus Ex Machina”, or when a story is suddenly solved by an unexpected (read: never previously established) person or event. For instance, if at the end of a story the hero is trapped at the edge of a perilous cliff with no clear way to escape and then suddenly decides to fly away Superman-style (with no commentary at all about how they’ve suddenly recalled their ability to fly, or how they’ve never decided to use it before), this would be a Deus Ex Machina. Deus Ex Machina” is a Latin translation of the ancient Greek term “theos ek mēkhanēs“, which when put into English, roughly comes out as ‘god from the machinery’, which is a pretty badass phrase. StoneToss very cleverly replaces “Machina” with “Màquina”, or the Spanish word for “Machine”. Why? Because mexicans lol. How in the world Mexican workers or automation are a dues ex machina is completely beyond me, though it’s likely StoneToss barely thought about what the reference was supposed to actually mean before he used it.

The description takes the term “labor market”, otherwise known as the ‘job market’, and slyly(?) spins into a saying: that labor is marketed, and the cheapest supplier of labor (an undocumented worker or an automaton) will win the bid for the job. So here’s a fun little thing I’m going to do. I’m going to type something SARCASTIC in blue text, and then write what I ACTUALLY mean in red text. Ready? Here I go: Wow, StoneToss! What a clever and sly way of making commentary on competition for jobs, your comics are so coy and deep. StoneToss you are fucking stupid.

StoneToss: Episode 53

Comic Name: Gait Keeper
Description: Step Right Up (followed by another link to the defunct newproject2 site)
Mouseover: Imagine the smell.
Image Name: magic-dirt-comic1.png
Originally Published: 3/28/2019

What The Comic Is: A black foot steps down onto the ground, turning white as it lifts up again. This is labeled “Magic Dirt”. A black foot steps down onto the ground, leaving behind a visible dirt mark as it lifts up again. This is labeled “Actual Dirt”.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Immigration is bad because cultures never mix and black/brown people just leave their “dirt marks” on the countries they enter.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: “Magic Dirt” is a racist term for the supposed ‘theory’ that a person moving to a country will, upon setting foot on the ‘magic dirt’, integrate into that society. This is why the black foot becomes white; the ‘magic dirt’ theory would suggest that a black person moving into the USA would suddenly ‘become white’ and integrate into the USA’s ‘white society’. When in “reality”, the black person just leaves their dirty impression on ‘white society’, never integrating. 

The xenophobia and racism are pretty apparent once you understand exactly what the fuck this stupid comic is even trying to say, but I like how StoneToss couldn’t think of a good way to show the black foot leaving dirt on the floor without inexplicably changing the setting of the top two panels (shown outside, in some dirt-covered turf) to the bottom two panels (shown in some Vaporwave-esque purgatory room with a floor of irregularly sized tiles). Maybe it’s a commentary on “non-USA countries are dirt, the USA is tile because it’s advanced and civilized”, but I think StoneToss realizing it’d be hard to show dirt being left on dirt, because he’s a dumbass, is just as likely an explanation.
The comic’s stupidity goes deeper, however. Because no one claims that an immigrant will ‘magically’ integrate into a society. ‘Integration’ into a new society is something that takes years, or even generations. And to a certain point upholding the culture of one’s place of origin is seen as a societal benefit for a nation’s diversity (which is obviously why xenophobes hate it so much). We don’t want people to move into the country and magically become the same as everyone already living there, as that would be almost just as xenophobic as wanting them to not move here in the first place. So there is no “magic dirt theory”, because no one really peddles the thought that immigrants will come to America and the ‘magic dirt’ will make them American. Rather, it’s diversity and pursuit of a better future that makes them American. StoneToss really, really hates this, so he has to create arguments that no one makes.

Obviously the bottom two panels are StoneToss trying to say that immigrants imprint their ‘dirt’ onto the countries they move into. This ‘dirt’ is clearly meaning to represent the ‘bad’ things; crime, non-white culture, race mixing, languages that StoneToss can’t understand, etc. that StoneToss feels they bring and leave onto the societies they ‘invade’.
Also, check out the way StoneToss just re-used the background in the first two panels. It’s even lazier because the foot is supposed to be taking a step, which means we’re expected to believe the foot transcended all material reality and stepped forward onto the exact same patch of land that it just took a step from.

The comic’s name is a play on the term Gate Keeper/Gatekeeper, a term referring to someone(s) who tries to control access to something, like the keeper of a gate. This can be metaphorical gatekeeping (“You’re not a REAL fan of The Simpsons unless you know all the production numbers behind each episode“, for instance) or can be more physical, such as not allowing people into your country based on their skin color, for instance.

