StoneToss: Episode 30 (Special Edition 1)

Warning: This is an extra long post. tl;dr: thanks for reading and helping the blog grow, I have plans to update and expand it in the near future so ~stay tuned~

First of all, thanks to everyone for helping my blog reach 100k views. It’s still going stronger&longer every day, even as we reach a whopping thirty posts on StoneToss. Even at the rate I’m going, there’s still so many stupid fucking StoneToss comics that need to be covered. But I’m dedicated to doing it, if you’re dedicated to reading it. Together we can enjoy the raw stupidity that is StoneToss for months, years, decades(?) to come.

As part of the celebration in hitting 100k and also to commemorate the 30th post (which just so happens to coincide with the 100k views) I am planning several pretty major updates to this blog. I started writing this thing a little over a year ago, in early October 2019. It’s crazy to think it was a whole year ago, but here we are. Originally I posted a chunk of comics all at once, though the attention I got was pretty sparse. I actually kind of abandoned the blog for many, many months as I got busy with IRL bullshit. The whole Covid thing happened, though, and I was unemployed for awhile making phat stackz from unemployment. During this time I decided to pick up this blog again, and the reception I got upon returning to it was far more attention from readers. In just five months the blog shot up in daily traffic and it’s encouraged me to get more serious about what this blog is.

I’ve recently begun doing two comics each post in an effort to burn through the excessive catalogue of StoneToss’ work. More recently I’ve settled on a scheduled format for updates. I have more big announcements planned for the immediate future, so keep an eye on this stupid little blog of mine.
I want to thank the subreddits that allow me to post my work on them. They’ve been crucial to getting people to notice what I’m doing. I also want to thank all of the people who read my blog and enjoy what I am doing. I want to thank people who leave stupid comments about what a drone I am or how my blog sucks, your petulant trolling adds much needed flavor to my work. Foremost, however, I want to thank StoneToss, for who’s comics this blog would not exist without. Just as a great artist needs a muse, so to do I need a whiny, bigoted man child from which to craft the art of my trade. Thank you all. 
Please, subject yourselves to an XXXtra long installment of StoneToss Is An Idiot.

Comic Name: Star Mangled Banner
Description: Inspired by the latest push for the USA to intervene in the middle east.
Mouseover: No more wars for Israel.
Image Name: pledge-of-allegiance-comic.png
Originally Published: 4/10/2018

What The Comic Is: A boy sits at a school desk, one of his legs mangled badly and bent at a highly unnatural angle. The intercom tells the students to prepare for the pledge of allegiance, to which the student scoffs. His teacher lambasts him for his attitude, recounting the deaths of friends who died while protecting the flag. The kid asks Mr. Jones if he’s lost his glasses again, and the last panel shows Mr. Jones confused as Israel’s flag flies behind him in the classroom. 

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Jews Will Not Replace Us.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: The country of Israel defines itself as Jewish. The historical holy land of Jews, Christians and Muslims, it contains the holy city of Jerusalem. How Jewish is Israel? It puts the Star of David, primary symbol of modern Judaism, on its flag. You could say that the country Israeli Jewish, ahahaHAHAHAHAH.

Conservatives don’t generally promote the USA’s involvement in foreign affairs, unless a Republican President promises weapons of the new, clear variety. And if there’s a bunch of oil that wealthy politicians can get their fingers into. Maybe StoneToss was critical of the USA’s past involvement in the middle east, or maybe he was alright with it because we were invading countries full of oil instead of ones just full of (((other stuff))). Anyways, point being is that in 2017, US President Donald Trump came out with his announcement that the USA would begin to recognize the city of Jerusalem as being Israel’s capital. Why this is important is a very complex issue that we won’t really get into here, as there’s no good way to explain it without an essay on the history of the city, the country and the people living in it. The best summary I could give you is that Jerusalem is a city roughly divided into an east half and a west half (think like east and west Germany, complete with a separating the two). Israel claims to own both halves while Palestine claims the eastern half. The status of what the fuck Palestine even is, as a government entity and which countries recognize its status, is also up for debate. Anyways, the city is divided into two with disputed borders and government rule. Trump’s move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was then to recognize the entire city as being under Israel’s control; a highly criticized political move by many other governments. 

SoooOOOooo, other than being very complicated with varying stances between Jerusalem and Palestine on who governs what and how officially they govern it, what the fuck do the Jews have to do with this? Like I said before, Israel considers itself a Jewish state. StoneToss does not like Jews. Putting two and two together, yet? This comic is therefore a ridiculous slippery slope fallacy in which StoneToss equates US pro-Israel policy to Jewish undermining of the United States, eventually taking the entire country over somehow. Trump’s stance on Israel has been a point of contention with some of his followers, for these supporters adept enough to even understand the situation (or at least understand biased, anti-Semitic hot takes concerning it), they are conflicted. They supported Trump because he was anti-black and brown people, but he falters at being anti-Jew. StoneToss is incapable of stopping short of simply not wanting the USA to involve itself in foreign affairs and has to turn it into an issue of not wanting to aid Israel specifically, because then that means (((((((((((((they))))))))))))))) are influencing America, which obviously means the Jews are going to replace America. Obviously.

