What is this Blog for?


StoneToss is the name of a, at time of writing, currently ongoing webcomic that is written, drawn and published by the author who identifies himself online as StoneToss, StoneTossArt, @stone_toss and several other similar handles. As far as the author of this blog is aware, StoneToss keeps much of his personal life secret and doesn’t divulge much intimate information online. But that’s fine, because this blog isn’t going to try to make fun of StoneToss for his shitty day job or stupid powerword or his crap-filled apartment or the tiny corner of his abode where he sits at a trace desk to pen-over old Shmorky doodles. We’re here to talk about StoneToss’s self-titled magnum opus: His webcomic.

StoneToss began posting the comic that would eventually be known as StoneToss to the internet sometime early-to-mid 2017. In July of 2017 he actually made the StoneToss website and has regularly updated the comic every week (sometimes even more often than that) ever since. 

The webcomic has gained quite a bit of traction since its inception, and it gains even more traction each and every day. Whether you hate him or you hate him, you can’t deny that StoneToss has created something that is wide-reaching and influential in many different ways. Some of his comics have become the subject of viral internet memes, and at time of writing he has exactly 69,001 followers on his StoneToss FaceBook page (nice). 


I assume you must have at least a basic knowledge of StoneToss if you’re here on this blog. If you know absolutely buttfuck nothing about the man or his work, the quick skinny is as follows: StoneToss creates and publishes an ongoing series of comics that are often Transphobic, Xenophobic, Pro-Nazism, Pro-incel/MGTOW; and often times hint at a man who is absolutely unhinged in his beliefs and world view. Sometimes they’re even kind of funny.

Usually a guy like StoneToss doesn’t bear much in the way of being talked about, let alone given attention. However,  StoneToss is being talked about and already has both negative and positive attention going his way. There’s no way to uncomfortably cough into our hands and kick him under the rug, thinking that simply not looking at the problem will mean it isn’t there. StoneToss is here. He’s in your house. He’s violently masturbating himself to the thoughts of being made a cuckold while simultaneously shaming the concept in his shitty webcomic. And he’s doing it IN YOUR KITCHEN RIGHT NOW HOLY SHIT GO LOOK- Ah, you just missed him.

StoneToss is an incel. StoneToss is an admitted neo-nazi. StoneToss isn’t Shmorky. Maybe he is. Probably not. But maybe. The point is that this blog is being forged as a way to assess and deconstruct StoneToss’s inane and stupid comics, because sometimes even when people understand what he’s saying is dumb, they don’t exactly know fully why, and this can make it hard to argue with his fans or anyone who happens to be like-minded with StoneToss. In general, it’s just more helpful to grasp whatever dumbass message StoneToss is trying to hock at you. 


Yes, of course I am. But you know what? Back in 1925 when Adolf Hitler published his epic IRL webcomic Mein Kampf, do you think people gave him and his book attention when they wrote reviews about how fucking stupid and unhinged it was? You can’t argue against something and not give it attention. That’s the literal definition of ‘having your cake and eating it, too’. Oh, sure, you can give a false illusion that you aren’t giving StoneToss any attention when you refuse to link to his site or when you censor his name, but you aren’t stopping anything. It’d be like if I wrote a whole review about ‘ADRUMPF HOTLER’ and his book ‘MINE KUM’. Yeah wow you totally don’t know who I’m talking about do you lololollllollll nazi status = PWNED1111

Here’s the two ways of it: I said it before and I’ll say it again, StoneToss is out there. People know who he is. You’re not stopping that, and if you think you’re even mitigating it by much then you’re a silly little poopy. You can make a moral stand and refuse to utter his name like he’s fucking Voldemort or something and you can refuse to directly post his unedited comics or directly link to his site, but it’s a drop in the bucket. It doesn’t mean you should not do these things, per se, but my stance on the matter is that there’s no reason trying to beat around the bush with totally ‘funny’ euphemisms or by not directly posting his work. I could simply transcribe his comics, or perhaps make my own ‘off-brand’ copies, but what would be the point? You’d read the blog and then want to know what the original comic looked like anyways, and then you’d just go and look at it because you’re an inquisitive human being who, on a primal level, doesn’t really give a crap if you give StoneToss’s shitty website a single click to see what the original comic looked like. 
StoneToss exists. Yes, that’s a hard fact to digest, I know. But it’s true. We can’t pretend he doesn’t, just as people couldn’t have (or at least shouldn’t have) dismissed the existence of Adolf Hitler or any other kindling of anti-human rhetoric. What’s important isn’t coming up with super hilarious ways to alternatively say the name “StoneToss”, it’s that we examine why this person is a raging turdburger both so we can more fully criticize his work and also because learning is ~fun~.


My mission is simple. I just take StoneToss’s stupid comics and then break them down to examine what’s so stupid about them. Most of StoneToss’s comics don’t precisely need this kind of treatment, but others can be more subtle or include hints towards deeper degrees of bigoted/ignorant beliefs (this is especially so whenever a comic deals with the subject of Holocaust denial). Further than that, sometimes StoneToss gives a comic further (important) context or even more meaning via the comic’s name or its description or its mouse-over text. This will be examined as well, to give the fullest critique. 


Me? I’m just some guy who stumbled across StoneToss one day. I read one of his earlier comics (it was reposted somewhere else, I can’t recall where I saw it or how I came across it) and then, later on, I noticed the same dude’s comics kept popping up all over the place, especially on Reddit and especially in anti-hate or hate-satire communities. Then I read more of his comics.

It’s really too bad because I thought the first comic I read was kind of funny. The art style and general atmosphere the comic gave off was one that I, initially, believed to be self-aware. StoneToss’s humor isn’t something you’d be surprised to see in an episode Family Guy or South Park. Edgy/dark/offensive humor that’s meant to be taken with a grain of self awareness, being told for crude shock humor without an actual unironic message behind it. However, the more I read of StoneToss (and, more importantly, the more I saw of his social media presence and ‘unfiltered’ ramblings) the more it became quickly evident that this guy wasn’t just trying out for a writer position on the cut away gag team for Family Guy, he actually fucking believed the shit he was writing. And what a diverse range of stupidity, too. The guy covers everything from general misogyny to holocaust denial to crisis acting. At face value one might even think StoneToss was just trolling or making some kind of odd anti-logic message, but when you actually follow the man and his non-comic activity you discover he really, really truly is just as fucking dumb as the webcomic wants you to believe. 

When StoneToss evolved from rando obscure comic maker and transformed into someone who was put under a huge social lens (thanks in high part to the fact several of his comics have gone viral as memes) and therefore gained an actual platform and- worse than that- fan following, I thought it was time to actually evaluate and compartmentalize the sexless beta-male/human toilet paper that is, and always will be, our beloved StoneToss.