Comic Name: Digging Deep
Description: sniff… 
Mouseover: Give ’em (sic) the finger
Image Name: usa-israel-comic1.png
Originally Published: 4/2/2019

What The Comic Is: The hand of America (probably meant to be Uncle Sam or some other caricature) holds up a finger, a green boogie on its tip. The second panel is revealed to be a giant nose.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Deep state Jews.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss went on some kind of bizarre pretentious kick around this time, producing comics that were very minimalist (this one doesn’t even have labels on its panels). While the comic about magic dirt was concrete enough thanks to the panels, this one is so strangely abstract that if you didn’t know StoneToss hated Jews (and you weren’t aware of ‘Jews = big nose’), you’d probably think this was a strange fetish comic with a patriotic undertone. Or maybe a strange patriotic comic with a fetish undertone?

Anyways, it’s just a boring ‘deep state’/Fellow Whites comic. Per the comic’s title, if you “dig deep” (into the state), you’ll find that all the boogers (bad stuff) comes from a big nose (Jews, who are behind everything). With the image name of the comic in mind, we can see it’s also more weak commentary on Israel. StoneToss doesn’t like that the USA treats Israel like a real country, it’s because of deep state Jews, blah blah blah. 

Funny enough, StoneToss creates his most direct and succinct messages when he’s using as few words (none at all, in this case) and imagery as possible. Go figure that a comic about boogers with no words would be something StoneToss is good at making.

Comic Name: Cry Wolf
Description: A stupid screenshot of drama YouTuber Keemstar’ Tweeting that AOC was not in the Capitol building when the DC terrorists broke into it.
Mouseover: ay caramba! 
Image Name: capitol-protest-aoc-political-cartoon.png
Originally Published: 2/4/2021

What The Comic Is: Antifa burn buildings and the American flag, AOC watches on through binoculars with smug satisfaction. AOC then spots peaceful MAGA protestors and calls for help on her red telephone, huddling in fear, even as it’s shown that the MAGA protestors are off in the far distance. Her pants also turn into a skirt halfway down, apparently.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: AOC was ‘crying wolf’ for publicity and clout.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: AOC made comments about how she feared for her life during the Capitol riots, as she huddled to hide. This was because 1.) Domestic terrorists were trying to lynch politicians and were breaking into buildings, bludgeoning police officers to death and 2.) Specifically, AOC feared the worst when she heard someone breaking into her own office and shouting ‘Where is she?’. This turned out to be, thankfully, security forces breaking in to find and secure AOC. Domestic terrorists and their sympathizers are not honest people, obviously, and so they are keen to leave out the part where AOC said she feared for her life specifically when she heard someone break in and shouting ‘where is she’.

But who cares? This asinine gatekeeping on when someone gets the greenlight to begin fearing for their lives is the most cowardly and blatantly dishonest shit that Rightoid drones have ever spouted (so far!). Rioters broke into the capitol in mass, broke through police boundaries and were purportedly searching for politicians to murder as they constructed gallows. Reports were coming in of police officers being killed, terrorists being shot as they attempted to break into hallways where the Vice President was being kept, etc. AOC, someone who gets death threats every single fucking day, thought she might be in trouble? Wow, how un-fucking-believable. What a drama queen, lolz. 

Of course the comic, and StoneToss’s pathetic, weakling rhetoric, wouldn’t be complete without the coup de grace: Portraying the domestic terrorists as, in reality, being peaceful. “They stayed within the red velvet boundaries”, “all that happened was a window was broken”, “the police shot an innocent protestor SAY HER NAME111”, “there was no riot in the capitol”, “if there was, it was Antifa”, “AOC is just lying like always for media clout, she needs to go back to pouring drinks”. The list goes tirelessly on with the fake reality clown world horseshit that these societal rejects subscribe to as a coping mechanism for their own internal failures. One would think that people like StoneToss would get tired of constantly lying to themselves, but you have to realize that living in a constructed power fantasy reality is what losers like StoneToss fucking live for.

StoneToss: Episode 52

Comic Name: Same Crap, Different Gay
Description: The new satanic panic.I’ve also updated the rewards on my supporter page, check it out! (another link to the defunct newproject2 website)
Image Name: dangerous_memes_comic.png
Originally Published: 3/19/2019

What The Comic Is: A balding boomer holds aloft a copy of classic first person shooter game DOOM, crying out that video games caused “the shooting”, this scene is labeled as “THEN”. In the second panel, a gay caricature holds out his phone with a Pepe meme on it, crying out that memes caused “the shooting”, this scene is labeled as “NOW”.
What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Online communities don’t promote violence.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: In the 90’s and early 00’s, video games being connected to violent shootings was the media norm. Doom, specifically, was implicated as being closely associated with the 1999 school shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado. The perpetrators of the shooting were both avid Doom fans, and unsupported legend claims they even created custom Doom maps designed after their school, in order to ‘practice’ the mass shooting. 