Funny enough, while StoneToss would go on to make another somewhat pro-Trump comic (that references Jews; we’ll get to it eventually on this blog) and while StoneToss has riffed on “establishment Republicans” in the past, this strip seems to be the start of a chill between StoneToss and Trump. I guess it’s true, you can be the caricature of everything StoneToss could ever want in a President and the second you stop short of full-on genocide of the Jews you’re now a cuck.

Comic Name: Tax Abrasion
Description: Happy Tax Day!
Mouseover: Around tax never relax 
Image Name: paying-taxes-comic.png
Originally Published: 4/17/2018

What The Comic Is: Two men sit alongside one another on a park bench. The first comments that paying taxes is a waste. His friend argues that taxes are the price of living in civilized society. In the third panel, it is revealed that common core, war in the middle east and gay police are all components of “civilized society”.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Taxes are bad, everything taxes pay for is bad and more Jews Will Not Replace Us nonsense. 

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss likes to think of himself as some post-post-irony meta Libertarian so it’s very little surprise that he dislikes taxes; he’s made previous comics and statements about them before, after all. The meat of this comic is just ‘TAXES BAD’, using cherry picked examples such as Common Core (a newer form of schooling used in tax-funded public education that has admittedly well deserved criticism drawn toward it), or… gay police? I don’t get it. Does StoneToss think police are gay? Does he think a special unit of police exist that solely handle gay criminals? I honestly don’t fucking know what’s gay about the police, or why StoneToss would be anti-police. Nothing happened around the time of the comic’s publishing that involved any type of specific news or controversy surrounding gay people or police that I can find. I suppose if anything the takeaway is just that the police allow gay people to serve as officers? StoneToss is nothing if not an absolutely raging homophobe (in addition to everything else he phobes) so it makes sense, I guess.

But the creamy, melted buttery topping of this steak of idiocy is the newspaper. “WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST AGAIN!” reads the headline. And as if the last comic wasn’t on the nose enough with the anti-Semitism, StoneToss feels it’s very necessary to add a wringing pair of hands (obviously meant to be an offensive caricature of Jews) to very subtly and very intelligently make this about Israel and the Jews. He could’ve just left the comic at Common Core and wars and offended very few people, just making it your average Libertarian-leaning “I hate taxes” comic. But StoneToss literally can not do anything if it isn’t bigoted against at least one group of people, so here we are. Obviously StoneToss was still feeling upset about Donald Trump, Hitler 2.0 for hopeful young StoneToss, and the Presidential stance on Jerusalem. 
Of course, StoneToss wants to believe the Jews have already infiltrated America’s government. Trump is only a (((puppet))) propping up Israel so the Jews can take over America oh my god wake up people can’t you see that Obama’s name spelled backwards is Jew if you replace the A with a J and the M with an E and the B/O with a W??? Also obviously taxes are a tool of the Jews so they can destroy America with public education (education being the enemy of all bigots) and infrastructure that supports everyone (supporting everyone being the enemy of all bigots).

Now please join along with me in the customary taxing of the gay police officers.

 Comic Name: Founding Bothers
Description: Manifest Destiny can stop at the coasts.
Mouseover: “Give Arabs liberty, or give me death” – every 21st century president 
Image Name: middle-east-wars-comic.png
Originally Published: 5/1/2018

What The Comic Is: A man rushes to the side of George Washington, informing him that the Ottoman Empire is causing trouble in the middle east. The man asks Washington if troops should be deployed. After a blank-faced look, Washington dismisses the concern with a rhetorical question about shit in the middle east.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: George Washington didn’t care about the middle east, therefore America shouldn’t care about the middle east over 200 years later. Oh yeah, this is also still about the fucking Jews if you didn’t follow along with that.
Why It’s Fucking Stupid: I was originally planning to skip over this comic, as after the previous two installments, StoneToss went on a brief binge of comics that were a little too basic to bother covering on this blog. However, I figured it was important to talk about two things. Firstly, why “but muh founding fawters” is a stupid argument and Nextly, that this is still a comic whining about the aforementioned fucking Jews.

Even if you don’t care much about history, the Ottoman Empire is a name you’ve probably heard before. It was a big ass empire of states that existed for, frankly, a pretty damn long time. From 1299 to shortly after the first World War in 1922, the empire of the Ottomans existed in various sizes across parts of the middle east, Africa and eastern Europe. Existing for over 600 years, it’s not hard to see why their motto was “The Eternal Empire” and why we named a piece of furniture after them. By the time Washington was President of America, the Ottoman Empire was already almost half a millennium old. 

