Other Comics?


While this blog originally started to cover and make fun of StoneToss, I ended up casually expanding to a couple of other comics (mostly Ben Garrison). I’ve had some people message me here or there to ask if I knew of and would consider covering several other shitty comics, and the answer is always some form of “I don’t know if it’s necessary to”. As I explain on other pages in this blog, I target StoneToss primarily because his comics often layer in messages behind double speak or obscure references, including in the titles/description/etc, and lots of readers don’t always understand what exactly he’s trying to say. With many other bigoted comic artists, their work is far more simple to understand as the message is often incredibly blatant.

When I decided to start doing Ben Garrison comics, it was just because they were worth making fun of, but not necessarily analyzing. This is why I don’t really analyze them the same way I do with StoneToss. I’ll always keep an eye out for other comics and cover them at a whim, and I’m always open to suggestions.

That said, I’ve decided to start a list of comic creators I will, at least at the time of their inclusion here, not be open to covering. Naturally I’ll include the reason why, as well. With that said, on with the list.


Hedgewik – Hedgewik never has anything interesting to say, and that’s probably why his comic (despite being so active and running for several years) gets very little traction. StoneToss is so attractive because his bigotry is (sometimes) hidden so well by humor that it’s not uncommon for lots of people to think his humor is just Family Guy-esque stuff. But unlike even the likes of MrPumpkinHead, Hedgewik’s stuff is just garbage. He’s not smart enough to find anything even resembling worthwhile to say and so the best I could ever say about any of his comics is “Yeah, this is just unabashed racism similar to a Wyatt Mann comic”. And of course we all know Hedgewik is just a le funny ironic man, he just makes hundreds of racist comics to be ironical :^)

This list may grow, shrink or change over time. Don’t be afraid to approach me with any questions concerning it. I love u.