“Video games cause violence” has largely faded away from mainstream attention, left to fringe outrage groups that have no platform left to decry from. This is because numerous scientific studies and observations showed that, in the scheme of everything that influences a violent person, video games were a considerably small factor in violent behavior. Video games became much more normalized as entertainment outlets throughout the 90’s and early 00’s, shifting from something that was seen as a niche fan culture in the vein of comic books or DnD (both were also demonized in very similar fashion to video games) and into something much more mainstream. 

Memes are jokes on the internet. They can encompass a wide variety of subjects and culture, and are often the ‘front line’ of a given subculture’s group rhetoric and opinion. You can learn a lot about how a certain community feels/thinks by looking at the memes they make. This is, then, why a meme is not a video game and why StoneToss is a dumb asshole. 

Doom was a video game that was violent. Memes directly encouraging real violence are not akin to a video game that was violent. One is merely violent, the other encourages violence. Suffice to say that things would be a lot different if a video game called “JEWS TRY TO TAKE OVER AMERICA: KILL THEM ALL EDITION” was ever released and actively encouraged its players to commit real violence, it would be quickly condemned by everyone with a functioning brain for promoting violence. Only, oh wait, games like that totally do exist. And just like memes encouraging violence, they are unwelcome on most platforms and are pushed into fringe communities where they become increasingly obscure as time passes, their influence only touching those that were already specifically looking for them. 

It’s never really been about the comics themselves or the Dungeons and/or Dragons themselves or the video games themselves or the memes themselves; even the most pearl clutching of 90’s-era Boomer Karens didn’t really care about the medium that the supposed ‘violence promotion’ occurred in, it’s just about self-righteous witch hunting and drama stirring. Video games do not cause violence just like memes do not cause violence. But you know what does cause violence? Promoting violence and encouraging people to do it.

So yes, StoneToss, maybe it’s sort of the same when someone blindly claims a violent video game or a meme about a gun caused violence to happen. However, the difference is that Doom did not encourage its players to commit real violence on real people; racist pepe memes in a hatebox community full of people that unironically want to make each other commit violence, however, is something that causes violence.

Do StoneToss comics make you stupid? I dunno. They certainly won’t make you any smarter.

Comic Name: Crossing the Line
Description: Chain(saw) migration.
Like the comic? Support my work. (You know the drill. It was a link to newproject2.)
Mouseover: Separate along the dotted line.
Image Name: national-borders-comic1.png 
Originally Published: 3/21/2019

What The Comic Is: A man explains that borders are just imaginary lines. He tells the viewer to observe as he crosses from the USA into Mexico. Standing across the border, he explains that nothing has happened, though the very next panel shows him in a LiveLeak video about to be beheaded by a drug cartel. 
What StoneToss Actually Thinks: You get beheaded by a drug cartel if you go to Mexico, and that’s why we need a border wall.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: “Border walls are stupid, don’t work and aren’t even a financial possibility,” reality whispers in StoneToss’ ear. StoneToss scowls. It wasn’t fair. Why did brown people get to exist? Why did Trump’s deranged, unhinged and unfulfillable promises fail to come to fruition? It seemed so innocent back then, in the good ol’ days of 2015. Trump was going to build a wall. Mexico was going to pay for it. Countries have borders. was the most amazing porn site StoneToss had ever found. The last one was still true, StoneToss reassured himself, as he finished masturbating to yet another interracial porn video. Cleaning himself up with his own shirt, he leaned back on the stack of wooden palettes that he used as a makeshift chair (remember, StoneToss owns nothing because buying products is stupid and for communists) and thought to himself. “Border walls aren’t going to happen because (((Trump))) is a cuck,” StoneToss realized. “But how else can I complain about borders?“.

The idea struck him. He grinned a StoneTossian grin most grinningly. If he couldn’t whine and bitch about the border wall forever, he’d just remind the people why borders need to exist in the first place! Mexico has problems with cartel violence, right? Well, okay, so does the USA, but mostly only in (((((((CommunismFornia))))00)), if you ignore all the cartel presence that Texas has, at least. 

We can’t have people going into Mexico, they might get hurt by bad people. We should build a wall and have a strict border, to protect people for their own good. Liberty is only infringed upon if people who aren’t racist infringe upon it, after all. If StoneToss does it because he hates Mexicans, then it’s core Libertarianism. If we have a strict border, then that means the cartels and gangs in the US will cease to operate. They certainly won’t become even worse because closing the border was only a band aid on the systemic issues of why drug cartels and gangs exist to begin with (if you ask StoneToss, it’s because they’re brown people. If you ask anyone who isn’t a fucking idiot, it’s because of deeply ingrained socio-economic issues that aren’t fixed by borders).

The description of the comic is a reference to Chain Migration, a form of human movement defined by people of one community following a group of other people as they travel past, leading to a ‘chain’ of migrants that pick up more and more members as they continue on to wherever they’re migrating. This had been a hot topic for nearly half a decade at the time StoneToss made the comic, as conservatives were alarmed en masse about the large number of migrant ‘caravans’ migrating into the US from parts of South America. What in the world chain migration has to do with people from the USA going into Mexico and being murdered by cartels is literally anyone’s fucking guess.