StoneToss cherry picks. He cherry picks because he is a fucking idiot. He has no arguments unless he carefully and deliberately picks what parts of reality to base his arguments on. Sure, Washington was at many times in his Presidency strong against America interfering with foreign countries (especially those across the ocean). It’s true that by today’s standards, these views of Washington would be regarded as incredibly isolationist, but this is a specifically picked element of Washington’s leadership and it lacks all context. Washington’s isolationism came from a need to prioritize America first; not because Mexicans were moving into California, but because the nation was entirely new and entirely on its own. It fought for independence on the aid of foreign governments and needed to build up its own military and cement its own economy and trade, to say nothing of building the rest of the country. They didn’t have the capacity to fight a war in the middle east when Washington was President. It barely had a navy, let alone any ships. 
StoneToss tries to suggest the founding fathers would never go to war with the middle east by using Washington as a mouth piece for his own beliefs. Very oddly enough, however, the USA would be entering the First Barbary War in 1801. This war was fought by Sweden and the USA (just the USA after 1802) against the ‘Barbary States’ (and also Morocco). The Barbary States, while autonomous, were provinces of the Ottoman Empire. But it doesn’t stop there! The USA would have other wars with the Ottoman Empire, culminating in an obscure conflict modernly referred to as World War 1. I guess in the end, the USA really did care about the Ottoman Empire. Funny.

This isn’t the first time StoneToss has said something stupid and backed it up solely with “BUT THE FOUNDING FATHERS…”, motherfucker, they lived 200 god damn years ago. The inherent issue with citing literally anything about them is that you need to make an argument as to why or why not their policies and actions are relevant to our time in the present. Of course, StoneToss know this, which is why he knowingly cites George Washington in a way that is intentionally dishonest.

Comic Name: Insect Man
Description: Soyper Heroes.
Mousover: Some stupid lennyface
Image Name: bugman-comic.png
Originally Published: 5/3/2018

What The Comic Is: Ant-Man followed by Spider Man are displayed on the big screen at a film theater. In the third panel, an overweight Marvel fan is ecstatic at seeing his favorite heroes.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Liking movies makes you fat and a consumer and taxation is theft but spending your money on anything other than Bitcoin is stupid.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: So this comic actually confuses a lot of readers because it hinges on an obscure reference to a new slang, “bug man”, used around places like 4chan’s /pol/ board (the political forum of 4chan) to refer to anyone who is a “mindless consumer”. It is also used as a racial slur as well, against any race considered to be especially consumer-centric (like many Asians). The insult is as childish and sterile as you can possibly fucking be without devolving straight into Ned Flanders-esque yodly-dodly gibberish, yes.

The comic therefore has a double meaning. StoneToss is mocking a supposed lack of creativity from Marvel because two of their dozens of characters are themed after insects (or rather, one is an insect and the other an arachnid, but close difference either way), while also mocking people who spend money to see the characters. I mean, one is ANT man and the other is SPIDER man! They’re like THE SAME GUY and you spend money to see BOTH their movies! *Slaps forehead* I mean, wow I just mean can’t you see I mean, wow I just mean *exasperated sputtering*.

I love how StoneToss took the time to draw two of the chairs in the audience empty, lol. Yeah, that’s the SiLeNt MaJoRiTy who don’t waste their money on movies like soy cucks and instead invest in BITCOIN so they can lose all of their fucking investment in an unstable digital currency. StoneToss doesn’t like ANY pop culture and consumes NO media he lives in a one-room house with NO FURNITURE or PICTURES HANGING UP and he drinks only RAIN WATER he collects from the case of his 2004 Gateway PC because spending money on ANYTHING makes you a CUCK and FAT and you eat SOY and you’re a BUG.

Comic Name: Wagging the Dog
Description: Sup, dawg? 
Mouseover: Hm, are all dog breeds created equal?
Image Name: dog-breed-intelligence-comic.png 
Originally Published: 5/10/2018
What The Comic Is: A man and his son observe some dogs. The son asks his father why dogs are so wildly different from one another. The man answers that it is their breed. The son asks why dog breeds are such different sizes, to which the father answers that it is their genes. The son asks why some dogs are ‘clever’ and others are not. The father stammers and a bead of sweat rolls down his forehead as he explains that it is the result of purely economic factors.
What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That humans are dogs and black people are stupid because of their genes.
Why It’s Fucking Stupid: This is one of a few comics I couldn’t wait to get to. It’s a bit satisfying to end such a large post on, really. But anyways, dogs. Humans are apes of the genus homo (lol). Dogs are… well, dogs, of the genus canis. What I’m highlighting here is that humans are not dogs. StoneToss is not a stranger to false equivalency, and there’s not an equivalency much falser than comparing dogs to humans.
Obviously the comic is a riff on “all colors of human are equal” and the fact that black people in countries like the USA face struggles that put them at societal and financial disadvantages. Instead, StoneToss tries to show us how ridiculous it would be if we referred to intelligence between dog breeds as being due to ‘economic factors’. I mean, yeah, that’d be a pretty stupid fucking thing to say when you consider that dogs don’t have an economy or any concept of money. 
Dogs have been selectively and intentionally bred by humans in such a way that has significantly altered almost every different aspect of them, from their colors/shape/size/temperament and their general levels of intelligence. Do you know what humans haven’t been selectively breeding traits into? Humans. I mean, some humans did try that once before, actually. We called them the Nazis.
And I’m sure you could selectively breed any kind of human you wanted, given enough time. Maybe we could create full-on “breeds” of human, from the mountainous Great Australian Longleg to the diminutive Teacup Korean. Can you imagine the fucked up skeletons and muscular structures we could breed into our fellow man?! Sigh, if only we had the time. 
However, until that fateful day, it remains that we don’t selectively breed traits into humans and therefore we are all very commonly related in terms of body shape, size, color and intelligence that vary not across ‘types’ or ‘breeds’ or ‘colors’ of human, but rather across individuals. 
It’s not a surprise that StoneToss doesn’t understand dogs very well, though. He probably doesn’t ever hang out with any of them. After all, dog the best friend of man; not of spineless unfunny bigots who awkwardly avoid looking black guys in the eyes when in public, lest their repressed interracial cuckold fetish give them a raging 3 inch boner in public.
Thanks for reading this stupid blog. Here’s to 100k more views and 100k more StoneToss comics!
Edit: 100k StoneToss comics is way too many, now that I think about it. Let’s shoot for, I dunno. Maybe 50, 60 more?

StoneToss: Episode 29

Comic Name: By Any Other Name
Description: Noticing patterns.
Mouseover: Reminder that pollen is plant skeet, and your girlfriend gets covered in it when she sniffs the flowers you bought her.
Originally Published: 4/3/2018

What The Comic Is: Two roses sit in a field, surrounded by a second type of flower. There are no other roses left. One rose cautions the other that the term “invasive species” is a rose supremacist dog whistle.
What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That it’s strange we refer to invasive plants and animals as “invasive species”, but not to humans who are “invasive” into other countries.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: So the purple flowers in the comic appear to be Purple Loosestrife, an invasive flower species that is spreading in parts of North America. It’s important to note that there is a distinction between a non-native species and a species that is invasive. All invasive species are non-native, but not all non-native species are invasive. 

What makes a non-native species an invasive one? The simple answer is that they somehow extraordinarily harm the native environment they’re invasive to. This can be naturally (killing or harming native species of animal or plant) or economically (causing monetary loss to the humans living in the environment, such as by growing out of control and ruining roads and other infrastructure). For instance, apples are not native to anywhere in the world outside of central Europe, however they are not an invasive species in the areas where they are now grown across the world. Though apple trees can potentially kill native plant species as they compete for resources, they don’t do so on a scale that is significant enough to impact native life, as they are not suited to unfairly outcompete native lifeforms.
On the other hand, the Purple Loosestrife flower kills hundreds of acres of native flower and plant life every year, due to a pollination window that is much larger than any other native plant. Longer pollination window = more plant sex = more germinated seeds = more Loosestrife = outnumbers and outcompetes native species. 

It’s all simple plant sex biology, really. But hey, you wanna know what doesn’t involve plant sex or invasive species? Human fucking beings. The majority of, say, Mexican immigrants to America are hard working people who contribute to their society, even when they are exploited as cheap labor. Funny enough, there is no “Mexican fuck window” that lasts longer than native USAians (who were the Native Americans, by the by) that enables them to outnumber and outcompete the “native species” in the USA (which doesn’t make sense, as all humans are the same species, anyways. So we can’t have ‘invasive species’ of humans, unless you want to make the uncreative comment that aLl hUmAnS aRe InVaSiVe111!!). 

StoneToss is trying to highlight some sort of hypocrisy he thinks exists where we call an invasive flower species “invasive”, but we don’t call a a “human species” invasive; to infer that PC culture stops us from calling non-whites “invasive species” even as they… steal all the sunlight and nitrogen in the soil? Or whatever it is that StoneToss thinks Mexicans do. Even as the two roses are outnumbered and threatened by the Loosestrife, the one still reminds that referring to the Loosestrife as what it is (an invasive species), is racist. Just like in real life!! The Mexicans are ruining Amurica and if you call them out for it then people think you’re racist, even as they themselves are wiped out by the loco Chicanos. 

Funny enough, Mexican and black people aren’t flowers or animals and therefore aren’t harmful to the native ecosystems of any other area on earth. Because no, StoneToss, the neighborhood/state you desperately don’t want colored people to move into and start families in is not an ecosystem, you racist, xenophobic dumbfuck. Also, “invasive species” is a scientific term recognized as legitimate and with unbiased definition, so no flower would call it a dog whistle, even if they could communicate. Unlike actual racist dog whistles, which are not scientific or unbiased and are only employed by people who are invasive species to humanity’s collective intelligent thought. People like StoneToss, for instance!

Comic Name: Gun “Free”
Description: Lefties can’t even obey gendered bathroom signs, why would they think folks would bother with “gun free” signs?
Mouseover: >when your head office gets demonitized
Originally Published: 2/5/2018

What The Comic Is: YouTube’s Headquarters is pictured “before”; a sign reading Gun Free Zone stands in front of the building. In the second panel, “after”, the same sign stands as the building is wrapped in police tape and armed SWAT and Police Officers stand in front of each other.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Gun control doesn’t do anything.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: On April 3rd, 2018, 38 year old Nasim Najafi Aghdam entered the YouTube headquarters building in San Bruno California. Entering through an an exterior parking garage, Aghdam used an automatic pistol to wound three people. She then took her own life. 