I wonder what StoneToss has to say about all the LiveLeak footage of people committing mass shootings at places of worship, under political and personal beliefs that mirror his own. Oh yeah, probably nothing, because he’s an idiot and a fucking coward.

StoneToss: Episode 48

Comic Name: Faustian Bargain
Description: Papers, please.
Mouseover: at least their food is spicy, right?
Image Name: legal-immigration-hell-comic.png
Originally Published: 1/22/2019

What The Comic Is: A man stands before the gates of a literal hell-scape. He urges that the entrance to the realm of fire and demons be sealed off, though his friend interrupts that it’s okay as long as the demons come legally.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Legal immigration is just as bad as illegal immigration.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: I love how StoneToss goes through the trouble of metaphorically representing Mexico as literal demon and bat-infested hell, but then feels he isn’t making the obvious comparison quite obvious enough so he directly spells it out with the mouseover, just so all of his very intelligent fans know exactly who he’s talking about. 

We could spend more time talking about how big brain and layered StoneToss is with his direct comparison of Mexico as being actual hell, but let’s talk about the second man in the comic. This is perhaps just my interpretation may or may not be right, but the second man bears a hairstyle that is strikingly similar to how StoneToss draws Donald Trump’s hair. He has never, so far as this author knows, drawn hair quite like that on anyone other than Trump. It seems then, that the comic is complaining about Donald Trump’s immigration stance, which StoneToss seems to have originally hoped was a policy of literally “no immigration at all, no Mexicans allowed”, but is now unhappy to find that Trump was an advocate for some degree of legal immigration. Truly, you can tell that StoneToss is void of all xenophobia with a stance as neutral and fair as “NO IMMIGRATION AT ALL”.

The description is a reference to the occasional legal policy of “stop and frisk”, a form of legislation that gives law enforcement officers the ability to stop and search those they feel are suspicious, at their complete discretion. It’s been expanded into ‘stop and identify’, which in some states has given officers an authority to request to see identification papers, obviously targeted towards illegal immigration. There’s obviously a lot wrong with this, not least of all being that it’s preposterous to demand citizens keep verification of their identity on them at all times. StoneToss seems to be also referencing the indie game “Papers, Please“, a game where you play the part of a border control agent checking the legal documents of citizens in a fictional country reminiscent of Soviet-era Russia. Papers, Please is set in a dystopian fascist regime so it’s unclear* why StoneToss would draw reference to it when talking about his ideal vision of the USA.

A ‘Faustian Bargain’ is a quintessential “deal with the devil”, in which one sacrifices some deep moral fiber of their being in exchange for material possessions like wealth or power. Sort of like if you were to betray your closest friend in order to get a million dollars or something along those lines. What’s the ‘Faustian Bargain’ in this comic? Donald Trump is betraying his moral character by… not totally opposing all immigration? Perhaps he meant to imply that Trump was only trying to curry favor with voters by not being strictly anti-all immigration, thus selling out his morality in exchange for attracting more votes? It’s unclear what StoneToss was trying to imply with the comic title, but do rest assured that whatever it was, it’s fucking stupid.

*spoken in sarcasm

Comic Name: Deal Breaker
Description: More like Fart of the Deal…
Mouseover: Donald (((J))) Trump
Image Name: trump-border-wall-comic.png
Originally Published: 1/31/2019

What The Comic Is: Donald Trump addresses a crowd of people, rescinding his promise to build a border wall. Eventually, he offers natural barriers as a solution to the wall.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Trump is a Jew and a cuck because he didn’t build a based border wall and stop all Mexicans from entering the USA; also, StoneToss unironically believed Trump was going to actually build the wall.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: It’s hilarious to go back and see how Trump-positive StoneToss was before he started making comics like this. Literally overnight he went from deepthroating Trump to accusing him of being an instrument of the “Jewish world order”. 

One of Donald Trump’s biggest campaign promises in the 2016 election was that a border wall separating the entirety of the border between the USA and Mexico would be constructed, of unspecified height and thickness, and most ridiculous of all was that Mexico would somehow pay for it. You would have to immensely fucking stupid to ever think Trump was going to build a border wall, or that Mexico would actually pay for any of it. I mean, you’d need to be gullible on a level of an actual young child. So of course, StoneToss immediately bought it hook line and sinker. When Trump didn’t give him the thing that any functioning human over the age of maybe 11 or 12 knew was a promise that was totally impossible to ever keep, StoneToss got mad and called him a Jew.