This comic was published two days after this shooting took place, obviously in reference to it (the building, as can be seen from the sign, is YouTube’s HQ). YouTube was a ‘gun free’ zone, something that gun activists were quick to jump on in the wake of the shooting.

This goes back into topics already discussed in previous posts on this blog, but many gun activists are staunch supporters of the notion that “good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns” and that “gun free zones only protect criminals”. Never mind that it has been proven many times that armed citizens rarely stop gun violence. Never mind that Ahgdam entered the building in a vulnerable entry spot that was overlooked by security, thus making the attack a security issue and not a “we didn’t have guns to stop the person with a gun” issue. Yeah, let’s never mind those facts. If we actually minded them, then this stupid tragedy-exploiting comic would be incredibly fucking dumb and in even worse taste than it already is. We don’t want that, do we? DOOOO WEEE??

Isn’t it so IRONIC (it isn’t) that YouTube was gun free but then there are GUNS from the POLICE AND SWAT GUYS? Isn’t it SO IRONIC that crime is committed even though it’s ILLEGAL TO COMMIT CRIME? What could have possibly stopped this crime? Could it be better mental health infrastructure? Better wages for minimum income earners? Overall more money put towards improving livelihoods and financial prospects for all citizens? No, because then black and brown people would benefit! The answer has to be the most logical and fail-safe: SHEER ESCALATION OF FORCE111 Which has always been proven to work, for the record (lol no it hasn’t).

StoneToss and others try to argue that YouTube HQ’s gun free policy lead to this shooting, but funny enough it needs to be reiterated that Ahgdam exploited a flaw in the building’s security via entering into it from an external parking garage. She did not enter the building through main doorways or pass any security. Again, this tragedy was one of security flaw and not because everyone in the YouTube HQ wasn’t packing heat and turned a lone gunman incident into a bullet storm of confusion and further destruction. 
Here’s a hot take: StoneToss should put a sign in front of his head that says “Brain Free Zone” lmaos

StoneToss: Episode 24

Comic Name: White Knights
Description: Only one race is ever “proud” to be a cuck.
Mouseover: Next time a refugee rape epidemic breaks out, see how well reminding them to be grateful works out.
Image Name: white-people-disappearing-comic.png
Originally Published: 2/8/2018

What The Comic Is: Two men hold aloft a banner reading “REFUGEES WELCOME <3”. One man inquires to the other that if ‘white folk’ disappear, then who will thank them for what they’re doing. The second man attempts to formulate a retort, but fails to.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss truly is incapable of mocking others without needing to strawman them. I mean, come on. He must be able to think of sooomething he could genuinely point out and lampoon about liberals. Surely, there’s got to be something he’s smart enough to make fun of. No? There isn’t? Oh well.

Alright, so StoneToss is just saying that white people are only welcoming refugees to serve their own ego. That other humans are empathetic and will aid their fellow people is something that eludes and confounds StoneToss. He also complains about refugees raping people, which to be fair is a thing that has happened during mass refugee movements. It’s only to be expected that, when you have a large group of people, some of them are going to commit crimes. What he’s mostly whining about is the European refugee crisis in which refugees from countries such as Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan were fleeing displacement due to war and political oppression.
Between the years of 2016 and 2017, before this comic was published, the Syrian refugee crisis (a subset of the overall European refugee crisis) was at a peak in the media and in politics. Sexual assault and rape crimes committed by refugees and migrants of Syrian descent were rife in news topics, and protests against refugees committing sexual assault were rampant in countries such as Sweden and Germany. This provided almost unlimited vindication and ammunition for anti-refugee camps to exploit, twisting the situation into what they’d have you believe was a full on “rape epidemic”. Much cherry picking was done by everyone to try and prove that refugees were either good or bad people, instead of a massive influx of human beings who all behave independently.

That a person, as a refugee, enters into a country and then sexually assaults someone is an issue. This should not really be up for debate. However, what StoneToss is concerned about isn’t even that some refugees commit crimes. You really think StoneToss cares if a woman gets raped? Pssh, please. It isn’t about the safety of anyone, it’s about imaginary white genocide that will totally happen because people who are brown flee into your country to escape dying. It’s about painting those who support refugees as self-serving. It’s about complaining that the ‘white race’ is the only race that continues to “be cucked”, because we all know the Asian and African continents never have migrant crises of their own, not ever. It’s only white people countries that get invaded (opps, I mean, migrated!) by black people. Why don’t the other races have to be cucked mommy it’s not fair waa waa waa.

It’s difficult to live in a world where your views and beliefs are challenged or put under scrutiny. By contrast, it’s very easy to live in a world where you imagine all of the people who don’t agree with you as bad faith actors that don’t actually like brown people but are only utilizing them for an ego boost. StoneToss lives in the latter because that’s how you know he isn’t a cuck1111!!

Comic Name: Gaymer Gate
Description: We did it, Reddit!
Mouseover: This is fine.
Image Name: gamergate-comic-1.png
Originally Published: 2/13/2018

What The Comic Is: A man is overjoyed to finally have his video game free of feminist influence. Placing his VR goggles over his head, he plays his game as the fourth panel reveals a post-apocalyptic cityscape overtaken by homosexual and feminist iconography.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That GamerGate preoccupied society while feminism took control of everything else as unwitting gamers focused their attention at the wrong thing.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: GamerGate was a messy debacle. First, just as a piece of trivia, the reason we call it “GamerGate” is a play on the Watergate scandal that involved US President Richard Nixon’s attempt to cover-up his administrations involvement in the break in of the DNC headquarters in Washington D.C.
Suffixing any scandal or conspiracy with “Gate” has become the trendy thing to do, but generally what constitutes a “Gate” situation is when the scandal is revealed and then slowly leaked upon further by someone closely related to, or even within, the scandal itself; as part of what made the Watergate scandal so juicy was that it was being leaked to the press in the form of vocally-distorted audio tapes by FBI deputy director William Mark Felt, Sr. In the case of GamerGate, murky insider (unproven) information was leaked concerning the ethical nature of video game journalism. This lead to a huge, broad unofficial movement that had no singular leadership, goal or any seeming unified purpose at all.

Some GamerGaters were angry that video game journalism is a joke that isn’t taken seriously by its own industry and that journalists within “video game news” can be easily bought off by money, favors, sex, etc, in exchange for positive and sometimes dishonest coverage. Others were mad at what they felt was intentional distortion of facts concerning the content of modern video games. Many others were flagrantly and openly anti-women. Point being that the “GamerGate” was a confusing social movement that lacked unity and a central purpose. Even those opposing the integrity of journalists in video game media had no clear structure or even an end goal; they seemed to largely just generally complain about the state of video game journalism. 

So what does this have to do with StoneToss and his stupid comic? Well, it’s simple. He obviously felt GamerGate and its vague anti-feminism flavor was a good thing, if only misplaced. While gamers battled the nasty women and their influence in video games, the rest of the world was overrun with homosexuality, women and da tranz. GamerGate had some validity as a movement; it’s not untrue to say that video game journalism is and always has been a far cry from the integrity of journalism as a whole. This is in part because covering video games involves a lot of subjective opinion rather than objective fact, but it stands that video game journalism could benefit to follow a much more stringent and self-imposed/self-upheld standard of professionalism and integrity.

But StoneToss doesn’t care about that! No, to him it’s just about how women and gay people are ruining western culture. He somehow finds a way to invalidate a social movement that was morbid enough to actually mirror his own stupid, infantile hatred and he somehow found a way to complain about how it was beneath him, or how he was smarter than it. You may even be lead to believe that all StoneToss cares about is convincing himself that he’s smarter than other people; which is quite funny when one considers the fact that StoneToss is, indeed, a fucking idiot.

StoneToss: Episode 14


Comic Name: Nouvelle Vague
Description: N/A
Mouseover: Sacrebleu 
Image Name: france-comic1.png
Originally Published: 9/26/2017

What The Comic Is: A man shares an uninteresting conversation with a goat. A
 second man urges the first to enjoy their vacation, while he observes the armless locals. After sipping from his cup, the second man basks in the aesthetic of France.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That goats “baa” instead of “bleat”. Goats are not sheep, StoneToss.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: So, full disclosure. This was the first ever StoneToss comic I ever saw, and the first time I came across it I actually laughed. I didn’t know who StoneToss was at the time, nor did I yet know he was Red Panels. I just thought Shmorky was trying his hand at writing Family Guy cutaway gags. Because yeah, this is an offensive and xenophobic comic, but under a lens of irony it’s something that passes well enough as just offensive shock humor. I remember seeing people defend this strip when it first made rounds across the internet, claiming it wasn’t being racist but was just making an offensive joke. I even thought the same; until I googled StoneToss and thus, like the Scooby Gang yanking off the tablecloth hood of yet another asshole in a cartoon ghost costume, unveiled exactly who was behind the comic.

This isn’t just a self-aware and offensive little gag about refugees or immigration (as StoneToss might try passing it off as), he actually has real and personal hatred against what he feels is happening to ‘white civilizations’ in Europe. When Family Guy or South Park make a gag like this, it’s because their liberal and progressively-minded writers are being offensive for comedy. When StoneToss does it, it’s because he’s a shithead.

The comic’s title, “Nouvelle Vague” is translated to English (from French) as “New Wave”. Either this is a reference to the obscure French musical group of the same name, or it’s a reference to what a shithead StoneToss is. Which one could it possibly be?! Use your phone to vote now!