StoneToss: Episode 39

Comic Name: Build Big
Description: On the plus side, the Supreme Court is a good start.
Mouseover: tbh, we’re only suffering because we let the Daily Stormer fall first.
Image Name: right-wing-censorship-comic1.png
Originally Published: 10/30/20

What The Comic Is: A man in suit and tie complete with a Twitter emblem glued to his chest holds up a ‘BAN’ stamp, fresh with red ink. Smugly, he speaks to the viewer, telling them to make their own Twitter. In the second panel the same man, now with the Paypal logo glued to himself, holds the plug of a Gab server. Once again, he smugly tells the viewer that if they don’t like it, they can make their own payment processor. In the third panel, the man stands in front of a boarded over doors of “Hatreon” (assumedly a place to purchase or browse different hats). This time he smugly tells the viewer that if they don’t like it, they can build their own government. In the fourth panel, the man is wide-eyed with shock as a single bead of sweat drips down his head.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That bigots and alt-righters being “censored” by Twitter and cut off from PayPal and Patreon is what lead to Donald Trump winning the American presidency. 

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: At its heart this is a comic about StoneToss feeling as if the alt-right was disenfranchised by society (or most of society’s major social media and payment platforms, such as Twitter/PayPal/Patreon). For those who don’t know, “Gab”, as featured in the second panel of the comic, is an alt-righter social media platform for anti-Semites, trans/homophobes, racists and general bigoted “free thinkers”. StoneToss blames what he feels is the ‘oppressive PC left’ banning/taking away the financial livelihood of people on the right, to the point where the “silent majority” (lol) of the right all rise up and put Trump in office.

The comic has a deeper relevancy than this, however. Published at the ass end of October 2018, the comic is actually a response to Gab being dropped by PayPal (as well as its hosting provider and other payment processors) in the wake of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, a mass shooting that occurred at the Tree of Life – Or L’Simcha Congregation, a Jewish synagogue, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Robert Gregory Bowers entered the synagogue on October 27th 2018, murdering eleven people and injuring seven more in what would become the deadliest attack on the Jewish community of all time (er, in the USA, at least). Bowers was very active on Gab, which supported and promoted his and other’s stances in anti-Semitic and ‘white genocide’ theories. Following the immediate aftermath of the attack is when Gab was dropped by its benefactors, who decided it was probably a good idea to stop facilitating the existence of a social media website that was rejoicing the mass shooting of a Jewish community. Only days after this, StoneToss makes a comic whining about PayPal dropping Gab. Wow, I wonder why oppressive left-tard snowflake libcuck PayPal wouldn’t want to support a website like Gab.

It seems as if StoneToss really and truly believed (believes?) that Trump’s government was (is??) anti-Semitic. At any rate, StoneToss is an idiot and Gab is an alt-right shithole and this comic sucks. There is no silent majority of disgruntled Gab users that put Trump into office or who will build their own government like Hitler did after Hitler was ‘disenfranchised’ by (((them))), or whatever inane bullshit StoneToss thinks. The takeaway from this is that if you don’t want PayPal to pull the plug on your social media platform, don’t cultivate a hotbed of hatred and violence. This is easy for most people to not do, but guys like StoneToss seem to have a super, super hard time with it. I wonder why…

Comic Name: Triggered
Description: You gotta go back.
Mouseover: The Golden (calf) State
Image Name: california-immigration-comic1.png
Originally Published: 11/6/2018

What The Comic Is: A border vigilante stops a group of men at gunpoint, telling them to turn around and stop invading his culture. One of the men from the group speaks up, telling the vigilante that they’re from the USA. The vigilante asks where specifically they’re from, and the man answers with ‘California’. The vigilante, with an empty, deranged look, opens fire on the unarmed men who were surrendering to him.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Stupid joke about California.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Most people are familiar with the biblical tale of Moses. Moses is born in Egypt, God tells him to free his people from the Egyptians. Moses and his crew escape across the sea when Moses parts the waters with God’s breath. Sometimes the story continues a bit further to their travels across the desert to find their ‘promised land’, and ends with Moses climbing the hill and receiving God’s ten commandments. For the majority of people, this is the extent of the tale they’re aware of, though there’s a bit more to the Moses story, such as how upon his descent from the mountain he immediately discovers a group of his roadies have started worshipping a golden cow (sometimes a calf; major distinction, I know). The problem here isn’t that they somehow found a golden cow in the fucking desert, but rather that they are worshipping it, which is a total no-no according to God (worship of false idols and all). What befalls these cow worshippers varies depending on how old or child-friendly your version of the story is. Sometimes they’re just scolded, other times flogged. Most traditionally they’re forced to drink the cow once it’s been melted down, which I guess is pretty metal.

Anyways, StoneToss is likening the state of California to the golden calf of Moses. What does this mean? Absolutely fucking nothing. What does StoneToss think it means? California is highly valued by leftist Americans as a liberal stronghold. Conversely, it’s strongly hated by the right. StoneToss compares it to the golden cow as a way of comparing liberals and leftists to the false idol worshippers. If California is the false idol, then what state is God in this metaphor? Fucking Kentucky? As this blog has explored before, it seems StoneToss may be more religious than he normally tends to let on, if he felt shoehorning in a reference to the golden calf of Moses was relevant or necessary in any way to this at all.