Make Siege Weapons Legal Again

Comic Name: Big Guns
Description: N/A
Mouseover: Make Siege Weapons Legal Again
Image Name: second-amendment-comic1.png
Originally Published: 10/12/2017

What The Comic Is: George Washington worries that future Americans will invent forms of superior firepower. Another, possibly second George Washington, expresses that their canons would be of no match to such hypothetical arms.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Gun Control Bad.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: This comic is poking at the argument that, at the time of the Second Amendment’s drafting, the authors could not have possibly predicted that firearms would go from slow-firing, slow-loading single shot hand canon muskets into machines that could project bullets at a rate of hundreds per minute. The Second Amendment, of course, is the right to bear arms. Granted at the time to ensure the newly minted nation of the USA could be properly armed in case of any type of foreign (or domestic) invasion, many opponents of the USA’s gun laws argue the amendment is outdated. This is something I won’t really get into here, but the gist of this comic is that even though the power of our handguns and rifles has evolved far past what the founding fathers ever thought would happen, our ‘cannons’ (siege, artillery, heavy guns, etc) would also evolve.

Yeah, good job, StoneToss. We have rail guns and tanks and fighter jets and unmanned drones and scientifically bio-engineered cat girls with dicks that we loose upon enemy armies so they’re too busy fucking catdickgirls instead of fighting us (this last one is probably the most controversial modern weapon yet, but this is neither the time nor place to debate such things); so yes, our large arms have powered up next to our small arms.

StoneToss’s argument here is addressing a point that almost no one really makes, because it means he doesn’t have to argue with anybody about it and potentially come to a self-realization that what he said was fucking stupid. No one who is pro-gun control thinks gun-toting second amendment activists can oppose the power and weaponry of the US military (in fact, on the contrary, it’s the other way around; anti-gun control crowds are generally the people who cite their need to be able to defend themselves against their own government). What people who want gun control are worried about is an armed maniac lighting up a school/mall/church full of people; people who don’t have cannons or fighter jets or cat girls with dicks to defend themselves.

What makes this comic exponentially stupid is who StoneToss aimed (lol aim, like with gunz) it at. He isn’t mocking second amendment activists (StoneToss himself is openly pro-gun and in the future would go on to make a couple very obvious pro-gun comics, as we’ll cover here sometime later), but rather he’s trying to frame this as a mockery of pro-gun control. Like he’s trying to say “lmao calm down CUCKS, don’t you know we invented things better than cannons??“. What does that even mean, StoneToss?? WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!?1/1/1/1/1/1

StoneToss: Episode 13

We're here, we persevere, get over it.

Comic Name: Pride
Description: N/A
Mouseover: We’re here, we persevere, get over it.
Image Name: pride-comic.png
Originally Published: 9/19/2017

What The Comic Is: A man with a horrible skull deformity atop his head poses a question on the validity of feeling prideful. A skeptical onlooker wearing a white pride t-shirt responds with casual dismissal. In the third panel, it is revealed a pride celebration complete with discarded dildos is raging in the background.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: Being white is comparable to being gay, and therefore ‘white pride’ is just as valid as ‘gay pride’ and that taking pride in being gay is hypocritical if you don’t support pride in being white. 

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: Ah, the classic StoneToss onion comic. It’s always nice when stupidity has layers. First of all, StoneToss is attempting to liken being white to being gay and to highlight some kind of hypocrisy that exists (but doesn’t really exist) when people discredit white pride notions. He straw mans the gay community by having a stand-in for them talk about ‘how it’s dumb to take pride in things you can’t choose’ (no gay person has ever fucking said this) before showing the gay man standing in front of a pride parade. 

I think this second layer is something StoneToss wanted to leave up to reader interpretation; are da gayz just hypocritical and reverse bigots? Or is homosexuality actually a choice which would therefore make being white less of a choice than being gay (i.e., being white is the ‘real’ thing you can’t choose, making it more legitimate to have pride in)? Knowing StoneToss and his advanced state of victim-complex, it’s probably the latter; but it’s very fun and thoughtful of our author to leave this point up to debate. Let the discourse rage on, folks!

For reference, the shirt the guy in the second panel is wearing is a white pride t-shirt. The symbol is a Celtic cross which is formally recognized as a symbol associated with hate groups (the symbol itself doubles as the symbol for ‘white power‘ as well as ‘white pride’.) If you Google image search ‘White Pride Symbol’ you’ll get results that have the same Celtic cross, but with Nazi iconography mixed in with it. This begs yet another interpretation: is StoneToss knowing and aware of the fact he’s associating with a neo-Nazi symbol or is he too stupid to realize that the symbol has roots in Nazi imagery? Vote with your phones now!

StoneToss: Episode 3

General Santa Anna's Chicken

Comic Name: Foreign Food
Description: N/A
Mouseover: General Santa Anna’s Chicken 
Image Name: ethnic-food-comic-1.png
Originally Published: 7/27/2019

What The Comic Is: Two men are horrifically conjoined to each other by a large circle that they’ve learned to use as a makeshift table for food and drink. One man posits to the other that without immigration, who will cook authentic Chinese food. The other man stares at a plate of grey mush accented with a white bean and ponders for a moment. Then, a third man appears and in Google Translated Spanish asks, “Yes sir, who?“.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: That a cook would ever bring a steaming hot pan out of the kitchen and into the dining area and then thrust it in front of patrons. I know you hate brown people, StoneToss, but they’re seriously not that stupid.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: At first this is one of those comics that seems really innocuous and silly, like you really want to believe it’s just a Family Guy-esque dumb humor joke, but then you stop and remind yourself that this is StoneToss we’re talking about and you realize, oh yeah, StoneToss is an idiot.

So we have an early example of the multi-pronged commentary StoneToss would eventually begin using in just about every one of his comics. First, we have a ‘Mexican cook’ joke, which is just a low jab at racial humor involving Mexicans working as cooks in low-end diners/restaurants. Funny enough, however, a lot of Chinese places are actually owned/operated and staffed by, you know, actual Chinese people, but whatever. Anyways, StoneToss makes commentary on the fact that pro-immigration types will often use the example that foreign immigrants bring with them cultural boons like delicious food. StoneToss poses this exact point in the first panel, only to undercut it by revealing that: dun dun! It was a MEXICAN guy making the food the whole time! Because Mexicans are taking over America, and because multiculturalism is such a flaccid concept that one ethnicity can simply substitute for another one, anyways. See? There’s no reason for people to immigrate to the USA!

The mouseover text for the comic is a play on General Tso Chicken, a popular Americanized Chinese food dish, but replacing it with the Mexican military general Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna (commonly known as merely Santa Anna). General Santa Anna was involved in a ton of shit involving the Mexican government and military and, most importantly for citizens of the USA, he was the one who lead the attack against the Texan defenders of fort Alamo. I guess maybe the mouseover text is therefore some kind of deeper commentary that Santa Anna actually won and pwned the libtarded United States or something but I’m writing this shit at 5 AM in the morning right now and I really am too tired to dig that much deeper into this.

StoneToss: Episode 1

barber meme comic

Comic Name: Barber-ian
Description: N/A
Mouseover: barber meme comic
Image Name: haircut-immigration-comic.png
Originally Published: 7/20/2017

What The Comic Is: A man sits down at a barber. The barber asks the man what kind of cut he wants for his hair, to which the man responds that he wants a cut that will make Muslim migrants feel more at home. The barber then whips out his Rune Scimitar while spouting a meme so funny it rivals GET OUT OF MUH SWAMP, we are left to imagine that the barber then decapitates the unwitting man.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: First of all, StoneToss seriously thinks that barbers just have the swirly poll planted right in the middle of their shops or something. Either that or maybe they’re standing in front of a BIG ASS WINDOW. I dunno. Anyways, the man asks for a cut to make Muslims feel more at home and then the barber gives him a real pain in the neck hahalol

At face value this is just a stupid anti-Islam/Muslim comic married to a dead meme, and the mouseover text certainly reinforces that. The title, Barber-ian, is just a super funny way of calling Muslims barbaric (or maybe the barber’s name is Ian?). However, there is a deeper context to this comic that really only comes out once you understand StoneToss more fully. It’s a commentary on Sharia Law, that is, the set of religious laws and principles that govern Islamic traditions. A big anti-Muslim/Islam talking point is that they will bring Sharia Law into countries they migrate into, and that someday things like beheadings will not just become acceptable, but publicly common place. Where StoneToss’s debut comic was shallow in meaning, his second comic very well expresses his ability to implant a much deeper meaning into face value. 

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: StoneToss is trying to equate acceptance or tolerance of Islam/Muslims as a slippery slope that will lead to their ‘taking over’ of non-Islamic culture or ideals. It’s bread and butter anti-Islam rhetoric.

StoneToss: Debut

multiculturalism comic

Comic Title: The Swirl
Description: N/A
Mouseover: multiculturalism comic
Image Name: food-diversity-comic.png
Originally Published: 7/18/2017

What The Comic Is: First we see plates of food, each a nationally-recognized dish of several different countries, along with the flags for the respective countries planted on the food items. Then we see a man taking a hot, steaming wad of shit. We are then greeted by this chocolate cake, complete with the nation flags from before planted inside of it.

What StoneToss Actually Thinks: The food obviously represents different ethnic groups of people. The man on the toilet ate all of the food (putting all the nationalities and people together) and then he shit the food out, as shit. This is a very simple message that CULTURES MIXING = BAD. Obviously StoneToss went for the lowest possible hanging fruit and included the USA and Mexico as a direct and blatant commentary on Mexican immigration to the USA. However, he seems to have taken a moment while drawing this comic to glance over to his framed and cum-stained poster of Bulma from Dragon Ball and decided that the glorious empire of Nippon should be included in this example as well, least we filthy and undeserving Amerixicans taint the gene pool of this world’s greatest people/the inventors of all the cartoon porn StoneToss jerks off to.

Why It’s Fucking Stupid: This is StoneToss’s first comic published on his site, and it’s a really really really good first impression as to just how 1.) Deranged StoneToss is as well as 2.) Fucking stupid StoneToss is. There’s not a whole lot to comment further on this one, but it’s a good representation of much of StoneToss’s earlier works. Very simple, without a lot of deeper meaning.