Obviously the comic is just saying that California has become “basically Mexico” with its liberal treatment of undocumented people, to the point it’s even worse and more problematic of Mexico. The vigilante, after all, was willing to warn the men off when he believed they were from Mexico, but fired wildly on them when they said they were actually from California. StoneToss woke up the morning he drew this comic with a choice: draw something stupid or draw something not stupid. He chose the former.

StoneToss: Episode 36

Comic Name: Naan-chalant
Description: Anglican mosques when?
Mouseover: Britain also had its own caste system too, lo.l.
Originally Published: 8/23/2018

What The Comic Is: A man and his friend sit down at a pub for drinks and a meal. The man assures his friend that the pub serves the best authentic British food. The friend examines the food, a bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy that he seems to be eating with a fork(?). The man, stuffing his face with what appear to be gravy-dipped gas station empanadas, asks if his friend does or does not like curry.
What StoneToss Actually Thinks: White culture is being erased.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Food history time. Curry is a type of food that comprises a number of different dishes, normally served as a sauce with rice. It originates from India. Britain colonized India from 1858 to 1947; almost 90 years. Because of this, Indian cuisine is contemporarily popular in Britain to this day. 
This comic is basically about a lack of ‘white culture’ in countries like Britain. Britain, specifically, is a hotbed of conservative feelings and xenophobia regarding immigration, so it’s only a small wonder why StoneToss touched on it in his shitty comic. The comic description, “Anglican mosques when?” is a play on the term “___ when?”, but specifically is a play on “Mayocide when?”. ‘Mayocide when?’ is used as a satirical response to white supremacists complaining about supposed ‘white genocide’ (like, ya know, what this comic about curry is doing). StoneToss is trying to one-up the satirical mayocide phrase by showing us “evidence” of actual mayocide. After all, the man in the comic called curry “authentic British food”!! Conveniently ignore the fact the comic could be seen as pointing out Britain’s oppressive colonial rule of other countries and the way you could look at the cultural spoils of their colonization as being labeled “authentic”. Nah, Britain is just being white genocided and it’s not their own fault for invading India and adopting local recipes. It’s, uh, it’s… brown people’s fault, or whatever. Yeah, that’s it.
Also notice how the man eats the curry with naan bread (which is NoT hOw WhItE pEoPlE eAt ThEiR fOoD) and the friend, skeptical of the ‘authentic’ British food, is using a fork (the CHAD fork vs the VIRGIN non-white people thing). Is the WHITE PEOPLE INVENTION of the FORK (which was most likely first used by people living in China as early as 2400 BC and then saw use in the Byzantine and Middle East) being phased out?? When are we getting those “Anglican” mosques anyways? White people and culture will be completely erased if we get those. Whew. Is it stupid in here or is it just StoneToss?? (nervous chuckling, pulls on shirt collar to release steam). I’m an absolute mess right now, I need a glass of water. (stands up from computer chair, suddenly turns around to notice it has transformed into a traditional Mongolian yurt stoolsputters exasperatedly and backs up, bumping into the SONY television that has transformed into a SONY television) Oh no, all of my WHITE PEOPLE stuff is turning into NOT WHITE PEOPLE STUFF!! (Turns to run, fleeing past a box of breakfast cereal that has now transformed into something a Muslim would eat, or whatever).

Comic Name: Race Against Time
Description: I mean, they were good at rocketry…
Mouseover: Reminder that the soap and lampshades were 100% false.
Originally Published: 8/28/2018

What The Comic Is: A man watches a documentary on the holocaust. Dryly, he asks his friend if he can believe people still deny genocides. His friend mentions that people already deny the mass killings of white South Africans in modern day. The man dismisses this, claiming his friend reads too many internet conspiracies, while the History Channel advertises the show “Ancient Aliens“.
What StoneToss Actually Believes: The holocaust didn’t really happen and people only deny genocides when they happen to white people.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Just like the goaste guy after he sits on a basketball, there’s a lot to unpack in this comic. If that comparison is too disgusting for you, then perhaps we can go with the more SFW version: Just like your typical StoneToss comic, there’s a lot to unpack in this comic.

First, let’s talk about the soap and lampshades. What StoneToss is referencing is that infamous soap and lampshades the Nazis reportedly created from human fat/skin (normally taken from the remains of those killed in their death camps). Let’s talk lampshades first. What we know about the Nazis making lampshades from human skin comes from first-hand accounts, although no surviving articles have been discovered and verified as genuine. Because of this, we can’t firmly say if any existed or not. Testimonies made under oath by Dr. Gustav Wegerer and Josef Ackermann, both prisoners in the Buchenwald concentration camp, claim that human skin lampshades, identifiable with tattoos, were created and used by Nazis controlling the camp. Neither man had much of a reason to lie about what they saw (unless you believe they were coached to testify it, I guess).
The soap issue, for it’s part, is much more clearly mythical in comparison, though it was a real rumor during the war, rather than some sort of propaganda created and circulated after it. From Wikipedia;

“Rumours that the Nazis produced soap from the bodies of concentration camp inmates circulated widely during the war. Germany suffered a shortage of fats during World War II, and the production of soap was put under government control. The “human soap” rumours may have originated from the bars of soap being marked with the initials RIF, which was interpreted by some as Rein-jüdisches-Fett (“Pure Jewish Fat”); in German Blackletter font the difference between I and J is only in length. RIF in fact stood for Reichsstelle für industrielle Fettversorgung (“National Center for Industrial Fat Provisioning”, the German government agency responsible for wartime production and distribution of soap and washing products). RIF soap was a poor quality substitute product that contained no fat at all, human or otherwise.”

But you know what’s funny about these lampshades and soap? It’s that the real, and very verifiable, parts of the Nazi genocide and holocaust are so heinous and terrible that people can easily believe the Nazis were making lampshades and Dawn out of the millions of people they murdered. But, sure, whatever. Let’s be fair. There’s no solid evidence of human skin lampshades and it’s refutable that human soap was ever made by the Nazis. Does it really fucking matter that much? The answer to normal people is “No”. The answer to holocaust deniers is “Yes”. Why? Because they can try to argue that just because a few myths or unsubstantiated stories surround the largest genocide in human history, that means there’s obviously so much more we can freely assume is wrong about the holocaust! PLEASE IGNORE the fact that no legitimate history texts or authorities will report that human lamp shades are confirmed as existing, or that the soap story was true. If you don’t ignore that, then StoneToss and his dumbass holocaust denier circlejerkers won’t have an argument. Please, this holiday season, support an idiot.

The description about rocketry is a reference to Albert Einstein and other Jews who studied rocket science that helped in the contribution of the atomic bomb, because StoneToss is trying to suggest the Jews are responsible for their own sort of genocide of the Japanese people. StoneToss says this because he’s immensely fucking stupid and he hates that facts always disagree with the dumb shit he believes.
But wait, don’t you know that the History Channel plays shows about ancient aliens? Obviously this means Holocaust documentaries are mutually exclusive. I mean, what else could it possibly mean? That the History Channel lost its integrity in the face of shrinking viewership and began peddling ridiculous shows not based in facts? Nooooo, that coooouldn’t be. Obviously it’s that the Holocaust was fake and (((the))) Jewish World Order made the (((History))) Channel to (((fool))) everyone with fake (((documentaries))) and that StoneToss actually isn’t a (((fucking idiot))).

The issue of “mass killing of white South Africans” is part of a larger issue related to the end of the apartheid (apartheid is Afrikaans for “apartment”) of blacks and whites living in South Africa. Whites in South Africa, descendants primarily of Dutch East India Company and British settlers, are about 7% to 8% of South Africa’s total population. In contrast, they form the bulk of the Boer (‘Boer’ being both Dutch and Afrikaans for ‘farmer’) class. They took control of the majority of South Africa’s farmland. This has lead to racial and geographical issues that exist very strongly even today, and it’s very true that white South Africans face (and perpetuate their own) racism and racial violence. While numbers on this are disputed (data tends to favor that there is not an outstanding case of violence against white South Africans), it’s certainly not ‘mass killing’. Why would anyone call it a genocide? Well, that’s simple. Apartheid ended, the whites had to live with the blacks. Whites didn’t like this. Whites left South Africa. There you go, the perfect situation for bigoted fuckheads to claim a genocide occurred.
And finally, we have the very subtle pinch of StoneToss inferring that conspiracy theories on ‘the internet’ can’t be trusted, but that people blindly trust something if it’s on the History Channel. You know, the (((History Channel)))?? Again, please, please ignore that ‘Ancient Aliens’ has always been a laughing stock that the general population of anywhere always disregarded as a terrible program. StoneToss’s dumbass comic doesn’t work otherwise 😦

I’d accuse StoneToss of reading too many conspiracy theories on the internet, but I’m not convinced he’s ever read anything longer than a chat bubble in a racist webcomic.

Happy Thanksgiving, StoneToss!!

StoneToss: Episode 32

You may have already noticed that I missed Thursday’s upload. My excuse for this was I used the time I normally had for writing a blog post and used it to try and visually revamp my blog a bit. However, Blogger (the site the blog runs on) did a big overhaul of their software and wouldn’t you know it, it’s total shit! For now I’m weighing my options betwixt working with Blogger’s awful new interface or swapping websites. At any rate, to make up for missing Thursday, this submission covers three comics. oh boy.

Comic Name: Collision Course
Description: Too bad liberals have trouble with basic economics.
Mouseover: >more immigration 
>higher wages
Choose one.
Image Name: immigration-vs-wages-comic.png
Originally Published: 6/7/2018

What The Comic Is: A group of people march down a street in protest for a fifteen dollar minimum wage. Another group of people walk down a street, in protest of open borders and free immigration. The two groups are shown to be walking towards each other.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: There can’t be a higher minimum wage if we let people move into the country.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: At best this is StoneToss expressing some Dunning-Kruger effect wherein he claims liberals don’t understand basic economics while being scathingly incorrect about them himself; at worst it’s StoneToss insinuating that if we give people in the USA better wages, then everyone from Mexico will ‘invade’ the country to earn those wages in low-skill labor jobs. This is StoneToss, though, so it’s very likely both.

We can soundly assume StoneToss hates the idea of a 15 dollar minimum wage, as many of his ilk tend to be wont to do. Couple with the fact he doesn’t want immigrants or, white Jesus forbid, refugees to earn that level of pay, and it’s not hard to deduce that by “Immigrants or higher wages, pick one. You libtards just don’t understand basic economics, do you?!“, what StoneToss actually means is “I don’t want people working at McDonalds to make anymore more money and I especially don’t want brown people to live in the USA“. It isn’t really a ‘pick one’ scenario to him. He would prefer neither, and he paints liberal agendas (higher minimum wage, refugees welcome) as being inherently conflictive with one another. Why exactly can we not have a higher minimum wage and more immigration? “Umm, uhh umm…” StoneToss stammers, attempting to back up the shitty comic he made. “B-because, ya libtard, uhh… more people means… uh, less… money?”. StoneToss soils himself.

It’s just basic economics, after all. Don’t you understand??

Comic Name: Extra Creamer
Description: Now with more soy.
Mouseover: I only drink my coffee straight.
Image Name: gay-pride-coffee-comic.png
Originally Published: 6/12/2018

What The Comic Is: A man hands his boss a mockup redesign for a coffee cup. The redesign is a gay-positive image of a black man sodomizing a white man. The boss questions if the design is trans inclusive enough.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Businesses are cucks.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: At first this was a comic I planned to skip, but frankly I wanted to point a couple of things about it out. First of all, is that this easily could’ve been a perfectly acceptable and thoughtful take on how businesses use corporate pandering to appeal to consumers and are only pro-gay when it’s not only “safe” to be pro-gay as a business, but when you’re possibly going to come under fire for not taking a positive stance on the issue. Because it’s true. Businesses, as a whole entity, don’t give a shit about gay or trans lives. They only do what they feel they need to do in order to generate sales. Specifically, this comic is probably whining about Starbucks, which has seen its fair share of entitled bigots bitching about coffee cup art. 

On the second point, notice how it’s a black guy fucking a white guy. It didn’t need to be that way, but something in StoneToss said “my vision of gay is interracial with the black guy having a bigger dick and being the top”. Just so we all know how not gay StoneToss is, he drew a white guy getting fucked by a black guy. Just so we ALL KNOW how totally NOT GAY he is. Sure he hates women and he draws black men in dominant sexual positions over white men and women. It’s just because that’s how totally not sexually erotic StoneToss finds black men.

Comic Name: Per-ception
Description: Don’t you know that noticing things is racist now?
Mouseover: The liberal dystopia is already here, folks. Facts are racist.
Image Name: racism-comic.png
Originally Published: 6/14/2018

What The Comic Is: A member of the Ku Klux Klan brandishes a pitchfork while calling for racial purging. This is labeled as racism. In the next panel, a news anchor discusses a statistic broken down by a per capita basis. This is labeled, sarcastically, as “racism”.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Systemic racism does not exist and people think facts are racist.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: In a transparent attempt to distance himself from “real” racism, StoneToss gives us the most over-the-top example of racism there is: a Klansman calling for a purge. Look, StoneToss is an idiot. I’m not saying he is intelligent, per se, as some of his comics can get pretty god damned fucking stupid. However, it’s a fair observation to say that StoneToss is part of a caste of bigots who are more savvy and capable of being aloof when compared to the “bumpkin hick” racist that we usually imagine when we think of a member of the current KKK. This ploy of pointing the finger at the racists who are even dumber than themselves and saying “Look, look, IM not racist! I can’t be, because THIS is what a real racist looks like!” is all too common for guys like StoneToss. This attempt at constructing a narrative where racism extends only as far as a white nightgown is as weak as it is stupid.

But enough on the subcontext of this comic. Let’s talk about the domcontext. The news anchor is discussing ‘per capita’ statistics, which is a general umbrella for statistics relating to crimes committed by minorities, etc. The thing about that, however, is that no one thinks facts are racist, because that notion is incredibly stupid. The argument is not “facts are racist”, the argument is “these numbers are inaccurate and represent systematic bias in the way they are gathered, or they reflect the outcome of systematic oppression and therefore aren’t representative of really anything else.”

But StoneToss doesn’t wear KKK robes so that means he can’t be racist, which means he can’t be stupid. That’s how it works, right?